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Dave  [developer] Aug 10, 2016 @ 12:36am
Update v0.10: Giant Rat
Our next update is go- woo! Check out the Giant Rat Update GIF![]

We have new monsters, artifacts and magics to play with, and we've done some serious work getting our boss fights and store teleporters playing nicely.

Our new vermin soldier and rodent summoner round out the evolution options from the rat, our Hymn of Betrayal allows players to steal items from each other, and we have a bunch of new weapon magics for the loot generator as well as all magics now showing on the hero weapons.

The store teleporter has been redesigned to appear beneath the body of any fallen hero. This means lagging players will have better opportunity to upgrade their equipment upon finally talking the humanity, rather than potentially having to battle through multiple rooms to find a store or blood fountain to upgrade from that starting gear.

Kourok has been given some love as well, with greatly improved bot AI, health and damage buffs, and a tweak of his goo which now slows the hero to make it a more effective zoning hazard.


  • New Monsters:
    • The vermin soldier wields a vicious halberd
    • The rodent summoner commands a writhing rat army
  • Reworked Store Teleporter system helps new heroes get to the store for upgrades
  • Expanded Magic Weapon system with magic all magic now displayed in weapon art, and new magic types:
    • Cosmic Strikes
    • Explosive Strikes
    • Life Steal Strikes
  • New Artifacts:
    • The Medal of Honour makes your spells recharge faster on a kill streak
    • The Monster Hand makes your monsters' special attacks recharge faster
    • The Hymn of Betrayal robs the leading hero of a random artifact
  • Boss Encounters:
    • You now face the same boss for all three attempts in the same game
    • Kourok AI improved, smarter use of beam
    • Kourok health and damage up
    • Kourok goo now slows the hero, so running straight through is no longer a good strategy
    • Ghidraak severed heads health reduced
  • Monsters:
    • Kevin slime darker to read better in mines environment
    • Ghoul slime slows hero slightly less
    • A direct hit from the ghoul goo projectile drops a smaller goo pile
    • Super Pope smoke slows hero less on walking through
    • Pirate Skeleton block tweaked to be more reliable
    • Gargoyle projectile range decreased and cooldown increased slightly
    • Blobs slightly faster when inhabited by a player
    • Red Beam Flying Eye art redone, to make him clearly bigger than the lower tier Eye Bats
    • Lava Steve art overhaul to fit better with other monsters in the evolution chain
    • Spitting Spider color tweak to fit better with other monsters in the evolution chain
    • Ghoul minor color tweak
  • Weapons:
    • Shiv damage reduced, and combo cooldown lowered
    • Dagger damage reduced
    • Cutthroat damage reduced slightly, and cost increased
    • Bow damage up
    • Crossbow damage up
  • Spells and Artifacts:
    • Vampiric ring health regen slightly increased
    • Frog Necklace timer slowed down, to "frog" you less often
    • Raging Bull damage increased
    • Error in text description for vampiric ring fixed
  • Traps:
    • Floor Spike Trap cooldown increased
    • Corner Blade traps now move faster when triggered, but slow down quicker on bouncing
  • Level:
    • Player gui shows hero stats in boss entry room, and is hidden for boss
    • Gold rewarded for killing another human in the intro increased from 10 to 20
    • Decreased number of traps that will spawn in a room with a statue
    • Less likely to encounter smaller dungeon rooms in 3 and 4 player matches
    • Very small rooms less likely to have multiple pentagrams
    • Ectoplasm spawning sped up when there is nothing else for ghosts to do, and when the hero is wasting time
    • Better feedback when eating rotten food and becoming nauseous
    • Props in Hero Battle no longer dropping ectoplasm
    • Helper Wizard health orbs in Ghidraak fight heal slightly less
  • Menus:
    • Monsters in the Library now ordered from low-tier to high-tier
    • Monster portrait alignment tweaks
    • Corrected Taunt Gholoth Spelling
    • Credits scroll a bit faster
  • Art: Color grading tweaked for richer darks (more blue now rather than brown)
  • Bots: Bots will now use store teleporters even if store has been discovered as long as they have gold to burn
  • Tech:
    • Updated to unity 5.3.4f1. Should fix crash on launch caused by overzealous antivirus software.
    • Enabled player logs so if people have bugs to report they can attach the log (output_log.txt in Crawl_Data directory).
    • Enabled remote crash reporting so I can sort out crash bugs faster

