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Kody Jul 21, 2016 @ 10:54am
Master of Orion - Bugfixes v46.4
Greetings Explorers,

Below are the bugfixes for Master of Orion version 46.4, also known as Early Access phase 6. You can find the full patch notes here:

Master of Orion - Bugfixes v46.4

  • Fix for Player is unable to turn Auto-turn off by disabling checkbox under the Next turn button
  • Fix for Military outposts shows incorrect commands in Tactical mode
  • [Gamepad] Fix for being able to break the tutorial with gamepad input. Blocked the navigation input when the tutorial is in progress.
  • [Gamepad] Fix for [OSX] Game cursor does not respond to Left Joystick XY events
  • [Linux] Fix for Terran Colony ship texture looks over exposed during colonization animations
  • Fix for Fix for enter key causing multiple problems in tutorial
  • Fix for Added a notification for planet biome degradation
  • Fixed notification for Pollution degradation text
  • [Achievements] Description fixes
  • [Espionage] Fix for Enable buildings list on planets that have been spied on
  • Fixed goodRelationsFactor evaluation in Opportunity Rating
  • [Ship Design] Fix for Pixel blinks on Attack icon in Ship Design.
  • Fix for Blueprints don't refresh when changing to retro fleets on the ship design screen
  • Fix for Scanner beacon quantity is negligible
  • [Localiztion][SP] "Colonia de" replaced by "colonia {9}
  • Fix for There is no warning about default save rewriting when starting Quick match
  • [UX] Fix for Game crashes or loads with completely broken localization if a player changes Score counter rapidly
  • [Audio] Fix bad naming audio files
  • [UX] Fix for Production screen only shows animation for half the items available
  • Fixed bad evaluation in diplomacy
  • Fix for Autoturn stays on from one match to the other
  • Fix for Player cannot continue a multiplayer game with AI
  • [Linux] Fix for Terran advisor black eyes
  • [Linux] Fix for Human advisor Black Eyes
  • Fix for Advisor not showing recommendation animation
  • Fix for If player gets kicked out of Blueprint Editor by turn limitation timer, the player will face the same blueprint on the next turn but will be unable to edit its weapon slots
  • Fix for Reinforced Hull was applying wrong the hull multiplier
  • [UX] Fix for Broken flow of bombarding occurs when defeating a fleet of one race on colony orbit of another race
  • [Tactical] ARU now scales with hull size
  • Fix for Colonists models are different every time you visit Bombardment screen
  • Fixed a very small bug that caused the "BACK TO RESEARCH" button not to appear when it was intended to
  • Fix for User can choose another research on tutorial
  • Fix for Technologies images are not centered in tech tree tooltips
  • [Strategy] Fix for Fix for Guided Tutorial Flow & GalaxyIndicators blocking tutorial after click
  • Fix for Game freezes when any player changes race in the multiplayer game
  • Fixed repair drones launch quantity
  • Fixed nebula chances was applying to all projectiles
  • Fix for There is a inappropriate square in ship items popup in ship design menu
  • Fix for Pixel blinks on Attack icon in Ship Design.
  • Fix for Scanner Beacon work incorrect
  • Fix for Battle result screen is missing (fixes infinite pulsar damage, null proj init)
  • [Gamepad] Fixed when the game is paused in the tactical view the cursor doesn't move
  • Small UI tweak, MOVE button had a thicker stroke than NEXT TURN button
  • Fix for When player chooses a fleet and starts clicking at Fleet A tab, fleet hp starts refreshing constantly
  • Fix for Long match names run out of their space
  • Wrong size of tooltip icons fixed
  • [StartingAge] Updated ResearchComponent Constructor, missing a parameter when learning starting techs on Advanced Starting age
  • Fix for Technology nodes that located at the very start of tech tree are not researched when starting the game on Advanced Starting Age
  • Removed extra offer for Embassy & Share Charts
  • [Gamepad] Fix for MouseSensivility slider, Cursor acceleration for maintain direction
  • Fixing a bug that caused the planet tooltip name to be displaced
  • [CombatScreen] Fix for massive clicking on BackButton that caused a softlock
  • Fix for The very last bombardment screen won't appear in the turn of your race's eliminating
  • Changing Psilon and Terran colors
  • "Game Paused" feedback now is hidden during tactical intro
  • Fix for List scrolling stop to work upon mousing over the area under Balanced
  • Starting Conditions and Economic Victory Types options in Advanced Settings on Match Setup screen.
