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Dave  [developer] Sep 10, 2015 @ 6:31pm
Update v0.7: Dark Yurei
Update Animation![]

We're hard at work prototyping potential bosses, but we've taken a break from all that to give you some new monsters! We have a powerful, lightning-wielding evolution for the Ghost Girl, and a new replicating monster: the oozing Demon Mouth!

We've created "The vault" where players can gauge their progress and check off all the monsters, weapons and items they've discovered, we have new artifacts, new art to better define each weapon type (including glow on magic items) and we've done some tweaking and balance work on the weapons. As always we hope you like it and look forward to your feedback!

  • The Vault: After using monsters and items in game you can now unlock their entry in the library
  • New Monsters:
    • The horrid demonic mouth has a ferocious chomp and can replicate at will!
    • The dark ghost girl lays down walls of flame and hurls pure electricity
  • New Artifacts:
    • Monster Toe to speed up your beasts
    • Enlightened Scripture to recharge your magic faster
    • Medal of Bravery to gain strength when on a kill streak
    • Ruby Signet to regenerate health when on fire
    • Ectothermic Slime to amass blobs faster
  • Weapons:
    • Each weapon type now has it's own unique idle pose
    • Magic weapons show a magic effect in the store portrait, and on your weapon in-game
    • Magic sword combos tweaked
    • Starting weapon art changed to Rusted Blade, with unique art
    • 2 Handed swords more responsive
    • Bow (and Crude Bow) damage reduced, hitbox tweaked
    • Club damage slightly reduced
    • Battle axe slightly more responsive
    • Crossbow damage reduced and hitbox tweaked
    • Dagger combo timing tweaked
    • Magic Staff more responsive and less vulnerable time after attacking
    • Spears more responsive
    • Sling color tweaked for visibility against the floors
    • Spirit bow damage reduced
    • Thieving practice knife steals less gold per critical hit (1-3 instead of 3-6)
  • Monsters:
    • Tentacled Prophet: more responsive attack and a little faster
    • Fire Imp: moved down to Tier 2
    • Tier 2 Flying eye: tweaked to retain dodge attack, and have rapidfire tears on primary not secondary
    • Forest Shamans(both shield and totem): run speed increased and hold-to-aim enabled
    • Slime Monk: sped up, slime damage tweaked to be more consistent, slime slightly more effective and special attack range increased
    • Ice Slime Monk: sped up, faster movement when dropping ice, ice effect now spawns a damage spike as well as freezing zone
    • IRS guy body hitbox tweaked to line up better with visuals
    • Ghost girl flame attack damage up
    • Faceless Shaman (gumdrop): More responsive, less "stuck time" after attack/teleport, slightly faster run
  • Monster Upgrade Menu:
    • Unselected upgrade is no longer silhouetted
    • Results Screen: Visuals scaled to better fill the space
    • Results screen: More skulls to tally up to level 20
    • Results screen: Longer wait time before automatically going to Evolve screen
  • Artifact tweaks: (Prices generally more affordable):
    • Anticoagulant: 50 -> 30g
    • Coward shield: 180 -> 80g
    • Magic Ectoplasm: 60 -> 30g
    • Follower cyclone: 80 -> 60g
    • Living Tome: Beam (Renamed to Book of The Sun): 110 -> 80g
    • Living Tome: Fireball (Renamed to Book of Flame): 50 -> 30g
    • Living Tome: Tears (Renamed to Book of Tears): 40 -> 30g
    • Bloodstrike Amulet: 80 -> 40g
    • Haunted Axe: 90 -> 40g
    • Sword Link Amulet: 60 -> 40 g
    • Tweaked descriptions to some artifacts
    • Haunted Axe now triggered on B instead of A
    • Swapped spells and potions on tables (so there's 2 spells, but 3 artifacts per store)
  • Lowered volume of fountain sound
  • Fountain store-teleporter no longer spawns in first room of new level
  • All store items cost double for anyone taunting a god

  • Fixed troll dizzy attack not showing dizzy stars
  • Fixed blobfish attack canceling hero animation on hit
  • Actionable props no longer stop being actionable sometimes when standing still
  • Fixed text alignment when re-assigning keyboard or cabinet keys
  • Multiple things that cause slow motion no longer stack making it super slow
  • Fix: Store red slashes showing when not in store
  • Fixed sorting of several effects. Eg. Health bars showed over fullscreen "hero death" effect
  • Fixed usable objects in environment becoming un-selected when standing still for a bit
  • Trimmed long frames from end of weapon attacks, which were resulting in players being frozen for too long when attacking onto spider webs

Have fun and let us know what you think :D!

