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Jay Mar 9, 2017 @ 6:10am
[FAQ] Common Issues & Solutions
Hi everyone! This is a small FAQ for technical issues. Please check this thread before creating your own. If these solutions do not resolve your issue or if you have a specific tech issue not covered here, please follow the steps in our How to Report thread and proceed to post your tech issue.

I can't respawn after joining a match OR I can't respawn with certain classes/loadouts
This usually happens when your loadouts conflict (after leveling up or a game update). Simply go to the game's menu settings and press the "RESET LOADOUTS" button to fix this issue.

I get a black screen when I launch the game on Linux or Mac
Uncheck Steam Overlay by right clicking Ballistic Overkill > Properties > General. If you're on Linux, you can also try this:

I use Windows and I get a black screen when trying to run the game too
First of all, check if your computer specs match with game's recommended specs (that info is on the game's Steam store page). You can also try running the game on exclusive fullscreen:

If this doesn't work and your PC meets the recommended specs, please follow these steps to contact us:

"Could not connect to Steam platform. Please restart your Steam and try again."
As the message suggests, you're having connection issues with Steam. It may happen because you don't have OS permissions to connect to Steam, so try opening Steam and the game as administrator (right-click Steam icon for that). It may also be your firewall or anti virus blocking your connection to Steam, so try turning them off to test it.

Playing on exclusive fullscreen mode (might increase your FPS)

Right click Ballistic Overkill on your Steam Library > Properties > Set Launch Options... > add this code: -window-mode exclusive

I found a bug, what do I do?
Please, create a thread describing the bug and if possible, teaching us how to reproduce it. You can follow the steps from this thread:

Please understand that we are a small team and need to stick to an updates schedule. We're constantly working to fix bugs and improve the game, but some bugs might take more time than others to be fixed. So if we don't reply to your thread, it doesn't mean we didn't check it, but we might not be able to fix it now.

I found a hacker, what do I do?
We have VAC running on every match. Players using cheat engines/hacks registered on VAC will get banned within 3 days. We're constantly improving the VAC, adding new cheat engines so it detects as many different cheats as possible. However we may also manually ban players, in order to do this we need solid evidence of the infaction, such as footage of the player hacking and the link to the hacker's steam profile (friends > recent matches > you'll find the profile of everyone who recently played with you). You can email us or create a hacker report thread here on Steam forums. Please don't call out players without a proper hack report.

I can't connect to matches OR I get disconnected too often
Test if you can create your own match without getting disconnected. If so, you might be having network/connection issues. Try disabling anti virus softwares and firewall to check if they're blocking your connection to our servers. Also always check your ping, if it's above 150 or it's unstable it's very likely that you will get disconnected. If your ping is high because there's no server in your region, please let us know.

I lost my game's progress! What do I do?
Your Ballistic Overkill progress is stored on Steam Cloud. You can right click Ballistic Overkill > Properties > Updates to check if Steam Cloud is on. If it's not, after turning it on Steam will give you the option to download your latest backup for Ballistic (this is the only way to recover any lost progress of yours). You can check overall Steam Cloud settings on Steam > Settings > Cloud.

Hope this FAQ helped you. You can contact us at - you can also ask for help on our Discord server:
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