  • Fix for Bombarding alert is shifted to the right for the defending side at the battle screen
  • Fixed crash on Combat Screen
  • Fix for Upon cancelling a setting change on change confirmation dialog the setting dropdown will display that option that hasn't been accepted
  • Fix for Military outpost displays as Destroyer in Victory chances tooltip
  • Fix for Fix for colony widgets shown inside planet options blur effect
  • Fix for UX issue: CHOOSE RESEARCH button on Research Complete screen was misleading, now it simply reads DONE. (Previously the button was misleading giving the user the idea that he had to choose between the technologies unlocked, when in fact the user was receiving all techs displayed)
  • Fix for Citizen output tooltip in colony management
  • Fix for Multi-Material assignment between abstract/mesh representation refactored
  • [UX] Fix for Audience screen becomes blurred on Colony Cession trading
  • Fix for There are wrong information on battle result screen when using Heavy fighter bays
  • Fix for Star base spawns on asteroid on tactical
  • Fix for Race with 'Starting technology' perk doesn't receive technolgies from perk-provided research nodes on Pre-Warp
  • Fix for Defense evaluation in Colony Needs
  • [UX] Fix for Blur Bug in SIngle player that made the screen remain blurred after going back to main menu
  • Fix for Don't invalidate production notifications when next in queue is empty
  • [UX] Fix for Game freezes on the Empire management screen while changing sort filter
  • Fix for Fix for guard when there are unfinished military outpost
  • [Espionage] Fix for Retreat agents on hold when the local colony revolts
  • Fix for Disallow pushing of repeated colony projects
  • Fix for Players are unable to change screen resolution
  • [Ship Design] Fix for It should appear a warning Pop-up when you are going to scrap blueprints
  • [Ship Design] Fix for The Combat Stats don't change after putting a Battle Scanner to a Blueprint
  • [Galaxy View] Fix for Fix production icon when building race specific ships
  • Fix for Display correct citizen races when bombardment is taking place
  • Fix for There are no sounds in pre-tactical pirates fleet arrival cutscene
  • Fix for There are two Gas Giant Compression and Artificial Planet Construction projects in the space factory Build list upon opening it being on Gas Giant
  • Fix for Saving the game via Copy Save to Steam Cloud creates cloud save but doesn't create local savegame
  • Fix for Last Discovery Screen gets broken when get on it as Creative race
  • Fix for Cinematic camera shake Debug removed
  • Fix for Show unrevealed alien colonies as uncolonized planets. Fixes
  • Fixed structures toggles icons (needed Smoothing enabled)
  • [AutoUpgrade] Fix for After discovering a tech that includes a weapon in an anomaly, the Update your Blueprints button doesn't appears
  • Fix for Players cannot start multiplayer game from saves. No review required
  • Fix for Fix to disable autosave during tutorial progression
  • Fix for Long nicknames overlap Chat button on the top right part of the screen
  • Fix for Destroyed Terran image is missing in GNN
  • Fix for Discovery screen does not show the number of traded techs
  • [Ship Desing] Fix for Scrapping a blueprint makes the slot of that blueprint disappear
  • [Espionage] Fix for Invalidate colonies owned by extinct civilizations as targets for espionage
  • Fix for Game Start on Paused was working erratically
  • Fix forMissing information of Monster and Weapon in Battle Highlights on after-battle screen vs Amoeba
  • Fix for camera transition showing abstract models all the time
  • Fix for Use capitol planet instead of homeworld in diplomacy screen
  • Fix for Orion guardian doesn't have an HP Bar icon, so skipping rendering for this particular cases
  • [Pirates] Fix for Game locks on processing on turn 45
  • Fix for population grow eta field showing as negative and green (Now negative values are show in red without sign)
  • [CombatScreen] Fixed issue with bombardment buttons flashing wrong states when bombardment finished
  • Fix for Planet name can overlap owner's name on pop-up tooltip
  • [Cinematic] Fix for If player won't skip Economic victory cutscene black screen after cut-scene remains.
