100% Orange Juice
PhleBuster  [developer] May 21, 2014 @ 11:57am
Update History (latest version: 2.7.2)
Master of the Minions
  • The unique event will be live until January 14, 10 AM PST. It features an epic conclusion to the "Minions of the Master" story arc written by Hono of Orange Juice, and an ending illustration by Kagawa Yusaku.
  • A new co-op boss has been added, alongside 5 new co-op fields: Frost Cave CO, Icy Hideout CO, Starship CO, White Winter CO, Tomomo's Abyss CO.
  • A global counter will unlock rewards during the event. You can contribute toward event progress by fighting the new co-op boss - but fighting any of the other co-op bosses will also support the struggle at half the progress rate.

The Old Guardians join the fray! The far future version of series protagonist Suguri, Suguri (46 Billion Years) and the mischievous ship AI, Sumika are now available in 100% Orange Juice - Old Guardian Pack!

Moreover, Kiriko, NoName, Nath, Tomato and Mimyuu have now been updated with character and announcer voices in their respective DLC!

Old Guardian Pack

The character pack comes with a new story campaign, the "Old Guardians". It includes:

Suguri (46 Billion Years)
Voiced by Yoshida Seiko, who revisits her role as a Suguri, now with a very different personality!
Stats: 0/0/+2, HP 4, REC 5
When choosing a damage dealing Boost/Event card to play, you may pay double its cost to double its damage on use.

Hyper: Observer of Eternity (Boost)
Level 3, Cost 0.
Add 2 random Boost/Event cards that deal damage to your hand.

Voiced by Kadowaki Mai, known for her role as Illya in the Fate series.
Stats: +1/-1/+1, HP 5, REC 5

Hyper: Reproduction of Records (Boost)
Level 2, Cost: 20
Add a copy of the two most recent cards in the discard pile that aren't "Reproduction of Records" to your hand. Those cards will be treated as being Level 1 and having no base cost while in your hand.

New DLC voices
With this update, 5 more DLC characters have been updated with their voices: Kiriko, NoName, Nath, Tomato and Mimyuu!

All existing owners of the DLC will receive the new character and announcer voice for free!

Please note that the price of the updated DLC will be increased by $1 to account for the voices after the current Steam Winter Sale ends, so get yours now!


Everyone's favorite off-kilter nurse Kiriko is brought to life by the famous VTuber Sakura Miko!

The character pack now also unlocks an exclusive Sakura Miko-themed costume for Kiriko for all of its owners!

The notorious thigh-lover NoName has been voiced by the man himself, Fujiwara Hikaru AKA Hono!


The serious but kind "another Ultimate Weapon" Nath has been voiced by Kondou Yui!

The "big sister" of the troublemaking Waruda sisters, Tomato is voiced by Mizusawa Fumie! You may know her for her role as Erika "Cure Marine" Kurumi from Precure.

The little Waruda miscreant Mimyuu, always ready to cause mischief, is voiced by Kita Natsuki!

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (1/1/2020)
  • Fixed reproduced variable cost cards displaying the wrong amount of gray stars.
  • Fixed reproduced variable cost cards still taking stars from players when used while the mixer "Joker" is active.
  • Character voices now play even if text files for them are missing.
  • Fixed players being unable to use x16 Big Rocket, Tactical Retreat and Subspace Tunnel if they weren't carrying enough stars even when the mixer "Joker" is active.
  • Fixed Game Progress in Player Info displaying an incorrect percentage for players who have beaten Mio's Dark Citadel.
  • Added playback for both Master of the Minions' interlude cutscenes to Gallery.
  • Ended New Year's fireworks.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (31/12/2019)
  • Fixed an issue with event banner causing crashes.
  • Enabled the New Year's fireworks show.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (24/12/2019)
  • Added missing Japanese voice line texts for Mio.
  • Misc text fixes.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live(23/12/2019)
  • Added back Magical Inferno to random card pull pools.
  • Fixed Sweet Breaker not being affected by some stat altering effects when fighting Encounter panel enemies.
  • Fixed Backdoor Trade being unplayable.
  • Fixed mission Mio being able to set her own HP to 1 with Turbo Charged. Now takes up to 9 HP off of her instead.
  • Fixed an issue with pumpkin accessory and Xmas costume for Suguri (46 Billion Years) and Sumika.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live(23/12/2019)
  • Fixed Ultimate Weapon in the Sun not being removed from stock effects when starting a battle.
  • Fixed Mio's hyper appearing through random draw means before she was unlocked.
  • Please save RoPoChi! There's still time!

100% Orange Juice - version 2.7.2 live (23/12/2019)
  • Added Tomato/Mimyuu swap option in the Voices section of gallery.
  • Added Mio character and her voice/announcer options as well as other event ending rewards.

  • Changed co-op hypers' level requirement to Norma level 3 (down from 5).
  • Fixed M10's Imaginary Numbers and RoPoChi's Delusional Numbers lasting longer than intended.
  • Fixed Dealer's Deal ability being able to duplicate cards on play (adding extra cards to the deck once it's shuffled).

  • Fixed game crashes due that could happen due to Christmas challenges being active in the save file.
  • Fixed not being able to back out of the card usage confirmation prompt for cards with an area of effect.
  • Made special voicelines that play when someone lands on a panel also play for the units that were already standing there
  • Fixed the reward pet being unlocked when Old Guardians was cleared on Normal.
  • Extended logo duration for Mimyuu's system voice.
  • Fixed Pudding pet eating QP.
  • Fixed President's Privilege affecting the availability of using Suguri (46 Billion Years)'s double damage effect.
  • Made Suguri (46 Billion Years)'s double damage effect make the player pay double the cost properly when the player used President's Privilege prior to it on the same turn.

These last two notes are related to the same issue, and when the bugging interaction was brought to our attention we took a long and hard look at the descriptions to issue a ruling on how President's Privilege and Suguri (46 Billion Years) double damage passive should interact.
Clarification: you can now use Suguri (46 Billion Years) 2x damage passive while President's Privilege is active (if you can afford it), but it will cost you 2x stars as usual.
Explanation: President's Privilege reads "You may play cards without paying their cost", while Suguri (46 Billion Years) passive reads "You may pay double its cost to double its damage on use". While it may traditionally feel like it, President's Privilege doesn't actually lower card costs to 0 like happens with Reproduction of Records (in which case 2x0=0 cost when it comes to double damage), but allows you to not pay the card cost. Suguri's payment is also optional, but the 2x damage is tied to doing it. You cannot both pay 2x a cost, and not pay a cost at the same time. Thus players using President's Privilege can choose to either play the card normally for free, or pay 2x the card's real cost for 2x damage.)

  • Binding Chains (Hime's hyper) changed to "Stock Effect: All Units except yours will skip their next turn. Apply "Bound" to all active enemies. Effect Duration: 2 Chapters. Gain -2 EVD and -1 MOV." (previously: "Stock Effect: All Units except yours will skip their next turn. -2 EVD while bound.")

While Hime is generally good all around, as Sumika became the third character with the same base stats as her (for lore reasons), we felt we wanted to make her Hyper a little more distinguished. After long deliberation, we decided to emphasize the binding factor of her Hyper more by separating the -2 EVD into a separate debuff that lasts an extra chapter, and applies -1 MOV as well. This should make it more effective in hunting down players when the first attempt was foiled by a bad move roll.

  • Changed Magical Massacre's card cost to 20 stars (down from 40).

As Mio the Magical Devil took Tomomo's place as the new big bad, we felt her hyper is a bit too lackluster through a critical lens. The effect itself is strong, but as it only has a minimal benefit to Tomomo, it doesn't usually justify a high star cost, and they mostly go unplayed. This star cost should bring the hyper more into play and let Tomomo spread the terror she should inspire more. Of course, this also makes her slightly harder in the campaign, but that's just an added perk and totally not our intention. Note that the cost reduction does not apply in co-op, where her hyper works in a very different way and is already very powerful.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/12/2019)
  • Fixed disappearing characters in character select.
  • Fixed the unit graphic not updating when swapping between Tequila and Pirate Minion in Gallery.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (21/12/2019)
  • Fixed Big Po's Special doing more damage than intended.
  • Fixed Girl Power and Crossed Christmases campaign opponents being assigned incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue with character disappearing when changing cosmetics.
  • Fixed homemark in unlock popup going outside of the box.
  • Fixed Reproduction of Records cards looking too wide when the card front is hidden.
  • Adjusted the default length of Observer of Eternity's animation.
  • Made full length animation sequence and voices for Observer of Eternity play on a rare occasion.
  • Changed Old Guardians Episode 9's events to Treasure / Mystery (from Treasure / Playground).
  • Added missing stats for Suguri (46 Billion Years) and Sumika to Game Info.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (20/12/2019)
  • Added missing Kiriko, Nath and NoName menu interactions.
  • Fixed equipped pet appearing in gallery.

Version 2.7.1 now live (20/12/2019)
  • Old Guardian Pack added, with Suguri (46 Billion Years) and Sumika.
  • New voices added for Kiriko, Nath, NoName, Tomato & Mimyuu, and Suguri was updated with additional voices.
  • Owners of Kiriko now receive a bonus Sakura Miko-themed costume.
  • Suguri (and Suguri ver.2) have been updated with several new voice lines.
  • Added a speech bubble display for characters in Deck Builder and customization menus.
  • Changed Starship's boss to be Shifu Robot.
  • Fixed characters not playing their warp voice when landing on warp move panels.
  • Fixed a graphical bug that would make Tomato's portrait not focus on her face.

Xmas Wreaths Extended
We hear the complaints from players who expected to be able to still earn Xmas wreaths after the earlier Xmas event re-run! Xmas Wreaths now drop from all games until end of the year (Steam time)! Xmas costumes for new characters have also been added to the Shop!

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (17/12/2019)
  • Fixed being able to play DLC campaigns without owning the respective DLC.
  • Fixed Korean game title.
  • Fixed co-op EXP being capped to level 50.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (15/12/2019)
  • Fixed Dealer hand size buff being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the Hyper difficulty map for RoPoChi being available on normal difficulty despite not being unlocked yet.
  • Fixed a desync when joining a lobby due to host with mixers off having left during a game in progress.
  • Fixed Mixers text overlapping with timer.
  • Fixed some text issues when playing in Chinese.

Versioned hotfix now live (15/12/2019)
  • Fixes a missing speaker name in event cutscene.
  • Fixes issues with Hyper difficulty and Hyper difficulty maps being available where not supposed to.
  • Fixes a font issue with some languages.

Version 2.7 ~Master of the Minions~ now live (15/12/2019)
Co-op changes
Tomomo's giving everyone a helping hand against the overwhelming foe! Co-op leveling has been drastically eased:
  • All ability bonuses and base abilities are available for each role at level 1.
  • Level 5 unlocks role hyper for each role.
  • Level 10 unlocks the role special ability (there's no longer a lvl 2 version of the role special abilities available to unlock, though the stronger ability can still be used via the role hyper).
  • Lowered cooldowns for Level 10 ultimate role abilities, and some effects slightly modified.
  • All Deck Points are earned by Level 10.
  • Level cap has been removed from role levels, so players may earn Orange rewards beyond level 25.
  • You can now play on any available co-op field on Normal difficulty.

A further mix-up has affected all co-op bosses! There's now an optional "Mixers" option for co-op lobbies! Mixers add a special new twist to all co-op encounters, making them harder, easier, or just trickier than before. Difficult Mixers increase your rewards on every difficulty. Mixers change daily and are the same for all players. There may be 1-3 Mixers active each day, and you can preview them when creating a lobby, or on the lobby screen.

  • Fixed Golden Egg stacks not being decreased.
  • Made Reflective Shell not power up if the defensive unit was meant to take no damage.
  • Fixed Co-op Indiscriminate Fire Support dealing damage to the user.
  • Made M10's Protect not lose any stacks if the boss wouldn't have taken damage in battle anyway (from effects like Dark Side of Business).
  • Fixed Natsumi getting more stars than intended when healing someone else.
  • Fixed Big Poppo dealing damage.
  • Fixed Lucky Charm blocking use of Co-op abilities.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (26/11/2019)
  • Fixed a bug that would display players on the back covering players on the front in Build-A-Castle.
  • Fixed Christmas game mode counters going out of the status box when the player has an empty name.
  • Changed which voicelines play when characters throw snowballs in snowfights.
  • Fixed Christmas item preview flashing for a bit after purchase.
  • Fixed Build-A-Castle counters not visually corresponding to the correct players.
  • Players can now start snowball fights even if they used a card prior during the same turn.
  • Fixed wrong players being shown as done building to clients when playing Build-A-Castle.
  • Made hovering on the THROW action button preview the snowball fight areas even if there's no targets in range.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.6.1 now live (23/11/2019)
  • Added a random deck generation button (a die next to saved deck buttons).
  • The first saved deck is now loaded by default when choosing a character; previously used deck is remembered for next time.
  • Xmas costumes added for characters added in 2019.
  • Santa Scramble event has been updated with 16 new building blocks for the castle.
  • Santa Scramble can now be played as a separate game mode.
  • Snow no longer completely covers panels in Santa Scramble mode.
  • Game info box now supports more card effects.
  • Lobby creation window has been updated to have translated text.
  • Added a tooltips for field events in lobby creation window.

  • Fixed a bug that would make Serene Hush not halt Assault's effect.
  • Fixed Bonus panels not acting as Drop panels for Store Manager while under the effects of Golden Egg.
  • Fixed Pirate Crew Members not using Tequila's accessories.
  • Fixed Encore not re-activating Boss Encounter panels in Co-op.
  • Fixed a bug that would make idle CPUs take control during a player's turn start only if they were hovering over an action button.
  • Fixed the host getting multiple turns after KO'ing a Co-op boss minion.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (5/11/2019)
  • Fixed a crash that happened whenever an Encounter panel enemy evaded an attack while Accelerating Sky is in effect.
  • Fixed a bug that would make a game's host have multiple turns when a boss minion is defeated.
  • Fixed The Doctor is Out achievement not being able to be unlocked while Operation Halloween is active.
  • Made players not lose Guardian's Protect from effects that would deal 0 damage.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (03/11/19)
  • Fixed boss minions sometimes not warping after stopping on warp panels.
  • Fixed Play of the Gods not activating the correct card variants when using it in Co-op mode.
  • Fixed Avenger's "Avenger" effect not working properly in battles where Portable Pudding was used.
  • Fixed a bug that was creating missing in-game shop icons when choosing a character in the "Character" category and returning to it after checking the Hide Owned Items toggle in the "All" category.
  • Fixed game crashes that happened during Sweet Destroyer's animation.
  • Fixed CPUs being able target invalid players with Rival which would make the card do nothing.
  • Made Encounter panels activate faster.
  • Fixed a bug that was making pumpkins move before boss minions after any minion is defeated when there were two or more minions summoned on the field.
  • Fixed Star Breaker voice line not playing when someone else activates an Invisible Bomb trap.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Cuties unlock the Duelist achievement instead of the Pacifist achievement.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (30/10/2019)
  • Fixed Portable Pudding not turning into a Tragedy in the Dead of Night card when obtained by Yuki (Dangerous).
  • Fixed Portable Pudding not counting towards the Source of Conflict achievement.
  • Fixed Portable Pudding not being picked up when playing Sweet Guardian.
  • Fixed QP (Dangerous)'s max HP not refreshing properly when discarding Portable Pudding.
  • Fixed players being able to stock more than one Indiscriminate Fire Support into field effects each.
  • Fixed the game's camera sometimes focusing on the wrong player after Indiscriminate Fire Support's effect takes place.
  • Made NoName (Head) not revert back to normal form when using Backdoor Trade.
  • Fixed Backdoor Trade being able to be used when all players are Level 5.
  • Made Metallic Monocoque not work against Ceoreparque's and Iru's unit effects.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (28/10/2019)
  • Fixed QP not reacting when Portable Pudding is packed to deck.
  • Added missing cost for Serious Battle, now costs 10 stars to use.
  • Added missing Deck Point costs for Pudding Pack cards.

Version 2.6 ~Portable Pudding~ Now Live (28/10/2019)
  • New card pack, Pudding Pack, is now available in the Shop for owners of the 100% Orange Juice - Pudding Pack DLC!
  • Made event pumpkins not take damage from Big the Jonathan's Dive when being around the marked effect panel.
  • Fixed All Ablaze achievement not being able to be unlocked while event pumpkins are on the field.
  • Fixed Banned for Life's circling icon not appearing in Co-op.
  • Fixed lobby name being blank when non-english characters are used.
  • Fixed pumpkin graphic not updating according to event progress.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (18/10/2019)
  • Made pumpkins not spawn on frozen or ice panels.
  • Made pumpkins not take damage from Bomber event bombs.
  • Made pumpkins not be KO'd by Big the Jonathan's Dive.
  • Disabled pumpkins being collected after a warp.
  • Fixed pirate minions battling pumpkins.
  • Fixed pumpkins being affected by Poppo the Snatcher.
  • Fixed pumpkins being able to activate frozen panels.
  • Fixed issues with confusion event causing crashes.
  • Fixed co-op wild units not having their costumes.
  • Added banner for plushie Kickstarter.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.5 now live (17/10/2019)
  • Operation Halloween event is live until November 16!
  • Fixed CPU players being able to target Co-op bosses or their minions with Angel Hand.
  • Fixed Damage panels still being triggered when stopping on them even after being warped to another panel.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (25/9/2019)
  • Fixed not being able to select Star Breaker as System Voice if the player doesn't own Sora & Sham (Cuties) Character Pack DLC.
  • Replaced forced Poppo CPUs with random CPUs wearing the Poppo mask.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (20/9/2019)
  • Fixed an issue with the lobby list.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.4.1 now live (20/9/2019)
Lobby List
  • A significant overhaul to the lobby list view was made.
  • You can now switch lobby list view based on normal or co-op lobbies. Middle mouse click also cycles between the two lists. This allows for more lobbies to be retrieved during crowded hours.
  • Hovering over a public lobby now shows the names of the players in that lobby. (Private lobbies don't show the players).
  • Co-op lobbies show what boss and difficulty it's playing on.
  • Changed the font of lobby names so it can now display Chinese, Japanese and Korean lobby names by default.
  • Added partial search for lobby names - note that partial search only works for lobbies that appear on the search list (if there are more than 50 lobbies and the one you're looking for isn't listed, use full name to search).

  • Made Passionate Research's display refresh when already known hyper cards in deck transform to an alternate version.
  • Fixed Item Get avatar voice not playing when buying something from the shop without re-selecting an avatar.
  • Fixed issues with user names having extra spaces when using the in-game name changer. Also removes extra spaces for those that already changed their names with it.

