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Automated Benchmark Mode - output_file Not Working
Hi, I'm trying to utilize the benchmark support found in the Linux versions of Metro 2033 Redux. I see there's the provided (thanks!) but it seems the output_file option isn't working. I've been trying various combinations to use -output_file for dumping the FPS results upon completion, but so far I haven't been able to get any working combination.

./metro -benchmark benchmarks\\benchmark33 -bench_runs 1 -close_on_finish I've been calling directly and works fine and exits, but with -output_file I've never been able to get any file dumped. Is this option broken or something else wrong? Any other way to get the info dumped to the file or to the standard output at least?

Michael Larabel
En son phoronix tarafından düzenlendi; 12 Ara 2014 @ 11:50
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FYI this issue of output_file not working also affects Metro Last Light Redux on Linux.
Doesn't work for me either.

Please fix it. For science!
Please fix! It would be useful for driver developers.
Off topic, I know, but have you tried War Thunder and also Talos Public Test?
They both have benchmarks included.
Please fix!
The metro binary doesn't contain that option/string, thus it doesn't work.
Can you redirect the stdout, stderr? ./metro -benchmark benchmarks\\benchmark33 -bench_runs 1 -close_on_finish > benchmark.txt 2>&1

his should redirect stdout and stderr all to benchmark.txt . Or at least it should work. I will test shortly.
En son Tatrasiel tarafından düzenlendi; 14 Ara 2014 @ 0:19
@Tatrasiel I didn't see any output of FPS information to stdout or stderr during my original testing.
Yeah I can understand... I am looking at this now... really a paing to get something working.

Supposedly you can see frames in the user.cfg . I enabled this optiona still don't see frames rates.
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