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RimWorld Royalty and 1.1 Gameplay Q&A Megathread
This is a thread to try and congregate questions about the DLC gameplay in to one location. Please limit discussion in this thread to features of the DLC only. A separate megathread will be opened for general discussion about the DLC.

I will attempt to merge new posts with DLC questions in to this thread to help with clutter.
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[Royalty?] How to Destroy Mech Capsules?
I just got back into playing Rimworld so I don't know if mech capsules have been a thing. In the Royalty DLC I got a quest called Menace Cluster, where I had to fight a group of mechanoids that were dropped into my colony. I was able to defeat them and dismantled the based but I cannot get rid of these two Mech Capsules. The quest is still active and they were listed as part of the enemy list. I cannot disassemble them and I think they are empty since they say "Opened 5 days ago".
Do these capsules have HP, can you use firepower to destroy them?
Originally posted by Stormsong the Fallen:
Do these capsules have HP, can you use firepower to destroy them?

Sorry I forgot to mention that. They do but when I tried targeting them my colonists just started to move next to it. The green circle just indicates they are moving towards it. I have tried with ranged and melee weapons.

That does give me the idea to try a mortar now though.


So I did manage to destroy the mech capsules using a mortar, but the quest did not update and I am not able to finish it.

I took on a different quest where I had to hold prisoners for five days and a bunch of mechanoids spawned in every day (never doing that again). More of the mech capsules were dropped in and I was able to destroy those most of the time. Others if I took to long the were not breakable. One situation came where a bandit faction came in during one of my mechanoid waves and tried to kidnap one of my downed colonist so I chased them down when I finally saved them I could not destroy the capsule once I got back.

I am wary to call it a bug as I do have some mods running so maybe one is messing with it, who knows.
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keylocke Feb 27 @ 11:43am 
how about it's own board? ie : discussions, workshop, royaltyDLC, etc..

doing all discussions about royalty in a single thread would be kinda crowded, there's tons of things to discuss
Isaac Feb 27 @ 11:43am 
How to items like knee blade and elbow spike work? If a colonist already has a melee weapon equipped and are fighting in close combat, will they have to choose between using the weapon or the body mod, will the damage be combined, or what?
Spatz Feb 27 @ 11:50am 
Originally posted by keylocke:
how about it's own board? ie : discussions, workshop, royaltyDLC, etc..

doing all discussions about royalty in a single thread would be kinda crowded, there's tons of things to discuss

Sounds like a fine idea, to me.
Isaac Feb 27 @ 12:24pm 
Also, if you declined the first quest to go rebel and get psychic items without the Royal faction's consent, will you ever receive a similar quest later in the game? I'd like to "switch sides."
pheanox Feb 27 @ 12:24pm 
I want to remind people that this thread is for discussion of Royalty and 1.1 gameplay and I will be enforcing this. I will discuss with Tynan a new message board for Royalty.
OldBeard Feb 27 @ 2:17pm 
Smelter and "burnable apparel"
Hi folks.
I got a little question.
In the smelter there is now a option to destroy or even smelt apparel. But in the "destroy apparel" bill there an option to include burnable (and non-burnable) apparel...

So the question is , what is the different between burnable and non burnable clothing? Can i do something with the burnable ones? Or is it just fine to burn everything tainted that isn't smeltable?
gumsky Feb 27 @ 2:34pm 
1.1 Trading
Hi, I can normal trading with Imperials without knight title or even with Freeholder. This is bug?
Midas Feb 27 @ 2:51pm 
It is a bug. One trader needs the title or yxou cannot trade with cities. With walking in traders, i dont know to be honestly
Midas Feb 27 @ 2:53pm 
Non burnables would be armour. This you could also smelter ;) so first smelter, than burn and its fine, other way round you would just kill resources. The reaqson is that you dont whant resources sometimes, so your value keeps down for smaler, easier foes.
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Royalty- Multiple Titleholders
Is there any benefit by having more than one titleholder (other than psychic abilities)? As of now, I'm just progressing a single individual.
What production item is used to build pianos? I've found the harp and harpsichord, but not the piano.
Elalith Feb 27 @ 6:32pm 
Empire refugees won't leave?
Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything relating to it in my search. I accepted a quest to have numerous mech drop pods on me as a distraction. The quest included 6 Champions to help me clear them out. The mechs have been cleared but nothing has updated since. 2 of the Champions died in the attack but the other 4 have continued to be idle colonists with the empire logo attached to their character avatar. Is there any method in sending them back?
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