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AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 2, 2015 @ 10:19am
Patch notes
Below you'll find all patch notes in reverse chronological order: higher is more recent. We'll keep you up to date of any future patch notes here. (Times are CET / GMT+2)

(MTE denominates More To Explore-only content)

Hotfix #20.1 [October 26th, 10:00] (Build #401)
- Fixed crash in certain scenarios when the DLC was not installed
- Fixed some achievements not triggering properly (edited)

Patch #20 [October 25th, 10:40] (Build #398)
- Fixed "French Toast (+)" achievement not working in certain cases
- Level Up and Research Available notifications should now only pop-up once all events are done
- Fixed item types not being checked correctly in both directions when swapping items
- Fixed broken crew portrait buttons in Passport UI when in the Shop UI
- Clarified mood switch tooltip for new players
- Fixed Collection UI on narrow screens
- Fixed bug with profile switching not correctly updating the crew selection UI

Hotfix #19.2 [September 15th, 12:40] (Build #393)
- Increased price for later level research trees
- Fixed loads and loads of texts
- Fixed the King Crab's debuff

Hotfix #19.1 [August 30th, 19:00] (Build #391)
- Lobbyists and Journalists price increased by 20%.
- Ulfberht Sword removed from tactician check in Saxon Island.
- Starter island doesn't hide what treasure you'll get anymore in the boss event.
- some small text fixes

Patch #19 [August 23rd, 22:40] (Build #384)
- Plenty of new stuff to discover in the Emerged Island! A handful new events, 3 new treasures and a new and vicious opponent in a new area!
- A new treasure is to be found in Shangri-La!
- The Insight spending screen shows a tooltip for expected token value.
- There is an option to increase the speed of Insight spending.
- The Treasure Collection UI in the Main Menu now shows information about the bonus that can be obtained from it. Hover the bonus pool icons for any previously discovered treasure.
- The Treasure collection UI in the Main Menu now also shows all unlocked Campfire Stories and your progress in unlocking them. (MTE)
- An option to Insight

- There is more gold available in Shangri-La.
- Helpers have been reset to their values from patch 19.
- Students now give 1-2 research, but cost 100 status to recruit. (first value)
- The pre-determination feature of Patch #18 has been removed from Discovery Mode. This means reloading now gives fresh roll game chances and encounter layouts.

- Chairman Pinkerton's advice crashed when evaluating some Ruby Lotus bonuses.
- Chairman Pinkerton can now advise on all different bonus types, where he ignored some previously.

Hotfix 18.2 [July 21st, 16:00] (Build #380)
- Fixed text in some places
- Fixed wrong spin in Shangri-La
- Fixed Monymusk appearing in the wrong place up again
- Fixed Renown from Keys in Shangri-La

Hotfix 18.1 [July 19th, 20:15] (Build #377)
- Fixed faulty data-file.

Patch #18 [July 19th, 17:00] (Build #376)

- Hatice has a new captain perk! Investor: +10 Collect at the start of each expedition. Gain 2 insight if you end an expedition with 50 Collect or more.
- Added a new treasure in Shangri-La!
- Added a few events in Shangri-La!
- The L A N D D E L V E R now actually puts some time pressure on you. Be quick to explore the Lost Island!

BALANCE (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧:
- Auctioneer and Impressionist Entourage removed from Stockholm due to misfitting
- All Stockholm entourage now give +1 token at level 4 instead of +1/+2 on level 2/5 (MTE)
- All Rio entourage now gives +2 tokens at level 6 instead of +1/+3 on level 3/6 (MTE)
- Lowered Earl's bonus from Weird Patents to 3% (MTE)
- Agatha's German Import will now only penalize 5 Study, 25 Speech Defense, and give 3 Campaign instead of 1 (MTE)
- It's not longer possible to bring the same Campfire Story twice. Any doubles will be left out of your deck at game start.
- Garb and starter treasures that give X tokens at the end of an expedition are a bit toned down (MTE)
- Shambhala Keys give 250 Renown instead of 150
- All final treasures from Shangri-La now have pool bonuses (MTE)
- Removed the skip encounter events in Shangri-La
- TRex and Darwin are significantly tougher
- Roll-games and encounter arena seeds are now pre-determined, which means loading to an earlier point no longer gives you a different chance. There's an exception for 'Retry Encounter' in Discovery mode, which still refreshes the seed.

