100% Orange Juice
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PhleBuster  [developer] Jan 1, 2020 @ 3:20pm
Update History 2020 Edition (latest version: 3.5)
100% Orange Juice now supports Steam Workshop! Browse and subscribe to mods, and they'll be installed automatically for you.

Rich Presence
100% Orange Juice now supports Steam and Discord rich presence and game invites! You can invite other players directly to your lobby, or ask to join another player's lobby through Steam or Discord.

Waitress and Doggo!
100% Orange Juice - Chris & Kyupita Character Pack is now available in version 3.3!


100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (12/4/2021)
  • Fixed issue that caused certain items in shop to crash,
  • Fixed issue with event cutscenes,

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (11/4/2021)
  • Fixes a minor issue with event ending.

100% Orange Juice - version 3.5 - Home Improvement - now live! (11/4/2021)

Community Card Pack 3!
Six new cards are now available in Community Card Pack 3, available in the in-game Shop!

Overtime (BOOST)
Level 3, Cost: 10
(Max 1). For this turn, roll 3 dice for movement. Skip next turn.

Deceptive Disarming (BATTLE)
Level 3, Cost: 10
(Max 1). If opponent uses a battle card in this battle, if not restricted by player order its effect is applied as though you played it instead. If successful, opponent does not pay the card cost.

Pet Snacks (EVENT)
Level 1, Cost: 5
Each different wild unit gains +1/+1/+1 during its next battle.

Home Improvement (EVENT)
Level 1, Cost: 5
(Max 1). At the start of your next turn, randomly swap home panel positions. The first player to land on each home draws a card.

BanaNana (TRAP)
Level 1, Cost:0
Roll to move again without activating this panel.

Lucky Sevens (GIFT)
Level 1, Cost: 0
(Max 1). While holding this card, your natural die rolls can range from 0 to 7, and the minimum roll result is 0 when rolling 0. Cannot perform a Norma check after rolling a 0 for move on the same turn.

The cards are available in the Shop for 1080 stars per booster pack (minus store discounts).

6 new achievements related to the new cards have also been added to the game!

Player Plate Customization!
Another big change in version 3.5 is the new ability to customize your player plate! You can do this via Avatar Customization under Player Info.

Player plate background and frame can be customized separately. Everyone starts with 4 options for player plate frame and 5 options for the player plate background.

Additional frames are unlocked retroactively for reaching online level 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100. A number of backgrounds are unlocked retroactively based on all completed events and single player campaigns.

In addition, a special set of 4 player plate backgrounds with art by Usanekorin from the Level 99 Games LLC board game Bullet🍊[www.level99store.com] are unlocked upon reaching online Level 99!

Updated Valentine's Event!
Chocolate for the Sweet Gods event is now active until May 10! The event has been updated with new rewards, as well as all rewards of the 2017 Valentine's event, and a new ending illustration by hexun!

Other changes
  • All the Community Card Packs now have a random booster pack art in the Shop, which changes every time you launch the game.
  • Lowered the price of Community Card Pack 2 boosters to 580 stars.
  • Added a new button in the lobby to toggle the visibility of each player's avatar.
  • Made various changes to the text and layout of the player plates.
  • Changed pet button in character customization to use an icon instead of text.
  • Increased space for unit names in config voice tab.
  • RoPoChi's Delusional Numbers now has RoPoChi roll a minmum of 0 in battle as well.
  • Mousse skin can now be unlocked separate from any events through a hidden mechanism.
  • Marked 800x600 resolution as 'Legacy' in the launcher.

    Dev note: The game's original 800x600 resolution with its limited screen estate has been a consistent issue for implementing new features, but we're aware that some people are still using it. That's why we've decided to allow some visual features to be omitted or display less than optimally on 800x600, in order to both keep the resolution functional for the foreseeable future, and to give us the freedom to improve the game's GUI more freely.

  • It is no longer possible to send hearts to Co-op bosses.
  • Doom now properly awards Soul Eater to the Harbinger.
  • Fixed Doom removing incorrect stock effects when it takes effect.
  • Fixed a bug with cards stacking in the Match 2 minigame of Playground.
  • Arnelle's Intelligence Officer passive now properly shows cards instead of white squares.

  • Wolly DEF is now 3 (up from 2).
  • Bunnizard HP is now 10 (up from 9).
  • Turnislime now gives an additional -1 ATK if your ATK is 2 or higher at the start of battle.

    Dev note: We discovered that Wolly, Bunnizard and Turnislime have been performing as significantly 'easier' Bounties for their difficulty, and these changes are aimed to make them slightly more troublesome to bring down without changing their overall design, making the mode more balanced regardless of which Bounties are randomized..

  • Deploy Bits cost is now 10 (down from 20).