Dave & Barney
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Huffulufugus Sep 10, 2015 @ 6:36pm 
awesome update!
Vlurxtrznbnaxl Sep 10, 2015 @ 6:43pm 
Glorious! Thanks for the unexpected awesomeness :-) .
NegativeZero Sep 10, 2015 @ 6:49pm 
Looks good, can't wait to try
BeAuMaN Sep 10, 2015 @ 7:25pm 
Cool! Both this and Rocket League updated in the same day. It's like Christmas! Looking forward to trying out the new update :happy_creep:
shivinhand Sep 10, 2015 @ 8:27pm 
AWESOME!!woot woot! for crawl updates!
PlatinumJesus Sep 10, 2015 @ 8:35pm 
Demon Mouths are officially my new favorite monster!

You get to have green sludge everywhere on top of being able to summon more of yourself, and you get to bite people? Sign me up!
DoubleDoo Sep 10, 2015 @ 8:46pm 
I don't know how this game an get any better.
Daniel Sep 11, 2015 @ 2:28am 
Can we have any info on the Hero Challenge when you check a monster in the Vault ?
Children of the Lie Sep 11, 2015 @ 12:45pm 
Did you fix the wrath points not going down whenever you evolve in upgrade screen? For me whenever you would evolve monsters it wouldn't update wrath so new players always think they had more than they really did since number would not update.

Also, on tweaks, the club really should not have been weakened, it's strength is the only thing going for it since it's inaccurate as ♥♥♥♥ and slow as ♥♥♥♥. Same with bows, bows make the player very vunerable and their strength offsets the lack of close range defense. One suggestion to fix clubs from becoming to powerful is limiting how much you can stack strength potions, cause eventuall clubs CAN become like instakill on half the monsters. Also, making agility go up for most ranged weapons would be nice, to balance out lack of defensive capabilities.

Otherwise, great job guys, this is one of my favorite games ever created and it never gets boring.

I just have to say, you guys SHOULD definitely add new bosses soon, cause the two are getting boring, additionally, Kourak should be given a tiny bit more health. Players can instakill him when stacking Strength potions especiall with Berserker and he's just too vulnerable with the mouth opening thing. Trust me Kourak is pretty much an automatic lose for the monster players if the Human knows what he's doing. Also, where the hell is Gaben? It was said he was added as a new boss/subboss but I play this game a good amount and have never seen him, although I suspect he is rare like the IRS man, who should be a tiny more common in my opinion. (Only seen him about three times in the 30 hours I've played this game). Also, new modes would be highly recommended. Online capabilities, DEFINITELY. Then maybe a survival mode where it's just one room and every wave both human and monsters level up. Maybe a free for all mode where all players could be monsters or humans and just have a classic beat-em up. Also maybe a 2 v 2 deathmatch where two high powered monsters vs two kind of powerful humans face off. New music is always a plus. Also this is a lot of work but if there was a mode where everyone was human and there were just hordes of monsters and it was the same idea (beat levels and fight boss). Idk, just food for thought! But thank you so much for this wonderful game!!
NegativeZero Sep 11, 2015 @ 12:51pm 
That's a whole lot of ideas and opinions for a changelog. Migrate over to the ideas thread
Children of the Lie Sep 11, 2015 @ 12:57pm 
Lol sorry I'm new to this
WastedMeerkat Sep 11, 2015 @ 1:28pm 
Noooo! Bows were nerfed?! D:

Also, thanks for fixing the slow motion glitch. The fountain no longer spawning in the first room is also a pretty big change, will be interesting to see how that works out.
Plagued Frost Sep 11, 2015 @ 3:54pm 
These is great, this is just amazing, THIS IS CRAWL!!!!!
Codex Sep 12, 2015 @ 2:13am 

also why nerf training knife, it was so good and let me win games no problem :C...oh, right.
Intra Cetum Sep 12, 2015 @ 4:57pm 
Not exactly sure why you nerfed the Club; it was pretty weak without attack speed or a magical enchantment giving it a combo.

Bow nerf was necessary, and still not enough. I would like 1-2 frames increased startup lag on shots, or remove skills canceling attack cooldowns (for humans, keep it for monsters).

Speaking of skills cancelling for monsters, I'm a big fan of how you dealt with the two hag evolves.

The Ice Slime Monk has gone from bottom tier to top tier from this patch. Very desirable results, still relatively solid against ranged classes thanks to the damage + slow + mobility you added.

Regular Slime Monk is still... fairly mediocre. (But has high DPS when used properly)

I would like it if you swapped the Slime Monk and Ice Slime Monk's attacks to the opposite button. Logistically, slime is their primary attack, but in a gameplay-mechanic form and intuitive player sense, it should be reversed. Primary attacks should be what is primarily used for damage, and a slime field is typically not the most used attack for either of the two.