- Can't get a rank A treasure in Turf house any more
- missing images, spelling errors
- Phillipe's card now works correctly
- Perk UI scroll resets to top when switching crewmembers.
- Exploit where opening inventory during events, saved the game state (but not the event progress).
- Issue where items could be lost by dragging and dropping an item from an incompatible slot on it.
- Issue where profile switching could recover a pre-win save from a finished adventure mode run.
- Issue where double clicking crewmember for targeted Campfire Stories triggered the story twice.

Patch #17.1 [June 14th, 19:20] (Build #373)
- Fixes a rare crash to do with scouting icons.

Patch #17 [June 14th, 17:40] (Build #370)
- You can now unlock Muscat, hosting a trinket bazaar in the Middle east.
- You can now unlock San Francisco, offering new entourage members
- A dark new force is terrorizing the Andes. (MTE)
- New events scattered all over the game, allowing you to meet more Specialists on their own journeys.
- Added option to dampen low Resolve and available Research warning pulse
- You can now (finally) swap your items by dragging \o/
- Added Crewmember Details box to Advanced Crew Selection screen.
- Added DLC and version indicators to leaderboard entries.
- Visual tweaks to scouting flags (the icons displaying information about unvisited nodes)

- Fixed bug where "sharpshooters alerted" message would pop up after every Friendly won encounter after Lost Island in Marathon mode
- Slightly dampened default low Resolve warning pulse
- Fixed Raptor Queen event
- Should no longer be possible to get stuck with unplayable cards in hand
- Fixed bonus descriptions in leaderboards
- Fixed Encounter token Renown gain for Captain perk for Maria and Victor
- Fixed Victor's captain perk only awarding 25% extra gold from Encounter
- Fixed a ton of missing/wrong text and pictures

- Toned down Inca Dagger and Emperor Garb
- Pedrinho will hate coffee haters
- Decreased Renown gain from Encounter tokens from Maria's and Victor's Captain Perk to 5.
- The machine in Lost Island doesn't allow for Resolve suicide anymore
- Shangri-La treasures are worth a lot more

Patch #16 [May 31st, 19:00] (Build #363)
- Fancy new loading screen!
- Added random button to crew selection screen
- Added a new performance option to the settings menu
- Added version number to win screen

- Fixed Philippe's upgraded Amnesia Shot being able to target 3 instead of 2 opponents
- Fixed camera being able to go out of bounds on very low frame rates
- Fixed Turf House event
- Improved feedback on maxed level crewmembers tooltip
- Fixed some perks not fitting in the item shop UI
- Fixed Event scrollbar placement
- Fixed Mood UI text placement in specific cases

- Finishing Anthropology gives 25 Renown per victory.

Patch #15 [May 18th, 10:00] (Build #341)
- Perks now have nice recognizable icons in front of them

- Fixed hotkey in main menu being inproperly active.
- Fixed small issue with passport UI opening on top of shop UI on narrow aspect ratios.
- Disarming Smile by Pedrinho was secretly an Attack ability.
- Zombie NO_I18N
- Monastery in Shangri-La now gives speech as advertised
- You can reconsider your options when distracting Roche's crew in the Emerged Island
- Reconsidering while mining the Quartz Mine won't remove the option to examinate the Skeleton (you know what I mean right? Go get that Gargoyle code!)
- Chuckles' sister is now blue.
- Fish in the tree gives supplies on the right moment
- Fixed phillipe's enraged resistance. AGAIN.
- Fixed Celtic Cross. AGAIN.