  • Fixed bosses losing stars when a minion lands in range of a player with Special Stage stocked.
  • Added random filter for co-op for normal and extreme difficulties.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (10/9/2019)
  • Fixed missing accessories for Tomomo (Casual).
  • Fixes missing icons for red/brown Antlers.

Unversioned hotfix live (9/9/2019)
  • Added missing rename button graphic.

    100% Orange Juice version 2.4 ~Poppo the Snatcher~ now live (9/9/2019)
    • Added game tutorial which replaces the previous Guide button function.
    • Added the name change option to player info screen (costs 5000 stars per change).
    • Allowed Peat's nutcracker costume to work with Xmas outfit.
    • Added pet and homestop randomization when choosing a random character.
    • Poppo?
    • Lowered the requirement for Total Rampage achivement from 5 to 3 [redacted].

    • Fixed cosmetic issue with school outfit Marc and some accessories
    • Made hair button disabled for characters that don't have any hair options.

    [h1[100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (21/8/2019)[/h1]
    • Fixed Star Blasting Fuse and Melting Memories not increasing Cuties' Events Crashed count.
    • Fixed issue with pet shadows appearing before entering the main menu.
    • Fixed missing bonus unlocks for summer event.
    • Fixed issues with field selection in co-op.
    • Fixed display for player info card effects when there are more than 5 (supports 8 now).
    • Fixed an error that was making Big the Jonathan finish the rest of his flying animations when KO'd during Double Rush or Mega Rush.
    • Added missing HP value to Big the Jonathan's hyper difficulty unit card.
    • Fixed Big the Jonathan being able to trigger Hunt multiple times in a single turn when landing on move or warp-move panels.
    • Updated CPU A.I. to actually avoid marked Launch panels.
    • Fixed Hunt targeting the wrong players.
    • Fixed incorrectly ordered defines making Ocean Dive appear as Lagoon Flight CO.
    • Fixed missing Win/Lose screen for Summer Beast.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (15/8/2019)
    • Fixed graphic issues with new pets.
    • Fixed Quake's movement debuff not being applied correctly to players.
    • Fixed not being able to use some Co-op skills on teammates that had Special Stage or Stealth On! stocked.
    • Fixed marked Launch panels not having their highlight removed after Dive is used.

    100% Orange Juice - Version 2.3 now live (14/8/2019)
    • Arcade has been updated with a new look.
    • Summer Pet Machine added to the Arcade with summer-themed pets.
    • Vending machine can now be found in the Arcade, allows purchasing consumable items for 20 oranges.
    • A total of 15 new pets added to the Pet Catcher and Summer Pet Catcher. Common and Uncommon items pools are shared between the machines.
    • A one-time bonus of 15 Arcade Tokens is given to all players upon logging in for checking out the new pet catcher.
    • Pet Exchange has been upgraded with a cool new animation.
    • Added new challenges for playing specific card types + dealing/healing damage.
    • A new panel type, Damage Panel, has been added to the game (deals 1 damage to players who stop on it).
    • Fixed CPUs considering the original panel type instead of the current panel type when choosing where to move.
    • Adjusted some CPU panel preferences.
    • Made CPUs favor landing on boss panels if the boss is on low HP.
    • Fixed Slime pet lacking some visual flair it was supposed to have.
    • Fixed Special Stage effect preview not being removed on KO.

    • Big the Jonathan is now back in the Beach Party event rerun (with a reduced global goal), and will remain as a permanent co-op boss.
    • Fixed Nico being able to use Banned for Life in co-op with it activating its effects.
    • Fixed being able to target players with Stealth On! or Special Stage stocked with boost cards in Co-op.
    • Dealer role can now be unlocked by reaching level 10 as Supporter.

    100% Orange Juice - version 2.2.2 now live (25/7/2019)
    • Added a missing cap that was letting players draw more than 10 cards.
    • Fixed card usage confirm prompt appearing for flipped cards that have an AoE preview

    • Fixed Co-op boss unit cards being displayed as player cards.

    Summer Beast:
    • Added cosmetics to Summer Beast's seagull Minions to differentiate them from encounter panel Seagulls.
    • Added the special dice for defeating Summer Beast on Hyper difficulty (those who have already accomplished this feat will receive the dice when entering the game).

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (24/7/2019)
    • Fixed the mystery of the Invisible Dice.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (22/7/2019)
    • Fixed the Dance of the Seagull traps of Summer Beast that the previous hotfix broke.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (22/7/2019)
    • Fixed errors with Sherry's voicelines for playing Extension and being challenged by Cast-Off Kyousuke.
    • Fixed Final Surgery taking 2 lives from Summer Beast.
    • Fixed Final Surgery making the game get stuck if there's more than 4 appropriate target units when the card is played.
    • Fixed Summer Beast being able to trigger "Dance of the Seagulls" traps if they were placed by a minion that was removed from the game after being KO'd.
    • Fixed an issue with equipping xmas costume as winter Suguri/Hime.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live (20/7/2019)
    • Various fixes for the shop/mystery bag.
    • Fixed visual issues for the unlock popup for Ocean Dive field.
    • Fixed the card graphic for Sandwich Thieves.

    100% Orange Juice - Versioned hotfix live (18/7/2019)
    • Made the way play count based unlocks work more uniform.
    • Improved the loading time for Stats screen in Player Info.
    • Fixed Pirate Crew Member not saying anything when adjusting his voice volume in Sound configuration.
    • Fixed Shifu Robot getting unintended REC values.

    100% Orange Juice version 2.2.1 now live (17/7/2019)
    • User data is now saved after receiving Oranges from the Arcade.
    • Fixed Present for You not awarding the correct amount of stars.

    • Fixed Sora (Military) and Shifu Robot being able to roll for revive when they aren't meant to while affected by abilities that increase REC value.
    • Removed a card from random hyper card pool that wasn't supposed to be there.
    • Made Terror not turn player home panels into boss encounter panels if they weren't destroyed yet.

    Star Devourer
    • Ransom Note is no longer given to KO'd players.

    Summer Beast
    • Hype It Up now gives 4 Hype when played (down from 5). Summer Beast loses 2 Hype on KO when under this effect.
    • Changed Sandwich Thieves to deal a minimum of 1 damage (down from 2).
    • Play with Birds effect now triggers only when Seagull Minions take damage (instead of Boss or Minion).
    • Fixed Exhaustion and Seagull Master not having the right level on their card
    • Fixed Exhaustion not giving Summer Beast 1 Hype
    • Fixed an error that was making Melting Memories and Banned for Life be used up when Summer Beast tries to summon a Seagull minion.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (13/7/2019)
    • Fixed issues with sunglasses unlocks after a game.
    • Fixed Forced Revival only working on player units.
    • Fixed Hide And Seek preventing Summer Beast from reviving.
    • Fixed Play With Birds stacks being refreshed when boss plays it twice in a row.
    • Fixed Sandwich Thieves sometimes dealing 1 damage.
    • Fixed the win/lose screen for Summer Beast.

    100% Orange Juice - version 2.2 now live (13/7/2019)
    • Summer Games event is now playable until August 10, 10:00 PST.

    • A new co-op boss, Summer Beast, is available to fight. Difficulties up to Extreme are initially available.
    • 3 new co-op fields added: Pudding Chase CO, Treasure Island CO, Treasure Island CO (Night).
    • Changed how battle priority works in co-op:
      -Bosses no longer have Advantage in all battles but will go second if challenged by a player in any role.
      -Boss will go first if players land on a Boss panel.
      -Advantage 1 now lets player go first if attacked by the boss on the field (directly or through abilities).
      -Advantage 2 now lets player always go first against a boss (including Boss panels).
    • Lowered down the announced boss card hover to be able to look at the whole card art without being interrupted by the player cursor.
    • Adjusted EXP gained from co-op match losses to scale with difficulty (you can now earn up to 80% of the EXP you would receive on a win on the same difficulty).
    • Fixed Norma completion challenges not working correctly in co-op.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (3/7/2019)
    • Fixed "Poppoception" achievement having more narrow unlock conditions than was intended. Po!

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (30/6/2019)
    • Fixed an issue where the "Poppoception" achievement only unlocked for the player who set the trap and not everyone in the match.
    • Fixed an error where NoName (Head) and Tomomo (Sweet Eater) would have incorrect stats when affected by Poppoformation.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (30/6/2019)
    • Fixed an issue in Co-op where backgrounds would be missing in field select during a field's preview.
    • Fixed Bloodlust achievement counter tracking not resetting when player gets rid of it due to Scrambled Eve
    • Fixed "Can Always Go Faster" achievement not being able to be unlocked.
    • Fixed "Twilight of the Beasts" achievement not tracking healing done in battles.
    • Fixed players in Live Mode being able to activate Playground panels.
    • Fixed BGM playback issues related to Special Stage.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live
    • Fixed battle healing bringing your HP back down to max if it was higher.
    • Fixed "Set HP" effects potentially working with Bloodlust.
    • Fixed Bloodlust healing the incorrect amount from out of battle effects.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (26/6/2019)
    • Fixed an issue with the game crashing at the "continue" screen.
    • Removed some incorrect cosmetic unlocks.
    • Fixed some visuals for Cuties cosmetics.
    • Fixed one of the shop icons having blank image.

    100% Orange Juice - Version 2.1 ~ Accelerating Sky ~ now live (25/6/2019)
    • A new unit, Sora & Sham (Cuties) is now playable for owners of the Sora & Sham (Cuties) Character Pack.
    • Sham and Sherry now have character and announcer voices for owners of the Sham & Sherry Character Pack.
    • Community Card Pack 2 is now available. Cost: 1080 stars/card.
    • Community Card Pack 1 cost lowered to 540 stars/card.
    • 6 new achievements have been added for the new cards, and 3 for the new character.
    • Added a Spring 2019 event costume for Suguri's winter sprites as well.

    • Fixed an issue with certain texts not showing up in some languages.

    100% Orange Juice - Versioned hotfix live (10/6/2019).
    • Fixed some issues with decks and wild units in normal mode.
    • Fixed an issue where character decks in normal mode were swapped.
    • Fixed an issue with game crashing at startup for some users.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (2/6/2019)
    • Updated files.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (31/5/2019)
    • Fixed missing description for the new Star Devourer pet.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (30/5/2019)
    • Fixed alternate hyper toggle being available even if a player chooses to use the co-op role hyper.

    100% Orange Juice - version 2.0.4 now live (29/5/2019)
    M10 Robot:
    • Added an AoE preview for M10's Self Destruction.
    • M10 Robot now uses Protect on game start, and then on chapter start after Scrambled effect expires, instead of every 5 chapters.

    Star Devourer:
    • Fixed Poppo Tax giving the Boss 10 stars instead of the intended 5 stars per affected player.
    • Fixed Big Poppo not teleporting when Star Devourer plays Ubiquitous.

    100% Orange Juice - version 2.0.3 now live (28/5/2019)
    • Fixed a small graphic issue with the Golden Egg pet.

      *]Fixed Witch Forest CO having a phantom 5th homestop.
    • Fixed an issue with Avenger 2 damage bonus calculation if KO'd.
    • Wild enemies that went up to +3 in a base stat now have +2 instead.
    • Fixed an issue with playable wild units and deck saving (may reset decks for those characters).
    • Fixed issue where idling at the result screen could grant more co-op EXP.
    • Added class skills to co-op binder (only shows unlocked ones).
    • Various text fixes in non-English languages.

    Star Devourer:
    • Fixed Ransom Note ability text to correctly say it's giving out Gift cards.
    • Made Ubiquitous Boss ability not target the Boss or minion.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (25/5/2019)
    • Fixed field card effects sometimes have their duration displayed as 0 on the field's Info plate

    Star Devourer:
    • Various fixes related to Poppocalypse.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (25/5/2019)
    • Adjusted Golden Egg pet sprite positioning.
    • Fixed Revive roll prompt showing more than 6 at times.

    • Super All-Out Mode now applies to all units on the board as per description.
    • Fixed boss area of effect ability preview not updating after using Here and There or Party Time.
    • Fixed minions having generic CPU names when triggering trap cards.
    • Fixed Dark Side of the Business calculations when a non-player unit is taking the damage.

    100% Orange Juice - version 2.0.2 now live (23/5/2019)
    • Fixed a crash when fighting encounter panel enemies in public lobbies (especially as Sherry).
    • Fixed an issue with co-op deck creation timeout in a public lobby causing all decks to be randomly filled instead of only the missing cards.
    • Fixed Hyper card preview on the role select screen not showing the co-op version.
    • Fixed hosts being able to change lobby settings after finishing building a deck.
    • Changed Co-op Blazing!'s duration to 2 chapters (down from 3).
    • Fixed the milestone indicator for Big the Haruo.

    Big the Haruo
    • Added an area of effect preview for Big the Haruo's attacks.

    M10 Robot
    • Fixed Scrambled Delta Field being removed too early.
    • Fixed a crash when M10 used Robo Beam and there was no one to target.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (21/5/2019)
    • Fixed Scrambled Delta Field not working in combat.
    • Fixed an issue with saving pets in cosmetics slots.

    100% Orange Juice - version 2.0.1 now live (21/5/2019)
    • Fixed Amplify event occasionally giving players buffs outside of the 3 Amplify buffs.

    • Changed CPU levels to be within a range of 3 levels of the highest player role level.
    • Supporter Revive ability cost lowered to 5/4/3 for levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively (down from 10/5/3).
    • Avenger role can now be unlocked by reaching level 10 as Attacker (down from 25).
    • Player role should no longer reset when returning from a game.
    • Fixed checks for unlocks and achievements.
    • Added another check to grant class unlocks that could have been missed.
    • Fixed Tomomo (Casual) using a generic hyper voice line when using Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream in co-op mode.
    • Made Amplify buffs be displayed over Protect shields and Perfect Reflective Shell.
    • Made teammates not be affected by Mira's Binding Smokescreen.
    • Made Star Breaker's "Invisible Bomb" Hyper card available for unit card previews in Deck Builder and in-game player info plate.

    Big the Haruo:
    • Fixed Dark Side of Business not giving out the right amount of stars against Big the Haruo.

    M10 Robot:
    • Reduced M10 Robot HP to 50 (down from 60).
    • M10 Robot has a new passive ability called Rumble: during Boss turn, gain +1 ATK after every player fought until end of turn.
    • M10's Delta Field is now called Scrambled Delta Field. It now causes players to roll 1-3 instead of 1.
    • Changed the way M10's Protect works. Each stack now blocks up to 3 damage, reducing it down to 1 damage. Multiple stacks of Protect can be reduced with one attack if it would deal more than 3 damage.
    • Fixed M10 stocking EMP on KO'd players.
    • Reduced Imaginary Numbers duration to 1 chapter.
    • M10 no longer uses the Solid Witch ability.
    • Fixed M10 Robot's Evade Down and Attack Down cards' colors to match their level.
    • Fixed Recovery Mode allowing M10 to keep warping and healing repeatedly.
    • Recovery Mode now heals 2 HP per turn.
    • Fixed Self-Destruct and Gamble damage ignoring Protect.
    • Made a smoke effect appear around M10 when it has the Scrambled effect.
    • Health Down stacks are now reduced by 2 after KO (up from 1).
    • Adjusted M10's Protect shield position in battle when it has Perfect Reflective Shell on.
    • Fixed M10 being able to KO itself off of Self Destruction.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (19/5/2019)
    • Protag Privilege should now work in co-op.
    • Fixed Out of Ammo being selectable in co-op.
    • Adjusted text in main tutorial page for overlap in some languages.
    • Fixed deck screen issue with Tomato & Mimyuu's face in co-op.
    • Fixed display bugs when EXP is being tallied in co-op.
    • Fixed Restoring Light 2 not doing anything at all.
    • Fixed class select being clickable when cosmetic/character select is enabled.
    • Fixed "Heal 1" not being listed.
    • Fixed deck point refunding issue when a card is replaced.
    • Player class no longer resets when you change characters.
    • Fixed Haruo and friends not doing a warp spin when grouping up.

    100% Orange Juice - Versioned hotfix now live (18/5/2019)
    • Fixed Advantage 1 not working against boss on Boss panels.
    • Fixed a bug where all co-op fields would get unlocked after returning from a co-op game.
    • Co-op EXP can now be earned in single player.
    • Spectators can now see Invisible Bomb traps in co-op.
    • Co-op Overseer is now correctly listed as a Battle type card.
    • Fixed the option to sort Binder contents by name.
    • Fixed co-op Overseer's Shifu Robot and Pirate Crew Member starting the battle without any HP.
    • Fixed the boss resetting to full HP if KO'd by Overseer's Shifu Robot or Pirate Crew Member.
    • Fixed Co-op Overseer's battle flee animation showing the boss running away instead of the player who used the card.
    • Fixed Ambush not working on enemies when used in co-op.
    • Fixed Blazing! stock effect not being lost upon KO.
    • Fixed Rbit Hobby Shop description not stating it's not triggered by the player who set it.
    • Fixed Final Surgery not applying the -2 REC buff to KO'd allies.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (16/5/2019)
    • Fixed a bug where Leap Through Space (Marking) would desync in online games.
    • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't be able to see what characters other players are picking in co-op.
    • Fixed a missing graphic for some reward items.
    • Fixed an issue where you needed more than the exact EXP required for a level-up.
    • Minor text fixes.

    Version 2.0 ~Imaginary Numbers~ now live (16/5/2019)
    • Co-op mode has been added as a permanent new game mode. You can toggle between normal and co-op mode when creating a lobby or starting a single player game. Co-op bosses can be fought in 4 difficulty levels, with higher difficulty bosses bringing stronger abilities and rewarding more EXP and Oranges if defeated.
    • New co-op fields added. They are specific to each boss, and available when playing co-op on Normal or higher difficulty.
    • Co-op character roles can be leveled up to level 25 by playing with them, unlocking new perks. Every role level-up also grants 50 Oranges.
    • 3 character roles are immediately available to play in co-op: Attacker, Supporter and Guardian. Those who unlocked Avenger role in Beach Party 2018 event can also use it; others may unlock it by reaching Lvl 25 as Attacker.
    • Some characters have a different Hyper card in co-op. Co-op versions of cards can now be toggled in the Binder.
    • Norma 3 bonus panel multiplier cap is lifted in co-op.
    • A new present home-stop will be unlocked for everyone upon logging in.
    • Minions of the Master event added. The event runs until June 15, 10:00 PST, with an original story by Hono and an ending illustration by Rosuuri.
    • Your gameplay stats can now be viewed in the Game Info. This shows the number of times you've played online with each character, and their win rates (note: Co-op games do not accumulate these statistics).

    • Fixed the Arcade Token gain display to show the amount of tokens you actually gain.
    • Fixed Iru's passive effect dealing 0 damage when the attacking Iru has Solid Witch activated.
    • Fixed Card Sage achievement tracking seasonal event cards as well.