    Dev note: while Nanako's Hyper is strong, its random nature made it less reliable than other battle Hypers for its cost. The new cost should be more consistent with its benefits.

  • Scrambled Eve cost is now 20 (up from 5). New description: All players return their hand to the deck, and the deck is shuffled. After 3 chapters, all players draw as many cards as they discarded from this effect.

    Dev note: Scrambled Eve has been a topic of much debate both internally and externally. It has a very strong card control utility - which remains mostly unchanged with this change, but it also had a long-lasting effect of just making the games more boring by removing "plays" due to leaving people's hands empty. With this change to how Scrambled Eve functions we both give it more tactical use with the potential of hand size related plays, and it (eventually) gives the players newfound power with the extra card draw, keeping the match more exciting. We also didn't feel the star reimbursement was really thematic with the card, and given its card control power we opted to remove that and make it more expensive to use instead.

  • Alte now sees a random battle card from the opponent's hand in battle (as opposed to a random card).

    Dev note: We've long wanted to improve Alte's utility somewhat, and while testing the new cards I think we've homed in on an idea that has a good synergy for her. The new Searchlight passive will only trigger when the opponent is holding one or more battle cards, so it gives Alte a great ability to play around her opponent's battle card choices.

  • Princess' Privilege can now be used when it is the only card in your hand, or when holding 3 or more cards.

    While the strongest card draw card, Princess' Privilege hasn't seen much use because of its severe usage limitations. This new utility combines its original function with the more recent one, making it much easier to put to use.

  • Heat 300% is now a Stock Effect (1), instead of Effect Duration: 3.

    Dev note:Not a major change, but after the change Heat 300% guarantees its severe debuff triggering, making it somewhat more dangerous.

  • Serious Battle is now limited to Max 1.

    Dev note: Multiple copies of Serious Battle was deemed much power for certain characters to carry.

  • Lowered Dark Side of Business cost to 5 (down from 10).

  • Buffed Krila's name to Krilalaris.

100% Orange Juice - version 3.4.1 now live! (11/3/2021)
  • The Harbinger has received various changes:
    * 5 HP -> 6 HP.
    * Can no longer be damaged or KO'd from out of battle effects.
    * Every 5 chapters, use Doom on the active player with most fame.
    * If defeated, everyone who dealt damage to Harbinger receives the "Fearless Hunter" stock effect: Reduce all incoming battle damage by 1 for the next 3 battles.
  • You can now send :hearts:s to your own summons in Bounty Hunt.

  • Fixed so Natsumi's Hyper cannot affect summons & Harbinger.
  • Fixed so the Harbinger's BGM should not interrupt Cuties' hyper song.
  • Made a change to networking that may eliminate an obscure cause of desyncs.
  • Fixed so game mode specific cards can only be drawn in their respective game mode (by extension & nico hyper for example).

100% Orange Juice - versioned update now live! (4/3/2021)
  • Fixed so Holy Water cannot be drawn from Extension outside of the Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Fixed so friendly summons do not trigger your "Invisible Bomb", "Dance, Long Eared Beast" and "Flying Pirate" traps.
  • Missing arrows on shops should now be fixed.

100% Orange Juice - versioned update now live! (1/3/2021)
  • Fixed cards displaying incorrectly with Passionate Research or Arnelle's ability.
  • Fixed Chris' summon fame gain on players & Harbinger.
  • Fixed so the Mercenary card shows correctly in shop when checking in the shop.
  • Added a coop variant of Rival with accurate description.
  • Fixed so Gentleman's Battle only target players outside of Co-op mode.
  • Card variants should now correctly show up in the shop when hovering a button.
  • Fixed so boss panels created by Lure will be changed to encounters when the boss is defeated.
  • Fixed an issue that made Tequila's HP not show up on the Bounty Hunt card variant.
  • The tracking stat for Quest completed should now update correctly.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live! (25/2/2021)
  • Fixed an issue that made Beginner Town (Winter) music to be not moddable.
  • Fixed not being able to challenge NoName right after turning him into NoName (Head) through some damage dealing cards.
  • Fixed bounties counting for Unruly Friend's achievement.
  • Fixed Globbu's defense reduction not affecting Kae's passive.
  • Fixed an issue with passionate research card visibility.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Tavern only spawn in a single copy for the entire game.
  • Fixed a crash happening if any of Chris' summon would KO the Harbinger.
  • Fixed Beak of the Godbird and Beak of the Demi-Bird not ordering player challenges properly.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live! (24/2/2021)
  • Fixed a desync that might happen if a consumable item was used at the same time as another action happened in an online game.
  • CPU players are now trained to understand the value and risks of Bounties when prompted to select one.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live! (24/2/2021)
  • Fixed invisible homestop icon
  • Fixed so Banned For Life, Aru Scramble's Hyper, Aru's Hyper, Unlucky Charm, and Flamethrower cannot affect summons and the Harbinger.
  • Fixed the music volume parameter for mods.
  • Fixed font files using more memory than intended (should fix crashes some users not using English language were experiencing).
  • Game now creates a packet_game_log.txt in online matches for potential diagnostic purposes.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live! (23/2/2021)
  • Corrected version number on title bar to 3.4.
  • Fixed so the Cuties are back from their break in the free character rotation.