- The journalist bonus will only apply on the 5th expedition, not on insight spent
- Ivans upgrade gives +2 Supplies instead of +1.
- NEW: Flavia awaits you as a new Entourage member in Rio!
- Rio now has 4 levels of Entourage
- Finishing Observation now gives +50% renown from a resource
- Writing History now gives +1 Campaign on entering an Encounter node, and +3 campaign on entering an Epic node.
- The off-resource Entourage members in Istanbul (Rami, Zafira, Amon etc.) now are selected by token type
- The off-resource Entourage members in Istanbul (Rami, Zafira, Amon etc.) are significantly weaker
- Moondisk worth 375 now.
- Removed the newbie trap on the Shrunken Head

Patch #14.3 [April 20th, 15:30] (Build #323)
- Fixed an exploit where upgrading supply capacity during an expedition refilled all your supplies. (yes, it's possible to spend research during expeditions ;))

Patch #14.2 [April 15th, 11:10] (Build #320)
- Fixed a start-up crash related to unsuccessful Steam sign in.

Patch #14.1 [April 14th, 21:00]
- fixed an issue with an oasis event in Egypt.

Patch #14 [April 14th, 16:30]
- Ivan has a new captain perk! -1 Resolve. Gains +1 Supply Capacity after the 2nd and 3rd expedition.
- Added 2 small events.

BALANCE (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧:
- Insight jobs in Europe and Africa now give one extra token. (Timbuktu > Study, Zanzibar > Collect, Cape Town > Campaign)
- Research for end of 3rd tree and up is a little cheaper
- Laboratory changed -> German Laboratory: +2 Study when spending insight in Berlin
- Science Assistance now give 2 insight
- Renown from Status is now 6%. Renown from Science is now 14%.
- Hungarian Fort is a bit more generous towards Devious crews, especially the Beast.
- Egypt is a bit more rewarding now.

- All calls to online services now have a proper time-out
- Clarified message when saving and quitting in encounter
- Buffs are now sorted behind UIs
- Undo button is now correctly positioned in narrow aspect ratios
- Item Shop UI is now correctly positioned in narrow aspect ratios
- Fixed minor memory issue related to loading save games
- Fixed a lot of typos and missing strings (including my arch-nemesis "behaviour")
- Abominable mountain (it doesn't exist, why am I typing this?) now is revisitable.
- Fixed Armor debuffs being shown as percentage debuffs
- The smuggler boat now also gives the Secret/Treasure Hunt tokens when you found the hidden options
- Fixed an issue where stacked poison costs you multiple resolve
- More clear range tooltip for AoE attacks centered around the caster
- Some more memory optimisations
- Fixed an issue with 4k screens on Windows
- Game now properly selects correct GPU with NVIDIA Optimus setups

Patch #13.7 [April 4th, 17:30]
- Fixed issue where Star of Africa could be gained repeatedly.
- Fixed crash caused by clicking an item in crew selection, triggered by clicking an item later.
- Small text fixes.

Patch #13.6 [April 1st, 23:10]
- Added logging to debug a hard-to-find crash when selecting an item in the shop or passport UI.

Patch #13.5 [April 1st, 15:50]
- Fixed some broken strings
- Fixed rare crash when quickly entering encounter right after receiving a treasure
- Added warning for Intel graphics cards with outdated drivers

Patch #13.4 [March 31th, 13:00]
- News & Community now take timezones into account
- Fixed Awarded perk from Admiral Reis so that it gives Military History
- Fixed crash when buying entourage very fast and then switching to another city
- Fixed crash in main menu when restarting too quickly
- Updated game logo in some menus

Patch #13.3 [March 31th, 11:30]
- Fixed rare crash in rendering

Patch #13.2 [March 30th, 10:30]
- Performance fix in Transylvania expedition
- Added back version number to main menu
- Lowered memory threshold for which compatibility warning is triggered
- Fixed audio stuttering on some PCs

Patch #13.1 [March 29th, 19:00]
Mac and Linux versions of Patch #13, along with:
- Fix for crash in Transylvania
- News & Community now have expiration date
- Disabled metrics system
- Assorted text fixes.
- Fixed startup crashes on some hardware configurations
- Added extra log information about video drivers to investigate rare problems

Patch #13 [March 26th, 14:00]
- A new main menu with:
- New layout to make everything feel less crowded.
- A news feed to show news relevant to players.
- A reference to any Community Events, often the Weekly Challenge on these forums.
- Added incompatibility warnings for users with potentially incompatible hardware or drivers.

