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A major complaint for Tynan and the idiot developers
You know what i dont get, why is it my tiny small colonies with only 4-6 people have to host 4 guards with 1 prisoner yet none of the guards can do anything, even providing medical care for the ward theyre supposed to be looking over.

I have to provide food for twice my colony size with idiots that spend literally half the day sleeping, and if i ask them do even shoot enemy animals they basically have mental break downs over it.

Every prison protection/escort mission is a joke, its a GIGANTIC resource drain with idiot cops that not only have on average 2-5 gun skill but have no armor, crap weapons, and are gigantic food sinks. I have to give food to people who cant even point a gun straight for 2-4 weeks, for a paultry reward. Honestly tynan, did you EVEN PLAY TEST THIS? DID YOU NOT REALIZE HOW PITIFUL THE REWARDS ARE? DID YOU EVEN LOOK AT IT?

PS: Tynan, can I have the drugs you were on when you designed these missions? Please
And on that note, fix the stupid rewards, the sheer misery some missions put me through NEVER EVER equals the reward

And i mean this honeslty Tynan, I love this game but are you whacked in the head?

Why would I want to have 5 dead weight pieces of trash, when the average skill level of the guards who cant do any form of labor at all or have any psy powers have an average of 3-5 gun skill.


Every prison guard so far is TYNAN GRADE, aka worthless, with trash armor and trash weapons. its a joke to do any of these missions so long as TYNAN GRADE trash exist
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If quests are too much for you to handle and offer too little for you, then don't take the missions, they're all optional.
Bahamut Sep 13 @ 7:43pm 
@Hunter, you cant know your trash tier worthless Tynan brand guards have 1-5 gun skill with only machine pistols until they show up.

Meanwhile i get raids with assault rifles/sniper rifles etc. But these are the trash tier guards i get.

I get TYNAN GRADE guards, aka trash tier worthless balance
Not sure if you're joking, but these quests are not designed, they are generated randomly, with your current parameters (wealth/colonist count/etc) taken into consideration to limit how easy/hard the generated quest will be. Feeding 10 people instead of 5 for a couple of weeks or even a month shouldn't be this dealbreaker. You chose to accept this quest knowing the parameters and the reward, so what are you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ about?
The guards aren't there to do the quest for you, they're meant to provide a little bit of a bump in power to bridge the gap between your colony and the proposed threat. Many guests are in fact there just to make the threat more difficult. Quests tell you what you'll be up against and if they sound beyond what you're comfortable handling don't take them. Don't expect the empire to send you super soldiers to deal with the threat.
Bahamut Sep 13 @ 7:46pm 
No im not joking, i had 6 (7 in the month this ♥♥♥♥ went on for) that were very well equiped.
EVERY SINGLE mission i got for a while was these stupid prison missions, I was at least equipped to handly my problems very well.

And then I get 5 sacks of deadweight trash. 1's a prisoner and 4 have a gun skill of 2-3 with machine pistols when im 3 years into the game with heavy smgs/lmgs/assault rifles/pulse rifles.

meanwhile these guys show up without even flak armor.

I get 10-20 man raids even now in my arctic playthrough.

Bahamut Sep 13 @ 7:47pm 
@Hunter, I wouldnt complain if they were just there, but those idiot worthless guards bum up the raid difficulty just by being there. They cant carry their own weight, they cant help me, they eat all my food, AND THEN THEY RAISE THE RAID RATING.


I did the quest because at the time i thought Tynan would have made the balanced and fun. I didnt expect my raid difficulty to jump up by almost TWO FRICKIN TIMES just because i had 5 deadweights. But then thats why im ranting, Tynan has no clue how to balance the missions he even includes
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If they're really offering you nothing and you can't afford to feed them, guards are expendable. The quests are explicitly about this, any guards they send can die without any consequences. You can just walk them out into the wild to starve to death if you want to.
Bahamut Sep 13 @ 7:51pm 
@Hunter you still get penalties if they die for mood. Its a lose/lose.
Just the way Tynan the psychopath he is likes

You get nothing if you dont take the mission.
And if you take the mission, you get a month of deadweight worthless sacks of ♥♥♥♥ where if any of them die it hurts your entire colonies mood rating.

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Astasia Sep 13 @ 7:55pm 
Originally posted by Bahamut:
no clue how to balance the missions he even includes

You still seem to be missing the part about them being RNG generated. Including the pawns and equipment that are a part of said missions, and the rewards. Some absolutely will not be worthwhile depending on your situation.

You can also go into your storyteller settings and increase the scaling on mission rewards if you feel they are too low.
Bahamut Sep 13 @ 7:57pm 

How are you supposed to know your RNG based team is trash tier until after you accept the mission?

And then if they die you get morale penalties.

Every single part of these prisoner missions is either RNG or a BRUTAL penalty on the player.

So i ask again, why even bother, the rewards are trash, and the punishment is absurd.

SO yes as i said, what the hell was Tynan smoking, I want it. Anyone who cant make heads or tails remotely of balance is smoking some kinda crazy drug that i want
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I've never known game devs to read their own forums (probably because of posts like this) but I think your message was somewhat lost in the tone you took

To answer your question tho he was on yayo and no he wont share :partypills:
Bahamut Sep 13 @ 8:02pm 
LOL well, yayo is basically crack as far as I can tell from the psuedo drug lingo. Aka its even worse then cocaine.

I wouldn't be surprised if thats what hes on since i wont lie, i dont think he even play test his own game anymore for quality purposes. The prisoner escorts are so poorly balanced among other new mission types it just screams he isnt even looking at it anymore
Psyra Sep 13 @ 8:04pm 
Hmmmmm. Playing modded at all?
Bahamut Sep 13 @ 8:05pm 
No mods, I only used prepare carefully for my first few characters since i did a tribal far north tundra/arctic start.

Thats it
Inverse to your experience, I have found most quests to offer great rewards, especially if you disable faction rep as an option. It's not always a profit to take the quest, as tending to 17 prisoners with blood rot for 21 days means I'm burning through A Lot of medicine and labor, but it's essentially like a resource trade to get the psylink neuroformers, masterwork ARs, uranium and plasteel, vanometric power cells, etc they offer. And of course sometimes it comes at a loss if I bite off more than I can chew and colonists die and/or lose limbs. Them's the breaks.

And similar to you, I do get quests I don't want. Mega constructions are cumbersome on my available resources and labor, and protecting them can be too much for me at times. So I skip them if I don't feel like I can reasonably handle them.
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