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Ketraar Jan 5, 2016 @ 2:02pm
Public Beta Information
How to access Public Beta
The public Beta program allows you to try out the next update or patch and provide feedback before it is released. If you would like to participate you can go to the EGOSOFT Forum[forum.egosoft.com] and register there (if you haven't done so already) and then you will be able to see the Public Beta Forum[forum.egosoft.com] where you can get all the info you need to have access to the current beta. Make sure you read all the sticky threads for all the important instructions.

Why not just put it all here?
It helps users to read the important information, like backing up their saves. Its also more efficient to have reports in one place, rather than scattered around multiple forums.

Can I use mods/extensions while playing beta?
When reporting bugs make sure to mention if you are using mods/extension and which ones. Note that reports from modified games may make it harder to track down the cause of a bug and thus can get ignored, its always best to report issues if confirmed in non-modified games. Also mods/extensions may have issues themselves as betas are updated mods/extensions may not and thus not work properly.
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Lupo Dec 7, 2017 @ 11:33am 
Latest patch version:

Version 4.30 (254587) - 2017-12-07

• New Feature: All-new quick menu.
• New Feature: Target locking when using gamepad.
• Added zoom buttons to map.
• Added back button to Start/Options menu and Encyclopedia to allow use with mouse only.
• Added tabs to quickly switch between Property Owned, Inventory and Weapon Mods menus.
• Added shortcut to correct inventory trader in the Remote Comm menu from the Inventory menu.
• Added flight-assist note when flight assist is disabled.
• Added pause message when options menu is displayed.
• Added chance to acquire trade agents for defeating hostile ships close to a station.
• Added option to use the entire range of a slider for forward speed.
• Added empty weapon slot to missile cycle.
• Added ability to click on certain monitors in player cockpit to open specific menus (use NumPad to look down).
• Improved AI fight/flee behaviour (again!).
• Improved price calculation logic for stations with multiple production modules.
• Improved targeting behaviour especially when using gamepad.
• Improved organisation and labelling of controls in control configuration menu.
• Improved mission bar design for better readability.
• Improved visual appearance of ability menu.
• Improved mouse picking in the ability menu so that hovering the cursor over the hotkey buttons correctly selects the button.
• Improved mission target behaviour by reducing ping-effect in scenarios where there are more than 8 mission targets.
• Improved cases where turning the ship switched displayed target elements a lot.
• Improved tutorial missions and fixed several issues with them.
• Improved highway flight by allowing roll axis to steer left/right instead of doing nothing.
• Improved replacement of architects.
• Improved mission enemy balancing.
• Improved game over animation.
• Improved behaviour of L and XL mining ships assigned to warehouses.
• Improved interaction with crates/buttons/hack panels by doubling interact distance.
• Improved preset profile for Saitek X52 to make use of changed interact menu positions.
• Improved input mapping options (NOTE: some input profiles, especially for joysticks, may need to be reset).
• Changed maximum distance of location-based icons to reduce icon clutter on station approach.
• Changed main menu to deactivate steering while it is open.
• Changed interact menu layout to be usable for 4-directional joystick POVs.
• Replaced gamepad controls menu with auto targeting menu..
• Fixed fighters dismissing valid targets if they are far from their commander.
• Fixed Xenon not spawning in Albion on higher difficulty levels.
• Fixed ships warping between unconnected highways.
• Fixed Plasma Cannon Mk3 not having area damage.
• Fixed NPCs on platforms engaging in smalltalk even if no smalltalk dialog option available.
• Fixed Assign Trading Ship upkeep mission for warehouses being impossible to accomplish..
• Fixed several other smaller mission issues.
• Fixed drone dealer hint text.
• Fixed successful player kill being registered if they destroyed a crate they were supposed to collect.
• Fixed event monitor opening and closing directly when switching to external view under certain circumstances.
• Fixed very rare case of broken event monitor.
• Fixed very rare cases of incorrect colors being displayed in the UI.
• Fixed rare cases of interact button (A on gamepad) stopping working.
• Fixed full stop action not aborting boost while throttle is at 0, e.g. with gamepad.
• Fixed first person rotation being much too slow in certain cases.
• Fixed very rare case resulting in an event monitor being displayed in 1st-person or inside the drone HUD when it shouldn't.
• Fixed target elements being stuck in-place with the opening interact menu.
• Fixed saving game in a damage area being a death sentence.
• Fixed reward notifications spamming with very short delay,
• Fixed cases where target elements were missing on ships.
• Fixed rare cases where the target elements or interact menu would be displayed behind the crosshair.
• Fixed rare cases of hull/shield bars being displayed for obstructed targets without a target element.
• Fixed cases where target elements appeared to flicker wildly.
• Fixed case of crosshair arrows pointing to incorrect position.
• Fixed case in which the selected menu line was not scrolled into view when pressing Up key.
• Fixed cases of Enter key having no effect.
• Fixed case of game being stuck on pause when UI is reloaded while game is paused.
• Fixed cases where the game paused text vanishes even though the game is still paused.
• Fixed cases where game unpauses automatically, e.g. Alt-Tabbing out and back.
• Fixed issue with using non-bidirectional throttle together with gamepad mode.
• Fixed missing particle effects when loading a savegame.
• Fixed missing ship trails in highways.
• Fixed disappearing engine trails for ships entering and leaving gates and highways.
• Fixed missing normal map on floor in the Teladi gamestart station.
• Fixed inability to change a Construction Vessel's orders before it starts moving to deploy.
• Fixed problem with SETA not remaining deactivated while holding down fire button.
• Fixed small and medium ships not considering fleeing after deciding to attack.
• Fixed squadron subordinates attacking non-combat ships on sight when not attacked first.
• Fixed Trade Deals menu breaking if a ship's queued trades are all with other ships.
• Fixed player getting notifications for player-owned Construction URVs and Cargolifters getting destroyed.
• Fixed area damage of Plasma Mk3 being overpowered when shooting without charging.
• Fixed damage calculations for certain weapons.
• Fixed ROVs not moving to dock.
• Fixed welding effects of build and repair drones not appearing after loading a savegame.
• Fixed warehouse trade ware prices not being locked to average price in some savegames.
• Fixed rare issues with targeting objects using the gamepad.
• Fixed lost steering input after closing a menu in certain cases.
• Fixed short freeze when trying to cycle missiles when none are present.
• Fixed NPC warehouses not trading at average price (for real this time).
• Fixed moving the mouse not activating mouse mode reliably at high framerates.
• Fixed inconsistency with "target closest object" behaviour.
• Fixed causes of several rare crashes.
• Various small performance improvements.


Please be aware that this patch contains some input handling changes which might invalidate your current profile. We believe this only applies to customized joystick profiles.

We suggest you review your profile and adjust it if required. You can also load one of the default profiles and make adjustments as needed based on these.

A summary of the most notable changes:
- new interact menu positions (up, down, left, right)
- new explicit actions to execute the selected entry in the interact menu, ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- new directional controls for the ability menu, quick menu, and dialog menu
- with joystick controls: changed behaviour of the interact menu state, which now closes the menu without executing the selected entry

The old gamepad mode was revised. In principle it now only controls whether auto-targeting behaviour is active or not (while before it also controlled whether menus were stick/non-sticky in joystick mode).

As a result of this change, if you relied on the non-sticky menus behaviour then you might have to change your joystick profile.
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