  • Cloud save working again
  • No longer spawning dead ends on main game path (in rare cases caused broken levels (eg: level with only treasure rooms)
  • Magic bow and magic staff now unlock in library once used
  • Windows fullscreen mode set to "Fullscreen Window". Should fix black screen on startup issue some users had
  • Traps no longer impossible to enter when on edge of screen
  • Some library/deity grammar mistakes

Edit: v10.03
Just a minor bug fix update-
  • Explicitly supporting DirectX and OpenGL, should fix pink/purple textures some people were getting, also might help with performance drop people noticed.
  • Weapon magic chance can no longer go over 100%
  • Added option to choose the display monitor from within the game (rather than holding shift while launching)
  • Fixed error when pressing both accept and back at same time in evolve menu
  • Fixed a bunch of exceptions that may have been causing weird side-effects
  • Magic staff now unlocks in vault
  • Swapped order of shield/turret shaman in vault to be in order of tier

Keep us the feedback guys, it has been a great help!

Last edited by Dave; Aug 16, 2016 @ 11:37pm
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Plær1 Aug 10, 2016 @ 12:49am 
  • You now face the same boss for all three attempts in the same game
While this sounds more fair, I'm afraid it will be less fun.

  • Bow damage up
  • Crossbow damage up
Really glad to hear this, these are difficult to aim, the extra damage will hopefully be more rewarding

Keep up the good work Dave! It's nice to hear from you :resmile:
Dave  [developer] Aug 10, 2016 @ 12:57am 
Originally posted by Player 1:
  • You now face the same boss for all three attempts in the same game
While this sounds more fair, I'm afraid it will be less fun.
Yeah it'll be interesting to see what people think. I like the idea that the first player to boss has a bit of a disadvantage not knowing who it is, so if they fail others can customize their build if they're smart, but it's definitely a trade-off against a single match being more interesting.
Nurgordie Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:12am 
Hell yeah! Everything sounds great! not sure the crossbow needed a buff though, I've always found it to be the strongest weapon (besides boulder staff). Does the damage buff apply to repeaters as well or just corssbows?
Cannot WAIT to try the new monsters, and stealing other player's artifacts sounds fun...
A.W.S.H. Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:22am 
You can always make boss rotation an option, but fixed bosses should be the standard; it simply makes more sense.

Otherwise, great stuff as always :-3 .
Dave  [developer] Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:37am 
Originally posted by Snazznasty:
Hell yeah! Everything sounds great! not sure the crossbow needed a buff though, I've always found it to be the strongest weapon (besides boulder staff). Does the damage buff apply to repeaters as well or just corssbows?
Yeah, crossbow was nerfed a lot last update with the change to stop you from being able to cancel it's cooldown by dodging. It's strongest against a lot of enemy because it penetrates, but it wasn't really viable 1 on 1 or against the boss. That said, it was a fairly minor damage increase anyway ha ha.
Nurgordie Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:38am 
Fair enough. This is the kind of game where every play group has a different kind of meta concerning which weapons are considered good but just pointing out I never found the crossbow to need any kind of buff. Especially if you can get your hands on an ice crossbow.
Alcy Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:51am 
Definitly have boss rotation as an option. That would make EVERYONE happy :) ps. love ur work!
Puretide Aug 10, 2016 @ 1:56am 
holy crap dave, real talk, love your game and i cant wait to see what amazing stuff you guys add :bbtgem::bbtgem:
Codex Aug 10, 2016 @ 2:17am 
oh BABY, hypeeeee
m.dolott Aug 10, 2016 @ 2:31am 
Man, Kourok feels a LOT harder now! I love it :)
JustAmazinger Aug 10, 2016 @ 2:35am 
Can't wait, the rat shaman looks so fun to play! The rats look so cute! I love the monsters that create more monsters. I thin I might like minion making ones more than cloning ones, so this looks pretty cool!

