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Update 1 - Justice Pack Now Available
Hey Guys,

**IMPORTANT** - Old versions of the game will have issues playing the new one so please make sure that your Steam BuildID (Right click, properties, local files) is at LEAST 361591. If it isn't then please update (Right click, properties, local files, verify integriy of game cache) - **IMPORTANT**

Here's our first real update:

New Features
- New character "Judge Mental"
- New multiplayer map "Halls of Just-Ish"
- New change 'em up "Mode Lock"
- Cursor locking option in settings
- New high score indicator
- Steam cloud save now supported


Single Player
- Easier to kill enemies on Indie's Torment IV on lower spec machine

- If player drops out whilst trying to create an online lobby device no longer loses functionality
- Fixes to floor height on Murta Ravine
- Fixed issue with two players attempting to join final slot in lobby
- Random question mark character should no longer appear...for now
- Overrule prompt no longer displayed for remote players
- Online connecting state no longer times out if two clients attempting to connect at same time
- FIx for rare instance that a card would get stuck on the screen
- Console output no longer appears when control unplugged/plugged in
- Networking tweaks
- Added time out to loading screen so that players no longer get stuck
- Online time out 1. Hosts which have no input for 30 seconds will be moved into Private lobby
- Online time out 2. Clients which have no input for 30 seconds will be reported to host with option to boot

- Various fixes to all languages
- Updated credits
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Overruled! > General Discussions > Topic Details