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s_omara Jul 5, 2016 @ 11:48am
Feature Spotlight: Mrrshan Pirates
The Mrrshan love to test the boundaries of the galaxy, whether that be the limits of their own abilities or the law. Daring and hot-blooded warriors who are confident to the point of brashness, the Mrrshan are known for rushing head first into a skirmish and refusing to back down. The Mrrshan violently oppose anything they view as oppression. Their laws and policies reflect that sentiment and are often casually imposed, except in dire cases of emergency or public interest. While these traits make them an empire to be reckoned with, it makes them difficult neighbors in the increasingly crowded galaxy.

A major source of contention for other races that must interact with the Mrrshan is their murky relationship to various acts of piracy and unsanctioned aggression. Pirate crews are diverse, with all races represented in their ranks. Yet, it often seems to neighbors that Mrrshan crews of “pirates” are mixed in with the hostile and detestable pirates that all citizens of the galaxy must deal with. That Mrrshan vessels make up the largest percentage of pirate ships and captains also lends credence to this view.

Many of the stories of Mrrshan pirates are shrouded in rumor and hearsay. Survivors of a pirate attacks claim that ships helmed by Mrrshan crews were more interested in loot versus murder. Witnesses from these attacks have also stated that the raiders who boarded their ship were poorly disguised Mrrshan attempting to portray other races. Some people brush these reports off as some sort of wild conspiracy theory trying to implicate the Mrrshan, but others believe that the Mrrshan crown turns a blind eye to her citizens committing acts of high piracy.

Accusatory whispers from the Mrrshan court claim that an infamous and mysterious Pirate, who is believed to organize most of the pirating efforts in the contested regions of space, visits the Empress occasionally. The pirate of these rumors is an exiled Mrrshan trader, draped in smooth metals and sparkling jewels. He visits the Empress in private quarters with suspicious familiarity, leaving a trail of bejeweled trinkets at her doorstep. Salacious gossip or a mutually beneficial arrangement between the crown and a free-spirited citizen who has not abandoned their loyalty to the empire?

The Mrrshan Empress rules her court with iron claws, yet when intergalactic ambassadors plead with her to stop the actions of her citizens, she insists that she has no control over such rogue elements. Even as these various claims of suspicious gifts entering the Mrrshan treasury trickle out of the Empress’s court like a babbling stream, she turns her nose up at those who accuse her. Even if true and the Empress wanted to end the relationship, would there be any way of crushing the deviant marauders without impeding the core beliefs of freedom that Mrrshan hold above all?

Popular opinion sides with the pirates in most Mrrshan cities. Children play in the street with make-believe ships, imagining that they conquer the skies in a way that even empires cannot achieve. The dreams of tangible wealth coupled with the ability to take control of their destiny by signing on or even commanding a raiding ship is a deadly siren song for many youthful Mrrshan.

What do all of these rumors and murmurs amount to? Insight into the values and principles of Mrrshan culture, but little concrete evidence that could be used against the empire. The stubborn Mrrshan blaze their own path across the stars, unwilling to limit themselves based on the boundaries and expectations others have placed upon them.
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DarkestOnion Jul 5, 2016 @ 10:05pm 
This is GNN State of the Galaxy: unjust space racism against the Mrrshan :)
Torchfire Jul 6, 2016 @ 12:54am 
I wonder what would happen if the Mrrshans would try this tactic in the territory held by another fierce warrior culture, like the Khanate...
MessWithMe Jul 7, 2016 @ 7:28am 
Wow OMFG why am i so disapointed at this, i cant believe A race as BORING as Terrans are taking over the MrrShan lol. Careful the second human Race is on its way. They are so different in so many ways... hehe.

Bah I have an idea lets murder the Gnolams and turn the MrrShans into a trade race but with a small ground combat bonus. Lets not forget to use the Khajit from Skyrim agile but illegal traders idea. Skyrim is popular after all... Ha ha ha.
Last edited by MessWithMe; Jul 7, 2016 @ 7:29am
MessWithMe Jul 7, 2016 @ 7:34am 
Enough fun, i am saddened by this concept. I've always liked warring with MrrShan. Anyways
Diplomacy is Visualy nice and the Music is cool at least.
Psykowski Jul 7, 2016 @ 11:06am 
o great silly pirates what about feature like real time or turn based combat in multiplayer and custom races to make game online actually playable ?!
Torchfire Jul 7, 2016 @ 11:33am 
I did read quite a while ago that more interactions with pirates were planned. So will it be possible, for example, to maybe pay them a small sum per turn to ignore the player's empire, or a larger sum to hire them to actually help in defense or attack the player's rivals? Or maybe have them sign up as privateers, where the player receives a share of all loot they gather in exchange for protection?
MessWithMe Jul 7, 2016 @ 2:07pm 
Yeah well this is about the MrrShan Race not silly pirates
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Birdie_Sparrow Jul 7, 2016 @ 3:42pm 
In lore the Mrrshan may be decent gunners but this is due primarily to their quick reflexes. They are, however, fierce and unpredictable warriors. On the ground their quick movements and ability to cover distances very quickly are unparalled. They fight savagely, especially in hand to hand, having been described as a whirlwind of claws, fangs and edged weapons. Their traits give them bonuses in ground combat but none for space combat.

As for them being pirates- they are not the ONLY pirates out there. Almost every race has some that gravitated for one reason or another to the "free" life of a pirate. While some pirates are just that- cold-blooded raiders of peaceful merchants- others are more privateers semi-sanctioned by governments. The more "dependable" ones can even be used by various governments as cut-outs for clandestine operations.

Mrrshan are drawn to the "pirate" life as it fits in well with their personal ethos of freedom. The ability to choose your own course and life with little restriction. To a Mrsshan a "pirate" life is less about wealth and more about the freedom from government, laws, tarrifs, some dock master demanding 2 pieces of silver to tie-up and so on. Thus a fairly high percentage of "pirates" are Mrrshan which tends to color others ideas of the race. To their credit Mrrshan "pirates" are much more likely to leave victims alive and unharmed (the same cannot be said for Sakkra, Darlok and especially Human pirates).

This free spirited outlook on life extends to the Empress. While she most assuredly turns a blind eye to her peoples choice of living, plus a fair amount of them may have been given letters of marque, the Empress also would not attempt to impose her rule over her peoples choices. Because of this while other races may complain about the abundance of Mrrshan pirates she is right in that not only cannot she control her people but she does not wish too. She could also rightly point out that other races make up a substantial amount of pirates also with their leaders not exactly leading the charge to clean up this scourge.

This story was more a means to show the free-spirited and unpredictable nature that rules the Mrrshan psyche. That what grounds the Mrrshan as a race is their yearning for freedom in their lives to choose their own paths - this yearning extends from the children to the Empress in their own ways.
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