Dead bodies becoming teleports is so perfect. Standing over a guys dead body reminds me of the new beginning of the games, so cool. Haha, and the Hymn of Betrayal sounds funny. I'm sure theres going to be some hilarious antics there. Imagine if they stile a frog necklace, that would be so hilarious/frustrating.

I'm just sad I can't play it tonight. I will play the heck out of it tomorrow.

Originally posted by Snazznasty:
Hell yeah! Everything sounds great! not sure the crossbow needed a buff though, I've always found it to be the strongest weapon (besides boulder staff). Does the damage buff apply to repeaters as well or just corssbows?
Cannot WAIT to try the new monsters, and stealing other player's artifacts sounds fun...
While less common, I find that the best weapon is a Bow of Eternal Fire. But that boulder staff is pretty great. :)
Nurgordie Aug 10, 2016 @ 4:23am 
Originally posted by Roxta2111:
While less common, I find that the best weapon is a Bow of Eternal Fire. But that boulder staff is pretty great. :)

I just find the bow of eternal fire's damage to be a bit underwhelming for the point in the game where you get it, but otherwise very solid. Boulder staff just does a ridiculous amount of damage if you hit dead on.
jooleanboolean Aug 10, 2016 @ 4:59am 
Very nice changes and additions, LOVE your game :-)
Arthas Aug 10, 2016 @ 7:15am 
So, I originally made this a seperate post, and would prefer if you respond to me there, but since it relates to this, here's my thoughts on Giant Rat, as well as some miscellaneous other changes and things:

So. Giant Rat is out, and with it comes a new slew of changes in which to test out. In my current game, I've not seen the Cosmic or Explosive attacks, though I can imagine what their power is. I can, however, give opinions on the other new changes, see if you guys agree.
"Giant Rat" (Lorename is "Vermin Soldier", a name I think is great)

This thing is great. It has decent health, very high movement speed, decent damage on the basic attack, which is a swing that dashes quickly forward. The secondary I feel is lacking, but only in damage- there's nothing wrong with the "spearthrow" concept. Paired with the high movement speed, the Vermin Soldier can easily become a ranged monster in a pinch, something I find very interesting- I have no idea if it was intended. The basic attack will always be better to use while at full health, and can also be used as a dash in some cases, as it's higher damage output and recharge is much better than the spearthrow.

I think that when at full health, especially when paired with other monsters, you can stay back and harass the hero, using your higher movement speed and mobility on the basic attack to weave in and out of the hero's range, try to get him to attack your less-fortunate allies, and in a 1v1 scenario, you can go in for big damage with a basic attack paired with a spearthrow, then run away, repeating this until you are low enough health that you need to dodge. At this stage, you can use your frankly ridiculous movement speed to kite around the hero, using your spearthrow as your main attack. Once the hero is low enough, you can simply use a basic attack and finish him off, easily closing the gap.

However, this all addresses melee combat- this thing is much worse against ranged. You can dodge arrows, but not crossbow bolts, but you can't follow up and trade in range, as you have too little damage- you have to get close to them. This drastically improves your chance of death. I've found you still can do well, but only if you can dodge with your basic attack, and that isn't likely if your enemy is a skilled ranged oppenent.

Overall, this thing is a good addition to the monster roster, and I would say is a little above average in it's tier- it isn't amazing, mind you, but can still do wonders. My highest score with the Vermin Soldier on the challenge is 8, which is above average, but not by much for tier two. I'm excited for whatever nickname you guys come up with for this thing.

EDIT: I've discovered something I previously did not know about the Vermin Soldier, something I personally love. His secondary attack does a short slash at the beginning of the movement, something which can deal large amounts of damage. A quick basic attack to get close, followed by a short-ranged secondary deals three hits of damage, and can do a surprising amount of damage. My liking for both the design and the gameplay of this creature went up twofold.
"Rat Shaman" (Lorename is rat summoner, which I find disgusting. A much better name would be Shaman of the Rodent, or Vermin Cultist, though I'm sure someone could think of something better)

I was really excited for this thing, but it really didn't come up to standard. Interesting concept, but the idea wasn't balanced well, as it's not really a tier three summoner, more of a tier three shockmage with added distractions. It's first attack is a aspect of the rat firing out from the summoner, an ability seen on the first tier of the rat line, though this one is smaller and faster. These can be shot out fairly quickly, which is good, but this attack seems to be where all of the Shaman's power comes from- this is where his damage is. This is because his special throws out a rat which takes a little time to orientate, then runs around the room, sometimes charging up a dash that deos damage in a target direction.