  • [Cinematic] Fix for Economic Victory cinematic does not end
  • Fixed ugly combat buttons
  • Fix for Order button tooltips appear during tactical cutscene.
  • Fix for Some GNN event's text strings are cut off
  • [Ship Desing] Fix for Zeroes showing in stats modifiers
  • Fix for Production from workers value does not fit above worker image in Colony Management screen
  • Fix for All traded techs not showing in discovery screen.
  • Fix for Visual displaying of monster weapon area of effect doesn't match to its facing settings.
  • [UX] Fix for Perk Desync with BE
  • Fix for Buying a Frigate by clicking on it should not be allowed in the turial.
  • Fix for Desintegrador contrabandeado doesn't fit on the container
  • [Galaxy Generation] Fix for Occasional crash when initializing an underpopulated galaxy in single player
  • [Tutorial] Fix for Fix for Research Step blocking the tutorial with ESC key. Don't allowed auto turn when guided tutorial is on
  • Fix for Game Pace Quick settings is the same as Classic Game Pace settings on the first match setup screen visiting
  • Fix for Amoeba doesn't destroy player's ships after the tactical. Reviewed by Walter
  • Fix for If 'Score' victory turns value is set on 0 and then disabled the game won't be able to start
  • Fix for Loading multiplayer saved game allows changing Game Settings and Advanced Settings
  • Fix for When finishing a match, the timeline is empty
  • Change Mekklar colors from 41 0 254 to 0 60 255
  • Weapon icons overlap with Battleship, Titan, Doomstar image in construction screen
  • [Colony Management] Fix for Processing of total security score for races with security rating perks
  • Fix for A civilian ship can be ordered to attack in Tactical
  • Fix for Now AttackColony button doesn't show up (not even disabled) if you had a combat ir your own settlement
  • Fix for Advanced Tactics tech node is not highlighted when Defense filter is applied
  • Fix for Abstract view now is reset when Cinematic camera is enabled
  • [Research] Fix for Track recent discoveries properly ignoring starting techs
  • Fix for Victory chances pop up stuck on galaxy view
  • Fix for Alternate Destroyer and Alternate Battleship text strings does not fit field in Ship Design
  • Fix for There are different fleet consisting values in the Selected fleet info tab and in victory chances pop-up
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Kody Jul 21, 2016 @ 10:55am 
  • Selected Weapons Modifiers have overexposed icons.
  • [Scaleform] Fixed Scaleform Crash in Ship Upgrade Popup
  • [Ship Design] Fix for Ship class does not change when player changes a Hull type
  • Fix for Monster health bars now are fixed to center since bounding box are animated
  • [Timeline] Fix for Loading a file without the .data the Timeline blocks the match
  • Fix for Russian 'Please, wait' string is cut on loading screen
  • Fix for Long nicknames overlap Chat button on the top right part of the screen
  • Fix for Jump Gates block (claim) warp points
  • [Localization] Establecer embajada Changed to Aceptar Embajada
  • Fix for It is possible to switch through Timeline graph being on Path to victory screen
  • Fix for Long nicknames overlap Chat button on the top right part of the screen
  • Fix for Order button tooltips appear during tactical cutscene
  • Fix for Some GNN event's text strings are cut off
  • [Compatibility] Fix for old saves
  • Fix for Planet name can overlap owner's name on pop-up tooltip
  • [Cinematic] Fix for Fix Economic cinematic victory
  • Added player templates to starting point, now players begin the game with a Frigate
  • Fixed SoftLock when Orion is playing
  • Fix for Tutorial Match: Advisors position on screen
  • Fix for A building image locked on the screen
  • Reviewed by Franco Gneri
  • [Telemetry] Fix null orbiting node
  • Fix for There is no right border alignment in the ship stat table
  • [GalacticCouncil] Fix for Loading a Diplomacy Victorious savegame cancels all 'Vote for' declaration making the player unable to achieve Diplomacy victory
  • Fix for Fix for turn submitting despite "A fleet needs orders"
  • Fix for Border on Show info in the audience screen is not centered
  • Fix for Population Growth Speed
  • Fix for Bombs amount displays wrong when it is more than 99.