    • Leap through Space (Marking) is no longer consumed upon use but transforms into Leap Through Space.
    • Mira's HP increased to 5 (up from 4).

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live(21/3/2019)
    • Fixed an issue with Final Stage 2 and Ending 2 being replaced with Iru & Mira's themes in the gallery.
    • Iru no longer deals 1 damage to enemies at the start of battle when being challenged through Whimsical Windmill.
    • Adjusted duration of Binding Smokes applied from landing on Mira's traps to end properly after 2 turns.
    • Fixed an issue where marking kunais might be drawn over characters on the field.
    • Fixed text issues with non-English languages.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live (18/3/2019)
    • Fixed missing Japanese texts.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.9 ~Leap Through Space~ now live (18/3/2019)
    • Iru and Mira are now playable for owners of 100% Orange Juice - Iru & Mira Character Pack.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live
    • Fixed the Arcade Token gain display to correctly show 4 tokens gained instead of 3.
    • Hid Pigformation related items from the Shop.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (6/3/2019)
    • Preparing the game for Valentine's event re-run.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (3/3/2019)
    • Fixes a crash when trying to open the pet select screen.
    • Item Button is now displayed under other UI elements.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.8 now live (26/2/2018)

    • Added playback for Pirate Crew Member's voiced lines in Gallery. You can access them in the Voices section by choosing Tequila and swapping characters.

    • Fixed a scenario where it would be possible to play Pigformation games but not receive Pig Hearts.
    • Fixed True White Christmasher not turning into White Christmasher after discarding Red & Blue when landing on a Tragedy in the Dead of Night trap.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.7 now live (14/2/2019)
    • Added a display for which pig hearts have been obtained for each player.

    • Fixed some scenarios where desyncs could occur in public lobbies.
    • Fixed main menu avatar repeating the same voicelines when the player goes into Campaign screen and then back into Main Menu.
    • In case players disconnect mid-game and game ends with their own character as CPU, made game end ranking not show hearts for them even if they got some while being human players.
    • Fixed the card completion % display.
    • Fixed an issue where checking "Hide Owned Items" and then going to the character section and going to Cards section afterwards would still display owned items on cards.
    • Removed duplicate event pets.
    • Fixed an issue with pets saved in cosmetic slot being changed since the new pets were added.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (8/2/2019)
    • Fixed missing Spanish texts.
    • Fixed main menu avatars repeating the same line(s) when clicking on them.
    • Fixed an issue with new pets not appearing in-game.
    • Fixed lobby and countdown screen displaying wrong pets.
    • Fixed new pets not working in the Exchange Machine.
    • Fixed issues with gallery buttons.
    • Fixed some issues with the pet select screen.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live
    • Fixed a crash issue related to new cosmetics.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (6/2/2019)
    • An additional heart is now awarded to all players at the end of games.
    • CPU Marc no longer shows up pigformed.
    • Stopped generic KO'd line from being played after a special line was played already.
    • Fixed cosmetics not loading properly for alternate units.
    • Fixed an issue with Xmas Wreath to Oranges conversion.
    • Fixed the new pets not working in the Exchange Machine.

    Full 1.31.6 change list (5/2/2019)
    • Pigformation event is now live! Unlock pig hearts by KO'ing other players, and use them to free all characters from pigformation, unlocking a pig cosmetic for them in the process.
    • New voices have been added for Krilalaris, Kae, Kyoko and Alte.
    • Exchange Token (inventory item) is now called Exchange Coupon.
    • Exchange Coupon grant period has been changed from every 3 days to be weekly: you now receive 15 coupons once per week whenever you log in, and can play up to 15 games to exchange them into Arcade Tokens.
    • Added Christmas 2018's special cards to binder.
    • Previously viewed cutscenes (including completed event stories) can now be viewed in the Gallery.
    • New Common rarity items added to the Pet Catcher: Hearts, Balloons and Rain Clouds are new consumable items which can be used during a game.
    • Players can now use consumable items during their turn as well.

    • Fixed an issue where the homemark and dice popup clicking region were not on the position where they should be.
    • Fixed voices not playing in-game for alternate characters such as Sora (Military) when having said characters as avatars.
    • Fixed hair graphical issues with Xmas 2018 special costumes.
    • Fixed main menu from reloading when clicking on a DLC banner.
    • Added correct rarity to Summer 2018's hyper cards.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (14/1/2019)
    • Removed the stacking popup from main menu (Steam inventory stacking now happens in the background).
    • Nico / Arthur no longer greet players on the main menu.
    • Fixed a visual issue with Stealth On when a pet is active.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (10/1/2019)
    • Fun and Games and Lucky Draw achievements can now be correctly unlocked through the "pity reward" in Pet Catcher.
    • Fixed an issue with token count display overlapping with the play button.
    • Fixed an issue where all Receipts wouldn't be removed correctly from Steam inventory.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (10/1/2019)
    • Fixes possible screen flickering when launching the game in full-screen.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.5 now live (10/1/2019)
    • Added a "pity reward" system to the Pet Catcher: after 10 pulls in a row without a reward above Common rarity, an Uncommon, Rare or Super Rare reward is granted automatically.
    • Exchange tokens (note: not Arcade Tokens) now get replaced when players receive new ones. This makes the effective maximum number of exchange tokens players can carry 6 as of the next time they are granted.
    • Fireworks now have a 5 second cooldown instead of 2 chapters.

    • Fixed issue with item stacking requiring multiple returns to the playmenu.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (5/1/2019)
    • CPUs are now less aggressive with snowball fights.
    • Fixed Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s recovery value not adjusting correctly in Xmas mode.
    • Fixed Sprint event appearing through Mystery event in Xmas mode.

    100% Orange Juice version 1.31.4 is now live (04/1/2019)

    • 3 new accessories have been added as Xmas event unlockables in the Shop!
    • Watching the Xmas 2018 event ending cutscene from story button now also shows the ending cg & credits
    • Xmas 2016 costumes can now be acquired in the Shop for 50 Wreaths each.
    • The new Xmas 2017 event re-run bonus items are now available to purchase in the Shop.
    • The 4 newly added hair colors for each character can now be purchased individually in the Shop.
    • Lowered the cost of all hair colors from 100 to 75 Oranges in the Shop.
    • Candy Cane currency is now removed and converted to Oranges when visiting the Shop, at a ratio of 25 Candy Canes to 1 Orange.
    • Optimized in-game shop's memory usage.

    Changes to Xmas mode event gameplay:
    • Building the castle no longer consume snow. (Held snow determines how much you can build each phase.)
    • Building cost is now 5 at the start of game, and increases by 5 for every build session that passes, (i.e. 5 -> 10 -> 15 -> 20)
    • Building time has been increased from 30 to 45 seconds.
    • REC value of every unit has been halved.
    • Instead of increasing the deck size in Xmas mode, two cards from each player deck are now replaced with event cards (one of each), resulting in the usual deck size of 48 cards (down from 56).
    • Disabled Sprint field event in Xmas game mode.
    • CPU players now place the same block on a fixed spot (both block and spot vary for each building session).

    • Fixed Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream appearing when hovering over Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s player portrait.
    • Fixed game trying to stack inventory items when there's no internet connection.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned update live (31/12/2018)
    • You can now enjoy a fireworks show in the matches until January 1, 10:00 PST!

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.3 now live (29/12/2018)
    NOTE: This update may reset the game's config settings, do not be alarmed.
    • Improvements to memory consumption.
    • The old Xmas and Halloween costumes can now be bought for characters whose DLC you don't own (in preparation of removing the related currencies; if you have event currency but don't have all the costumes, make sure to spend it now).
    • CPUs should now use their snow in Xmas mode games even after players end their building action.
    • Made a slight color change to END button in castle building minigame to help differentiate it from the other buttons.
    • Made shop errors more generic.
    • Added a new message to confirm card usage for cards with an area of effect.
    • Made Nico/Arthur show up in the main menu alongside player avatar to avoid confusion.

    • Fixed pet rarity icons to be accurate.
    • Various font & texture fixes
    • Fixed a graphic glitch with the Fruitbat pet.
    • Fixed a game crash when joining mid-game as spectator.
    • Fixed some units not getting the Christmas hat right after buying it from the in-game shop.
    • Fixed mouse clicks leaking into the next menu when selecting cards with a range-dependent effect and placing the cursor where Yes/No appear.

    • RBit Hobby Shop can now be replaced by another trap card placed over it.
      New description: "Pay X stars to the player who set this card, where X is the Lvl of the player who set this card. Draw a card from the deck. This card remains on board when triggered but can be replaced by a new trap. No effect on the player who set this trap."
    • Miracle Walker effect updated to also replace the original card similarly to Branch Expansion Strategy.
      New description: "Turn all your cards, including this one, into random Hyper cards. You may play one more card this turn."

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.2 now live!
    • Updated visuals for the Xmas mode castle building game.
    • CPU will now use their snow more effectively in the castle building game.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.1 now live (23/12/2018)
    • Updated the graphic for fireworks when unlocking them.
    • Common item draws from the Pet Catcher now also give 10 Oranges.
    • Fireworks can now be traded (but not sold) to other players.
    • The Chilled debuff preventing you from starting a snowball fight for another chapter is now only applied to the player who initiated a snowball fight.

    • Improved stability of the Xmas game mode.
    • Other minor fixes.
    • You can now earn Xmas Wreath currency if you are the only player in an online lobby. (This was already happening previously, but there's now a visual when earning them).

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (23/12/2018)
    • Fixed a crash bug when using Kiriko.
    • Fixed various issues purchasing event cosmetics in the shop (purchasing them is enabled again).
    • The snow castle building phase should now be less prone to get stuck.
    • Fixed snowball fights getting stuck if a player leaves the game during their snowball fight.
    • Castle building no longer resets camera zoom.
    • Spectators can no longer try to use firework items.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/12/2018)
    - Temporarily disabled shop purchases using inventory currencies while the issues are being investigated.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/12/2018)
    - Possible fix for various shop purchase & currency isses.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (22/12/2018)
    - CPU no longer uses cards they shouldn't be able to during snowball fights.
    - Fixed not being able to select the new flying castle costume from the shop.
    - Fixed incorrect icon for the day 1 reward homestop.
    - Fixed missing icon for new costumes.
    - Fixed Tomomo not having a visible unit card graphic online.
    - Text fixes.
    - Fixed some Chinese language texts not showing up.

    Unversioned hotfix live (21/12/2018)
    • Inventory items will now stack correctly.
    • Fixed some issues purchasing new items from the shop.

    Versioned hotfix now live (21/12/2018)
    • Possible fix to players getting stuck at the end of a castle building chapter.

    Version 1.31 now live (21/12/2018)
    • Christmas Event is now live until January 20! Play the new game mode to earn rewards!
    • Arcade has been added to the Shop with Pet Catcher and Pet Exchange machines. You can earn arcade tokens from playing online.
    • New Firework items can be used from the Item list on the left edge of the screen during matches.

    Unversioned hotfix now live (18/12/2018)
    • Fixed a problem acquiring pet rewards from Steam.
    • Fixed Arthur's pink costume turning him invisible when KO'd.
    • Fixed Nico's red & blue outfit having white buttons instead of blue in one sprite.
    • Text fixes.

    Unversioned hotfix now live (15/12/2018)
    • Players without the Starter Character Voice Pack should now be able to correctly play the starter characters in the Gallery.

    Unversioned hotfix now live (14/12/2018)
    • Stopped GIFT button from appearing in-game.
    • Fixed bug where selecting a character in Gallery's Voices section would temporarily unlock cosmetics.
    • Fixed a crash on CPU's turn during campaign scenarios.
    • Changed "Profanity Filter" label in Config screen to use the correct font.

    Version 1.30 ~Crossed Christmases~ now live (14/12/2018)
    • Arthur and Nico are now playable for owners of the 100% Orange Juice - Toy Store Pack.
    • Poppo and Natsumi now make random comments less frequently during matches.
    • Added a new section to gallery: Voices. You can play all character voices you own in this section. Suguri, QP, Marc and Kai are available for everyone to test in this section.
    • Changed the design of the pet selection screen.
    • Profanity filter has been added to the game. It can be enabled from the System tab of settings. An optional custom word filter can be used by creating a custom.txt file in \language folder and entering blacklisted terms on each line.

    • Fixed a bug that would make Jonathan Rush's -1 DEF effect be kept after a battle.
    • Fixed a bug where Passionate Research wouldn't show the correct card when there's only one left in the deck.
    • Fixed bombs set on home panels by the Bomber event turning invisible when about to explode.
    • Fixed music not playing when different characters level up in a short time.
    • Fixed all cards set by players being treated as part of the deck regardless of how they were obtained.
    • Fixed a visual glitch with Naths's shark costume in certain poses.

    • Natsumi's passive heal now gives 5 stars for each other player healed (up from Lvl x stars).
    • Chicken's recovery value changed to 3. (Down from 4)
    • Saki's recovery value changed to 4. (Down from 5)
    • Kae's defense value changed to -1 (Down from 0) and recovery value changed to 4. (Down from 5)
    • Miusaki's evade value changed to 0 (Down from 1)
    • Robo Ball and Seagull now lose 1/4 stars (and chocolate) in battles (down from 1/2).
    • Evil Mastermind card effect changed: Draw a trap card from the deck. Set all trap cards in hand on random panels. If not holding any trap cards, draw 3 from the deck and set a random one on your current panel.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (06/12/2018)
    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to unlock the Rein die from completing the event extra scenario on extreme difficulty.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (05/12/2018)
    • An issue where the new costume wasn't visible in Christmas unlock popups should now be fixed.
    • Fixed missing texts in some languages.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.29.3 now live (04/12/2018)
    • Christmas 2017 event has been updated with new cosmetics.
    • 100% Orange Juice Wiki link has been updated.

    100% Orange Juice - version 1.29.2 now live (28/10/2018)
    • Prevented players still being able to have invisible avatars under some circumstances.
    • Trick or Treat penalties are now less predictable.
    • Fixed Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s hyper not being shown when hovering over the unit's portrait.
    • Fixed issues with Kiriko's hair and nurse costume.
    • Fixed hyper voice line not playing for some characters.
    • Fixed one of Jonathan's accessories not having the correct icon.
    • Fixed players not being able to target themselves with Witch's Hair Lock when all other players are KO'd.

    100% Orange Juice -version 1.29.1 now live (20/10/2018)

    • Fixed clipping issues with new gallery buttons
    • Fixed random character select allowing colors incompatible with halloween costume
    • Selected pet for a character no longer resets after a game
    • Fixed Red & Blue card effect not stacking when carrying more than one
    • Fixed delay for Natsumi's passive being omitted when meeting specific conditions.
    • Adjusted True White Christsmasher's player on range detection to work more like previous cards with a similar behavior.

    Versioned hotfix live (19/1/2018)
    • Corrected the amount of stars given by Natsumi's passive effect.
    • Adjusted CPU AI for some of the new cards.
    • Shortened timer for candy give accept/decline in public lobbies to 20 seconds (down from 40).
    • Adjustments to prevent aforementioned timer from running out unexpectedly.
    • Added "First page" and "Last page" buttons to gallery.

    Unversioned hotfix live (16/10/2018)
    • Fixed Beach Party logo showing in place of Trick And Treat logo for unlock.
    • Fixed selected BGM in Sound Test still playing in main menu if you exit quickly.
    • Fixed pets showing twice for Tomato and Mimyuu.
    • Fixed pets not using the same pose as the avatar in the lobby.
    • Fixed Mei's pose being invisible with the pumpkin head accessory.

    Versioned hotfix live (15/10/2018)
    • Fixes a bug that would make the game crash if Nath, with one or more Active Extension buffs, were to be involved in a Trick or Treat sequence.

    Unversioned hotfix live (15/10/2018)
    • Fixed a bug with Red & Blue having blank textures with Tomomo (Sweet Eater).
    • Fixed one of Mei's victory lines being swapped with a defeat line.

    Unversioned hotfix live (15/10/2018)
    • Fixed a bug where everyone was able to equip Red & Blue pet without owning it.

    Version 1.29 ~Trick and Treat~ Now Live (15/10/2018)

    • Mei and Natsumi are now available as playable characters for owners of the Mei & Natsumi Character Pack.
    • Halloween event is now live - trick and treat players to collect candy to complete it! Ending illustration by Kagawa Yusaku.
    • Red & Blue pet can be selected by owners of Mei & Natsumi Character Pack
    • Added Gallery menu under Player Info. Players can now view previously seen CGs and BGMs here. More features will be added down the line.
    • Various new buttons' texts can now be translated into different languages.
    • Character voices are now loaded differently, resulting in lower memory usage.
    • Battle card selection is now skipped if player is unable to play any battle cards. If neither player can select battle cards (but are holding cards), there's a short delay before card selection is confirmed to hide whether players can use cards or not.
    • CGs are no longer stretched to the screen but follow aspect ratio.
    • Cards in binder are now stacked and show the owned number in the corner.

    • Pirate Crew Member no longer appears when selecting a random character.
    • Pirate Crew Member is now displayed as an enemy type card
    • Fixed a bug with Combat Flight achievement.
    • Captain Tequila now counts toward a specific achievement of Kyousuke.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live (5/10/2018)
    • An issue where users with latest version of Windows 10 cannot launch the game should now be fixed.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live (1/9/2018)
    • Fixes an issue with some hair colors.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (1/9/2018)
    • Fixes minor post-event issues.

    100% Orange Juice -versioned hotfix now live (12/8/2018)
    • Fixed an issue where glasses and sunglasses couldn't be unequipped on Suguri, Hime and Sora swimsuit versions.
    • Minor multiplayer adjustments.

    100% Orange Juice - Version 1.28.5 Now Live (10/8/2018)
    • Added glasses and sunglasses for Suguri, Hime and Sora in swimsuit costumes.
    • Adjusted 2 of Hime's hair colors.
    • Shifu Robot now spawns with full HP in Co-op if it fails all revive rolls.

    • Fixed an issue with hyper effects appearing in portraits and changing the portrait poses.
    • Fixed Mimyuu being able to unlock sunglasses on her own.
    • Fixed issues with Avenger max HP bonus.
    • Right REC value should now be displayed on Co-op character select screen.
    • Fixed an issue where Tequila as Avenger would get the attack bonus from lost HP when using Big Magnum twice.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (7/8/2018)
    • Fixes to cosmetic selections.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (7/8/2018)
    • Fixes event cutscene.

    100% Orange Juice version 1.28.4 live! (7/8/2018)
    • Sunglasses are now unlocked for another character if you win a game using a character that already has them.
    • When clicking on in-game config button, blocked the mouse click from accidentally changing options.