This sounds good, but isn't- the cooldown and damage of this thing destroy it. This often becomes a distraction that you can throw two or possibly three of before the hero runs up to you and kills you at close range. This, I stress, isn't a good summoner design. The Lichlord, or Zombreezy, is a great design because his special is quick and the attack it uses is in a wide arc, easy to be hit by, and his first both heals his summoned units and slows the enemy down, so he can't hit the big baddie summoner. This is a great design that intertwines well. The "summoner" idea seems like an afterthought on this guy.

Now, here's some improvements I can offer for this guy: I think the best one by far is making this shaman a more agressive summoner, not like the more passive Lichlord. This can be done by nerfing the first attack a bit, but lowering cooldowns on the secondary and also *making the secondary deal damage when thrown out*. This is a great change, because it creates the rats as a needed defense after the initial damage burst- it gives purpose to the rats other than easily-dodgeable, low-damage enemies that barely qualify as obstacles. I would say it would be a welcome change to give him higher mobility, but I'll stray away from that because otherwise, this may become overpowered in 4-person play (staying behind the back, continually throwing out attacks and damaging rats).

This thing simply isn't that good right now, but could be so much. A little below-par, not incredibly underpowered, mind you, but still not amazing. My score with this is 8 in the Vault.
Miscellaneous Changes

I've not got much to say here, as there wasn't too much this update, but there are two things in particular that I would like to adress:

1- Bow Buffs

Now, I feel like I'm betraying myself by saying this, as the bow is my JAM (Qaahl beats all y'all other deities), but the bow, and especially crossbow, didn't need buffs. I get that alot of people hate kiting within this game (that's what Qaahl's challenge is all about, why it's considered a challenge in the first place), but if you do it right, especially with a good dodgeroll, you can perform much above average against all monsters. Now, the bow, I will agree, did take time to kill many monsters and could use some buffs, but really, why the crossbow? They aren't hard to aim, one of the faster projectiles in game, and the crossbow already did too much damage... Am I one in the minority here? Is kiting and dodging something so hated it needs to be given unfair advantages over other weapons? I've always felt that currently, ranged weaponry is a must-pick over other weaponry.

2- Nitpicky Shop-Teleporter changes

So, this is gonna be bad, because this is the most cherry-picked criticism, but I feel that the new shop teleporter, drumroll please, looks out of place. No, not unbalanced. It looks bad. I know, I know, worst criticism ever, right? Well, I can neither agree nor disagree with that, but I just feel it looks out of place. The portal is the same colorscheme, but that's assigned to bossfights- I think a bloody pentacle or a short animation of a ritual would work better.
Strange changes I think would enhance the game

I'd like to simply add some simple things that I think would add some immersion to CRAWL and make it just a tad better, things that are pretty easy to change.

1. Rename Book of Tears, Fire, and the Sun to Weeping Tome, Sunsoaked Volume, Flamebrand Pages, or any other good names you could think of.
2. Make the "Khopesh" look like a khopesh (I'll post a picture of some concept I think would look like it in artwork)
3. Make statues area-specific, with Super-Pope, Bone Warden, Demon, and Dark Knight castle-specific, as they dwell in castles like those historically, and make the Beholder, Scorpion, Lich, and others monstrous things in the caves/mineshafts. You could also make statues more common in the Castles, as that just is more realistic.




Why are you still reading?
Last edited by Arthas; Aug 10, 2016 @ 8:45am
PickledSosig Aug 10, 2016 @ 9:35am 
What does cosmic strike do, and why do I regularly get weapons with more than a 100% chance of getting it? The first I saw of this enchant, it was on a sword and had 153% chance. This seems like a bug.
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