- Yvonne has Charms instead of Sense of Humor
- Bia gains Defense instead of Formations
- Admiral Reis gives Military History instead of Formations
- Lute gives Storytelling instead of Astonishing
- Kwame no longer gets double helpers on high levels diplomat or quick thinker

- Pagans believe in the occult.
- The "truth in the occult" option gives tokens now.
- Oengus Crown treasure is BACK
- Fixed a bug in which Quick Thinkers had to be either really cool or really lame to run through the Meadow's Castle.
- Fixed the text of mood buffs.
- Fixed using the machine from machine vs. magic in the talking tree event.
- Fixed a place where the Monymusk treasure shouldn't be available but was.

- Long audio files like music and ambient are now streaming to reduce memory load.
- More unloading of files that are not expected to be used soon.
- Miscellaneous memory optimizations.

Patch #12.1 [January 26th, 9:30]
- Fixed a crash occurring when visiting the Sunken Cathedral

Patch #12 [January 20th, 17:50]
- Added some new adventures on the Highlands, as well as a new treasure.
- When you revive a crew member, the reviver gains bonus defenses for 2 turn.
- You can no longer equip trinkets brought from the overworld when on expedition
- Emotion Resistances are more clearly displayed during encounters.
- Most Shangri-La treasures got extra Renown bonuses.
- Gold, Status and Research tooltip now show extra info about Renown gain.

- Cooldown of Strike of Fear raised to 6.
- 3rd and 4th tree of research significantly more expensive. This will allow you to actually OVER commit into science.
- Lowered the Renown Gain from the research masteries to 50% to reduce dependency on them.
- Gold and Status now have the same Renown modifier: 8%. Research still has 12%
- Boosted the healing power of all speech abilities: "Try to.." from 20% > 30% (Impress stays at 25%) and normal from 25% > 35%.
- Tranquility base power down to 40%.
- Rivaleux has a ranged Physical attack
- Scientist senses give +1 Study on a node of choice instead of +2.
- Writing History gives +1 Campaign token instead of +2.
- Apparatus Artists triggers on lvl 3 instead of lvl 2.
- Changed psychology a bit.
- The entourage for attitude (Pinkerton, Vaduva, etc.) is now pooled with same attitude: you will always have something useful per attitude instead of per resource type.
- Moved Monymusk Relinquary to the Scottish Castle and McRea.
- Cassandra in Egypt has lower defenses, mixed up resistances, Rivalini's have lower spirit
- Demon battles in Shangri changed, both the characters and the way they respond to your attitude.
- Red, green and blue demons all have different stats.
- The Red Demon can now pin you down.
- Shangri-La better advertises possible Supply stashes.
- Changes to a few Shangri-La stories to have slightly more control over Resolve loss.
- Shambhala key bonusses for Rivaleux lowered:
- Strength: Armor 25->20, Attack 10->6
- Heart: Terrified Nullify -> Resist, Speech 10->6
- Mind -> Impressed Nullify -> Resist, Speech Defense 25->15

- Anna's captain perk nerfed, AGAIN. If she's still that much out of line, I declare her a cockroach and unnerfable. Bonus for gold and status reduced to 1-2 from 1-3.
- Charles's captain perk bonus for gold and status reduced to 1-3 from 2-4 and curio reduced to 0-1 from 1-2.
- Lowered Hildegard's science gain from 2-6 to 2-4.
- Philippe now gains +4 Study token per medkit left at the end of an expedition.

- Renown multiplier bonuses for Gold didn't work. Now they do.
- Slight changes to the way stories are placed in expeditions.
- 'Practical supplies' icon during expeditions changes to 'supplies' as they were only used to advertize supplies.
- Zombie encounter no longer freezes when the Zombie frightens a Cultist
- Fixed an exploit where Undo move could be used to use abilities from farther away.
- Fixed an exploit where moving in steps avoided the slow of difficult terrain.
- Items don't count as treasures any longer.
- One.. More... Expedition is no longer still enabled after starting a new game
- Revisitable nodes are now actually revisitable!
- Fixed an exploit where you could get treasures multiple times by click spamming
- Item Shop, Passport and Entourage Shop work a little better on smaller aspect ratios
- Final node in Shangri-La now shows an objective cross.
- Abilities that couldn't be used from next to opponents (like Piercing Shot) can now be used while standing next to Friendly defeated opponents on the edge of the arena.
- Some typos.

