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Pawns equip gear over and over
So I've had this problem since the last update. The pawns will equip armor that is within their assignment, but they will go back and equip gear of the same type even if it is of lower quality. They do this all day, swapping gear and taking a lot of time doing it. I have a ton of mods, and I've tried Mending to see if the degraded gear gets swapped for newer or mended pieces but they will equip everything and anything that is of the same type of gear they are already using. This can be repeated with any gear, modded or vanilla. I have no idea what is causing this, anyone have suggestions?
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A mod has caused this problem. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone share which mod has caused the problem.

You likely have mod files and mod config files in the appdata directory. This directory is not touched with a reinstall or verify integrity. This can cause problems that will persist even after an uninstall.

Here's the easiest way to go from modded to vanilla:

1. Start RimWorld and de-select all mods, so you are running just "Core" and "Royalty" (if you have it). Do this step first before the next step.

2. Next, delete the RimWorld appdata directory here: (Move your savegames out of here if you want to keep them)
C:\Users\%user%\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios
Delete the whole thing, it will be repopulated with vanilla files once you start RimWorld again (Remember! Move your savegames out of here if you want to keep them).

3. Verify integrity through Steam. Right click RimWorld - Properties - Local Files - Verify Integrity.

This will get rid of mod files and mod config files stored in the appdata directory that are probably causing this problem to persist even when you have deselected the mods. You can start a new vanilla game and see if things are back to normal.
pheanox Sep 8 @ 11:24am 
We specifically introduced new code in the recent updates to solve this problem. If you can produce this on unstable without mods that would be awesome. If not I will have to side with TwoTonGamer and say it's a mod issue. The feedback I've gotten from people that previously reported this issue is that the bug is actually resolved.

Bug details: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=52883.0

If you have more info though please let me know.
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I have done as TwoTonGamer suggested, and also have updated my game to unstable. I started a crashlanded scenario to see if anyone would equip the extra pants that are available, and nothing so far. I'm going to keep playing until I can craft some clothes and get flak gear to see if/when this bug occurs again. Thanks for the info, and thanks both of you for responding!

I'll update my progress tomorrow!
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pheanox Sep 8 @ 9:17pm 
I appreciate your response and will keep an eye out.
Can confirm that updating the game to unstable fixes the issue(at least for me). I just continued playing on my ongoing save with all the mods enabled, did some testing with the clothes(including the modded ones) and the colonists didn't try to swap them constantly, like they did before.
I have confirmed that the bug has been resolved in the unstable patch, for both modded and unmodded gameplay. What I have noticed instead is that pawns do not look to upgrade their gear based on quality or on heat/cold resist, but by a combination of sharp/blunt resist. I have a pawn that showed up in a normal plainskin parka that will not upgrade to a good cloth parka, which is both higher in quality and cold resist, simply because his parka has higher sharp/blunt. If I remember right, this is how it used to be for base Rimworld. Was this intended? I understand the need for higher resist to damage, but if playing in a certain biome where heat/cold resist is more important, shouldn't pawns gravitate to clothes more suited to the climate? I wonder if there can be a mod/update that addresses this in the future.

TL,DR: Unstable fixes the problem
pheanox Sep 9 @ 9:35pm 
I'll copy paste this comment for dev consideration.
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