Shannon Tweed's Attack Of The Groupies

Shannon Tweed's Attack Of The Groupies

worst plants vs zombies clone i can think off
Just get the original or "garden warfare" - both are good.
There aint many games i can think of that would be worse than this.

Not just is it ugly. buggy. outdatet and doesnt bring anything new to the genre,
but also - who the fu is "shannon"? could not care less.

If it would be some interesting theme at least - like a bounch of stars with everyone has is own unique special technics and towers... i would give that a try...

Just image
Michael Jackson - makes them dance ofc
Will smith - does some MIB "mind eraser" thing on them ....
Or SnoopDog just shoots them in the face with his gang...

Now look at that 3 lines i did there. Cost me 5 seconds to think of something better = thats 2x the amount they spend on doing somehting <creative< here.

How that stuff gets on steam? I would never let that on my pc...
u cant even use it as "prank gift" - couse u feel dirty after doing so :(

for just 2€ more u get "orcs must die2"
i guess i dont have to say how much better and more fun that one is :p
(also OMD2 has some nice coop with value <3)
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