Patch #11.1 [December 17, 21:40]
- Fixed that entering an encounter with Tactician's Notes crashed the game.

Patch #11 [December 17, 18:20]
- You can now continue your expedition after it's over. One... more... expedition..
- Restart Expedition button added to allow faster restart on your first expedition
- Undo movement button added
- You can now do movement in steps
- Added extra tools for save game management for those of you with 100+ savegames :)

- Insight from Roche's Treasure and Water of Life reduced to 1.
- Trinkets are cheaper and weaker. Removed a lot of the weird side effects.
- Trowel and Broom aura reduced to -10 Speech Defense.
- Tactician notes reduced to 15% Attack boost.
- Selling price of items is now 75%
- Movement in Shangri-La a bit cheaper
- Offensive items are stronger, decent and good offensive items are 33% cheaper
- Defenses of some later level characters increased.
- Lecture Expert no longer doubles Discovery, Secret and TreasureHunt tokens
- Kwame's double helper boost now fires at lvl. 5 Quick Thinker instead of lvl. 3.
- Ramped up late game helper cost a bit

- Globus Cruciger gives 3 Campaign and 3 Collect per lvl of Diplomat, and 2 Insight
- Roche's Anchor gives 5 Collect per lvl of Stalwart, but 2 insight and 200 renown
- Roche's coat gives 5 Study per lvl of Naturalist, but 2 insight
- Roche's chest gives 1 insight
- Ritual book gives 1 insight
- Charlemagne's Hand no longer gives +5 Status from Campaign

- Fixed the issue where you would quit/crash out of the overworld and be unable to get a new city.
- Fixed Expedition Reports not working correctly.
- Fixed cultural awareness triggering on wrong jobs.

Patch #10 [December 9, 20:50]
- Completely new Research trees. All trees have been replaced with new ones that allow more different strategies.
- Supply gain and usage over the whole game changed.
- Pedrinho has a new Captain Perk! His parties in Paris, Mumbai, Zanzibar and Cape Town are OFF. THE. CHARTS. (Rivaleux is not invited)
- Asian jobs now also give a lesser token, trigering some upgrades and treasures.
- Crew members now gain an extra Trinket slot through leveling (instead of through Research). Level depends on class.

- Rollgames give 2 XP (instead of 1). XP required for Leveling increased.
- Fixed the most annoying thing ever in the game: Equipment shops now level through Gold! No more thinking: "darn, I still needed the Status I just blew on a helper."
- Agatha's Inspiring Course now comes one level later.
- Ivan base spirit raised to 45.
- Emilia base speech defense lowered to 20, base armor to 5, and speech to 22.
- Maria's base speech raised to 30.
- Mali villagers believe in the good heart of people a little longer (switch attitude later)
- Pedrinho's Party-Time cooldown increased to 4, cooldown Disarm increased to 5, power of partytime decreased to 50% and power of disarm decreased to 75%.
- Pedrinho gets the Survivalist - Navigation perk instead of Survivalist - Hunting on lvl 2.
- Emilia's academic bonus reduced to +1 Study
- Because of all the changes, Renown gain from resources has been reduced: Gold: 0.075, Status: 0.08, Research: 0.12
- Enemies on the Emerged Island are stronger
- Demons in Shangri-La are a bit weaker.
- Rose gives the Beguiler - Beautiful Smile perk instead of Beguiler - Storytelling
- Druid's sheep are now Highland Sheep

- fixed Roche's Anchor treasure
- fixed more achievement issues
- Fixed Dolores and Kwame's animations
- Rivaleux no longer shows any mercy! (fixed AI bug where Rivaleux wouldn't act)

Patch #9.2 [November 29, 19:20]
- Removed Thanksgiving
- Added in more than 30 new speech icons to convey more character during speech abilities.

Patch #9 [November 26, 12:45]
- All non-enraging speech actions temporarily have a thanksgiving icon that triggers randomly instead of the original one. Spread the gratefulness!

