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Welcome our new moderators
Hey all, just a quick announcement that we have a new moderator, Harry and DianaWinters.

Harry has been helping me as a tester on discord and as a moderator on the official development server on discord for about half a year now.

Diana Winters is a mod author of the adorable Orassans mod and has been a game tester for RimWorld for several years now, as well as a moderator on the official RimWorld discord server and the official development server.

I'll probably remain as a moderator but taking a back seat for the foreseeable future as I move on with real life.

As always, speech is very important, criticism and disagreement are valid and welcomed, but we have clear rules about personal attacks and other behavior that just degrades discussion. So we will continue help with that. Full rules are on the Ludeon forums:


Thanks for the great discussion everyone.
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Jigain May 3 @ 7:57am 
Welcome, Harry and DianaWinters! Glad to have you here. :)
Здарова чухан
Harry May 3 @ 10:24am 
Welcome and good luck. Life's weird on the rim.
Astasia May 3 @ 5:32pm 
Welcome. :beers:
Hello :)
Morkonan May 4 @ 12:39pm 

Welcome in, take a seat. Don't mind the dirt all over the place, the janitor got into a little situation with some mechs. It's okay though, he's still with us in spirit, though I wouldn't recommend investigating that chair you're on too closely...
Welcome! ^_^
Ramsis May 6 @ 12:50pm 
As it's come up a few times, no Pheanox's life changing a bit does not overturn any prior actions they have taken. <3

Welcome new staff and as always we could not be more grateful for all the wonderful things Pheanox has done for this community!
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