100% Orange Juice - version 3.4 now live! (23/2/2021)
Bounty Hunt
Bounty Hunt is a permanent new "race" type of game mode where 4 players compete to reach 20 Fame first by doing delivery Quests and fighting various monsters for Bounties.

The updated version comes with 12 different Bounty monsters, 12 Quest locations, and 4 Shop types! For every match, 2 random easy, medium and hard Bounties, and 6 Quest locations are chosen randomly, so every game will play out differently!

As a new feature, cards can now be sold to the Shops for stars! Each Shop can give different prices for different cards.

Each Shop type can further be upgraded by selling cards and buying items from them, up to level 10. Higher level shops give discounts, increased item stacks, and more rare items! Many new items have been added to spice up the game mode.

New summons are also available: Aurora, who will heal and revive the player, and Guardian, who will independently hunt for Bounty monsters you have a contract for and give you Fame on wins.

Lastly, a mysterious invader called the Harbinger may appear after Chapter 15, and start hunting the players...

Certain cards and units behave differently in the Bounty Hunt mode.

Note that Bounty Hunt is a somewhat longer than the other game modes, and in return EXP, Stars and Orange rewards give a +50% bonus in this mode.

  • Added Bounty Hunt game mode.
  • Added Bounty Hungers event.
  • Added new field, Beginner Town (Winter)
  • The modding system has been updated and expanded:
  • Can now mod Panel graphics
  • Can now mod Homestop graphics
  • Custom translations can now be distributed via mod system
  • A better error check has been added. JSON errors will show up in the mod list, pointing out the issue (if any).
  • You can now modify the volume of custom music with a dedicated parameter.
  • New HUD added for minions.
  • 6 new achievements related to Bounty Hunt have been added to the game.
  • Reduced the overall VRAM usage.
  • Improved the networking code by adding additional catch-ups in case the host would disconnect.
  • Added a card binder tab for Bounty Hunt.
  • Added an HUD element displaying the HP status of summons. (will not display for 800x600)
  • Added a separate win tracker for online Bounty Hunt wins.

  • The game will no longer act as Idle CPU if someone engage a battle with you on the first chapter before your turn.
  • The damaged pose of Castle (chocolate color) no longer has a grey cannon.
  • Fixed Peat's Santa Scramble outfit + Christmas color not saving/restore cosmetics properly
  • Fixed the same with Fernet + swimsuit + Halloween color.
  • Fixed a graphic issue when using Mio with Christmas color + Rein costume.
  • Fixed Seagull's glasses not being on the right layer when using the kigurumi costumes.
  • Fixed the Wanderers Episode 1, Episode 3, and Episode 4 having a wrong background when seen in the gallery.
  • Fixed the Waruda Christmas Party ending cutscene showing a wrong background transition.
  • Fixed an issue with Cuties zombie skin + glasses combo.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (13/2/2021)
  • Possible fix for graphic issues some players have been experiencing.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (10/2/2021)
  • Fixed "All Ablaze" achievement being unable to be unlocked.
  • Fixed The Evil Is Sealed achievement unlocking when not going first in battle.
  • Fixed duration for Revival of Stars and Mix Phenomenon not updating properly in the Field info plate.
  • Fixed Field Events list not updating properly when using the mouse wheel to scroll through fields on the field selection screen.
  • Fixed text boxes disappearing prematurely for modded voicelines.
  • Fixed Sumika not reacting when fighting Suguri.
  • Made QP (Dangerous) say "Pudding!" when using Sweet Guardian.
  • Fixed players becoming zombies when activating From Beyond in battle after using a mushroom card that self-damages them.
  • Fixed the Golden Egg being more precious than intended.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (30/12/2020)
  • Fixed "Call of the Chicken" not letting Big the Haruo level up an ability if played as the fifth card of the deck rotation.
  • Fixed an issue that would make Co-op bosses not be able to level up cards.
  • Adjusted effects of Mix Phenomenon, Subspace Tunnel and Revival of Stars to last a full chapter instead of until end of chapter.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (26/12/2020)
  • Fixed so Chris is unable to battle two or more units on the same panel if her minion is KO'd after the first fight.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to mod some of Kiriko's accessories.
  • Fixed so Chris cannot get the May I Take Your Order? achievement off herself.
  • Fixed so summons are correctly removed from the game when KO'd by Alte's Self-Destruct.
  • Fixed a graphic issue where Kyupita's eye effect is not showing up when using an alternate hair color.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (26/12/2020)
  • Updated voice archives for QP to include the updated voice lines that were missing.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (25/12/2020)
  • Fixed so it's not possible to gain Manager Counters via Play of the Gods if you're not Chris.
  • Fixed unit hair modding.
  • Fixed the Poppo mask position on Chris.
  • Minor text fixes in Spanish and Chinese.