    • Returned right click functionality to lobby and Co-op deck builder menus.
    • Fixed some of Tomomo's special battle voice lines not playing.
    • Fixed Campaign menu displaying all the characters when the player hasn't finished the starting scenarios.
    • Fixed wrong REC being displayed in Card Binder after Co-op is played.
    • Solid Witch now blocks Crystal Barrier's self-inflicted damage.
    • Fixed an issue with one of Kyousuke's special lines.
    • Fixed winner animations not playing correctly and accessories causing the player to have transparent areas.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (03/08/2018)
    • Fixed new voices' subtitles not showing up when playing in Japanese.
    • Fixed Saki's Big Bang Bell voice playing for other players in multiplayer.
    • Fixed voiced characters' lines for playing another unit's hyper playing in multiplayer when using Big Bang Bell.

    100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (03/08/2018)
    • Fixed new voice texts for Brazilian Portuguese not displaying.

    100% Orange Juice Version 1.28.3 (3/08/2018)
    • Voices for Syura, Nanako, Saki and Kyousuke have been added for owners of their DLC.
    • In Co-op mode, Supporters now have the ability to heal units they pass for 1 HP (no cost).

    • Fixed a crash that occurred whenever a player playing as Syura uses Beyond Hell at 1 HP against a neutral enemy.
    • Addressed an error that was causing CPU players to protect themselves in Co-op mode.

    Beach Party live until August 31, 10:00 PST!

    100% Orange Juice Version 1.28.2 (29/07/2018)

    • Stopped co-op role from changing when switching characters in Deck Builder.
    • Added a shield icon to the Protect action button to make it more noticeable.
    • Protect shields are now colored after the Guardian who set them up.
    • Game messages changed to be aligned to the center of the message box.

    • Fixed an issue where Jonathan KO'ing the last player in the Whimsical Windmill sequence, if Jonathan attacked first, would prevent the game from ending properly.
    • Fixed an issue where the last player in the Whimsical Windmill sequence could stop the game from ending by using Tactical Retreat.
    • Made cards that can be played both outside of and in battles selectable during the battle card selection phase.
    • Made Star-Blasting Light show "MISS" only when no traps were destroyed.
    • Fixed an issue where some cards were not displaying descriptions correctly in Portuguese and Spanish.

    100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (27/07/2018)
    • Co-op game not ending at chapter 50 should now be fixed.
    • Minor text fixes.

    100% Orange Juice Version 1.28.1 (26/07/2018)
    • Sunglasses are now rewarded to players from Co-op victories.
    • Big the Jonathan now starts with +1 Attack but his Attack increases slower.
    • Added a tooltip on the global HP counter to show when the next milestone will be reached.

    • Fixed a problem with Korean language users' lobby passwords.
    • Co-op games should now correctly end after Chapter 50 if players survive.
    • Fixed the norma text display on some languages.
    • Fixed event Leaderboard not working.
    • Fixed event Hypers appearing from normal mode Extension card, Treasure and Playground events.
    • Fixed Shield counter appearing twice in guardian E deck (one has been replaced with Piggy Bank).

    100% Orange Juice Version 1.28 ~Beach Party~(25/07/2018)

    • Summer Event is live, with an all-new Co-op mode! You can change game modes by pressing on the new 'Co-op' or 'Normal' icon on creating a game.
    • Major changes to graphical user interface, including: Last used profile is now automatically loaded on starting the game. 'Free Play' is now 'Online' and takes you directly to the lobby list. 'Campaign' is now 'Single Player' and takes you to campaign screen, from where you can also create a single player game vs CPU.
    • Game Info button has been removed. You can now see the info by hovering on the 'events' tab.
    • New languages can be selected from the game launcher: Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean.
    • Units now bob slightly when idle on the field.
    • 4 new hair colors are now available for all units from the crate!
    • Cards that cannot be used no longer appear on the battle card selection.
    • Borderless window mode now pillarboxes to keep correct aspect ratio.
    • Playground can now be selected as a field event. Frequency has been increased to every 5 chapters.
    • Changed the texture format to reduce the game's memory footprint.

    • Fixed Sweet Breaker posing on the campaign menu when clicking back on episode select.
    • Borderless window mode now letterboxes to keep correct aspect ratio.
    • Fixed an issue causing full screen to crash on ALT+TAB.
    • Fixed a bug where character hair color would sometimes revert to default in full-screen mode.

    • "Stealth On" now grants + 2 ATK when entering a battle with the effect active.

    Versioned hotfix (15/6/2018)
    • NoName parts are no longer tied to a specific minigame.

    • Fixed player being able to use Mimic even when there are no suitable targets.

    Version 1.27.1 Now Live (13/6/2018)
    • NoName part can now appear in a Spin the Wheel game of any size.
    • Whack-a-Poppo game now also displays the number of misses.
    • Reduced NoName part score requirement for Whack-a-Poppo game.
    • Playground no longer affects Warp or Warp Move panels.
    • Slightly increased the chance for NoName parts to appear.
    • Mix Phenomenon can now create Heal panels.
    • Improved hair highlights for some characters.
    • Pirate Crew Members now have speech bubbles in combat.
    • Player circles corresponding to their summoner are now drawn below Pirate Crew Members.
    • Healing when at full health now displays HEAL 0 instead of MISS
    • Heal panels now have a new, more distinct graphic.
    • Adjusted the visual effects for Stealth On.

    • IMPORTANT: Fixed an issue with Config file save/load causing incorrect voice settings, or even character voices not playing. This change requires game settings to be reset for all, so please edit your settings to your preference again. Sorry about the inconvenience.
    • Fixed a bug with launcher resolution list that could lead to users sometimes getting incorrect resolutions.
    • Fixed various issues with the Whack-a-Poppo game.
    • Fixed some hair shadows not being drawn when a headwear was also selected.
    • Fixed Tequila's passive ability not working correctly with some other effects.
    • Fixed Pirate Crew Members sometimes granting stars when defeated.
    • Fixed CPU players being able to target players that had Stealth On active with Boost cards.
    • Fixed Sham's "Tag Team" achievement not triggering.
    • Fixed card completion % counting not working properly.
    • Added CPU unit decks for units that were missing them.
    • Playground's Discard effects now damage Store Manager.
    • Fixed some graphic issues with school costumes.
    • Fixed special boss encounter lines not playing for voiced characters.
    • Fixed Solid Witch visual effect not being applied to hair in portraits.

    Version 1.27 ~ Playground ~ Now Live (6/6/2018)
    • School Crashers! event is now live.
    • New field, "Sakura Smackdown" is available to play during the event, and can be unlocked permanently as a reward.
    • Added random dice and homemark drops from the 2017 Christmas event to the mystery bag.
    • Added new panel type, "Heal". Heals 1 HP if stepped on.
    • Some more UI elements now scale with resolution.
    • 6 new Achievements added for owners of Tsih & Tequila Character Pack to complete.
    • Added a button taking the user to the 100% Orange Juice wiki to the play menu, next to Guide.

    • Fixed an issue where if you did not own Mixed pack and/or Acceleration pack, the numbers in the collection were shown incorrectly.
    • Fixed a visual bug where players joining mid-game would not see Big Poppo but the default boss instead.

    • Suguri (Ver. 2) ATK is now +1, up from +0, making her base stats identical to normal Suguri.

    Versioned hotfix live (24/4/2018)
    • Fixed headwear not drawing for some players during matches.
    • Fixed draw positions of Ceoreparque's and Flying Castle's hypers.
    • Fixed random character possibly selecting Tomomo Sweet Eater.
    • Fixed player not being able to proceed in multiplayer deck screen if selected character is QP, Suguri, Marc or Kai, and player hasn't unlocked them in singleplayer.

    Versioned hotfix live (23/4/2018)
    • Fixed a crash on getting a new cosmetic/pose unlock from crate.
    • Fixed miracle field event not working.

      Version 1.26.2 Now Live (23/4/2018)
      • Added new Character Event.
      • Cosmetic unlocks are now available for characters you won't own but which are available through events.
      • Made the way all panel-transforming effects work more uniform. They all now work the same way: each transformation is based on the currently visible panel, but every effect has their own unique duration, and when one effect expires, the panel returns to the previous still active transformation.
      • Clarified Blazing! description. New description: Inflicts Blazing! on units within 2 panels, and refreshes the duration of existing Blazing! Effect Duration: 3 Chapters. ATK +1, DEF -1. The effect expires upon KO.

      • Revival of Stars effect changed. New effect:
        ★Cost: Level x3. Effect Duration: 3 Chapters. Turn all Drop Panels into Bonus Panels and Encounter Panels into Draw Panels. -1 ATK when on a marked panel.

      Versioned hotfix now live (10/3/2018)
      • Exchange behavior should now be fixed.
      • Extension can no longer draw Sweet Battle.

      Versioned hotfix now live (7/3/2018)
      • Fixed incorrect Exchange behavior.
      • Fixed incorrect tooltip for Suguri (Ver.2) in the Shop.
      • Fixed Suguri (Ver.2) games not being tracked correctly (which would also affect unlocks).

      Version 1.26.1 Now Live (7/3/2018)
      • Fixed Exchange not properly working with Yuki (Dangerous)'s pudding passive and the Magical Red Bean Ice Cream.
      • Fixed Starter Voice Pack characters being silent when playing a hyper they don't own.
      • Fixed being able to play Mimic if all other players were KO'd.
      • To address reports of some players not receiving chocolate NPC skins when winning with them, removed the requirement of Valentines Day event needing to be active to get the chocolate NPC skins. You now just need to have won a game while earned chocolate.

      Unversioned Update Now Live (23/2/2018)
      • Added an Acceleration of SUGURI 2 Open Beta link on the title menu.

      Unversioned Hotfix Live (18/2/2018)
      • Fixed a problem with Chocolate costumes on avatars reverting to default.
      • A problem with redundant 2017 Valentine's Event challenges appearing even if you own the rewards should now be fixed.

      Versioned Update Live (15/2/2018)
      • Added a Leaderboard entry for most chocolate collected (your entry will update the first time you gain more chocolate)

      Versioned Hotfix Live (14/2/2018)
      • Fixed being able to reroll Valentine's event challenges
      • Fixed Valentine's event challenges having an expiration date from last year
      • Fixed getting Valentine's event challenges for items you already own
      • Fixed the binder version of the new Valentine's card being able to be drawn by Extension

      Version 1.26 - Sweet Battle - Now Live (14/2/2018)

      Valentine's event is now on in 100% Orange Juice until March 7 - just log in to commence your quest, and unlock great rewards!

      The Valentine's event story line has been specially written by Hono of Orange Juice.

      • New Valentine's Event has been activated.

      • Fixed some of Aru's special battle lines against QP playing when fighting Poppo instead.

      Unversioned Update Now Live (3/2/2018)
      • Added a Plushie Kickstarter banner on the title menu.

      Unversioned Hotfix Now Live (29/1/2018)
      • Fixed Softened Tomomo pouting and refusing to speak in multiplayer.

      Version 1.25 Now Live (29/1/2018)
      • Main menu character interaction text bubbles going offscreen on some resolutions has been fixed.
      • Fixed Tomomo (Casual) cards going offscreen in character selection card preview on some resolutions.
      • Fixed not being able to use Mimic on players that have no hypers in their hands.
      • Fixed special Yuki related voice lines not playing for Yuki (Dangerous).

      100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix (21/1/2018)
      • Fixed an issue causing some users to crash after a game ends.

      Versioned hotfix (18/1/2018)
      • Added checks for challenges affected by Christmas Event

      Versioned hotfix (17/1/2018)
      • Disabled GIFT button being visible when it is not Christmas.

      Unversioned hotfix (16/1/2018)
      • Updated fonts and text files for Traditional Chinese.

      Version 1.24.2 Now Live (15/1/2018)
      • 100% Orange Juice now supports Traditional Chinese.

      Unversioned hotfix live (3/1/2018)
      • Fixed player being able to get stuck in a loop of the first Christmas event cutscene.

      Version 1.24.1 Now Live (3/1/2018)

      • Fixed Dark Side of the Business taking stars from a player when used on a neutral enemy.
      • Fixed Yuki (Dangerous) being named CPU-A in the Christmas campaign battle.
      • Fixed Tomomo (Casual) and Yuki (Dangerous) Christmas 2016 outfits not being available in the shop.
      • Removed Magical Revenge from blue treasure chests.
      • Fixed Evil Mastermind potentially crashing the game.
      • Fixed Passionate Research not correctly updating in response to Evil Mastermind and Play of the Gods.
      • Fixed Magical Revenge not changing to Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream on revive if placed into Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s hand while she is KO'd.
      • Fixed Tomomo (Sweet Eater) being able to hold Miracle Red Bean Ice Cream.
      • Fixed Cast Off not working correctly with NoName (Head) and Tomomo (Sweet Eater).
      • Fixed special items earned from campaign potentially not being saved if you close the game right away.
      • Fixed players being able to skip the initial Christmas Event cutscene and ending up with a negative amount of presents.
      • Various costume graphic fixes

      • Tomomo (Casual) now has Recovery 5 (down from 6).

      Version 1.24 is now live (25/12/2017

      • Certain unit faces should no longer stretch in portraits.
      • Fixed main menu avatar greeting temporarily switching you out of special poses.

      Unversioned hotfix now live (23/12/2017)
      • Fixed Aru (Scramble) not being available to play
      • Fixed incorrect crate availability checks

      Unversioned hotfix now live (23/12/2017)
      • Fixed unlock conditions for a reward item.
      • Fixed Halloween Cauldron homepost not being in the Crates.

      Version 1.23.1. Now Live (23/12/2017)
      • The final phase of the Christmas Event is now accessible.
      • 6 bonus presents await Aru's helpers upon logging in!
      • Fixed a bug where the Mystery Bags would not show as sold immediately after running out of contents.
      • Added Halloween 2017 Event items to the crates.

      Versioned Hotfix Now Live (21/12/2017)
      • Fixed a crash in the Girl Power Epilogue where it would try to draw Puyopuyo Mascot
      • Fixed the field challenge giving incorrect fields
      • Fixed Christmas event challenges rerolls resetting their timers to 3 days

      Version 1.23 ~Holy Night~ Now Live (20/12/2017)
      Santa needs your help! Christmas event is now live until January 15!

      Sign on to 100% Orange Juice and follow Aru's instructions to begin the event and receive amazing new rewards, including a new field!

      Other version 1.23 changes
      • Christmas Costumes have now been added for characters added since the 2016 event.
      • Christmas items now have a new background in the Shop.

      Versioned hotfix now live (11/11/2017)
      • Fixed a bug giving players same challenges repeatedly on reroll.

      Unversioned hotfix now live (1/11/2017)
      • Fixed an issue where users might not unlock new campaigns despite owning the character.

      Version 1.22.1 Now Live (31/10/2017)

      • Improved details for QP's new Halloween costume
      • If a voiced unit gets KO'd in combat, only the KO voice is now played (skipping the damage line).
      • Announcers now announce a player joining or leaving the lobby.
      • Removed "player joined" voice line upon a spectator becoming a player.

      • Fixed Wanted achievement's unlocking mechanics.
      • Fixed announcer voice quickly repeating when asking for a player slot.
      • Fixed certain lines of newly voiced characters not matching their audio.
      • Fixed Wild Party achievement being granted to spectators.
      • Fixed conditions for 100% Orange Juice achievement.

      Version 1.22 Now Live (26.10.2017)
      • A new Crate is now available in the Shop: spend 100 Oranges to unlock a random base game character.
      • 8 new achievements have been added to the game, not associated with any DLC.
      • Fixed the unlock conditions for Card Sage achievement.
      • Fixed a bug where Tactical Retreat would cost double.
      • Fixed a bug where Party Time blocks KO'd units from a revive roll.
      • Mimic now changes Hyper cards in your hand to match target's hyper, whether they carry any or not.
      • Lost Child and Price of Power description updated: use the card to discard them. Store Manager now takes damage on using them to discard them.

      Versioned hotfix now live (24/10/2017)
      • Fixes a possible crash when Witch's Hair Lock was used.

      Unversioned hotfix now live (22/10/2017)
      • Fixes the "cards collected" counter % in player info.

      Versioned hotfix now live (21/10/2017)
      • Fixed players loading 1.21 for the first time having their annoucer swapped between Suguri and Marc.
      • Fixed Lost Child warping you to invalid locations.
      • Fixed a display bug with Kyousuke's hair when he is using his new Halloween costume.
      • Updated language files for custom language translations.

      Version 1.21 Now Live (21/10/2017)

      Community Card Pack has been added for free to the base game, purchase the new cards in the Shop as usual. Contains the following cards:

      The Dark Side of Business
      Type: Battle
      Level: 3, Cost: 10
      Gain +2 attack, enemy loses -2 def. For every point of damage you would do this round steal 5 stars from your opponent instead.
      "'Extortion' - An act of monetary gain by inflicting violence upon a weaker target."

      Party Time
      Type: Event
      Level: 2, Cost: 20 stars
      All units are randomly warped onto the same panel. End your turn.
      "At tonight's banquet, the Beasts of Darkness shall dance wildly." ―Krilalaris

      Treasure Thief
      Type: Boost
      Level: 2, Cost: 10 Stars
      Steal a random card from all players on the same tile as you.
      "Pokya Po! (Treasure, get!)" ―Marie Poppo

      Lost Child
      Type: Gift
      Level: 1, Cost: 0
      (Max 1)
      Move backwards while this card is held. Discarded upon KO. Cannot Norma while holding this card.
      "Where am I?" ―Tsih

      Type: Trap
      Level 3, Cost: 0
      You give double wins on K.O. Effect lost on K.O.
      "Over here! My nose is never wrong!" ―QP

      Price of Power
      Type: Gift
      Level: 1, Cost: 0
      Effect: You may play cards one level higher than your current level, at the additional cost of 5 stars.
      "Even if I survive the war... With this body, there's nothing I can do." ―Nath

      • 100% Orange Juice now supports Simplified Chinese! Choose language from the game launcher to use it.
      • Halloween event is now active! Earn Candy in single or multiplayer (rewards are increased in multiplayer) to purchase costumes in the Shop. New costumes cost 50 Candy, old costumes still cost 20 Candy. Candy drop rates are increased from last Halloween event.
      • All BGMs now loop.
      • More texts are now displayed as text rather than graphics, allowing for translation into other languages.
      • Added a filter option to hide all owned items in the Shop.
      • If you do not own the voice DLC, you can no longer preview or even see the character voices you do not own. Character voice options were reset to default as result.
      • Improved character face coordinates in portraits.
      • Hovering over player portrait in-game now shows the unit card in larger size and also shows their Hyper card.
      • Cards now default to English texts if their translations are missing in a custom language pack.