- Science now yields less renown
- The level 2 entourage of Constantinople is now level 3 and vice versa
- Cernunnos Skull gives slightly lower gains
- Executioner's Axe gives collect tokens instead of battle tokens
- Crown of thorns gives 2 supplies on top of current effect, but only triggers 3 times and loses resolve boost
- Defensive items have a bigger disparity between their first and secondary buffs
- Philospher Stone now gives +2 Campaign when a lvl 2 Archaeologist succeeds on the adventure wheel
- Seth Maribre's Scepter now triggers on lvl 3 Tactician and Diplomat
- Helpers get more expensive more quickly
- Rio entourage is more expensive
- Constantinople Entourage more expensive
- Earl gained a little more speech defense, and his captain perk is boosted
- Hungarian Fort is a bit more balanced out with treasures
- The Group Insult debuff is now defensive

Patch #8.2 [November 16, 11:15]
- Fixed a crash occurring when getting too many of the same type of Entourage helper.

Patch #8.1 [November 13, 10:30]
-Fixed Charles' captain perk giving its bonuses for helper entourage.
-Fixed Power of Secrets research working for all token types at any time.
(Yes, basically there was a short window in which these 2 bonuses were insanely powerful :P)
-Fixed Bia's captain perk holding out (but not giving) its reward in non-boss battles.

Patch #8 [November 12, 14:45]
- Kwame has a new captain perk! He will attract helpers by being friendly.
- Bia has a new captain perk! She becomes stronger by fighting, and gains Campaign tokens by taking down bosses.
- Molly has a new captain perk! Aside from her cutthroat ability, Rogues will now net you more Collect tokens.
- Reworked and added events in Transylvania.
- Reworked Emerged Island events a bit.
- Improved speech feedback a little.

- Kwame has 'try to Enrage' instead of 'try to Terrify', and is all round a bit more scout-y.
- Anna's boosts to gold and status have been reduced to +1 to +2 Gold/Status.

- Rank of some treasures change to better match their power.
- Stegoceras Skull, Saxon Ring, Dragon Head, Brooche in Urnes Style, Celtic Cross, Saxon King's Mantle and Sun Stone give different tokens.
- King's Mantle, Stegocerus, Sun Stone, Saxon Ring, Dragonhead and Urnes Brooch is easier to trigger.
- Lotharskreuz and Charlemange hand are now somewhere else....
- Effects of all Transylvania treasures changed.
- Effects of most Emerged Island treasures changed.

- Bia's triple slash works as intended.
- Virginia in Mali is now a boss encounter.
- Dolores' mask is now acknowledged by the Mali masked villagers.
- Some items have new buff icons.

Patch #7 [November 6, 18:15]
- Removed Halloween theme (but the content remains!)
- Revived units are now de-stunned
- Fixed Research Mastery Achievement
- Fixed freeze issue that happened with Quick Encounter Animations on
- Sped up attitude & mood animations with Quick Encounter Animations on
- Fixed shading around heads that removed fog in a square
- More space for tokens in arena review ui
- Miscellaneous fixes in texts and other content

The Gargoyle Code (Halloween Update) [October 29, 17:10]
- Added new content, but what, and where?...woOOoooOOOoo..

Save Patch [October 28, 9:30]
- Improved foundation of save system
- Improved robustness of cloud saving
- Profiles are now never overwritten without express user permission
- Every profile now has a maximum of 300 save slots, to conform with the Steam Cloud file limit
- Removed a number of redundant auto save files
- Fixed some issues with auto saves not being removed properly

Mali Hotfix #2 [October 23]
- fixed some issues with Mali (Mask of Madness and boss)
- Small rebalance.
- Fixed the supreme tactician buff.
Mali Hotfix #1 [October 21, 15:45]
- Fixed teamkilling hyenas in Mali boss arena.
- Fixed paging for leaderboards.
- Fixed issues with leaderboards on slow connections.
- Fixed a buff icon.
- Fixed a crash bug when loading to right before the coronation.

Mali Mystery free DLC & Leaderboards [October 20, 19:15]
- Added a new expedition: Mali Mystery.
- Playthroughs are now recorded in local leaderboards.
- Playthroughs can now be compared with Friends through online leaderboards.
- Fixed some small achievement issues.