100% Orange Juice - version 3.3 now live (25/12/2020)
  • Chris and Kyupita are now playable for owners of the Chris & Kyupita Character Pack!
  • Added new voice lines for QP.
  • Added social media buttons to the main menu.
  • Added an icon indicator for Yuuki's Angel & Devil mode.

  • Fixed an issue with the mod view when switching display modes.
  • Fixed Kyousuke's and Nath's portrait sprites not updating when their in-game sprite changes.
  • Fixed so Pirate Crew Member unit graphics can be modded.
  • Fixed Golden Egg activating twice when landing on a bonus or drop panel that has a trap set on it.
  • Saved Xmas.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (15/12/2020)
  • Fixed some Co-op cards being displayed as the wrong card type.
  • Fixed Extension drawing some invalid cards.

100% Orange Juice - version 3.2.1 now live! (14/12/2020)

  • Fixed Sherry keeping her battle card boost if used with her hyper in the last battle.
  • Fixed the icon for the newly introduced Homemark from the Xmas event.
  • Fixed a great number of missing & wrong effect descriptions while hovering effects in the new player plate.
  • Miusaki under Solid Witch & Metallic Monocoque no longer loses stars when hit by RoPo barrage.
  • Fixed Xmas event tutorial using a outdated picture.
  • Yuuki's stats are no longer unaffected when she lands on a flowery panel from Revival of Stars.
  • All challenges that require completing a game now say so.
  • Rocket Cannon can now be upgraded when Big the Jonathan is using Launch.
  • Fixed Coop Boss displaying as level 1 despite the difficulty level being above casual in the new player plate.
  • Fixed dealing Intelligence Officer and dealing it back not updating the shown card texture.
  • Fixed some mushrooms still not being random enough.
  • Scrambled Delta Field now has the correct duration on players.
  • Fixed graphical issues with Teotoratta equipped with the Xmas unit color and the Rein kigurumi.
  • Fixed Tactical Retreat not costing 5 stars minimum.
  • Using Rival while not being on a flowery panel and attacking someone on a flowery panel no longer gives -1 ATK to both units.
  • Fixed Suguri (46 Billion Years) graphical issues when wearing Crowns & Christmas outfit.
  • Mushrooms that give +MOV no longer overwrite the Support role's inherent Movement Buffs.
  • Spores mixer now correctly activates every 3 chapters in co-op.
  • Corrected the quote on Lonely Chariot to the up to date translation.
  • Many minor consistency edits in card descriptions.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live! (25/11/2020)
  • Fixes minions in Co-op getting too excited about being gifted presents and crashing the game.

100% Orange Juice - version 3.2 live! (25/11/2020)
  • Updated Xmas event and rewards.
  • Added the Xmas color to units released in 2020.
  • Added a new "player plate": clicking on the user info hud element (when hovering a player info in the corner) will keep it opened for further details on stock effects (which can be viewed by hovering the effects).
  • Added glasses to Marc (Pilot).
  • Added Winter Suguri and Winter Hime emotes.

  • Fixed an issue that made newest events not showing the event tutorial after checking the in-game tutorial.
  • Fixed so the playmenu's config button cannot be clicked if a banner is currently displayed.
  • Fixed graphic issue on Arnelle with the Santa hat.
  • Fixed so disabled mods will not replace card texts if they have a higher priority than another mod for same card that is enabled.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (8/11/2020)
  • Fixed a bug that would make CPU players target themselves with Raging Madness.
  • Fixed Cuties in portraits not matching the chosen cosmetics.
  • Fixed panel dimming not being reverted after being KO'd by a Trick or Treat penalty.
  • Made the modding of the Final Stage (Tomomo's Hell) music possible.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (30/10/2020)
  • Added the updated .exe (see previous notes), oops!