  • Fix for AI fleets do not hold position while fighting near Military outpost
  • Fix for Amoebas have no Bombs
  • Fix for Fix availability of large scope upgrade chains.
  • Fix for Number of turns resets to 250 while trying to set turns amount for Excellence victory
  • Fix for Computers tech app icons
  • Fix for Can't edit ships in ship design
  • Fix for Incorrect displaying of weapon amount in Fleet Info Panel during Tactical Battle
  • Fix for Argument Exception after destroying a planet with a Doom Star.
  • Fixed for If there are lots of weapon icons on the Upgrade your ship screen the icons will overlap Upgrade button.
  • [Galaxy Generation] Fix initialization of single player game with 0 enemies.
  • Fix for Flash VictoryChance bars were nonlinear and asymmetrical.
  • Fix for Space factory that constructing a structure has Stationed status in Fleet management screen
  • Fix for Discovery screen is not using the correct animation when tech is found at an anomaly
  • Fix for The Buyout button appears in Pollution Clean-up and Trade Goods Projects
  • Fix for Can't select a fleet in fleet menu
  • Fix for AttackSettlement Safe-Checks were preventing to destroy settlements of pirates
  • Fix for Fix for planet tooltip shows misplaced
  • Fix for Orion Guardian is not satisfied with his initial tactical battle position. For fix the issue the orion guardian and the monster not take opening move anymore
  • Fixed for Creating multiplayer game for the second type and more, makes the upper string of multiplayer info to disappear
  • Fix for Fix for scout continuing exploration after Guard
  • Fix for Signed treaties are shown misplaced
  • Fix for It is possible to quit Research screen by pressing 'Esc' keybinding. On other navigation screens, it is impossible
  • Fix for Master of Orion Fatal Error occurred on OSX in diplomacy screen
  • Fix for Too many actions on Gas planets
  • Fix for ESC functionality does not work in all screens
  • Fix for Defense Rating value is missing for ships on Build screen
  • [Achievements] Fixed You Shall Not Pass (FIXED)
  • [Achievements] Fixed Warren Buffet: Win by Economic victory with at least 80% of the outstanding GMF Shares.
  • [Achievements] Fixed Your Neutrality
  • [Achievements] Fixed: This Ain't Cheap
  • Fix for SWFPlanetBuildingInfo popup was intercepting theMouseClicks when it wasn't supposed to
  • Fix for Small planet description bug in Japanese
  • Fix for Transparent Audience UI what makes the text unreadable in certain places
  • Fix for Don't allow any more to save a guided tutorial game
  • Fix for Victory chances pop up stuck on galaxy view
  • Fix for Bad grammar due to automatic string combination in Audience screen
  • Fix for Concatenation problems with "VOTE FOR" keys in Diplomacy [multiple localizations]
  • Fix for Ship icons are missing in Ship Upgrade screen
  • Fix for No muestra las naves y los módulos en la ventana de ships upgrades
  • Fix for Miniaturization description mencion for Beams lvl 2 says Fusion Beam, Ion Pulse
  • [Tutorial] Fix for missing advisors in Research & Colony management screens
  • [Perks] Fix for Silicoid Food Consumption remains None when Allow Racial Traits are off
  • Removed FE_AUTOTURN_HELP_ENDED label when auto turn is paused.
