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s_omara Jul 26, 2016 @ 11:44am
Klackon: Hierarchy of Queens
Klackon society exists in perfect harmony due to a hive-mind state of being that erases the hostilities of societal inequality. Each Klackon is born into the roles which they serve in until their death, honoring their obligations to the Hive without question. Every citizen, from the manual laborers to the Queen, finds the same level of fulfilment and satisfaction in their work – as everything they do is for the greater good of the Hive.

The authority and reign of the Klackon Queen is an interesting study in the group versus individual voices of the Hive mind. She serves as primarily a galactic representative of the Hive and speaks unequivocally on the will of the people. The Hive trusts the Queen to serve them, and the Queen honors that trust by leading the Hive with no individual desire for glory. The balance of the Hive’s will and the Queen’s authoritative action helps the Klackon make swift and confident calls during issues of intergalactic dispute.

The Queen remains on Kholdan, the home world of the Klackon, deep in the ancestral caves of the first Klackon. She is brought to the throne room directly from the Royal Breeding stock upon the death of her predecessor, creating a continuous and unbroken chain of command. Here she will remain and rule, in tune with the consciousness of the Hive. A constant stream of advisors, citizens, and researchers consult with the Queen regularly so that she is always up to date with the needs of the Hive.

As the Hive spreads their tendrils across the landscape of the galaxy, it is required that leadership on colony planets and outlying bases still bow to the will of the people and the Queen. Colony planets are assigned a lesser queen, a sister to the ruling Queen, who serves the interest of the Hive and acts on behalf of the Queen. Lesser queens serve as the highest representative of the Hive’s interests on their planets, reporting straight to the Queen on all issues.

All Queens and lesser queens are assigned a watchdog group of personal security called the Voices. The Voices watch over the Queens and lesser queens to make sure their interests always remain the good of the Hive. The Voices assure that the queens resist individual temptations. Deadly and highly skilled, they protect the leaders from external threats as well as the more nuanced internal threats to the Hive’s command. In extreme cases they will also eradicate those queens that cease to put the Hive over their individual concerns.

Ultimately what other races struggle to realize about the Queen of the Klackon is that while she is powerful and commanding, she is little more than a glorified mouthpiece for the will of the Hive.
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Torchfire Jul 26, 2016 @ 11:47pm 
With all these background stories, one could almost think this is a tabletop RPG and not a 4X game...
Hmm... Master of Orion, a tabletop RPG... I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be a bad idea for someone to look into that.

- How exactly do Klackons reproduce? If they are like Earth's colony insects, then they would need a lot of queens just to maintain their population...
- If a Klackon queen would develop individual behaviour and were left unchecked, then what would happen?
(Gameplay idea: a colony would undergo a revolt and break from it's parent empire. Then it would function as an independent minor civilization unless quickly recaptured. If minor civs would return, of course.)
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