      • Fixed Shipyard not being available correctly in the Shop.
      • Fixed a bug where Ceoreparque could attack a player attacking her with Protagonist's Privilege active if she evades their attack.
      • The following "set HP to" effects now correctly ignore Solid Witch: Invisible Bomb explosion, Sealed Guardian, Turbo Charged.
      • Misc graphic fixes to DLC banners and Nanako's sprites.
      • Fixed purchasing an item always playing the voice for your slot 1 save character.
      • Fixed a potential crash bug in single player due to a steam call.
      • Fixed KO voice lines only playing for your own character.
      • Avoid overlap option for voices is now on by default.
      • Fixed Star Breaker's bomb damage not showing the DAMAGE message.
      • Fixed damage from Lonely Chariot and Evil Spy Works - Execution not showing the DAMAGE message.
      • Improved graphics on QP's first 4 hair colors.

      Unversioned hotfix now live (15/9/2017)
      • Fixed a bug where invalid costume selections might cause the game to crash when loading avatar data.

        Versioned hotfix now live (8/9/2017)
        • Fixed a potential crash when selecting a random unit.

        Versioned hotfix now live (7/9/2017)
        • Final battle maximum duration is now 10 rounds of battle.

        • Private lobbies should no longer be able to show up as public on lobby list.
        • Fixed Girl Power Extreme difficulty unlock rewards only triggering from the final episode.
        • Fixed a crash in the main menu if player loses internet connection.
        • Fixed pink and black outfits not dropping for Miusaki and Ceoreparque.

        Versioned hotfix now live (5/9/2017)
        • Fixed private lobbies becoming public when the host leaves.
        • Added a new define for the Witch Pack if user doesn't own the DLC. CustomLanguages.txt has also been updated with new font information.

        Versioned hotfix now live (4/9/2017)
        • Fixed a bug that could cause shield counter damage to be calculated incorrectly for Miusaki, potentially desyncing a multiplayer session.

        Version 1.20 ~Two Witches~ Now Live (4/9/2017)

        • New map, Witch Forest, can be unlocked by finishing the Girl Power campaign, or by purchasing from the Shop.
        • The campaign dialogue's look has been updated. Speaker names are now visible.
        • Improved typing for lobby name, password and filter fields.
        • Attempting to join a lobby no longer resets your own stored password.

        • Fixed Frost Cave and Treasure Island maps not having pop-ups telling you when they become available.
        • Fixed issues with chat word wrap.
        • Fixed certain characters being drawn too close to the sides in the unit portrait.
        • Fixed "VICTORY!" being displayed if NoName was forced into pot form during battle
        • Fixed random filter windows not all having the updated row count. Some screens still had only 6 maps per column, now they should all have 12.
        • Fixed event window being drawn too low for clients using 800x600.
        • It should no longer be possible to temporarily see the new order of cards shuffled by Confusion event.

        • Big Bang Bell's initial damage is now 2 (up from 1).

        Unversioned hotfix now live (30/8/2017)
        • Added support for Thai in the chat as well.

        Version 1.19.4 Now Live (30/8/2017)
        • Chat now supports over 40.000 different characters.
        • Chat supports ALT codes again.
        • Added chat system messages to define files
        • Chat cursor can now be moved with mouse left click, left and right arrow, home and end
        • Chat text can now also be deleted with the Del key
        • Chat can now be scrolled up and down with arrow keys
        • When playing in Japanese, the game title now shows up in Japanese

        • Fixed a bug that caused chat background to not always fade out correctly.

        Unversioned Hotfix Now Live (20/8/2017)

        • You can now actually buy the new maps from the Shop.

        Versioned Hotfix Now Live (20/8/2017)

        • Fixed game crashing if your avatar has an incompatible cosmetic. It will now revert the cosmetic to default.
        • Fixed getting Dapper Poppo instead of Cyborg Poppo in random selection if you only owned the latter.
        • Fixed the preview for Frost Cave, Treasure Island, and Treasure Island (Night) being broken in the shop.
        • Fixed Treasure Island and Treasure Island (Night) being listed as sold out in the shop if you do not own them.
        • Fixed a typo in Kiriko's passive ability.
        • Fixed a crash caused by attempting to sort an empty lobby list.
        • Fixed the random filter buttons being drawn incorrectly for the host in 800x600 resolution.
        • Changed field and event filter windows to have 8 options per column instead of 6. This prevents the windows from being cut off on lower resolutions.
        • Fixed an issue where you could get an invalid challenge character.

        Version 1.19.3 Now Live (18/8/2017)

        • Poppo intensifies more than ever.
        • Changes to crates: Poses now only drop from Regular Crate, and hair colors from Premium Crate. Price of Premium Crate has been lowered from 60 to 50 oranges.
        • Added summer event dice, homemarks and shades to mystery crate.
        • Added tooltips to crates in the Shop.
        • Added summer event maps and Poppo masks to the Shop.
        • Allowed the latest Poppo to also trigger Big Poppo encounter.

        • Fixed cyber Poppo not being a random cosmetic choice.
        • Fixed text appearing 'wavy' on some cards.

        Versioned hotfix now live (06/07/2017)
        • Fixed game crash when unlocking the final chest reward while using certain cosmetics.
        • Fixed glasses for enemy and boss characters not being available as random drops.
        • Fixed Tomomo not being visible when KO'd while wearing both the Christmas Outfit and Pumpkin Head

        Versioned hotfix now live (30/06/2017)
        • You now get chests even after disconnecting and rejoining a game.

        • Fixed a bug in Man's Best Friend achievement.
        • Fixed a bug with Warp Move panels' character voices.
        • Fixed an error in Mimyuu’s hair caused by motion animation.
        • Fixed coloring errors in Aru, NoName and Sora’s hair sets.
        • Fixed a graphic error in Mixed Poppo’s Halloween costume.

        Unversioned hotfix live (26/06/2017)
        • Fixes a crash spectators might encounter.

        Version 1.19.2 Now Live (26/06/2017)

        • The golden summer event treasure chest can now appear starting on chapter 5 in network games.
        • Lobby list now shows a card icon for lobbies that are in deck selection.
        • Adjusted the roll pose for Robo Ball.
        • The default game speed for new players has been changed from "Normal" to "Fast".
        • Added a sound effect for Amplify field event, and added sounds to when the effect boosts players in battle.

        • Fixed a bug after host has been replaced by CPU due to idling 3 turns.
        • Fixed NPCs using the win pose when getting KO'd by Self Destruct.
        • Fixed several potential crashes when running the game without Steam running.
        • Fixed the shop currency window having an incorrect size upon entering shop screen.
        • Fixed the shop showing a header tooltip while confirming a purchase.
        • Fixed a graphic error in Suguri's 7th hair color.
        • Fixed a potential desync when using cards.
        • Fixed character victory voices not playing when defeating NPCs.
        • Fixed general Marc victory voices not playing.
        • Fixed a bug where Big Poppo's graphics might display on a different boss.

        Unversioned hotfix is now live (23/06/2017)
        • Improved deck generation when the timer runs out in public lobbies.

        Versioned hotfix live (23/06/2017):
        • Deck screen timer has been increased from 60 to 90 seconds.

        • Corrected some scenarios that could cause issues in multiplayer.
        • Fixed the summer event chest collection counter decreasing at an incorrect rate.
        • If someone unlocked invalid hairs from crates in the earlier release, those should now be gone again and players receive a refund in oranges.

        Version 1.19.1 Now Live (23/06/2017)

        • Summer Event is now live!
        • Some time after chapter 10 a golden chest will appear. If anyone in the match collects it, you will unlock a reward for the character you were playing when the game ends.
        • A global counter is now on the play menu. As players collect golden chests the number will decrease and all players receive rewards.
        • A new map has been added: Treasure Island. Unlock it by collecting treasures!
        • You can now randomize your character as many times as you wish in deck creation.
        • Changed Treasure chest coloring and designs to make it easier for color blind users.
        • Changes to Challenges and Oranges:
        • You now earn 40 Oranges from completed challenges.
        • "Play as character X or Y" challenges have been lowered to 2 games (down from 3).
        • "Earn X stars" challenge lowered from 800 to 650 stars.
        • "Earn X wins" challenge lowered from 25 to 21 wins.
        • "Set X traps" challenge lowered from 15 to 12 traps.
        • "Complete X wins normas" lowered from 4 to 3 normas.
        • You now earn Oranges depending on your ranking in a game: 6,7,8 or 10. (up from 5 from winning, 2 from other ranks).
        • Voiced characters now greet you on the play menu.
        • Voiced characters now greet you when they join a lobby you're in.
        • The summer heat is making Poppo multiply - expect more Poppo sightings.
        • New field event has been added: Amplify.
          Every 6 chapters, all characters randomly receive a +1 boost to Attack, Defense or Evasion. Duration: 2 chapters.
        • Improved lobby code.
        • You can now join online game lobbies at all times.
        • When you ready up on deck selection screen in multiplayer, you are now taken back to the lobby and can chat there until the game starts.
        • You can now chat during the countdown when game starts.
        • There is now a 1 minute timer on the deck creation in public lobbies. If the timer runs out, remaining decks are filled at random and game starts.
        • Spectators now return to the lobby screen directly when a match ends.
        • Added a sound effect for all players when someone switches between player and spectator.
        • Added messages into game chat when players switch between spectator and player, or take over a CPU player in-game.
        • When using custom languages, if the define files are missing a translation it will now default to English text instead of showing up blank.

        • Randoming a character and exiting the game no longer locks your character selection and cosmetics on re-entering the deck creator.
        • Field events are no longer disabled upon first entering the field selection screen.
        • Fixed Suguri not using her special voice lines for attacking Hime or Sora.
        • Treasures no longer spawn on home panels or unreachable warps.

        Versioned hotfix now live (17/06/2017)
        • Fixed incorrect frames on glasses for Chicken, Tomato and Nath.
        • Fixed NoName reviving as Potted Head when rolling a 6 on first try.
        • Fixed Quick Restoration overhealing NoName in Potted Head form after being KO'd in battle.

        Versioned hotfix now (12/06/2017)

        • Another Ultimate Weapon shouldn't consume your stars when pulled through Extension, again.
        • You should no longer be able to draw Potted Head from a green Treasure chest.

        Version 1.19 ~Extraordinary Specs~ Now Live (12/06/2017)

        • Added new field event, Treasure:
          Every chapter, a treasure chest appears on the map, up to a maximum number depending on the map. Red chest: Stars equal to Chapter Number. Green chest: A random Hyper card.
        • Added options for adjusting the character voice pack voice behavior.
        • Changed the panel layout on Farm.
        • Accidentally loading an an old save file will no longer cause the game to replace older version save backups.
        • You can now return from the Deck Creation screen in single player games.
        • A new type of accessory, Glasses, may now be received as reward at the end of a multiplayer match.
        • Poppo now sees more of your stars.

        • Fixed the random character filter box being shifted to the left on certain resolutions.
        • Fixed Play of the Gods being able to draw cards from the deck that shouldn't be able to be played.
        • Fixed saved cosmetic sets not being cleared properly if you switched to a different profile without closing the game.
        • Fixed dummy units showing up in random unit filter during the All Characters event.

        • Another Ultimate Weapon buffed: Gain +1 ATK and DEF and an additional +1 ATK and DEF for every 20 stars spent on this card. (Previously: Gain +1 ATK and DEF for every 20 stars spent on this card.)
        • NoName’s passive ability changed: If KO'd, give no stars or Wins from battle and turn into NoName (Head) instead. (Previously: When KO'd in battle, cancel the KO and turn into NoName (Head) instead.)

        Versioned hotfix (22/04/2017)

        • Fixed a bug in checking whether Melting Memories' cost can be paid.

        Version 1.18.2 Now Live (21/04/2017)

        • Clarified Overseer description to show it only works against players.
        • Added a confirmation dialogue when attempting to reroll a challenge.

        • Fixed Overseer not cancelling the other party's battle card usage when the battle is cancelled.
        • Fixed being able to receive hairs and poses from the crates for Kiriko and NoName without owning them.
        • Fixed Quick Restoration heals not playing a sound effect.
        • Fixed the cosmetic select options not getting reloaded when the game forcibly switches characters for a campaign mission.
        • Fixed a crash users might experience in certain circumstances when attempting to load a game.
        • Save backups no longer chain, overwriting all previous backups, when loading a save several versions old.
        • Fixed NoName(Head) having a chance to ignore battle stat modifying stock effects.
        • Fixed damage being dealt from end of turn effects (Lonely Chariot, Evil Spy Works - Execution, etc) on players that have already won.


        • Final Surgery now gives 25 stars per KO (down from 30).
        • NoName (Head) now has the following passive ability: -1 to Move rolls.
        • Melting Memories now costs 5 stars per card Overseer now costs 30 stars (up from 20).
        • Princess' Privilege now costs 20 stars (down from 30).
        • Immovable Object duration is now 2 chapters (up from 1).

        Unversioned hotfix (13/4/2017)

        • Fixed a graphic error in one of Syura's frames.
        • Added 2 missing defines to the Japanese language pack.

        Versioned hotfix now live (13/04/2017)

        • Fixed a bug that could crash the game when using shirtless Kyousuke.
        • Various unit graphic fixes.

        100% Orange Juice - Version 1.18.1 Now Live (12/4/2017)

        • Improved performance of avatar texture loading.

        • Fixed a bug that caused Regeneration field event to sometimes not heal players.
        • Fixed various cosmetic-related graphic issues.

        Version 1.18 ~Overseer~ (10/04/2017)

        • New field, Shipyard, can now be purchased from the Shop.
        • You can now spend 2000 stars to reroll a Challenge.
        • Changed how healing effects manifest: sound and heal message now only play if you receive health, MISS message appears instead if healing is blocked.
        • Home panels now perform the Norma check before healing effects take place.
        • Added tooltips for main menu and Shop buttons.
        • People rejoining an online game after leaving it should now take control of their previous character if available.

        • Fixed a potential issue with saved decks for Aru (Scramble), Nath and Tomato+Mimyuu.
        • Fixed an issue where Xmas costumes gotten from crates could unlock the wrong thing if player did not own all the units.
        • Fixed cosmetic select not properly removing selected items when changing units.
        • Fixed Seagull’s teal color being incorrectly colored in 2 frames.
        • Fixed Play of the Gods using event cards that could not otherwise be played at the time.
        • Fixed a graphic error in Sweet Breaker’s KO pose when using Xmas costume and Pumpkin head.

        • Princess’s Privilege effect changed. New effect:
          Discard all cards in your hand. Draw 3 new cards. Can only be used when you have at least 3 cards in your hand.

        Unversioned hotfix (12/3/2017)
        • Swapped Chicken's attack and roll poses.

        • Fixed Suguri's winter outfit missing the attack effect from attack pose when using certain costumes.

        Version 1.17.5 Now Live (10/3/2017)

        • Fixed a bug causing spectators to drop out of games with 6 or more players.
        • A bug causing some people to crash when unlocking certain items from challenge crates should now be fixed.
        • Random unit select now picks the challenge hairs as cosmetics as well.

        Unversioned hotfix (5/3/2017)
        • Fixed a problem where some new challenges could crash the game when loading.

        Version 1.17.4 Now Live (03/3/2017)

        • Added and replaced several challenges.
        • Reduced "Win 2 games" challenge to "Win 1 game".
        • Valentine's event unlocks can now be found in the Mystery Bag.

        • Fixed a bug where players might receive several "Play 5 games" challenges.

        100% Orange Juice version 1.17.3 Now Live (28/2/2017)

        • Chicken, Seagull, Shifu Robot, Robo Ball and Nath now have unique poses for every action.
        • Challenges no longer refresh before their status has finished updating from Steam.
        • Added a new define so that challenges can have a "days" unit that isn't "d" in languages other than English.
        • Backups of saves are now also saved to "Documents\Fruitbat Factory\100% Orange Juice" folder.

        • Fixed Winter Suguri's attack frame clipping her attack effect.
        • Fixed remaining time being able to go into negative values in the daily challenge window.

        Unversioned hotfix live (18/2/2017)

        • Fixed a bug where unlocking a map from campaign could cause the game to crash.

        Versioned hotfix live (17/2/2017)

        • A bug where some players were not receiving their Valentine's challenges should now be fixed (upon the next challenge refresh).
        • Fixed an incorrectly colored frame for one of Aru (Scrambled)'s challenge hairs.

        • Tactical Retreat no longer costs stars when drawn through Extension.

        Unversioned hotfix live (15/2/2017)

        • Fixed a bug where some people would still see duplicate Valentine's challenges.

        Versioned hotfix live (15/2/2017)

        • Fixed a bug where some online players would see Another Ultimate Weapon cost stars if drawn through Extension.
        • Fixed a bug where some players would see duplicate Valentine's Day challenges. Existing duplicates should now be replaced.
        • Clarified descriptions for Valentine's Day challenges.

          Version 1.17.2 Now Live (14/2/2017)

          • New Valentine’s event is now active! Log in by February 28th to receive Chocolate Dice and start the event!
          • Changed the shop icon for Kyousuke’s Halloween costume.
          • Clarified Hyper Mode description:
            Your unit gains +2 Attack during this battle. If your unit suffers KO during this battle, you give no stars or Wins and the unit will revive next turn.
          • White Winter panel layout has been reworked.
          • Air Raid sound effect now only plays when Air Raid event activates.

          • Fixed a bug where you could (still) get challenges for characters you do not own.
        • Fixed a bug where online players would see Another Ultimate Weapon miss if the opponent played a battle card.
        • Fixed a bug where the game would attempt to load costumes that do not exist.
        • Fixed Nanako’s KO pose with Pumpkin hat not having pumpkin Bits.
        • Fixed buggy field icons when unlocking fields from clearing campaign scenarios.

        • Binding Chains now applies -2 Evasion to targets while bound. Reduced level to 3 (down from 4).
        • Another Ultimate Weapon level reduced to 3 (down from 4).
        • Syura now has the following special effect: At 1 HP, gain +1 Attack and Evasion.


        Version 1.17.1 Now Live (02/02/2017)

        • Updated the look of golden dice.
        • Mystery bag now gives 15 oranges on an "unlucky" purchase.
        • By popular request, event tabs are visible again (Christmas candy purchase options remain disabled outside the event).
        • Players will no longer receive “Win 1 game using character X” challenges when new ones are unlocked.

        • Fixed a crash resulting from a combination of Kyousuke's accessories.
        • Fixed a bug where crates could drop nothing.
        • Fixed a bug with users getting challenges for characters they don't own.
        • Fixed the graphic displayed when unlocking Xmas hats and Halloween pumpkin costumes.

