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Ricardo Mar 31, 2018 @ 11:21am
Trial of Iron - should I play it?

I am new to the game, and after first six hours, I spent next 12 hours in Trial of Iron (on Hard mode). I really enjoy it, but I am worry, if I spent next 40-60 hours and I died, if I will be really ready to play from the start again... On rogue-like games, I have allways a new generated world, but not here, where is story mode. What are suggestions from a players who played Trial of Iron - is it really worth to continue, or should I (as still I am at the begining), generate a new person and have to few saves in the case?
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Trial of Iron mode does not disable autosaving. In some locations the game autosaves at start of special battles. You may want to know the game a bit as to have learned where you would be ambushed during a scripted event and which special battles don't end before every enemy has been killed, meaning that you would be unable to flee. The mode also does not prevent rare bugs, such as running into path-finding issues, specifically with summons, for example. Or the rare and odd case of scroll bars scrolling down automatically even if not using the mouse wheel to do that. Of the few bugs that may be left in the game, not everyone is affected by the same bugs. It would not be fair to lose a tough battle because of that. And while you would be limited to a single savegame file, you may quit the game to its main menu any time - even during combat - which does not delete the savegame file. Afterwards, you may reload the single savegame file. That way you can retry difficult battles. You still need a good plan to be successful, though.

Ask yourself what sort of extra punishment you want. You may also disable Trial of Iron mode and toggle the various Expert Mode settings individually. Hard mode plus Trial of Iron won't unlock any Steam achievement. Without prior knowledge of the game, you will likely want to avoid combat often since it can be very difficult to predict the power of enemies.
NixBoxDone Mar 31, 2018 @ 12:15pm 
Trial of Iron just means using common sense. If the location looks dangerous, maybe pass on it. When exploring a map, sneak. When finding an enemy, use a thief to sneak around the enemy to make sure there aren't any traps or nearby reinforcements.

When fighting groups, check which enemies might be casters/healers and if there are any convenient choke-points to use to limit your own front. For Trial of Iron I'd also heavily recommend getting a thief and using the many traps you can salvage from ruins, caves and enemy strongholds. They can help a great deal.

Personally I occasionally like playing ironman mode games, but rarely for games like Pillars where the experience is essentially the same. Re-doing all the content just feels like a real chore for me (just my opinion please don't hurt me bro no offense intended opinions may vary etc. tt.).
Ricardo Mar 31, 2018 @ 12:29pm 
So this a reason^^, I bought a game, few fight, a straight away to Iron, as I doesnt know maps and enemies (so is very enjoyalble and keep adrenalin high). But... I remeber Tyrany, when I died in the middle of the game and... never finished it after that.
Æsir Mar 31, 2018 @ 3:36pm 
Wouldnt advice it at all. Some fights are, unprepared, quite though. Yet if you want to risk it, go for it. I would suggest a triple crown playthrough later on. Yet you will need expertise in everything the game has to offer.
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