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live! (29/10/2020)
  • Fixed Arnelle's coat to show in her idle pose while wearing the Kigurumi accessories.
  • Fixed an issue with Arnelle's Poppo mask position in her throw dice pose.
  • Updated shop icon for Marc (Pilot)'s Halloween costume.
  • Fixed Raging Mode's stacks being cleared when using Raging Madness again.
  • Fixed stretched Maynie portrait when being prompted to revive her in Co-op.
  • Fixed some accessories being cut off on KO poses in the player's in-game corner portrait.
  • Fixed not being able to Trick or Treat other players while Serene Hush is active.
  • Fixed not being able to challenge NoName after KO'ing him with Final Surgery.
  • Updated Mimic to use the new player targeting UI.
  • Fixed Mimic so that it allows targeting KO'd players as card description implies.
  • Updated description for Long-Distance Shot.
  • Fixed Trick or Treat activating idle timers in solo lobbies.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (23/10/2020)
  • Fixed an issue that was making players be prompted to Trick or Treat another player after KO'ing said target by a special effect that deals damage when passing by units on the field.
  • Fixed Islay not being able to Trick or Treat other players.
  • Fixed Special Stage BGM stopping when Raging Mode ends for all players that had it active.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/10/2020)
  • Added warning popup for Steam client update in case players are running on an outdated client.
  • Fixed an issue with the Weak Point achievement not working properly
  • Filled the emoji gachapon that Poppo had stolen the contents of in the Arcade.
  • Added a check against Poppo stealing your oranges with empty gachapons in the Arcade.
  • Added the missing gear icon for main menu's Config button.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/10/2020)
  • Fixes Arnelle and Maynie stats not displaying correctly.
  • Should fix Rich Presence making you auto-join lobbies.

100% Orange Juice - Version 3.1 Now Live (22/10/2020)
  • Added Arnelle & Maynie
  • Added new Acceleration of SUGURI 2 based emotes.
  • Added new Halloween costumes for recently added characters to the Shop.
  • Updated networking to use Valve's new low-latency networking, potentially improving connection quality greatly and increasing online safety.
  • Added support for Steam's own chat filter. To use it, enable "Chat Filtering" under In-Game settings on Steam.
  • Added a new config option to adjust the characters' movement animation speed.
  • Changed the next card to be used after Big the Jonathan's Dive be announced during Launch.
  • Added a Config button (a gear) to the main menu.

  • Reduced the cost of Full Speed Alicianrone from 50 to 30.
  • Alicianrone's +2 EVD passive now activates against opponents with more than +2 ATK (down from +3).

Dev note: From our point of view, Alicianrone hasn't been performing quite as well we wanted, a sentiment generally shared by the community. In this case, she had easy focal points to improve by just changing some parameters, while her concept remains untouched. We'll keep an eye on her to see if these changes make her more enjoyable to play.

  • Fixed Quick Restoration 'gaining' HP instead of healing.
  • Fixed an issue that made emotes have a line at the bottom.
  • Fixed issues regarding Reflective Shell not recognizing the proper base attack with some special units and card effects
  • Fixed Poppo Universe and Robo Tax not being safe around KO'd minions as ability description suggests and adjusted panel highlighting to fit new behavior.
  • Fixed Co-op boss's Protect and Po-tect not showing up when joining a game in progress.
  • Made a minor clarification to Desperate Modification card text. New description: "For this battle, randomly roll either a natural 1 or 6 for each attack, defense and evasion."
  • Fixed so the Hard Counter achievement can be unlocked again.
  • Fixed graphics in the Arcade sometimes disappearing.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (2/10/2020)
  • Fixed Avenger role's passive effect not working properly after healing with a mushroom during battle.
  • Made clear rewards for "Mio's Dark Citadel" be unlocked when visiting the campaign screen if campaign mission has been cleared and the rewards have been somehow missed.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (29/9/2020)
  • Fixed bugged unlocks for the final event rewards.
  • Minor text fixes.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotifx live (28/9/2020)
  • Minor text fixes.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (25/9/2020)
  • Fixed the event progress bar being stuck at 66.67%.
  • Fixed Co-op event pets being in the wrong category.
  • Fixed Game Night of the Witches' cutscenes including an invalid cutscene when browsing the in-game Gallery.
  • Fixed so mods targeting player variants of NPC units will correctly set the face coordinates to the player variants as well as the NPC one.
  • Fixed an issue with mods enabling themselves or disappearing from the list when attempting to download more than 1 mod at once.
  • Fixed an issue that made modded music events declared after units getting ignored by the game.
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling and the compact mode in the mod menu.
  • Fixed accessory icon for Christmas 2018 accessories.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (23/9/2020)
  • Added a compact display mode to the mod menu.
  • Improved the scrolling in the mod menu to take in consideration the total amount of mods.
  • Fixed so mods without face coordinates using the parameter "single_file" will display the default coordinates.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (20/9/2020)
  • Fixed Iru's unit effect affecting battles with Sherry, leading to some crashes.
  • Fixed Fight/Card option redundancy when canceling out of card selection.
  • Fixed a bug that was making the mushrooms' random effects not be random enough.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (20/9/2020)
  • Fixed a softlock happening in battles when trying to go back from using cards.
  • Really fixed so Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s music can be modded.
  • Fixed a bug that was making some campaign scenarios with ending cutscenes send the player to the main menu instead of the game results screen, making some unlocks unavailable.
  • Added enable/disable all mods checkbox for the mod menu.
  • Changed mushrooms with gain/lose star effects to give stars based on player level x random amount instead.
  • Made Warp effect mushrooms correctly warp the player to any kind of panel.
  • Fixed a crash happening by attempting to mod the card Sky Restaurant 'Pures'.
  • Added the field "Over the Sea" to the in-game Retired Events shop.
  • Added decimals to event counter progress.
  • Fixed event counter progress being confused.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (19/9/2020)
  • Fixed a crash related to the playground minigames.
  • Fish-a-Fish regular field event now lasts 30 seconds and gives 2/1/0/0 wins depending on ranking.
  • Added a way to mod Tomomo (Sweet Eater)'s music.
  • Added a missing Build-A-Castle graphic for the arcade version.
  • Made Extension not give any mushroom cards.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (18/9/2020)
  • Fixed broken cosmetics (file name had changed due to modding changes and the new file wasn't uploaded)