        Versioned Hotfix (31/1/2017)
        • You now get bonus oranges for playing an online game (2 per game +3 per win).
        • Fixed Kyousuke's halloween costume not matching special poses for avatars.
        • You can no longer get challenges involving Mimyuu or singe player Tomomo. Tomato and online Tomomo will count toward their respective challenges.
        • Fixed not being able customize Mimyuu on deck screen.
        • Fixed a small graphic glitch on the deck creation screen.

        Version 1.17 ~Completion Reward~ Now Out (31/1/2017):

        • Added a new Challenge system:
          Players start with 3 daily Challenges to complete, and a new one is unlocked every 24 hours, with a duration of 3 days. Completing a challenge will net you 50 Oranges, which can be used to purchase bonus crates or new hair for characters in the Shop. There are three types of crates available, which can include hair sets and other unique bonus items. Finishing a multiplayer game will also give you a small number of Oranges.
          Current challenges can be viewed on the main menu and Lobby screens.
        • Avatar Poses and Homestops can now be customized!
        • Shop 2.0 is now live – the entire Shop system has been rehauled to be more dynamic and have more filtering options, as well as use the space better on high resolutions. All Shop icons have been upgraded.
        • Avatar customization 2.0 is now live – the Avatar screen in Player Info and Deck Creation has been rehauled to support more customization options and be more intuitive to use. Additionally, 7 cosmetics save slots have been added for each character on the Avatar screen, and the setups can be loaded on the Deck screen as well.
        • Game now updates Steam connection better on the Shop screen in cases such as starting the game while offline on Steam.
        • DLC purchases now unlock the contents on the Shop screen without needing to restart the game.
        • Improved netplay data verification.
        • Fields with air raid field event should now again play ambient warfare sound even outside campaigns.

        • Fixed a bug with new players getting desynced after joining a game if the host of the lobby has changed.

        • When you get KO'd as Poppo, you now recover as another, identical Poppo.

        Versioned hotfix (15/1/2017)
        • Improved detection for other players leaving while player is on results screen.
        • Added missing font files to LanguageFiles.zip.

        Versioned hotfix (15/1/2017)
        • Fixed Mimyuu appearing on random character selection options, also causing the window to be misaligned.

        Versioned hotfix (15/1/2017)
        • Fixed a bug where All Characters Event would allow players to random a solo Mimyuu as their player character, resulting in a graphic bug where Mimyuu would also appear as Tomato while playing.

        Version 1.16.6 Now Out (14/1/2017)
        • Improved netpacket validity checking for better multiplayer stability.
        • Removed the short delay before players could roll dice in multiplayer.
        • Improved game behavior in situations where a player leaves on the deck creation screen.
        • You now get a warning message and game closes when trying to load a save data with older game version than what the save was created with.
        • Unspecific Hyper cards that under rare circumstances appear in center deck while using Passionate Research now have a unique icon.

        • Fixed clients not receiving player info from host when a new player joins midgame.
        • Fixed a bug where the next card drawn would be blank if Play of the Gods drew the last card from deck.
        • CPU unit decks for Aru (Scramble), Nath and Tomato & Mimyuu are now selected properly.
        • Fixed not getting the password input box again when trying to join a lobby using a wrong password.
        • Clients in lobbies no longer sometimes toggle themselves NOT READY even when nothing has changed in lobby settings.
        • Fixed a bug where a client joining mid-game could get stuck at chapter change if joining lobby exactly during chapter change.
        • Fixed a bug where a kicked player would not leave the room on their screen until losing connection to other players.
        • Fixed a graphic error with Robo Ball’s Christmas costume.
        • Made the basic red costume for Flying Castle more distinctly colored.

        • Removed the following special effect from Tomato: “Lose 1/4 stars when KO'd in battle.”
        • Nath now loses 1 stack of Active Extension when KO’d in battle (as opposed to all stacks).

        Version 1.16.5 Now Live (10/1/2017)
        • Improved connecting code in multiplayer (p.s. connecting to old versions does not work).
        • Removed “Retry” option from connection error popup informing player of wrong lobby version.

        Versioned hotfix (6/1/2017)
        • Further optimized mid-game join process.
        • Fixed a typo in Banned for Life description.

        Versioned Hotfix (4/1/2017)
        • Optimized mid-game join process, hopefully making it much smoother when playing on a bad connection.
        • Fixed Minelayer field event potentially placing traps on Ice Panels.

        Version 1.16.4 (2/1/2017)

        • Unit cards now show a REC value for unit’s revive roll.
        • Updated all unit cards to remove (Special) tags and mention of special recovery times.
        • Clarified unit description for Tomato & Mimyuu into "Revive as X and act on revival."

        • Fixed Tomato & Mimyuu unlocks going to only Mimyuu under rare circumstances.
        • Self-Destruct now causes the target player to lose half their stars regardless of character.
        • Fixed Nath's special poses not being drawn for hair and accessories.
        • Another Ultimate Weapon now uses no stars (and gives no boost) when called by Extension.
        • Fixed Nath’s pumpkin headwear missing armor.
        • Fixed a bug where Evil Spy Work – Execution’s effect’s camera tracking would continue off-screen in unstable network conditions.

        • Santa’s Job now gives 5*card Lvl in stars again, but does not share cards above user’s own level.

        Version 1.16.3 (23/12/2016)

        • Clarified Nath's unit description:
          (Special) Gain 1 stack of Active Extension in each battle where a battle card is played (max 3).
        • Another Ultimate Weapon + President's Privilege behavior now more accurately reflects the card descriptions (Another Ultimate Weapon costs no stars, and gives no bonus to Attack and Defense).
        • Jonathan Rush description reworded:
          Move to an enemy and attack them. (previously: Warp to an enemy and attack them.)

        • Fixed a bug that could cause spectators to desync in games with Tomato&Mimyuu.
        • Fixed a crash when starting a game with a specific Tomato&Mimyuu outfit combination.
        • Fixed a bug where everyone in the game would receive the achievement for Ultimate Destruction when triggered.
        • Fixed Aru (Scramble)'s game attribution as intended.
        • Corrected prices for Silver and Red & Blue color sets.

        (note: the Christmas Candy purchase option is still missing in this version).

        Unversioned hotfix (24/12/2016):
        • Fixed a white box appearing in some Nath frames since previous hotfix.
        • Fixed a bug where players with an existing user profile creating a new one via New Game option would crash in character creation.

        Unversioned hotfix (24/12/2016):
        • Xmas Candy purchase option is now in the Shop (cost: 300 per Candy).

        [list ]
      • Fixed incorrectly colored frames in Nath's Christmas and Red & Blue outfits.

      Version 1.6.2 Now Live (23/12/2016):

      • Added 6 new Achievements related to the new DLC.
      • Added option to the Shop to purchase Christmas event Candy Canes for 300 Stars / Candy Cane while the event lasts.

      • Santa’s Job now gives stars equal to Card Lvl x Your Lvl (down from Card Lvl x 5).
      • Chicken now loses 1/4 stars when KO’d in battle.

      • Fixed Starbreaker's hyper drawing the wrong number of bombs at the start on fields with snow panels.
      • Fixed not being able to select Christmas outfits on DLC characters when that is the only outfit you own.
      • Fixed game attribution on the unit card for Aru (Scramble) to Xmas Shooting – Scramble!!.
      • Updated credit links in Game Info.
      • Fixed Nanako’s bits not changing colors in the attack pose when wearing Christmas outfit.
      • Aru (Scramble)’s pink and black costumes have been stolen back from Dark Santa.
      • Cast Off is now correctly applied before other battle modifiers, not after them.

      Version 1.16.1 (17/12/2016)

      • Christmas candy is now capped to 9999.
      • Added a slight bonus to luck and candy loot from the Xmas bag of presents for the winner of the game.

      • Fixed an issue where hairs would draw incorrectly in the Windy Enchantment effect.
      • Removed crowns from those that had gained them in 1.16 without meeting the unlocking criteria.
      • Fixed a graphics-related memory leak.
      • Fixed color scrolling passing over the special Poppo costumes.
      • Fixed a rare crash from the Xmas bag of presents.
      • Fixed Xmas bag of presents blocking other drop notifications.
      • Fixed Santa's Job not preserving flipped status on cards hit by Melty Memories.
      • Fixed an issue where ice panels might result in you sliding further than intended.

      Versioned hotfix (17/12/2016)

      • Fixed a bug where spectators were getting Christmas Candy drops.
      • Fixed being unable to pick Christmas costume if it is the only color you own on a DLC/bonus character.
      • Fixed player stats not updating at the end of game.
      • KO'd units should no longer spin on ice.

      Version 1.16 ~Santa’s Job~ Now Live (16/12/2016)

      • Christmas event is now active! You can receive Christmas Candy by playing and use it to purchase new Christmas costumes in the Shop, or if you’re lucky, immediately unlock a new costume.
      • A new bonus character, Aru (Scramble) is now available for everyone who owns Xmas Shooting – Scramble!! on Steam.

        Aru (Scrambled)
        -1/-1/+2, 5 HP
        (Special) Can hold 4 cards.
        Hyper: Santa's Job (Gift)
        After your turn, send a card from your hand to a random player. Gain stars equal to Card Lvl x5. Target cannot challenge players to a battle until your next turn*. This card is discarded upon KO or use.

        *Note: the effect from gifting a card from Santa's Job is marked as "Santa's Gift" in player info.

      • Added new panel type: Ice panel. Stepping on Ice panels will cause character to slide over them. (Maximum of 15 panels in a row).
      • Added a new Field Event: Freeze. Every 5 Chapters, some of the panels freeze over for 1 Chapter, acting the same as Ice panels.
      • Added a new Field: Ice Cave. The field is available for everyone to play during the Christmas event, after which it will be available in the Shop.
      • The old Christmas Hat headwear have been updated with a new, shinier look.
      • Changed Niko to Nico in Present Thief’s flavor text.
      • Made Cast Off behavior more consistent – the effect of Cast Off is now always applied after other battle-related Stock Effects.
      • CPU-controlled Sora no longer only picks Wins norma, and Fernet and Poppo no longer pick only Stars norma.
      • White Winter now has Freeze event instead of Minelayer.

      • Banned for Life: now costs 10% of stars to use (down from 20%). Discards entire hand when discarded.
      • Manager now has -1 Evasion (down from 0).
      • Changed Reflective Shell. New description:
        Base Attack is 0 in this battle. Absorb up to 2 damage. Gain an additional +2 Attack for every damage absorbed. Can only be used when defending.
      • Immovable Object now prevents you from being forcibly moved by Warp effects.

      • Fixed Golden Egg not changing the panel type underneath immediately after landing on the trap.
      • Fixed a bug where other Stock Effects could block Golden Egg effect.

      Version 1.15.1 (28/11/2016)

      • Fixed Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! damage message showing 1 damage instead of 2.
      • You can no longer draw Big Magnum with Extension when at 1 HP.
      • Reflective Shell now works correctly while Cast Off is active.

      Version 1.15 ~Jonathan Rush~ (23/11/2016)!

      New Hyper cards and BGM added for the 6 playable "NPC" characters.

      Hyper Cards:
      • Store Manager/Banned for Life (Gift)
        Level 1/★Cost: Stars / 5.
        Can only play Gift cards.
        Using this card sends it to to another player.

      • Flying Castle/Immovable Object (Boost)
        Level 3/Cost 20.
        Effect Duration: 1 Chapter.
        Cannot move. Gain +2 Defense.
        Can counterattack.
        Enemies who move into the same panel must battle you.

      • Shifu Robot/Turbo Charged (Boost)
        Level 2/Cost 20.
        Drop to 1 HP. Gain +1 Attack per lost HP.
        Effect Duration: As many Chapters as lost HP.
        Lose 1 Attack per turn for the duration.
        Effect lost on KO.

      • Robo Ball/Reflective Shield (Battle)
        Level 1/Cost 5.
        Base Attack is 0 in this battle.
        Gain an additional +2 Attack for every damage taken, up to +4.
        Can only be used when defending.

      • Chicken/Golden Egg (Trap)
        Level 2.
        If target is Chicken, Stock Effect (3).
        Drop Panels will act as Bonus Panels.
        Otherwise, Stock Effect (3).
        Bonus Panels will act as Drop Panels.

      • Seagull/Jonathan Rush (Boost)
        Level 3/Cost 20.
        Warp to an enemy and attack them.
        Target gains -1 Defense.
        After the battle, your turn ends.

      • Clarified Store Manager and Flying Castle unit descriptions.
      • Improved CPU behavior against Flying Castle.

      • Shifu Robot maximum HP is now 5 (down from 6).
      • Flying Castle maximum HP is now 8 (down from 10).
      • Flying Castle defense is now -1 (up from -2).
      • Flying Castle evasion is now -2 (down from -1).

      • Fixed not being able to stop on your Home panel after having passed it once on the same turn.
      • Fixed a graphic issue with Delta Field.
      • Fixed “Norma Check” voice playing on potential Norma up when holding Windy Enchantment.
      • Fixed Flamethrower displaying a Damage (2) message.

      Version 1.14.6 Now Live (10/11/16)

      • Improved AI behavior with regard to using Super All-Out Mode.

      • Improved Direct3D9 initialization, fixing a start-up crash some users were experiencing.

      Version 1.14.5. (09/11/2016)
      • Removed the shader minimum requirement check.

      • Card descriptions should no longer disappear when Alt+Tabbing out of full-screen mode.
      • Fixed a bug where game would crash when exiting Free Play when not logged in to Steam.

      Version 1.14.4. Now Live (09/11/2016)

      • GPU requirements have been lowered to Vertex Shader 1.1 and Pixel Shader 1.4.

      Version 1.14.3 Now Live (08/11/2016)

      • 100% Orange Juice now uses DirectX 9 instead of 8. This may increase performance for those with slower PCs.
      • Online lobbies should now react faster when someone leaves or disconnects.
      • Online lobbies now display messages in Chat when players join and leave the lobby.

      • Fixed a graphical error in Syura's idle pose.

      Unversioned hotfix (26/10/2016)
      • Clarified Play of the Gods description: "Play one random Event card (including Hyper cards) from any other player's hand or the deck, at no additional cost." (rather than "any player's hand").

      Version 1.14.2 (25/10/2016)
      • Fixed a bug where players with high latency might crash or draw a blank card when using Extension.

      • Scrambled Eve now has a cost of 5 stars (up from 0).

      Version 1.14.1 Now Live (19/10/2016)
      • Halloween costumes now cost 20 Candy to unlock (down from 25). Players will automatically receive a rebate of 5 Candy per costume they have previously unlocked.

      • Fixed a problem preventing a player from purchasing 9 of each card in the Acceleration Pack in one session.
      • Passionate Research now correctly shows the top cards in the Deck after Scrambled Eve shuffles it.
      • Fixed a graphic bug with Gift cards' names in Player Status box.
      • Owned stars should now properly update in player status at the end of the animation, rather than instantly.

      Version 1.14 "Scrambled Eve" (17/10/2016)
      • Added Halloween costumes for new characters added in the past year!
      • Old style Halloween costumes are now separated into separate pumpkin heads and body.
      • New Halloween event has been introduced! Collect Candy by playing, and use it to purchase all-new costumes for each character in the Shop.
      • Increased the amount of possible saved decks from 3 to 5.
      • CPU characters now prepare decks in a more dynamic fashion.
      • Overhead gameplay graphic messages (such as HEAL, DISCARD, etc) now line up horizontally in case of potential overlap.
      • On higher resolutions, cards are now drawn larger in certain situations.

      • Invisible Bombs are now properly removed by Stiff Crystal.
      • Traps used and traps stepped on counts no longer increase when stepping on your own trap that has no effect (Invisible Bomb, Dance, Long-Eared Beasts!).
      • Mixed Booster Pack cards now show the intended icon.
      • Fixed a bug where closing the launcher with Enter could sometimes start the game in another language.

      Version 1.13.5 (27/9/2016)

      • More menu texts can now be translated to different languages (see language\CustomLanguages.txt for more details).

      • Fixed Sora's ear changing colors with different hair sets

      Version 1.13.4 (23/9/2016)

      • Added custom language support. 100% Orange Juice can now load any number of additional languages from the launcher. See CustomLanguages.txt in "language" folder for more details on adding a new custom language.
      • Added adjustable zoom. Use Mouse Wheel to zoom closer or further away. Middle-mouse click resets the zoom level.
      • Slightly improved the rendering of very small card description texts.

      • Invisible Bomb trap is now correctly level 3.
      • Fixed Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! heal message showing 2 instead of 1 HP healed.
      • Fixed Stiff Crystal being consumed by your own Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! trap.
      • Fixed several typos in the campaign and cards.
      • Fixed a slight misalignment of Star Breaker and Sweet Breaker crowns.
      • Clicking on a panel to move to now properly dismisses the route select message.

      Version 1.13.3. (16/8/2016)

      • Added support for Japanese language (change language in the launcher).
      • Changed the way card descriptions and most other texts in the game are rendered for better multi-language support.
      • Four new character themed dice have been added to the shop.
      • Poppo has greatly intensified.

      • Sealed Memories now correctly shuffles the cards in the player's hand.
      • Melting Memories now correctly shuffles the cards in the players' hands.
      • The damage of Shield Counter is now calculated after Reverse Attribute Field.
      • Invisible Bombs now appear faster for the player who used Star Blasting Fuse.
      • Starship field can now be purchased in the shop.

      • Krila now has 0 defense (up from -1).
      • Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! now heals the trap setter by 1 HP (down from 2).
      • The card effect applied By Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! now lasts until the affected player's next battle.
      • Stiff Crystal is now limited to 1 per deck. Effect changed as follows: Stock Effect. This card negates the effect of a trap card. Gain 5 stars per level of cancelled trap.

      Version 1.13.2 (30/6/2016)

      • Added Die Customization. You can now choose which of your unlocked dice you want to use by clicking on the die on Avatar screen or Deck Creation.
      • Changed several text fonts in the game.
      • ‘Waiting for other players’ message duration has been significantly reduced in single player.
      • On star die, Poppo now rides a star on 1 instead of 6, as with the earlier dice.
      • Christmas dice (red and green) can be unlocked by purchasing the Christmas Pack from Shop. If you already own the Christmas hat, you will automatically have the Christmas dice as well.
      • Lobby names can now be a maximum of 20 characters.

      • Source of Conflict achievement should now work again.
      • The Duelist achievement should now work when using Star Breaker.
      • Fixed a typo in Kai’s campaign.

      • President’s Privilege card effect now only lasts for 1 chapter again (down from 2).
      • Confusion field event has been reverted to its original function, with a clarified description: “All cards players hold are shuffled and cannot be seen by the player.” (Cards do not gain Reversed status and do not give a stat bonus to Sweet Breaker).

      Version 1.13.1. (17/6/2016)

      • ALT key no longer causes the game to pause.
      • Move panels no longer activate when the player can't move from the panel.
      • Source of Conflict achievement requirement has been lowered.
      • After being sighted, the patch note thief Poppo dropped some new hints while escaping.

