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Batteries and Short Circuit
The wiki says "The short circuit event can be completely avoided if there are no power conduits connected to the battery. " Is this saying "if there are no power conduits connected DIRECTLY to the battery"? or can the event happen if there are conduits anywhere in the local power grid that the batteries are part of?
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Hmm, so I know that was true before v1.0 when short circuit events relied on batteries to happen, but you can have short circuit events without batteries now. If any conduit is present in the circuit with the battery the short circuit event can happen.

It can actually be safer to have a battery attached to a circuit that otherwise doesn't need it, since the short circuit event will discharge All power generated in the circuit if it can't discharge the power stored in a battery.
Jigain Sep 8 @ 11:04am 
As HunterSilver mentioned, back in the day you could only get the Zzzt... event if you had batteries connected to conduits. This is no longer true, and you can have the Zzzt... event whenever you have conduits.

Of course, by extension, that means that if you were to construct a base with no conduits, where you collect all power consumers and place them close enough to generators to connect wirelessly... then you can eliminate the Zzzt... event completely.

You could also disable it in the scenario editor. Whichever you fancy.
pheanox Sep 8 @ 11:22am 
The wiki for RimWorld is really not carefully maintained.
Astasia Sep 8 @ 2:58pm 
The wiki is correct in this case (and in all areas I can find that mention the event). The OP is reading the page for batteries which is discussing avoiding the event on those batteries. The next paragraph mentions avoiding the event entirely by having no conduits anywhere on the map.

But ya, this:

Originally posted by HunterSilver:
If any conduit is present in the circuit with the battery the short circuit event can happen.

So if you have a battery next to a solar panel, then a conduit on the opposite side of that solar panel on the same grid, then the event can happen on that conduit and drain that battery.
what id say is seperate via a power switch two banks of battiers, once one set is full turn off the power connection to them (they will stay full) now when u get zzz just turn off the main set and repair and regenerate and u can connect your base to the "backup" supply. And reduce the inconvience of having all your batteries drained. If its disconnected but fully charged the second set isnt affected. theres also mods that install "fuses" that act kina the same way. Then theres an aerotech power singularity device that generates power from zero point energy usually through quest reward (that is great) and theres also mods that expand power generation and battier type
Xeal Sep 8 @ 3:05pm 
Honestly there are two simple ways to fix this, one is for future games, one is for now. There's a fuse mod that lets you put fuse boxes in your grid that nullifies some of the power loss whenever you DO have a surge. Alternatively, if you're up for a restart and believe that its a BS event that shouldn't happen at all, you can turn it off with the scenario editor and it will never bother you again XD.
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