100% Orange Juice - version 3.0 ~Toy Store~ Now Live (18/09/2020)
  • Steam Workshop support added. A detailed Workshop guide can be found here.
  • Mod Support Extended to Card Art, BGM, Voices & SFX.
  • A new Arcade floor has been added to the Shop with the following Game Machines: Fish-a-Fish, Playground, Build-a-Castle!
  • A new event, Shroom Zoom, has been added.
  • New field, Fungus Cave, has been added. It can be played by all during Shroom Zoom event.
  • New panel type added: Goo panel! Moving into panels with Goo takes an additional point of movement. Goo prevents panel activation.
  • New field event added: Fish-a-Fish. The fishing event from Master Anglers event is now available as a field event, which activates every 9 chapters.
  • New field event added: Spores. Spawns mushrooms on the field, which give free cards with random effects when picked up!
  • New field event added: Goo. The opposite of Freeze event, this event adds Goo to panels every 5 chapters - the affected panels don't activate, and moving into them takes an extra point of movement per panel!
  • Beach Party event added to Retired Events. Buy its module in the Shop to begin, then defeat Big the Jonathan 10 times to complete the event and unlock its items in the Shop.
  • Fury can now be activated at the start of a battle, as opposed to at the start of unit's turn.
  • Updated loading graphics when the game is launched.
  • Added a new Quick Join option to the game: Each game mode has a new lighting icon; clicking it will join the first lobby available.
  • Game window can now be resized by dragging with the mouse. To reset to original size, use the new option in Config.
  • Added an in-game timer for active events.
  • Poppo now wins Whack-a-Po minigame more frequently.
  • Added 2 new Mixers to Co-op: Goo (negative) and Spores (neutral).
  • Added a new background for "Random" field selection.

  • Fixed so Nico won't gain more stars if she carries Lucky Charm.
  • Fixed an issue where Alicianrone's Hyper doesn't stop the player if KO'd while running.
  • Fixed an instance where Co-op bosses would still announce cards while KO'd.
  • Fixed Chicken emote 5.
  • Fixed an issue that made most recently added fields not show up in lobby on some saves.
  • Made Frostwalker's Freeze last a full chapter instead of until end of chapter.
  • Fixed an issue that made some units appearing incorrectly in the free character rotation system.
  • Minor story typo fixes.

  • Suguri (46 Billion Years) now gains an extra die on the following Move roll after using her ability to 2x a damage card.

Dev note: We felt the need to give Suguri (46 Billion Years) a bit of a nudge given that her statline is lower than most Suguris, and many players weren't getting much value from her passive outside of Co-op. We looked for a way to do it in a way that emphasizes her unique ability, and TL;DR is that in most cases it gives the best value in giving her flexibility to bring opponents down to 1 HP for a finisher; however she'd often fail to catch up to them afterwards so this aspect was underutilized too. With this change we found she's both more able to catch up to her targets, and also able to do other interesting plays with the new movement options this offers.

  • Iru DEF increased to 0 (up from -1).

Dev note: We've wanted to buff Iru for a while as well, but had difficulty doing so in a satisfactory fashion. While playing around with her sniping ability, we found changes to it tended to either make her completely overpowered, or not change much at all as we identified her main issue her tendency to get 1-shot in battle thanks to the phenomenon often called "Hime-rolls"; given her below-average stats, we found the change that gave her the best quality of life upgrade was to simply bring her Defense up to 0, which vastly increases her survivability in most scenarios without affecting her overall playstyle.