      • We Are Waruda should now work even when there are a lot of traps on the field.
      • Fixed a few variables not resetting properly between games.
      • Fixed a backtrack pathing issue in Starship.

      • Melting Memories now discards and replaces only 1 card (down from the whole hand). The rest of the effect remains the same.

      Version 1.13 ~Sealed Guardian~ (7/6/2016)
      • Added an improved pathing method: Players can now highlight any of the lit up destination panels after a move roll to display the route to that panel. Left-clicking the target panel will move the character along that route; right-clicking will switch the selected route (if multiple are available).
      • Reworked the Campaign difficulties. There are now 4 difficulties: Casual, Normal, Original, and Extreme. Mouse-over any difficulty to see detailed info on what it does. Campaigns previously cleared on Normal difficulty now show as having been cleared on Original difficulty.
      • Characters on Campaign screen now show an action pose on mouse hover.
      • Changed Norma selection’s font size and button behavior.
      • [Poppo stole this patch note.]
      • Changed the flavor text for Crystal Barrier.
      • Two new campaign maps from Breaker Pack (Sweet Heaven and Vortex) can be unlocked by clearing their scenario, or purchasing them from the shop (available at level 28, cost 10.000 stars).
      • Improved the snow effect in White Winter.
      • Added a new field event, Bomber: A bomb is placed on a random panel that explodes after 1-4 turns, inflicting 2 damage to all units in a cross-shaped area.
      • Added a new field event, Mystery: Every 5 turns, a random field event occurs.
      • There is a new ‘events’ tab at the right side of the screen (visible when there are active events). Mouse-overing it will slide open a display that shows Field Events that are currently active or were activated on that turn.
      • Clearing all original Campaigns on Normal difficulty or higher now unlocks Red Crown headwear for all characters.
      • Clearing all original Campaigns on Extreme difficulty now unlocks Purple Crown headwear for all characters.
      • Changed some mechanics in level design to allow for easier level creation.
        *Spectator chickens are now displayed as a single chicken icon with a counter.
      • A “new” graphic is now displayed when visiting the Campaign screen after a new scenario is unlocked.
      • There is now a notification when unlocking a new field for Free Play in Campaign.

      • Crystal Barrier or Stiff Crystal are no longer activated when stepping on a Dance, Long-Eared Beasts! trap set by yourself.
      • Traps blocked by Crystal Barrier or Stiff Crystal no longer increase trap counts for the players.
      • You Call That a Trap? achievement no longer fails if the player stepping on a trap is protected by Stiff Crystal.
      • Drop dice roll no longer cuts off by 10px when playing at 1080p resolution.
      • Play menu and dialogue background scrolling texts no longer cut off at high resolutions.
      • Chapter count should no longer move from the Center Deck when dragging the view with the mouse.
      • Fixed a graphic glitch where “Chapter X” message would quickly flash on the screen again after an event has been triggered at the start of the chapter.
      • Various achievements involving defeating other players in battle now also work even when the defeated player has Hyper Mode! active.

      • To avoid confusion, the Confusion event now reverses cards, instead of turning them face down.

      Version 1.12.1 Now Live (20/1/2016)

      - Made the way different effects that activate at the start of turn work together more uniform. If you have any overlapping effects now, only the most recent one should now be consumed when they would activate. (Examples: Hyper Mode and Extend, Dangerous Pudding and Binding Chains).
      - Magical Massacre revive roll stacks are no longer consumed if player has a guaranteed revive like Extend/Hyper Mode/Sora (Military)'s combat revive.
      - Training Program field is now slightly more friendly to star gatherers.

      - Chicken, Robo Ball, and Seagull now give 1 Win when defeated in battle (down from 2).

      Version 1.12 (19/1/2016)
      - Added a special new field, Training Program, to celebrate Sora's release on Steam (design courtesy of Kyle).
      - Field background speed is now adjustable from the Config menu (Note: field background speed is no longer tied to game speed).
      - Config menu can now be accessed mid-game from the Pause menu.

      - Fixed a crash caused by audio drivers failing to initialize, and added a more informative error message about it.
      - Fixed a bug sometimes causing game to crash when using Krila's hyper card.
      - Chapter count shouldn't stray too far from center deck now when zooming.
      - Tomomo's slightly less eager to play with friends now, when filtered out from random selection.

      - Tomomo's Magical Massacre hyper card now adds a stock effect that reduces her next Revive roll by one for each enemy KO'd.

      Version 1.11 (04/01/2016)
      - Slightly increased the drop rate for Antler headwear.

      - Tomomo's random character filter should now work correctly.
      - Castle can now attack if attacked by Sherry.
      - Extend and Hyper Mode should now resurrect Shifu Robot with full HP.

      1.10.1 (24/12/2015)

    • Double Drop Event is now on! Doubled unlock chance from playing multiplayer games.
    • Monsters and festive-spirited players now experience something new.
    • Changed the way fields are handled in preparation of supporting custom maps (NOTE: the changes will stop FieldMod from working at the moment).
    • Whimsical Windmill can no longer be used if all other players are KO’d.
    • Chapter Count is now drawn a bit higher if Passionate Research is on.
    • Miscellaneous improvements to system graphics.
    • Players can now close the game launcher without starting the game.

    • Sherry’s Combat Flight achievement now correctly checks for winning condition.
    • Crystal Barrier no longer activates on players who have the buff and use Whimsical Windmill to battle others.
    • Alt-tabbed players should now get a blinking taskbar icon when attacked by Sherry or a player using Whimsical Windmill in multiplayer games.

    • Changed Sham's attack to 0 (up from -1).

      Version 1.10 ~Little War~ (8/12/2015)
    • When using a card in battle, you can no longer see the card disappear from the player’s hand before the battle starts.
    • Redesigned Deck Creation menu to display cards on mouseover in a larger and easier to read size.
    • Redesigned unit selection in Deck Creation and Avatar screens to a single selection pop-up.
    • Consecutive Warp Move and Move panel re-rolls are now limited to a maximum of 5.
    • Waylaid achievement condition changed to KO’ing one opponent while using Ambush (down from 2).
    • The central deck now displays the current chapter count.
    • Reworked the deck saving buttons on Deck Creation screen.

    • Fullscreen no longer flickers in Windows 10.
    • NPC unit cards now display as ‘Player’ instead of ‘Enemy’ cards.
    • Warp/Warp Move panels now correctly take you to any other Warp/Warp move panel.
    • Changed Sweet Guardian card type from EVENT to BOOST.
    • Various consistency fixes in card descriptions.
    • Fixed a bug where characters without a hyper card of their own drawing a hyper from deck would remove it from play.
    • Fixed the shop icon for Kae’s basic color pack.
    • CPU can no longer pick multiple Tomomos if Unique option is on.

    • Kae now gains +Attack for all -Defense even when defending.
    • President’s Privilege card effect now lasts 2 chapters, up from one.
    • Krila now has -1 Defense (down from 0).
    • Plushie Master now heals for 2 HP (up from 1) and sets traps on 3-5 panels, depending on map size (up from 3).
    • Subspace Tunnel now creates 4-6 Warp Move panels, depending on map size (up from 4).
    • Present for You now causes players with a full hand to draw 1 card.
    • Effects that would overlap (such as Extraordinary Specs, Lonely Chariot) now act according to the effect last applied.

    1.9.9 Hotfix (25/10/2015)
    - Minor card description fixes
    - Limited the maximum number of cards you can carry to 10.

    Version 1.9.9. Now Live (22/10/2015)

    A new playable character, Marie Poppo (Mixed) is now available to owners of 200% Mixed Juice!.
    HP: 7
    Attack: -1
    Defense: -1
    Evasion: -1
    (Special) When warping from any effect:
    If player level is odd, gain 3x level in stars. If player level is even, draw a card.

    Hyper Card: Subspace Tunnel
    Level: 1
    Cost: Lvl x 5
    Effect Duration: Player level
    Turn four panels into Warp Move panels and then warp to one of them.

    - Changed file formats to considerably reduce the installation size and speed up all load times.
    - Players can now take control of DLC characters they do not own when joining a game in progress (Achievements still require DLC ownership).*
    - Added Halloween costumes for new characters added in the past year!

    - Fixed a bug where rejoining a game quickly after leaving it sometimes caused undesired behavior.

    - Passionate Research card is now limited to a maximum of 1 per deck.

    *This is a potentially temporary change while we basically evaluate whether this is a direction we can go in.


    Version 1.9.8 hotfix (26/8/2015)

    -Poppo has learned the Blink ability*
    -You can now join a game in progress as soon as the game starts, as opposed to after the first chapter.
    -You can now see Last Played With users in the Steam interface.

    -Alte’s Self-destruct stack no longer incorrectly resets after a 4th successful Self-destruct.
    -2x Battle panels should no longer stay extra long when Miracle coincides with Battlefield event.
    -A bug sometimes causing chat messages to be attributed to CPUs should now be fixed.
    -Lobby Random filter settings now update when the host changes.
    -Fixed various small graphic errors in unit sprites.

    *(The taskbar icon now blinks when ALT+TABbed when something important happens in the game, such as a player joins your room, all other players have pressed Ready, it’s your turn in multiplayer, etc.)

    Version 1.9.8. (10/8/2015)

    • Added Windowed Full-screen option to the launcher (not available in Windows XP and other operating systems older than Vista).
    • Rehauled some UI graphics and the graphics handling to increase overall picture quality and sharpness.
    • Added a way to filter levels, events and characters when using “Random” option. Use the toolbox icon in Lobby Creation, Lobby and Deck Creation screens to filter the choices.
    • Added 2 new field events:
    • * Sprint: every 6 chapters, roll 2x dice to move (up to 4 dice)
    • * Home Roulette: every 9 chapters, all homes are shuffled.
    • Added a new map: Star Circuit (original design courtesy of Kyle).
    • Improved the Search feature on lobby selection screen. Search should now correctly find lobbies from a partial match.
    • Lobby select screen should now be able to show more than 50 lobbies.
    • Game now backups your save into “user.bak” every time you successfully run the game.
    • Changed the way the game loads graphic resources, which should result in a faster game launch.
    • Changed flavor text of Lonely Chariot to be attributed to ‘Lone Rider’.
    • Added an info text to New Game character creation, which will advise those who own DLC characters that they can choose a DLC character they own at a later stage.
    • Added a new distinct card frame for unit cards from Sora.
    • Cards are now drawn bigger and more easily readable in the Binder preview.
    • Improved Lobby code: this should make especially the process of people leaving the lobby smoother.
    • Poppo intensifies again.

    • Krila: Defense increased to 0 (up from -1).
    • Kae: Blazing! now gives +1 attack and -1 Defense (instead of simply -1 Defense). Duration changed to 3 (down from 4).

    • A crash when using ‘random’ in Deck Creation screen while having a DLC character selected should now be fixed.
    • A bug sometimes causing Sweet Guardian card to result in blank cards being drawn should now be fixed.
    • Fixed a bug causing long words to sometimes lose a character in the game chat when they reach the end of the text box.

    Version 1.9.7. (20/6/2015)

    -Added an option under Configuration to disable the map background scrolling
    -Slightly increased the volume of Tomomo's BGM.

    -Fixed a problem with the first two card pack graphics in Shop.

    Version 1.9.6 (14/6/2015)

    -Can now scroll the in-game chat with up and down arrow keys.

    -Fixed an incorrectly colored hair frame for Krila.
    -Battle Master achievement criteria is now also checked after K.O.ing a unit using x16 Big Rocket.
    -Dangerous Pudding now displays the duration until the end of debuff, instead of infinite.

    Blazing! now has a duration of 4 (up from 3)
    Kae now has base defense of 0 (up from -1). Changed description:
    (Special) When attacking, gain -1 Defense and add reverse value of Defense to Attack.

    Version 1.9.5 (12/6/2015)

    -Added a total of 6 new achievement for the new characters.
    -Added effect tracking to player and field info: you can now see the number of stocked effects and their duration.
    -Changed experience scaling to remove the up to 20% experience penalty when playing with lower level players.
    -Added move panels to White Winter.
    -Tomomo’s hyper now also affects units who currently have higher than maximum HP (rule clarification, no change to description).

    -Out of Ammo level requirement is now 2 (down from 3).

    -President’s Privilege now allows you to use 16x Big Rocket even if you don’t have the card’s star cost.
    -Passionate Research should no longer result in players sometimes drawing blank cards.
    -Fixed a possible crash issue with Passionate Research if using it with a character without a hyper card, and the deck only has hyper cards left.
    Mixed Booster Pack includes:

    Mixed Booster Pack includes 11 new game cards (3 rare, 4 uncommon, 4 common) designed by Junpyon and Hono of Orange_Juice. The cards of the set can be purchased from the in-game shop and used in both single and multiplayer. As usual, all cards in a multiplayer game can be used by all players via the center deck, even if they do not own the DLC.

    Version 1.9.1. Now Live (9/4/2015)

    -Added 2 new Color Packs to the store. Silver Color Pack for all characters) can be unlocked at level 75, cost: 40.000. Red & Blue Color Pack can be unlocked at level 100, cost: 60.000 stars.

    -Scary Solicitation now forces other players to pay 15 stars per card drawn, up from 10.

    -President’s Privilege now allows players to use cards for free even if they do not carry their star cost on them.
    -Fixed a problem with the “A Side Order of Chicken” achievement triggering incorrectly.
    -Passionate Research no longer claims to display more cards than there are left in the deck.

    Version 1.9 (9/3/2015)
    • 3 New Maps: Clover, Night Flight, and Farm. Clover is available immediately, with Night Flight and Farm unlockable in the Shop. Clover and Night Flight original designs courtesy of Kyle.
    • 2 New Field Events:
      -Backtrack: For one turn, move in reverse direction
      -Confusion: For one turn, players do not see what cards they are holding. The order of cards in their hand is shuffled. Cards can still be used normally.
    • 1 New Panel Type
      -Roll and Move: When landing on this panel, the player will roll to move again.
    • Added small arrows to indicate the directions player may move from any intersection in advance.
    • 9 New Achievements added (7 achievements that require the new DLC, and 2 achievements related to other new 1.9 features).
    • Poppo can now become something else.

    Other changes:
    • Changed fonts for several graphics
    • Changed White Winter slightly (moved the pre-Home Warp Panels).
    • Miscellaneous graphic improvements

    • Fixed a wrong colored frame in one of Kyousuke’s hairs
    • Fixed a bug where permanent card effects did not always register correctly when joining a game in progress, potentially causing players to become desynchronized.

    Version 1.8.6 (12/1/2015)

    - Christmas Event is now over; the Christmas Hats can be unlocked for purchase in the Shop by playing as Aru and giving presents to good boys and girls. The hats can now also be unlocked in single player.
    - Battle Master achievement requirement lowered from 30 to 21 Wins.
    - Starbound achievement requirement lowered from 1000 to 700 Stars.

    - Tougher than Diamond achievement conditions should now work correctly.

    Version 1.8.5 (31/12/2014)

    - ALT+TAB should no longer crash the game while playing in Full-Screen mode.
    - CTRL+ALT+DEL should no longer close the game.
    - The cursor is now inactive while the game window is not in focus. Clicking on game window to activate it no longer clicks anything in-game.

    - Nanako now has (Special) Recovery Value: 4.

    Version 1.8.4 (26/12/2014)

    -Added a new map, White Winter.

    -Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the game to get stuck if players couldn't act during their turn (K.O. or turn skip).
    -Sorting cards in the card binder no longer duplicates certain cards.
    -Clients' Ready status in lobby should no longer be turned off unless host changes game options.
    -Clicking on Pause menu buttons should no longer activate other game buttons directly behind the button.

    Version 1.8.3. (25/12/2014)

    -Players’ battle card costs are now deducted after both players have made their selection, making it impossible to tell from players’ star count which card they play.
    -Players should no longer be able to click on other game buttons such as playable cards while responding to the mid-game join selection pop-up.

    -Fixed a problem which sometimes caused players to be unable to rejoin a lobby after failing the first attempt to connect.
    -Fixed White Winter not showing in in-lobby map selection options after finishing a game.
    -Fixed Store Manager damage pose graphic when using headwear.

    Version 1.8.2. (24/12/2014)

    -Fixed a bug where map list would not show the correct map if player did not have all maps unlocked
    -Fixed a bug where campaign would crash after dialogue if avatar was set to Rad Poppo skin.
    -Fixed a crash when randoming Kyousuke or Saki with Halloween skin in deck selection.

    -Saki’s Big Bang Bell Now has a radius of 2 (5x5 squares), up from 1.
    -Kyousuke now has -1 Attack (up from -2).
    -Kyousuke’s Cast Off now costs 10 stars (down from 20) and requires Norma level 2 (down from 3).

    Version 1.8.1 (28/11/2014)

    *Saki's Big Bang Bell is now a level 3 card (down from 4). Increases effect damage by 1 for every 2 chapters (up from every three chapters).

    *Cast Off now properly wears off after KO, even if the unit is revived with Forced Revival.
    *Fixed a bug preventing some users from selecting alternate colors for QP (Dangerous).

    Version 1.8 - "Cinnamon Bun" (27/11/2014)

    Saki & Kyousuke Character Pack is now playable!

    *Altered the graphic for golden (10 cost) star in cards' star cost field to make it easier for colorblind users to tell the green and gold stars apart.
    *Player Avatar is now chosen by default as player character on Deck Screen.

    Version 1.7.9 (14/11/2014)

    New unit, QP (Dangerous) is now available to owners of QP Shooting: Dangerous!!.
    She does not replace QP, but plays as an alternative version of her, with new stats and Hyper Card.

    *A bug that sometimes caused crash on startup if Steam wasn’t running should now be fixed.
    *Fixed a bug where you could purchase Syura & Nanako Color Packs from Shop without owning their DLC (for new players only - old players can still purchase the packs).
    *Corrected Syura and Nanako’s card frame from “Unit (enemy)” to “Unit (player)”.

    Version 1.7.8 (10/11/2014)

    *Halloween Costume Pack is now an unlockable Shop item. Play 10 multiplayer games or 20 single player games (or any combination thereof) with characters dressed in black to unlock the Halloween Costume Pack in the Shop. Costs 20.000 stars.
    *Increased Tomomo's BGM volume slightly.

    *Fixed a bug where Syura and Nanako did not get default base color when cycling to the left.
    *Fixed a bug preventing players from cycling non-DLC character base colors if they only had Halloween Costume Pack unlocked.
    *Fixed a bug with Syura and Nanako using a deck full of Dash cards if played by CPU.
    *Fixed a bug where And Away They Went achievement is granted on any trap if the enemy player wins the game after landing on it.
    *Improved color & hair checks when returning from game and going to deck screen.

