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PsychoDino Sep 2, 2016 @ 6:33pm
Soooo.... Armello DLC is not coming to the GOG version..... What gives?
Thought this was worth mentioning. Dunno why LOG cannot give DLC to the GOG version, plenty of games have done it before.........
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Mumeishi  [developer] Sep 5, 2016 @ 10:05am 
Alright, lockin' it up. I was happy to leave this thread open, but it's going around in circles and has descended into name calling.

I've been keeping an eye on the thread, so before I head off to PAX this morning, here are some clarifications on the major points folks are discussing.

Is DLC ever coming to GOG?
As far as we can tell now, Armello's paid DLC is not coming to DRM Free. GOG's still gonna continue to receive some free updates into early next year as we pick across things that suit the platform, but as for paid DLC, no.

Tech Support vs Content Support
Internally we use the term "support" as shorthand for both of these things, so I may have confused some folk here. Apologies if that's the case.

To clarify; of course we'll continue to provide ongoing technical and sales support to Armello DRM Free Edition.

The support that's going to cease at some point in 2017 is content support; the continual expansion of the game whether free or paid.

When I mentioned that we had no idea we were going to be supporting Armello for a year, I was referring to the free content and updates we've been delivering. We only decided to continue doing that shortly after launch.

DLC on DRM Free
Just because another studio or game has DLC on DRM Free, doesn't mean it's immediately a possibility for us or Armello. Assuming as much is incredibly naive. Every team's processes, resources, and games are innumerably different.

Almost every single piece of conjecture about ways we could have or should roll out our DLC on DRM Free have either been wildly off course or avenues we've already investigated.

Now, of course it's theoretically possible to have DLC on DRM Free, I mean, there's a robot taking selfies on Mars right now. So sure, given infinite resources and time we could undertake the task of rewriting the underlying architecture at the core of this decision, but that's straight up not feasible for a vast number of reasons that are unique to LoG, Armello, where we're standing right now and where we see Armello's future.

This decision has nothing to do with piracy. Piracy isn't a concern of ours. We've never considered it one and we don't see it being one in the future.

Refunds vs Steam Keys
A few folks have suggested that we offer Steam keys. This isn't something we just haven't thought of or are just too callous to offer. Long ago we made the very conscious decision not to offer Steam keys to GOG users as compensation. Why? We know that a large percentage, if not the vast majority of GOG users, and the people most affected by this decision, are on GOG because they don't want to be on Steam.

What an insult then for us to say, "hey, it's not on your platform of choice, but here, play it on a platform you've been trying to steer clear of."

Offering Steam keys to any unhappy GOG users was our standard offer in the past and pretty much every time it only served to offend.

Lastly, for those who do want a Steam key, they don't need to receive it from us. They can very easily refund the game on GOG and then use that cash to purchase the game via Steam.

Signing Off
With these final clarifications, this is going to be my last comment on this topic. When PAX is over, I'll add some of these questions to the FAQ for posterity. As is standard, we'll be locking up any threads that cover old ground.

Keep it productive around here, folks!

<3 Trent
Last edited by Mumeishi; Sep 5, 2016 @ 10:10am
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