Patch #5 [October 8, 20:00]
- A new trinket in New Orleans: The Spyglass
- Some new endings and a new event in the Highlands and Egypt.

- A lot of trinkets have their price down, usability improved, and usage simplified.
- Trowel and Broom boost fixed to melee range, and power decreased to -20 Speech Defense.
- The Highlands has it's treasures scattered over more events. Plays a bit more like Caribbean now.

- Some remaining issues with achievements.

Hotfix #4.1 [September 29, 14:30]
Fix for Cities and the end game Journalists not unlocking after finishing expeditions.

Patch #4: UI Improvements, Captain perks, Achievements, Lots of Balance
Change notes [September 23, 14:30]

- You can now inspect crew member perks and stats during stories, Shops and other menus by clicking their portraits.
- Yvonne has a new captain perk! Her Devious boost now gets better with each expedition completed.
- Charles has a new captain perk! His perk improves campaign tokens every time you buy a specialist, much like Anna's captain perk.
- Dolores has a new captain perk! She can make Collect tokens give great Status, which improves every time she succeeds on the Adventure Wheel.

- Transylvania treasures give a lot more Insight.
- Buff gained from gloves in Sydney now add 40% damage instead of 25% damage.
- Hungarian Fort (**) has more encounters and gives more tokens.
- There are a few less study tokens in the Caribbean
- Made getting Research Papers progressively more expensive.
- The starting bonus of the Science tree in the papers has changed to give +1 study on technique challenges
- "Field Rations" now requires "Opening Doors"
- Bonus from "Training Regimen" paper is now +2 Attack whenever a Fighter succeeds on the adventure wheel.
- Fighters' attack slightly boosted.
- Earl's captain perk now gives 4 Collect tokens per Paper.
- Amir's Compliment isn't awesomely strong anymore
- A certain non-existing creature in Shangri-La is now more approachable. (Adventure Wheel is actually passable).

- Fixed a few broken achievements. 100% completion rate is possible.
- Fixed quest/story state on expeditions sometimes not saving properly
- Added option in the Settings menu to disable cloud syncing of save games
- Improved some user interfaces on small screens
- Fixed Agatha's inspiring course not being buffed by Knowledge is Power
- Font rendering now uses less memory
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs and typos

Patch #3: Content & Difficulty options
Change notes [September 10, 15:30]

- Added some new events and encounters. You'll have to explore to find them ;)
- Added Difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Classic, Impossible. This is selected at start, unchangeable. The 'Plus' achievements from Adventure mode can only be awarded on Classic or higher.
- Added a cheat mode which enables a 'Win Encounter' mode.
- Fixed exploit where people could continue after their 5th expedition
- Game is playable with mouse only
- Crash fix in Job UI
- Better handling of corruption in save games
- Achievement fixes
- Added -g_usecloudsave, a launch option to disable Steam's cloud saving API.
- Miscellaneous fixes for crashes and bugs and broken content.

Patch #2.1
Change notes [September 4, 14:45]
- Small fixes to missing/wrong texts
- Possibly fixed that game doesn't crash at startup when owning a corrupt save.
- Fixed a few small bugs.

Patch #2
Change notes [September 3, 16:00]

- Small balance change so that Gun Smuggler in the Caribbean has lower range.
- Fixed a few rare crashes regarding loading games, spending Insight, exiting expeditions and selecting leveling options.
- Add option for mail address in crash-reports, so that we can contact you directly regarding crashes made during Renowned Explorers. Should work for Windows and OSX instances.
- Can now determine correct windows version, so we can assist you better with crashes.
- Added diagnostic and information so that we can check driver versions, and assist with updating when necessary. We are also generating better error reports for driver crashes.
- Still looking into issues that user are having with integrated Intel graphics cards on Windows.
- Some users are running out of memory in video RAM or RAM, we are looking into unloading this data more efficiently.
- Can now properly report out of memory issues that are occurring for some users.