    Version 1.7.7 (26/10/2014)
    - It's Halloween time! Dress in black until November 9th, and something cool may happen.

    - Tomomo has been lonely. Option to allow Tomomo has been removed from multiplayer lobbies. Instead, Tomomo has applied the following effect to herself during multiplayer games:
    "Softened: Tomomo is playing with friends and has lowered her attributes." Lowers her HP from 6 to 4 and Evasion from 1 to 0.
    - Aru: can now carry 4 cards.
    - Present for You description updated: "All players will draw cards until they have a full hand. Gain stars equal to 10x the number of all cards drawn."
    - Syura: Increased Defense from 0 to +1.
    - Nanako: Increased Defense from +1 to +2.
    - Kai: Increased HP from 4 to 5.
    - Protagonist's privilege now works only once per combat.

    - When winning a game carrying too many cards, you are no longer prompted to discard them before game ends.
    - Fixed Shifu Robot Color Pack I name in shop.
    - Slightly lowered Tomomo's BGM volume.

    Version 1.7.6 (18/10/2014)

    - New hairs added for Syura and Nanako - play multiplayer games to unlock them.

    - Fixed incorrect skin unlocks from online games, including repeatedly unlocking the same skin.

    - Syura now has Special: Recovery Value of 4. Furthermore, the cost of Beyond Hell has been reduced from 10 to 0.

    Version 1.7.5 (16/10/2014)

    - Added DLC content
    - Added Default field event option while using Random Map, which keeps the original map field event for that slot.
    - Renamed Usabit card to Rbits.
    - Halved chance to get Chicken, Robo Ball or Seagull while choosing a Random character.

    Version 1.7.1 (11/9/2014)

    - Fixed a bug that caused save files (user.dat) to corrupt for new players.
    - The already corrupted user.dat files will still crash with 1.7.1 Affected players need to either
    1) delete the user.dat file if there's no meaningful progress such as unlocks.
    2) send the user.dat to tony@fruitbatfactory.com to get their save files fixed.
    - Hair colors should no longer unlock for NPCs who don't have new hair colors.
    - Fixed a bug that would under certain circumstances reset hair unlocks when making a new profile.
    - Fixed a bug that would occasionally show incorrect available slots for saved decks in campaign mode.
    - Added security checks for received avatar data from other players to prevent potential crashes in lobby.

    Version 1.7 "Dangerous Pudding" (07/09/2014)

    - Added VAC support for multiplayer. VAC banned users will only be able to play with each other.

    - Added Avatar customization:
    A new tab called "Avatar" has been added under Player Info. It allows player to choose any of their unlocked characters and customize them with color options they have unlocked. This avatar is used in all their menus, and on the multiplayer lobby screen.

    - New character hair colors added:
    4 new hair colors have been added for each regular character (not the unlockable NPC/boss characters). One of them can be unlocked for each by playing 10 multiplayer games with said character. 3 others can be acquired as drops from multiplayer games.

    - Players can now save custom Decks:
    A deck wheel with 3 numbers and a save button has been added on the deck screen. To use it, create the deck you want and press "S", then any of the three slots to save the deck. 3 different decks can be saved for each character to allow for maximum customization and fine tuning. Create your ultimate decks!

    - New difficulty settings added:
    Campaign screen now has an option to choose from 3 difficulty levels: Casual, Normal and Extreme. Each episode is marked with a different colored crown to signify the difficulty with which you have cleared it (Green - Casual, Red - Normal, Purple - Extreme). Clearing a map again at a higher difficulty upgrades your clear level.
    *Normal is the original campaign difficulty setting.
    *Casual difficulty gives all CPU characters regular rolls, considerably lowering the difficulty. Note: does not unlock campaign Achievements.
    *Extreme difficulty is for those seeking the ultimate challenge. Prepare to lose your sanity as Poppo hammers you to the ground. Doesn't give any special reward, though.

    - Added Field Event customization:
    Field events for each map can now be freely changed in Free Play.
    Added Random option for field events in Free Play: this will random any non-duplicate field event (or possibly 'no event', if Poppo steals it).

    -Voice C volume has been raised to bring it on the same level with other voices.

    - Menu performance has been optimized, resulting in shorter loading times when moving between menus. The game may initially load slightly longer.

    - Renamed Schiff Robot to Shifu Robot.

    - All Trap Cards now have 0 cost, allowing for more flexible play with them and removing the issue of experienced players being able to tell from the card's cost what each trap is when it is played.

    - Fixed some card descriptions/quotes that were getting clipped

    Version 1.6.7 (17/8/2014)

    - Improved lobby filtering:
    - 'Dead' lobbies should now be filtered out from the list, allowing the client to properly display up to 50 lobbies.
    - Can now sort lobbies by Name, Player count or any other option by clicking on the lobby option's name.
    - Added a 'Search' button on the Join Lobby screen to look for a specific lobby (note: only returns exact matches).

    1.6.6. (07/08/2014)

    - Bug causing new spectators to sometimes disconnect in games with several spectators should now be fixed
    - Fixed typo in Protagonist's Privilege card's description

    1.6.5. (03/08/2014)

    - Highlighting the small card icons under player portrait now shows a preview of the card
    - Resolution selection in the launcher now remembers custom resolutions (custom resolutions are now also limited to between 800x600 and 1920x1200)

    - Fixed card display on various custom resolutions
    - Fixed a problem where QP's Hyper Mode stayed active after battle
    - Fixed the shop graphic to correctly display Tomomo's Abyss level requirement
    - Spectators attempting to join as players just as the game ends should no longer see erroneous star values in results screen

    Version 1.6.4 (28/07/2014)

    - Players can now type longer chat messages.
    - Chat messages can now be scrolled with mouse wheel and clicking the middle mouse button returns to the most recent message.
    - Chat can now be toggled to cover more of the screen area.
    - Chat is now also shown during the game clear event.
    - Message input can now be cancelled by pressing ESC.

    - Message input should no longer crash for players with short names.
    - Adjusted some colors in Hime's and Tomomo's animations

    Version 1.6.3 (25/07/2014)

    All Fields Unlocked Weekend! You can now play on all the maps in the game online, whether you have unlocked them or not!

    - Chat should no longer lose the speaker's name.
    - Fixed several issues related to host changing during game.
    - Improved safety checks for star and experience rewards.
    - Fixed unit animations for Sora's black model.

    Version 1.6.2. (24/07/2014)

    - Traps now appear in the Card Log upon triggering.

    - Fixed an issue with players sometimes getting stuck in combat in multiplayer games.
    - Fixed chat 'dropping' characters under some circumstances.
    - Fixed player quit messages not always working properly.

    Version 1.6.1 (22/07/2014)

    - Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be incorrectly tagged as idle when KO'd.
    - Fixed a problem that caused the chat to show the same message repeatedly.

    Version 1.6 "Piggy Bank" (21/07/2014)

    - Added In-game Chat. Players may now talk with one another in game lobby and during a match. Speech bubble icon can be used to toggle chat visibility.
    - Improved CPU behavior against playable boss units.
    - Added 2x Battle Squares to Miracle field event. These squares give 2 Wins if the NPC is KO'd.
    - Two new color sets can now be unlocked at lvl 25 and lvl 50.
    - Two new colors, a common and uncommon one, can now be unlocked separately for each character by playing multiplayer games. The unlock is a random chance at the end of a match, regardless of winner.
    - Reduced prices of character color packs as follows:
    Core character Basic Color Pack prices now 1.500 stars (down from 2.000)
    Boss Basic Color Pack prices now 15.000 (down from 20.000)
    Other Basic Color Pack prices now 7.000 (down from 10.000)
    - Increased base XP gain by 20%
    - Reduced XP penalty from playing with lower level players, and bonus from playing with higher level players.
    - Added Star Decay: Games running for over 60 Chapters now suffer a 1% penalty to stars per chapter past 60.
    - Slowed down the rotating player markers to make it easier to tell player numbers from them.

    - For the Future of the Toy Store card level requirement lowered from 3 to 2.

    - Fixed an issue with battle cards being displayed in card log before they were used.
    - Poppo now intensifies properly.

    Version 1.5.1 (11/07/2014)
    - To support colorblind players, each Goal is now marked with player number

    - Adjusted Card Log for various resolutions
    - Fixed more cases that could result in player loading no map and seeing all units as KO'd.
    - Fixed a bug that prevented Poppo from winning

    - All Characters Weekend! This weekend you can play online with any character, whether you have previously unlocked them or not!

    Update 1.5 "Nice Jingle" (04/07/2014).

    - A Basic Color Pack with 4 extra color presets is now available for purchase for each character in the Shop.
    - Character color can be toggled by clicking on a multicolored orange under the character portrait.
    - Added option to select Random as the map in Free Play (new default selection). This randoms the map out of the ones the player has unlocked.
    - Added option to select random character in deck creation (icon to the right of character portrait). Color can still be toggled after randomizing character.
    - Added a new method to review last used cards. There are small card icons in the bottom right corner that update with recent cards. Mouse-overing them shows the full-size card and name of player who played it.
    - Added short character descriptions to New Game character selection
    - Added unlock notification for new multiplayer items that appear in the Shop as you level up
    - Added more wins for Poppo
    - When attempting to join a game that hasn't yet started but has 4 players, you now join as Spectator, instead of receiving the "Lobby is full" message.
    - Sounds now play even when the game is not in focus.
    - Added option in Configuration to mute sounds when game is not in focus, as before.
    - Card and button animation speeds have been adjusted for high game speeds.
    - Changed the CPU takeover when a Spectator joins as a Player to happen at the start of the next player's turn instead of immediately (indicated by flashing character portrait)

    - Holy Night card has been limited to 1 per deck.
    - (Playable) Boss Robot now has 6 max HP (down from 7).
    - (Playable) Flying Castle now has -2 Defense (down from -1).

    - Updated the descriptions on x16 Big Rocket and Flip Out to accurately describe their effect.
    - You can no longer click Join/Spectate on the lobby screen before host is back in the lobby.
    - Fixed crashes resulting from Steam being offline while playing.
    - Added a check to better remove old 'ghost' lobbies
    - Fixed several issues that might cause the game to desync when host quits.
    - Fixed a problem resulting in a player possibly loading no map and seeing all characters KO'd.

    - DOUBLE EXP WEEKEND 4-6. July! Play online for double exp gains!

    Version 1.4.1 (23/06/2014)

    - Mouse cursor movement should now be locked within the screen in full screen mode

    - Improved stability with Spectators
    - Fixed a crash bug when browsing menus in certain order

    Version 1.4. "Bad Pudding" (20/06/2014)

    - Spectator Mode added. 4 Players may now spectate a game.
    - Games in progress are now visible in lobby list, marked with a turning gear icon.
    - Mid-game Join enabled. Players may join a game in progress from the lobby list. They will join as spectators.
    - Spectators can send a request to game host to take control of a free CPU slot (2 minute timer).
    - Roll animations have been slowed down at higher game speeds.

    - Protagonist's Privilege (Kai's Hyper) level requirement has been lowered from 4 to 3. Cost has been lowered from 30 to 20.
    - Store Manager's damage penalty from card discard has been lowered from 2 to 1.
    - Poppo now loses less games

    - Fixed HP on Kai's card

    Version 1.3.2 (7/6/2014)

    - Playable versions of the three boss characters can now be unlocked in the Shop:
    the Store Manager, Boss Robot and Flying Castle.

    - Kai's HP has been reduced from 5 to 4, bringing him to default stat distribution
    - Fernet's Hyper card now gives 15 stars on every KO (meaning 2 KOs will null the cost, and a third will gain her +15 stars)

    - Fixed the multiplayer experience's gain not displaying correctly
    - Fixed the checkbox coordinates for Field Events in single player game creation

    - Poppo has stolen all the evidence suggesting that she's winning more games

    Update 1.3.1 [01/06/2014]

    - Players now rejoin the lobby after a multiplayer game ends. The lobby can be joined by other players when in between games.
    - Players cannot be kicked if they have set 'Ready', or within 30 seconds of joining the lobby.
    - Experience meter filling animation can now be skipped
    - Poppo now wins slightly more games

    - Fixed a bug with multiplayer lobby field select.
    - Fixed a bug causing disconnections in deck select screen.

    Version 1.3, nickname "Saki's Cookie" [31/05/2014]
    Key features:
    - Full HD support (now supports up to 1900x1200 resolution). 720p is still optimal.
    - Lobby options can now be changed within the lobby.
    - Players in a lobby now see a 'Joining' graphic on players who are connecting, until they are in the game.
    - Clients now must click READY for the host to be able to start the game.
    - The four starting characters can now be immediately used in Multiplayer.
    - Aru has received an additional +1 Evasion, for +2 total.
    - Poppo now wins more games

    Update 1.2.8 [26/05/2014]

    -The final Wins Norma now requires 14 wins.
    -Bonus panel stars gain is now capped at 3 * dice roll.
    -Added a confirmation dialog on exiting lobby.
    -Now properly checks version compatibility between lobby owner and joining players (NOTE: version 1.2.7 players trying to join a 1.2.8 lobby will receive an incorrect password message before updating their client).

    -Fixed a graphical error in the shop screen.
    -Empty lobbies no longer appear in the lobby list.
    -CPU will no longer use Tomomo in games where Allow Tomomo is disabled.

    - Lobby list now has a button leading to the official group chat.
    - Tomomo allow option in lobby creation now defaults to No.

    - Fixed a crash on game start-up caused by 100% OJ's mouse input code.

    *Really fixes a graphic error causing some players to crash upon entering Free Battle or the Deck screen in Campaign (until proven otherwise).

    Content changes:
    *Game Boards can now be bought in shop screen for a high price, as alternative to unlocking them through Campaign mode. A new game board is unlocked for purchase every 4 levels (with all starter character levels unlocked at level 4).
    *The player's currently selected Norma is now indicated with a yellow highlight
    *The game now remembers your last picked unit and defaults to it

    *Fixed a graphic error causing some players to crash upon entering Free Battle or the Deck screen in Campaign
    *Fixed Bonus panel :stars: animation for left-hand side players
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Originally posted by Kowii ★:
This thread has been discontinued and is now being done in the 2020 Edition

Please note if you do have a reason to post here, please do so but don't bump this thread for any other reason :)
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SeekerofCuteness Dec 22, 2018 @ 3:47am 
when i login, i got a white christmas tree home skin but...its not showing up at all?
also, i still have six tokens in my steam inventory but i already used them lol
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 22, 2018 @ 11:29am 
100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live
- CPU no longer uses cards they shouldn't be able to during snowball fights.
- Fixed not being able to select the new flying castle costume from the shop.
- Fixed incorrect icon for the day 1 reward homestop.
- Fixed missing icon for new costumes.
- Fixed Tomomo not having a visible unit card graphic online.
- Text fixes.
- Fixed some Chinese language texts not showing up.
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 22, 2018 @ 12:19pm 
100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/12/2018)
- Possible fix for various shop purchase & currency isses.
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 22, 2018 @ 3:31pm 
100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live
- Temporarily disabled shop purchases using inventory currencies while the issues are being investigated.
DESTROYER Dec 22, 2018 @ 3:53pm 
I have yet to receive any wreaths while playing the new mode.
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 23, 2018 @ 1:21am 
100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (23/12/2018)
  • Fixed a crash bug when using Kiriko.
  • Fixed various issues purchasing event cosmetics in the shop (purchasing them is enabled again).
  • The snow castle building phase should now be less prone to get stuck.
  • Fixed snowball fights getting stuck if a player leaves the game during their snowball fight.
  • Castle building no longer resets camera zoom.
  • Spectators can no longer try to use firework items.
Shoes Dec 23, 2018 @ 4:51am 
Hey, is there any ways to reduce the graphical requirements even further?
I'm already playing on low resolution with all graphical stuff (available in the game) toned down.
But this current computer still struggles to run the game. My other compúter isn't available, and it runs the game perfectly.
Last edited by Shoes; Dec 23, 2018 @ 4:52am
Shoes Dec 23, 2018 @ 4:55am 
All pets are using the R for rare too, even though they might be uncommon or another quality.
Alte can still select her old christmas costumes even when she's using the new furry costume.
Fernet too.
Last edited by Shoes; Dec 23, 2018 @ 7:13am
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 23, 2018 @ 5:32pm 
100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.1 now live (23/12/2018)
  • Updated the graphic for fireworks when unlocking them.
  • Common item draws from the Pet Catcher now also give 10 Oranges.
  • Fireworks can now be traded (but not sold) to other players.
  • The Chilled debuff preventing you from starting a snowball fight for another chapter is now only applied to the player who initiated a snowball fight.

  • Improved stability of the Xmas game mode.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • You can now earn Xmas Wreath currency if you are the only player in an online lobby. (This was already happening previously, but there's now a visual when earning them).
Miraglyth Dec 24, 2018 @ 6:10am 
Originally posted by PhleBusterFruitbat Factory:
  • Common item draws from the Pet Catcher now also give 10 Oranges.

A shame this couldn't have applied retroactively! But it's still a step in the right direction, so thanks.
Last edited by Miraglyth; Dec 24, 2018 @ 7:00am
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 24, 2018 @ 4:54pm 
100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.2 now live!
  • Updated visuals for the Xmas mode castle building game.
  • CPU will now use their snow more effectively in the castle building game.
Sco7689 Dec 25, 2018 @ 3:22am 
Originally posted by PhleBusterFruitbat Factory:
100% Orange Juice - version 1.31.2 now live!
  • Updated visuals for the Xmas mode castle building game.
  • CPU will now use their snow more effectively in the castle building game.
Did you also reset the announcer settings wit this update again?
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 26, 2018 @ 1:48am 
100% Orange Juice PSA - we'll be removing all Xmas Candy Cane currency sometime soon and converting remaining ones to some other currency. If you have any unspent Candy Canes, make sure you buy what you want with them!
「W」 Dec 26, 2018 @ 2:05am 
Originally posted by PhleBusterFruitbat Factory:
100% Orange Juice PSA - we'll be removing all Xmas Candy Cane currency sometime soon and converting remaining ones to some other currency. If you have any unspent Candy Canes, make sure you buy what you want with them!
In term of convert, which currency will it be? Orange? Stars?
PhleBuster  [developer] Dec 26, 2018 @ 2:21am 
Originally posted by ‹ P90 ›:
Originally posted by PhleBusterFruitbat Factory:
100% Orange Juice PSA - we'll be removing all Xmas Candy Cane currency sometime soon and converting remaining ones to some other currency. If you have any unspent Candy Canes, make sure you buy what you want with them!
In term of convert, which currency will it be? Orange? Stars?
Undecided. If it's oranges, expect the conversion rate to be very low.
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