  • Arthur's passive changed to "Gain X additional stars from all sources, where X is the number of Shops in play, up to current Lvl."

Dev note: We recognize that Arthur had a chance for a rather unstoppable runaway effect in games where he drew several Hypers, as their star gain effect can quickly get out of control when he places some 10 Shops. The new change does not make a big change in games where he draws the usual 1-2 hypers during the game, but puts a cap on those fringe scenarios and brings his passive more in line with other +star gain passives.

  • Clarified Syura's unit description: "When at 1 HP at the start of battle, gain +1 ATK and EVD until end of battle." (Note: no effect on how she already plays.)


100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix now live (19/8/2020)
  • Fixed being unable to select RPG costumes.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (18/8/2020)
  • The Master Anglers event's Fish-a-Fish minigame now takes place every 7 chapters. (Up from 5)
  • Completing grill sets now yields 20 points. (Up from 15)
  • Fishing lines are now colored according to the rod's owner.
  • Fixed the achievement progress display for game wins & battle wins.
  • Made cosmetic menu no longer show unlocked options for the character which are incompatible with the current costume instead of crossing them out with a gray X.
  • Fixed an issue with field scrolling when random filter window was open.
  • Fixed an issue with random filters in co-op casual mode.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (5/8/2020)
  • Fixed one of Syura's accessory icons being invisible
  • Fixed a bug where Piyopiyo Procession did not properly randomize the three enemies to fight.
  • Event Bonus Items now drop in all game modes while event is active.
  • Slightly boosted the random drop chance for Bonus Items.
  • Fixed a few typos.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (1/8/2020)
  • Fixed the invisible icon for new home markers.
  • Slightly increased the drop rate for Master Anglers bonus rewards.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (31/7/2020)
  • Fixes a bug where players might sometimes incorrectly receive 0 stars in Fish-a-Fish.

100% Orange Juice - Version 2.9.8 now live (31/7/2020)
  • New event, Master Anglers added, now live until August 29.
  • New minigame, Fish-a-Fish added as part of the Master Anglers event.
  • Updated and modernized the game ending credit roll.
  • New option added to the Config: CPU Cosmetics. You can now enable whether CPUs in your game may start with random cosmetics (in multiplayer, lobby owner's setting determines this).
  • New accessibility option added to the Config: Reduced Clicks. Enabling this will automatically roll 'timed' dice rolls for you.

  • Fixed being unable to click the random filters.
  • Fixed mixer effects not being active if texts for them didn't load properly.
  • Fixed Magical Inferno taking stars from NoName's regular form.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (15/7/2020)
  • Fixed event ending a day too early.
  • Fixed so Rone & Teo can unlock their glasses properly.
  • Fixed so clients can scroll through random filters properly.
  • Fixed a bug that was making players carrying "Beast Witch" able to steal the loot Pirate Crew Members were obtaining for Captain Tequila.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (5/7/2020)
  • Fixed so Summer Beast gives 0 wins upon getting KO'd again.
  • Fixed unlock conditions for Nath and Tomato&Mimyuu 10 game hairs.
  • Fixed some cosmetic unlocks not triggering in single player.
  • Fixed the random filter so it shows correctly and updates properly for clients.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with Alicianrone's hair colors.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (1/7/2020)
  • Lowered VRAM consumption of font files.
  • Added missing texts in some languages.
  • Added missing sound effect for Full Speed Alicianrone.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (29/6/2020)
  • Summer Beast wants to play more!
  • Made it so the random filters use scrollbars.
  • Fixed DLC ownership check for the campaign mission of Alicianrone & Teotoratta.
  • Fixed so Fast Cut is only given to the player achieving it and not spectators.
  • Fixed an accessory graphic issue with Alicianrone, Teotoratta, Ellie, Lulu, Suguri (46 Billion Years).
  • Fixed invisible Cuties sometimes showing up when unlocking sunglasses cosmetics.
  • Fixed players being able to choose to stop on their home multiple times when it's placed on an intersection.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Teotoratta not trigger Piyo Piyo Procession and Invasion trap cards properly.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (25/6/2020)
  • Fixed an issue with Alicianrone's hair colors.
  • Fixed false advertising in the Shop.
  • Modified the Halloween color for Alicianrone.
  • Made the game re-unlock the Co-op Dealer class automatically upon loading the game for people who've played games with it before (Needs connection to Steam).
  • Fixed issues with Summer Beast's HP bar display on game startup.
  • Fixed Japanese description for Alicianrone's Hyper.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.9.7 now live (25/6/2020)
  • Alicianrone and Teotoratta are now playable for owners of 100% Orange Juice - Alicianrone & Teotoratta Character Pack.
  • Extra mission: Game Night of the Witches is now playable for owners of 100% Orange Juice - Alicianrone & Teotoratta Character Pack.
  • Miusaki and Ceoreparque have been updated with character and announcer voices.
  • Updated Summer Games event with new rewards and lowered milestones. Fighting other co-op bosses except Summer Beast now also advances the event but at half the rate.
  • Alternative colors for Pomeranian pet can now be purchased in the shop.
  • Made Witch's Hair Lock use the new targeting UI.
  • Made Mio trigger one of Peat's special voicelines
  • Made QP, QP (Dangerous), Yuki and Yuki (Dangerous) trigger one of Sherry's special voicelines
  • Added missing CPU logic for deciding when to use Reproduction of Records and Observer of Eternity
  • Added Scarred Land to the in-game shop.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (22/6/2020)
  • Added missing Brazilian Portuguese texts for Marc (Pilot).