  • [Espionage] Fix case when agent arrives to a colony with no assignment
  • [Linux] WIP Fix for Using Culture invariant for loading YAMLs so we game doesn't bork with other cultures
  • Fix for Non-branched tech app tooltips are not displayed
  • Fix for Tutorial cannot be continued after camera scroll
  • Fix for Xenology and Planetology tech nodes is not highlighted when any filter is applied
  • Fix naming on "interplanetary_security_transmiter" to "interplanetary_security_transmitter" according to naming in techApps.yaml
  • Tactical tutorial Localization doesn't fit the text fields
  • Fix for TryCatch added to prevent an EndlessProcessingTurn caused by broken stack (VisualSequencer got stuck) when polluted planet was destroyed
  • Fix for Silicoid, Sakkra and Terran races do not have battleship in fleets on Advanced starting age
  • [Espionage] Fix for Refresh local settlement when a spy arrives at a planet that doesn't match the known settlement data he was sent to
  • Fix for Colony Base flags
  • Fix steam save overwrite confirmation popup text
  • Fix for Multi-dimensional tech node is not highlighted neither when Defense nor Military filters are applied
  • Fix for Artificial Life tech node is not highlighted when Military filter is applied
  • Fix for Victory chances in Battle at screen and victory pop-up do not match
  • Fix for Endless processing turn occurs after 0 turn every time on Pre-warp starting age
  • Fixed several UI issues on Ship Design
  • Fix for After Victory message appears after battle with Amoeba, the ship still continued to receive damage
  • [ShipRepair] Fix for Ships can be upgraded on planets without Star Base and can be repaired near unfinished Military Outpost.
  • Fix for Missing information of Monster and Weapon in Battle Highlights on after-battle screen vs Amoeba.
  • Fix for Blur effect when closing scrapping screen
  • Fix for Exclamation marks are present on saved games tabs in Load menu
  • Fix for The HUD loses focus if the user closes the Options Menu while at the Path to Victory screen
  • Fix for There are no sounds in pre-tactical pirates fleet arrival cutscene
  • Fix for Hard-coded colon used for "Maximum Population" in Colonization Video
  • Fix for UI elements cannot be used on the place where chat is on Empire and Path to Victory tabs
  • Fix for Scientific Victory building notification gets cut
  • Fix for Reuse of "Hold" key in Espionage
  • Fix for Opening Ship blueprint editor causes a delay
  • Fix for The AI doesn't accept it's own conditions
  • Fix for Research treaty does not take into consideration credits amount required for the deal
  • Revamped initial value logic for Victory Condition analysis, to prevent problems with loading games & resetting values
  • Fixed bug in Scientific Victory condition progress analysis
  • Fixed bug that prevented Scientific Victory Buildings from being built
  • Long Steam nicknames overlap loading bar on Loading multiplayer game screen
  • Fix for Both branched technologies remain highlighted on the tech tree
  • Fix for There is no limits for letters in race leader field on Custom Race menu
  • Fix for The Total DPS Icon doesn't appear in the Weapons Pop-up
  • Fix for New Online Game creation window shifts out of the screen when you visit the window in the second time and the first time it was closed using Esc while any dropdown menu is expanded.
  • Fix for Races VOs are not playing at the Race Selection Screen
  • Fix for Inconsistency in the way of showing dispositions
  • Fix for Options and Abandon button icons are wrong in Tactical Option.
