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Rutger  [developer] Apr 1, 2016 @ 9:52am
Help! My game is not working properly! (A Guide)
First of all, thank you so much for your purchase and support, and sorry that you are having issues with the game! Noone likes technical problems. Below you will find some information regarding crashes, other issues, and how to fix them.

Crashes & Reporting
If the game crashes when playing the game, please use the integrated error reporting tool to send the crash. Please provide as much information about the crash if you can. If you include your email address, we can contact you and will help you to resolve the crashes. This helps immensely! The crash reports contain very detailed information on the state of the game.

Known Issues
Below you can find a list of known issues and (possible) solutions to some common issues.

Please note that file and folder locations can differ depending on your operating system, where you bought the game, whether or not cloud saving is enabled, and installation locations. The folder locations in this document are based on running the Steam version on Windows. If you have any issues finding a specific folder, just email us at We don't bite! :)

The game crashes!

There are of course multiple things that can cause crashes. If you only experience a crash at a specific event or in other specific conditions, it is likely a bug overlooked by us. Please send us an email at, along with the abbeycore.txt file located in your game folder and an as specific as possible description of what you were doing when the game crashed, and we will try to sort it out as soon as possible. If you are consistently facing crashes either at startup or at seemingly random points during the game, please consult the following list:

  • By far the most common cause of consistent crashes is too little memory. Please make sure your computer has enough memory to run the game!
  • On Linux, we only officially support Ubuntu and Steam OS with either Intel cards or proprietary AMD/NVidia drivers installed. The game _should_ run on most Linux distributions, but we simply do not have the manpower to test for and fix specific bugs related to all the possible combinations of the Linux desktop stack.
  • If you have a laptop with an NVidia Optimus setup, the NVidia driver is likely selecting the wrong GPU to play the game. This can be fixed by following these steps:
    1. Launch the "NVIDIA Control Panel"
    2. Go to "Manage 3D settings"
    3. Go to "Program Settings"
    4. Click "Add" and browse to the game folder (located in [your Steam folder]\steamapps\common\Renowned Explorers\)
    5. Select abbeycore_win32_steam.exe in the win32 folder if you are running a 32-bit OS, or the win64 folder otherwise. If you do not know for sure, you are probably running a 64-bit OS.
    6. In the dropdown box below, select "High-performance NVIDIA processor"
    7. Restart the game
  • If you are running Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) with an NVidia GPU, this can be fixed by installing the latest drivers provided by NVidia itself:
  • Sometimes the game tries to launch the wrong version (32-bit/64-bit). This can be fixed by following these steps:
    1. Go to the root of the game folder ([your steam folder]\steamapps\common\Renowned Explorers\)
    2. Create an empty text file called steam_appid.txt
    3. In it, paste the following number, without the quotes: "296970". Save and close the file.
    4. Copy the files inside the Renowned Explorers\win64 folder to the Renowned Explorers folder
    5. Run abbeycore_win32_steam.exe (again from the Renowned Explorers folder, not through Steam or the win32 or win64 folder) while Steam is running
  • On Windows, some startup crashes can be fixed by reinstalling the Visual C++ 2013 redistributable. To do this:
    1. Go to the "Programs and Features" panel in the control panel
    2. Search for Visual C++ 2013
    3. Pick the 32-bit or 64-bit version, depending on your version of Windows. If you are not sure which version of Windows you are running, you are most likely running the 64-bit version.
    4. Then press "Change" and select the repair option.
    If that does not work, you can try uninstalling it completely and reinstalling it from this link:

Monitor displays "Input not supported" (or similar) message on startup

This happens when the display reports a resolution or refresh rate to the game which it does not actually support. On Windows, you can fix this by forcing the game to run in windowed full screen mode. To do this:
1. Go to the user folder (which is usually My Documents\Renowned Explorers International Society\userdata) and open settings.ini
2. Change the value 0 on the line "r_fullscreen = 0" to 2 (so it becomes "r_fullscreen = 2"). If the file is empty you can simply add that line to the file.
3. Start the game again.

Fonts are displayed incorrectly

This happens on Linux computers with an Intel onboard graphics card, and an out-of-date Mesa driver. The most stable solution is to update to a distro version that has a newer Mesa driver built-in. For Ubuntu based distros, this is version 15.04 and up.

As pointed out by forum user Gagarin Gambit, another solution for Ubuntu based distros is to add this repository:, and update the Mesa drivers from there.

You can email us at for more information applicable to your situation.

Characters are blurry in encounters

This issue seems to sometimes happen on both Linux and OS X. This is often resolved by disabling the Steam overlay. You can disable the Steam overlay as follows:
1. In the top-left, go to Steam -> Settings -> In-Game
2. Uncheck the "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" box
3. Close with OK

Support email
Of course, chances are that your problem is not listed here, or that the suggested solutions do not work. In that case, do not hesitate to mail us at! If you do, please include the following:
  • Your abbeycore.txt log file (see below on where to find it!)
  • An as detailed explanation as possible of the problem itself
  • What you were doing when the problem occurred (that's important!)
  • Your version number, which can be found in the bottom right of the main menu.

So where can we find this log file? That depends on your operating system. On Windows and Linux, It's included in the Steam Application folder. To find this folder you can use the following steps:

  • Go into your Steam Libary.
  • Right click on Renowned Explorers.
  • A context menu will pop up, select properties.
  • Go to the tab Local Files
  • Press the button: "Browse local files..." (which will open a Explorer (Win32), Nautilus or other file manager (Linux))
  • You can find the abbeycore.txt in this folder!

On OS X, it is located in a special folder in your home folder: [your home folder]/Library/Application Support/Renowned Explorers International Society/abbeycore.txt

Hopefully this has helped you! If anything here is unclear, as stated above, just email us! We definitely do not bite! (Well, except for Adriaan, maybe)
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Gagarin Gambit Jun 3, 2016 @ 4:05am 
Being a Linux user with an Intel onboard card, I should point out that the following solution given is not quite accurate:

Originally posted by Rutger:
Fonts are displayed incorrectly:
This happens on Linux computers running kernel 3.18 or lower, and using an Intel onboard graphics card. The driver in these kernels are pretty old and have several problems. The easiest solution is to upgrade your distribution to a version using kernel 3.19 or up, such as Ubuntu 15.04.

I'm using Linux Mint 17.2 and upgrading the kernel didn't make any difference. The reason is that upgrading your kernel alone does not update your Intel driver.

What you do need to do, is upgrade the mesa driver. For Ubuntu-based distributions, the simplest way to do it is by adding the oibaf repository and then ran a full system update:
Note that, for Linux Mint, you also need to enable level 4 level updates for Mesa to show up, although I'd advice against choosing any level 4 level updates other than Mesa.

This process is not completely risk free, but oibaf gives an easy way to revert back to the original drivers if the upgrade messes up your graphics, and is definately much prefferable than reinstalling a newer distribution. In my case at least, the process was hassle free and improved performance for a few other steam games as well.
Rutger  [developer] Jun 3, 2016 @ 5:48am 
You are absolutely right. I will update the guide to reflect this :)
The SpecialK Global Injector causes the game to crash at StartUp.
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