On top of this, if you keep the skils resetting primary attacks bug in there, this would give both Monks more ranged power and ability to contend the field.

I think despite this, the Slime Monk needs a bit more work, Plague Mushroom still isn't very good, and Necromancer is still among the worst of the late game creatures.

But you put Ice Slime Monk in a good place. If you swapped the attacks, I would consider running Plague Mushroom just for this form, despite how awkward the other two feel to me.

I still dislike the Possessed Girl tree, and Dark Yurei is okay. Another case of swapping the attacks that could benefit the character, but overall moderately useful against non-missle opponents. It seemed to have a high threat potential when I first played it, but any semblance of long range like a spear and this class lacks damage output. I wouldn't list Possessed Girl among my highest rated forms, especially with a high entry cost of 30, but it made Possessed Girl... have more options I guess.

Demon Mouth is potentially strong. I have no earthly idea why you put this in the Spider Tree instead of the Plague Mushroom tree other than Spiders lacking forms, but it is a very powerful form and all the more reason to avoid Scorpion. It's a little on the brittle side, the CPU's still target you as the head, but compared to Plague Mushroom, you have a much more viable attack and your creatures don't die in one hit to most weapons, as well as them being far more threatening. If you manage to not get killed outright from being a large threat, you can certainly have potential. I think this still suffers from the whole "needs time to pick up speed" phenomenon that typically doesn't end well, but it's a step ahead of Plague Mushrooms design at least.

Overall, I still think Black Spider form 2 is stronger. Opponent's can Dodge Roll through webs in Form 1 and typically just kite around it; Black Spider's ability to drop webs allows for a stun lock that makes it incredibly threatening in comparison to other forms in the tree. Arguably I would say that if the people you fight are smart enough, Spider as a tree fails to deliver against ranged and high-reaction players. With "teamwork", a mechanic that seems heavily discouraged in this game due to currency and last hitting, multiple spiders could potentially stunlock any opponent.

I think "support" skills in general are still heavily flawed because currently the system encourages more "FFA" style play than teamwork unless the player who is the human is vastly in the lead.

I question some of the items you dropped in the game.

Monster Toe puts your monsters leagues ahead of an opponents for a low price of 40g. It allows for ranged vs non-ranged encounters to be free gold farming. In general, this item is incredibly powerful. I would even consider dropping a ranged weapon or Spirit Bow to pick one up in the early-mid game because of how valuable it is.

Medal of Bravery is a very questionable mechanic. Why would you want to introduce an item that rewards a dominating player with more domination? The game already has a severe problem with late game scaling and this is another item to add to the list.

Enlightened Scripture is a huge benefit to Crossbow / Repeater / Magic Staff builds, which are already the strongest in the game post-nerf. Attack cooldown canceling with Dodge Roll / Advanced Dodge Roll / Spirit Bow is still as powerful as it's been in the past, and the ability to gun down opponents with the combo is already brokenly overpowered. This item does not serve to benefit the current meta, but make it more demoralizing.

If other spells actually SCALED then they would be worth picking up. Why pick up Fetid Discharge when you're sacrificing animation canceling / survivability for small damage that doesn't scale? Beam is unwieldy, same problems. All the non-Spirit Bow spells that deal damage have these issues, and Enlightened Scripture doesn't help them become viable. It just makes what's already broken more so.

Spirit Bow and the other bows are still too strong. It may not be the damage part that is too strong, but the ability to pop off shots rapidly, cause hitback, and dodge with very few frames of input lag before you fire shots.

Every ranged weapon is still broken with Spirit Bow. The hitstun and attack cooldown cancelling allows for a swift barrage of attacks that mow down opponents while keeping you fairly safe because of the hitstun. Stack this with some Agility and then swap to Advanced Dodge Roll when you get fast enough, and you will become completely untouchable by anything but the fastest startup ranged attacks. The only thing that helps nullify this is the Monster Toe, yet there's also the addition of Enlightened Scripture which empowers this strategy.

Channeled attacks are still problematic. Even the hard CPUs know how to face off against Eyebeasts at level 1 and take minimalistic damage, and the scaling only gets worse. As a player, I pride myself on facing level 1 Eyebeast statues without taking a hit because they are completely punishable on reaction to every move they make. The only threat, once again, in these channeled attackers is "synergy" or "teamwork"; I don't feel threatened by Eyebeast unless I have the tiny L shaped room or multiple Eyebeasts in a very small room.

They simply aren't good enough.

If you are balancing the game around teamwork, you're going to simply have to supply more reasons to work together than the time some player is vastly ahead.

I still think that the average game doesn't last long enough to get a single final form (or the going all-in strategy required to do so is invalid). None of the final forms make me feel as good as many of the form 3's already do, and there's a much steeper cost on top of that.
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