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Kindly asking for Mod suggestions
Hey, i played almost 200h of vanilla now and i altough i really love the game, i get a bit bored playing now. I know theres tons of mods and its kinda overhelming me to pick a set right now. I would really appreciate if some of you would give me some suggestions on some mod sets and/or must haves to brings some fresh air into it and maybe improve gameplay.

Thanks in advance!
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Diddy up - lets you ride some of the animals.
Hospitality - You can run hotel charge visitors for beds and set up shop area
Genetic rim - mess with animals
Advanced prosthetics is good
And the one that gives extra drugs and plants sorry forgot its name (I have morphine and opium factory).
Oh and save our ship.
I also have morph mod -lets you mutate pawns to get animal bits like dog ears or pig snout
"What's that mod" mod is must it lets you see what mod added specific item ingame.
If at any time you head up to the workshop and get into the endless rabbit hole that is modded RW, I suggest you to get a document or paper+pen to separate mods into different lists depending on what they do: mechanic-oriented improvements, vanilla fixes/modifications, races, biomes, etc. This is the best way to put together lists without having to go looking through the entire list if an incompatibility happens.

But first's first; start with Fluffly's Mod Manager. It requires Harmony; nothing special. It will warn and help you with order, most incompatibilities and such issues. And once you build a list you want to play and making sure everything is alright, I recommend to make a local copy of those mods so anything doesn't break if either the modder or game updates, or in some very special and rare cases, the modder removes it from the workshop.
Originally posted by 76561198035578910:
Hey, i played almost 200h of vanilla now and i altough i really love the game, i get a bit bored playing now. I know theres tons of mods and its kinda overhelming me to pick a set right now. I would really appreciate if some of you would give me some suggestions on some mod sets and/or must haves to brings some fresh air into it and maybe improve gameplay.

Thanks in advance!
Sure, but I won't be typing out my last mod list i used, its 150+ long and I didn't make an easy to copy paste master list for it. It was a QoL and High Tech Android Space Ship style list, with lots of new weapons, and other stuff that made my game both easier and harder.

First things first, decide what you may want. Do you want a game with lots of QoL (quality of life) mods that make fix and imporove the Vanilla Rimworld experience? Do you also want mods that drastically change Rimworld, making it easier or harder?

And your choices snowball now. Less tech? More tech? New Races? Cthullu gods? Demons? Dragons? Androids? Spaceships? Glittertech? Medieval , Tolken, Warhammer, Anime Go-Go Cat Girls? No wonder you'd like some suggestions. :)

Your first mod should be a Mod Manager, as suggested already above, they can help greatly. Choose one and use it.

Browse the Workshops "collections" section, many players share mod lists for others to enjoy. Not all of those lists will work though since many mods get outdated and break Rimworld. Look for the most recent via date sorting, then start reading to see if any of those big lists tickle your fancy.

Many Rimworld youTuber's post links to the mods they use, so that is another option to find pre-made lists that should work.

Don't forget to learn how to stop your game and mods from auto updating so your game is less likely to break if new updates come out while your playing that run.

Holler if you run into problems or have a question.
Good luck and have fun
Blasto Jan 18 @ 7:41am 
I love RimJobWorld, it basically adds... "fun" to the game and female pregnancy. It may be a bit overpowered but you can pretty much configure anything (and you should!).
The main reason I installed this mod was that I thought it was absurd to be able to make a hat out of human leather but you can't have "fun" slaves or just have some "fun" in your colony.
brian_va Jan 18 @ 7:43am 
Make sure you read the mod description, it will generally say if there are known incompatibility issues. Many work fine with most everything, but there are a fair few that either don't work with another specific mods, or needs a patch to make them work together.

Also, probably best to start with just a few and see what you get, adding 100 or so straight away can be problematic, and not always easy to determine which ones are causing problems.
Ah yes, the Handholding mod. Only for the most intellectual and distinguished gentlemen.
Mi Jan 18 @ 8:47am 
Quality of Life mods:

*Highly recommended

1) Auto-cut blight: Automatically designates all blighted plants to be cut

2) Better Workbench Management: Allows the crafting orders of multiple workbenches to be linked.

