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Tycho build final testing
We are reaching the end of the Tycho build testing. The hope is to have everything working flawlessly, of course! We are looking for people to start hunting down incompatibilities and testing new features.

New Features:

New items: gunlink, beret, cape, eltex skullcap.

New permits (steel, Glitterworld Medicine, silver, food).

New caravanning system, it should be much faster as animals instantly follow loaders. Also check out changes to loading shuttles from non-base locations.

To access the Tycho build, right click on RimWorld, select Properties, go to the Betas tab, and select the Unstable Build - Public Testing.

Feel free to comment here, or jump in to the development discord server here: https://discord.gg/qEEX5Mg
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Naid Sep 2 @ 4:01pm 
Honestly, I’m not complaining. It’s better than the game slowly dying due to lack of stuff.
jimb0 Sep 2 @ 4:27pm 
love the game, love the new content! would very much appreciate improved performance for late game, with or without mods. i know the objective is to get off planet, but the fact you can decide to stay and just take over a planet or what ever you want is endlessly entertaining to me
pheanox Sep 2 @ 7:36pm 
You can address your concerns in the pinned topic where Tynan addresses these complaints directly. Keep this thread on topic. Any other discussion along these lines I will delete from this thread, this thread is for discussion of testing the Tycho build.
frumple Sep 2 @ 8:52pm 
Speeding up caravan loading sounds great.
pheanox Sep 5 @ 1:18pm 
As people continue down that line of conversation, I am going to delete all posts on that topic in this thread. This thread is ONLY for testing discussion. Tynan has directly addressed the statement made by martindirt responding to that specific comment. Read and comment on the Mythbusting thread if you wish to continue the conversation.
whats tycho
Originally posted by CrackaJack:
whats tycho
An update to 1.2 and Royalty.
Community funded game doesn't like off topic comments :3
pheanox Sep 11 @ 1:17pm 
Thanks all for the testing.
Personally, I think the updates are happening too fast. I would like a month of spacing between beta and release. It would give tester more time to find bugs and modders more time to make updates.
there's plenty of time to test- join the discord and give feedback.
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