Patch #1: Day 0 fixes.
Change notes [September 2, 19:00]

- Small balance tweaks

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't click on units during a encounter.
- Solved several saving/loading bugs.
- Fixed ability animations freezing after a frame drop.
- Improved some animations and added missing speech bubbles.
- Corrected various spelling mistakes and added missing text.
- Fixed various small bugs.
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AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 2, 2015 @ 2:08pm 
Not silly at all. Open settings.ini in your local game files folder: Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files.
Set the following lines:
r_fullscreen = 0
r_width = <whatever you want your window width to be>
r_height = <whatever you want your window height to be>
That should do the trick.
AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 2, 2015 @ 3:30pm 
Sorry, that settings file will be overwritten by the game. Instead put those same settings in the ..\Documents\Renowned Explorers International Society\userdata\settings.ini
Alexspeed Sep 2, 2015 @ 11:18pm 
Please sticky this thread an put future patchnotes in it so we can keep up with it easily.
AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 3, 2015 @ 2:16am 
Will do :)
FrankFore20 Sep 3, 2015 @ 6:40am 
what version is the patch? i am not sure i got it
AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 3, 2015 @ 7:19am 
#167, should say so in the bottom right corner of the Main Menu.
AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 3, 2015 @ 10:16am 
A patch is available in the 'beta' branch. It fixes a lot of rare crashes we found with the help of all the playtime you people made. We will put it live as soon as we tested it some more.

Right click game in Library > Properties > Betas > select 'beta' from dropdown menu.

Patch notes will follow!
Thidran [MCT] Sep 3, 2015 @ 11:51am 
Well crap. Followed suggestions, got the game running for a bit and had a good time. Now it seems I can't boot it up at all. Sent the error report of course. Issue is it crashes upon loading, before the main menu.
AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 3, 2015 @ 1:22pm 
Sorry for this Thidran, Do I understand correctly that you're playing on the 'beta' version? When you sent the report, were you loading a savegame?

Does it allow you to send an error report when it crashes at boot-up now? If so, could you do that? If not, could you e-mail with the file 'abbeycore.txt' located in your game folder.

Sorry that this is your experience. If nothing works, it might be because of a corrupt save-file. You could try to go to your save folder (<steam folder>/userdata/<your steam id>/296970/remote/) and move the saves out of there. Then try to boot again.
Thidran [MCT] Sep 3, 2015 @ 2:22pm 
Was playing on the original version, then tried beta. Was the same issue. I'll try removing the save data since I'm not really far into things anyways. And yes, it does allow me to send an error report. I'll send the error report if the save bit works or not.

Edit: Since that didn't work, sending the error report now.
Last edited by Thidran [MCT]; Sep 3, 2015 @ 2:25pm
SDSkinner2011 Sep 3, 2015 @ 2:31pm 
Same here. Tried base, crashed after selecting team. Loaded beta no longer even starts the game.
FAE Sep 3, 2015 @ 3:13pm 
My game crashed during expedition preparation between expedition 2 and 3. When I loaded the game back up, the unlock that I got for expedition 2 seems to be gone... It was the new Entourage location for the Hungarian Fort, I think it was Turkey? It was Middle Eastern at least. But that location is not showing up at all now on my bar/on the map even though the Hungarian Fort is shown as completed. What should I do?
ackron Sep 3, 2015 @ 3:45pm 
so I finished the game (defeated Rivaleax) and nothing happened. It just dropped me back to the world map. Is there an ending screen/high score list or something?
AbbeyManuel  [developer] Sep 4, 2015 @ 3:26am 
FallenAngelEyes, that is a problem. It should be there! I don't think there is a way to fix your current run, sorry, but we will try and reproduce that here so we can fix it. In the meantime I think you will have to work with Stockholm or start a new run.

Ackron, was it your 5th expedition? After the 5th expedition a win screen should be triggered if you have more Renown than Rivaleux. If you however beat Rivaleux in Shangrilah in your 2nd, 3rd or 4th expedition you will be dropped back in the world map as you were.

Thidran, SDSkinner, you probably have a corrupt savegame because of an earlier crash. We're currently implementing extra checks so that these do not crash the game at startup. The patch will be up later today. Please try again then. Sorry! And thanks for your patience.
Last edited by AbbeyManuel; Sep 4, 2015 @ 3:28am
SDSkinner2011 Sep 4, 2015 @ 1:30pm 
It works now- thanks.
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