  • Fix for Automated Repair Unit doesn't work on Doomstar
  • Fix for Missing space in abstaining races votes in Galactic Council
  • Fixed scouts wanted count on exploration task
  • Bugfix in Space Monsters AI
  • Fix for Speed point over scroll bar in tactical combat
  • Fix for Attack rating tooltip in not displayed in Fleets
  • Fix for If Credit payment or annual payment is 8th deal on trade table, its value boxes will be unclickable
  • Point Defense efficiency fixed. IncomingDamage (overkill handling) improved. Some mini refactors here and there
  • Fix for No tooltips in Colony Management
  • Fix for All the planets have 1 food slot and no production
  • [Notifications] Fix for Change mission failure, success and population starvation notification icons
  • Fix for Missing texture in an asteroid field
  • Fix for Players need to click on Abandon Battle twice to leave the battle
  • Fix for Refresh empire budget when a colony spends money from Empire Management
  • Fix for Victory chance evaluating works in the wrong way when attacking Amoeba
  • Fix for It is possible to set amount of AI opponents on 0 in singleplayer game
  • Fix for ugly black button backgrounds in Tactical screen
  • Fix for Icons are missing for monsters weapon description
  • Crashfix for Invade task in AI
  • Fix for It is possible to open Planets, Fleets and Espionage screens simultaneously what leads to windows overlapping
  • Fixing ugly black background on ships modules in the pop up
  • Fixing black background ugliness on Races thumbnails
  • Fix Logitech kb scheme in galaxy view when a fleet is deselected
  • Fix for Race card changes to none on match setup
  • Fixed If the player is fast enough to open Custom race screen before narrator starts his about-race-story, the story will sound on the custom race screen
ch Jul 21, 2016 @ 1:22pm 
you must make a patch to debug this patch. the update is not working. and the cache integrity don't work
Last edited by ch; Jul 21, 2016 @ 1:25pm
Kody Jul 21, 2016 @ 1:27pm 
Originally posted by ch:
you must make a patch to debug this patch. the update is not working. and the cache integrity don't work

This is an issue with Steam's CDN, not the patch. Try this:

1) Open up your steam client and in the upper left hand corner click on Steam
2) The drop down menu will appear and you will want to click on Settings
3) In the settings menu click on Downloads
4) Click on Download Region and search for South Africa.
5) Download should begin.

Once the download is complete, change your region back to the normal location.
Itharus Jul 21, 2016 @ 2:10pm 
That's... bizarre. That's a lot of bugs squashed - good job! Are the EA6 changes only bug fixes or are there more patch notes incoming?
Kody Jul 21, 2016 @ 2:11pm 
Originally posted by Itharus:
That's... bizarre. That's a lot of bugs squashed - good job! Are the EA6 changes only bug fixes or are there more patch notes incoming?

The patch notes are in the announcements section here:

Normally we post the full update notes including bugfixes in the announcements section so you see the notification in the bottom-right corner, but we hit the character count limit just with the changes. We had to post the bugfixes here in the forum, and even then, we actually hit the character count limit for forum posts and had to split it up even more!
Last edited by Kody; Jul 21, 2016 @ 2:13pm
Itharus Jul 21, 2016 @ 2:12pm 
Ah, thanks :)
RIon Jul 21, 2016 @ 2:47pm 
I have a glitch in my game that will create an infinit loop on end turn after so many turns. I am hoping that you guys might have fixed this glitch in this patch or the upcomming pacth. Other than that, the game awesome but for now, I have no guarente that I will be able to finish anygame I start anymore.
skitch Jul 21, 2016 @ 6:15pm 
Taking command of a battle is unplayable. Fleets stop responding to commands and may go way outside the battle area. Control will return for a brief moment and then is lost again. Pattern continues...
jrepin Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:45am 
Originally posted by GeneralDirection:
  • [Linux] WIP Fix for Using Culture invariant for loading YAMLs so we game doesn't bork with other cultures
This gives me great hope I can finaly play the game on GNU/Linux. Let's see...
jrepin Jul 22, 2016 @ 11:52am 
Yup I can start to play game now. Yay! :steamhappy: But for me it just freezes at random times. It even freezes after some random amunt of time if I just let it sit on main menu screen. So still not playable on GNU/Linux :steamsad:
Itharus Jul 22, 2016 @ 11:58am 
Good luck playing it... I cannot even bombard or invade a world that I have declared war on. Makes playing the game a bit impossible. I am extremely disappointed. Come on devs... this game is not making progress. What the heck? You smashed 2 pages worth of bugs... but the core game has been in limbo for several phases now :(
Superpescado Jul 22, 2016 @ 12:58pm 

just kidding :steammocking: but I will have to take some time to go through that massive list of bug fixes. Well done.
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