3) Colour-coded Mood Bar*: When extreme/major/minor breaks risks are hit, the background of the pawn will change to red/orange/yellow. This allows one to easily see which colonists are in danger.

4) Colourblind Minerals: Displays all valuable minerals (e.g. steel, jade, gold) in bright colours.

5) Common Sense*: Improve pawn pathing and workflow (e.g. they will clean the kitchen before using it).

6) Complex Jobs*: Further sub-divides job management. E.g. doctor, nurse and surgeon are all different jobs. (Cook and butcher, research and scanning)

7) EDB Prepare Carefully: Customise your starting colonists instead of randomising.

8) Pharmacists: Medicine can be restricted based on who they are (colonist/prisoner/animal) and what the injury is. Surgeries can be designated for glitterworld medicine while minor bruises can be restricted to herbal.

9) Pick up and Haul: Pawns will haul items on the way to their destination.

10) Quality builder: Designate minimum quality. If a quality of excellent is designated for a wooden bed, the bed will be deconstructed and reconstructed until the quality is reached.

11) Rimhud: Better interface.

12) Set Owner for Prisoner Beds: Prisoner bed ownerships behaves like colonist bed ownership.

13) Share the Load: Mulitple colonists can haul to the same construction site.

14) Show Draftee Weapon: The weapons of drafted pawns will be displayed under their names.

15) Simple Search Bar: Items in menus (when setting storage restrictions and crafting orders) can be searched by name instead of through drop down menus.

16) Smart Speed*: Increases the maximum speed of the game.

17) Where is my Weapon: Pawns will seek out their dropped weapon after being downed.
Lettis Jan 18 @ 8:47am 
Share the load, and all of the vanilla expanded mods are a great place to start.
If you're looking for QoL mods, I have a few in my own modlist which might be useful:
Note: I'm currently having some minor glitches, so I know there's a little bit of incompatability amongst my current modlist (January 2021). So I'd recommend NOT just subscribing to every single mod on the list, for this specific reason. Pick and choose what's going to be most useful to you.

At the moment I'm doing a playthrough with Androids and Altered Carbon as my main themed content mods, but if you're looking for a suggestion for that sort of thing - then Genetic Rim would be my recommendation. It's got a ton of stuff to do that should keep you busy for a while, until you eventually want to start a new playthrough and try something else. :-)
While you could add a ton of content mods at once, I feel that it's better to experience them one at a time. That way the threat of a shoggoth added by one mod isn't instantly negated by the wizards you added from another mod.
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Mi Jan 18 @ 8:54am 
Convenient Mods that can affect balance:

1) Bulk Stonecutting: Allows multiple chunks to be crafted at once. Generally there is a bulk processing mod for most items.
2) LWM's Deep Storage/Increased stack: Both increase storage capacity.
3) Stablise Here: Pawns can be commanded to treat on the spot with no medicine instead of hauling their compatriots to a bed.

For additional content, the vanilla expanded series (vanilla expanded cooking, brewing, animals etc.) is a good place to start.

Alternatively, simply think of what you'd like in the game and type it into the search bar. Something you like will pop up. As I use all of my mentioned mods together all the time, I can assure you they work perfectly fine together as of 19 Jan 2021. Any breaks you experience are likely due to your new mods.
nat Jan 18 @ 3:41pm 
combat extended.
Crash Landing is one hell of a fun start to play with once in a while.
Originally posted by nat:
combat extended.
OP, while CE is a good mod by many accounts, it doesn't necessarily play well with others - and has a reputation for being prone to incompatabilities, largely because of how it changes the game.
So if you decide to try Combat Extended, be mindful of this detail while choosing your modlist. :-)
Bullwinkle Jan 18 @ 11:32pm 
Search the workshop by top rated, all time. My must-haves include Color Coded Mood Bar and Level Up!
pheanox Jan 19 @ 9:06am 
I just want to clarify. There is no "forbidden mod", people can discuss mods not hosted on steam. (Though a steam friendly version is here now) Posting links or sharing stories that happen from RJW, however, would break TOS of Steam. Do not do this. So, mentioning or recommending RJW is fine. Discussing the "stuff" that happens in it? No.
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