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TR1PL36 Jan 7, 2017 @ 9:34pm
Finished game and received "the ultimate" achivement with a monk.
After multiple playthroughs and countless tries, I finally got "the ultimate" achievement (path of the damned, iron man, solo and kill all dragons and archmages). I first got interested in triple crown solo runs after watching someone play a rogue and beat the game in 2 hours and 18 minutes. Just wanted to do a quick write up to let people know that it is very doable using a class other than paladin. However, I think it would be very difficult with squishy classes such as ranger, cipher or rogue (since dragons can one shot you).

End game stats:
Living Lands Human Monk Drifter
-Maxed might
-Maxed constitution
-10 points in int
-15 points in dex
-4 points in resolve
-rest in perception

Early and mid game:

Get the highest stealth possible, unequip your armor and calisa’s armor at the beginning and sell everything including gaun’s ring to herodan except for weapons. Herodan pays something like 5x as much for items. You should have close to 3k before even getting to gilded vale. After you get to gilded vale speed run the quests and stealth loot until you get 5k and buy the bronze figurine. Head to caed nua at level 4 with a potion against bulwark elements and bronze figurine. If you get stuck at the main caed nua hall, just summon your bronze figurine and run into the corridor and the wraths will lose aggro on you. You should be in defiance bay in less than an hour and a half this way.

After you get the defiance bay, do the woedica quest first, so you get access to white march. Watch out for traps while dungeon crawling, I had to restart twice because of traps killing my monk and not having the time to quit before health reached 0. Head to the white march as soon as your able. Stealth to the left of the village and split pull/kill the leader of the ogres. After this you will have all the high-level quests and you can level up super quickly. Finish the white March 1 and 2 and you should be level 16 and we’re off to the dragons and bounties.

Must have equipment for dragons:

-Ryona’s breast plate – for monks this gives disciplined barrage (+20 accuracy), vigorous defense (+20 to all defense) AND triggered immunity (immunity against certain attacks) when you receive a critical hit. In my opinion when used by a monk, this armor becomes the best armor in the game hands down. You can get the armor on the northwest of the Alpine dragon map. Because the dragons’ fear auras will nearly always crit you every 30 seconds or so, you essentially have constant +20 accuracy and +20 defense. However, you would have immunity because of...

-Steadfast sword- 25% chance to cast champions boon on kill (+10 might, +10 perception), immunity to frightened and terrified. This sword is a must have for the alpine dragon and llengrath, without this sword, the dragon fights would be very difficult and you would have to spam immune to fear scrolls.

-We toki battle axe, crits inflict prone. I picked this battle axe because the sword and the axe fall into the same +6 accuracy bonus talent group.

Key Talents:

Torments reach, long stride, turning wheel, iron wheel, rooting pain.
Key Boss fights:

Adra dragon:

The key here is the adragans, we can easily take Adra dragon 1on1 if it wasn’t for petrified by the adragans. So get long fist (this makes your attacks ranged). And engage Adra dragon head on, however pick off any adragans that come close with the long fist. Adra dragon should be dead in no time if you do this.

Alpine dragon:

At the beginning of the fight, position yourself so the alpine dragon is behind the trash mob, and try to take out as many spirits and ice blithes when the dragon can’t attack you. Once that’s done, just engage him and is an easy fight with ryona’s plates and steadfast since terrify and fear auras now only buffs you rather than debuff.


I never had to reload fights until I got to llengrath, I have to admit I reloaded a few times here before my hp dropped to zero because of Turisulfus. The strategy here is to run around and pick off llengrath first, and then trash mobs and leaving only the two dragons left. However, do not engage turisulfus (he will one or two shot you). Run around in a way that gafonercos is in the front with turisulfus behind him and use torments reach whenever possible so it hits both dragons. By the time gafonercos is dead, turisulfus should be close and you can try to finish him off carefully with hp > 300, if your out of pots at this point your going to have to kite him using a ranged weapon until hes dead. And make sure to get the beast camping bonuses so you have +15 accuracy against beasts.

Magran’s Faithful:

I had to use a use a arquebus and kite around the map in a circle and pick them off one by one. Took about twenty minutes but doing it any other way would have been too risky.


Thaos is already a joke by the time you beat llengrath. Just pot up and try to split the statutes, although I didn’t have to. I killed the first woedica statute and accidentally killed Thaos too fast before killing the second statute and the game bugged out and froze after killing all the enemies, but after reloading it was fixed.

Overall, I only found the llengrath fight to be hard. For anything else if you follow the script (always use consumables, camping bonuses, negate major debuffs) it shouldn’t be too hard. All the little things really do add up in this game.
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Now you would only need to make your Steam profile visible to the public.
TR1PL36 Jan 8, 2017 @ 12:23am 
Yep. Didn't realize it was private.
2much Jan 8, 2017 @ 12:13pm 
Thanks for sharing!
Cyanide Dec 22, 2017 @ 6:51pm 
I have a question, How the hell did you seperate the wolves in front of the ogre at stawalt. I'm also a monk. And I keep getting my♥♥♥♥♥handed to me here. I'm at lvl 6 I can kill a ogre wolf combo but I get overwhelmed when I have to face 3 of them. And I don't wanna just run back to my stronghold after I summon my animant.
There's no need to free Stalwart at level 6 already, if you're solo.
Davrer Mar 3, 2018 @ 3:21pm 
I do like you write and go white march 1 after end the quest but i can't go through in Galvino workshop the frist pack of Constructs always kill me. I'm lvl 7 yet any advice? :)
What else in The White March have you done yet? Russetwood?

At level 7 there are much easier quests in Defiance Bay and around Dyrford.
air.locked Mar 4, 2018 @ 4:50am 
I wish I knew how to bookmark a post.
Originally posted by air.locked:
I wish I knew how to bookmark a post.
Use your normal web browser.

Want other topics on The Ultimate? -->
Davrer Mar 4, 2018 @ 7:03am 
Originally posted by D'amarr from Darshiva:
What else in The White March have you done yet? Russetwood?

At level 7 there are much easier quests in Defiance Bay and around Dyrford.

Yeah i beat the ogre quest get a instant lvl up :D to lvl7
There are various other side-quests in Russetwood, and several are started by talking to people in Stalwart. Level 7 is really low, especially if you're solo. Maybe return to the base game areas first.
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OrangePulp Mar 4, 2018 @ 12:04pm 
I thought one of the 'crowns' in triple crown solo was no reloading via iron man? How were you reloading against Llengrath?
Trial of Iron does not mean that you may not reload. It only means that you are limited to a single savegame file, and you cannot prevent autosaves either. You can still quit the game any time outside or during combat without losing that single savegame file.

Just think about it. If you ran into a rare bug late in the game during combat and would lose because of it, that would be really bad.
tarasis Mar 11, 2018 @ 9:21am 
My hat is off to you OP! I can't imagine playing the game that way (That said I'm 100 hours in, and haven't touched the game in 8 months)
Qiox Mar 12, 2018 @ 10:04am 
Originally posted by OrangePulp:
I thought one of the 'crowns' in triple crown solo was no reloading via iron man? How were you reloading against Llengrath?

They cheat by alt-F4 out of the game when things go bad. They also backup their save file just in case.

Typical pathetic behaviour. They want the achievement without actually achieving it.
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