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (19/6/2020)
  • Fixed so Rocket Cannon & Big Rocket Cannon can't be used if there is no valid targets.
  • Fixed so Marc (Pilot) has specific battle voice lines.
  • Made it so the upgrade hyper button & double damage button is opaque red instead of semi transparent for better visibility, if it cannot be selected.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.9.6 now live (18/6/2020)
  • Marc (Pilot) is now playable for owners of Flying Red Barrel - The Diary of a Little Aviator on Steam.
  • Added a Hyper animation for x16 Big Rocket.

  • Fixed Tequila saying his boss defeat line on normal wild units.
  • Fixed so secondary characters (like Cuties Sora) have a voice during the Free Character rotation.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping characters revealed the character on Discord through Rich Presence.
  • Fixed RoPoChi's unit card being displayed as a <PLAYER> card.
  • Updated Co-op boss unit cards to list their hyper card's name on the "Hyper" section of the card.
  • Fixed some old enemy units not having the correct names on the player plate in campaign episodes.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Waruda Christmas Party start with no background music.
  • Fixed an issue where Big Po had no texture when used as a missile.
  • Made it so the chat button redirects to 100% Orange Juice Steam chat room, not the Fruitbat Factory one.
  • Clarified Revival of Stars description to match already existing effect: "Turn all Drop Panels into Bonus Panels and Encounter and Boss Panels into Draw Panels."

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (29/5/2020)
  • Fixed an issue with sound/mod config tabs.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (29/5/2020)
  • Fixed an issue where co-op EXP bar was not updating.
  • Fixed an issue where game could crash at result screen after a match.
  • Fixed an issue with chat text appearing at the wrong position in Windows XP.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (27/5/2020)
  • Fixed an issue with Tomomo games not being counted.
  • Fixed an issue with Tomomo hair 1 unlock.
  • Fixed so you can sort lobbies by field name.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Match 2's rows of cards stack on each other.

Version 2.9.5 now live (25.5.2020)
  • Added Modding support to the game.
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GC63DntRWPV00zKe1y9r48mvMbcjHVWEuuNaKSMBbtQ/ for instructions and terms of use.
  • Added turn timer options: Both private and public lobbies can now choose between 90/60/30 second turn duration or disable the timer.
  • Added a new additional save backup that is automatically updated once a week.
  • Player frames in the lobby have been improved, mostly fixing the steam profile link click issues for 800x600 users, as well as using an improved unit animation.
  • "Play 10 games as..." achievements now display a progress popup when they're halfway completed, as do achievements for winning games & NPCs KO'd (20-40-60-80).
  • Changed muting to persist across lobbies.

  • Fixed Sora's hyper making thunder clouds.
  • Fixed so Whack-a-Po correctly show star particles upon hitting your targets.
  • Fixed an issue with muted messages reappearing.
  • Fixed an issue with Sora (Cuties) hair colors not appearing on co-op result screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the result screen would change for other players if the host changed the game mode.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (11/5/2020)
  • Fixed the emote machine having a ghostly emote in it.
  • Fixed an issue where you could click the steam profile buttons elsewhere than the lobby screen.
  • Removed still remaining DLC checks for the 10 games achievements.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.9.4 Now Live (10/5/2020)
  • Added new heart and dice emotes to the base emote set.
  • Added co-op boss emotes to the Emote Gachapon machine in the Arcade.
  • Reduced the volume of Sora (Military), Ellie BGMs, increased volume for Suguri (46 Billion Years) BGM.
  • Fixed a few achievements still having the DLC requirement check.
  • Made idle turn timers be disabled when a game ends.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.9.3 Now Live (9/5/2020)
  • Added a weekly free character rotation: 2 random DLC or bonus characters will be available for free each week, alongside their character and announcer voices.
  • Removed all DLC ownership checks from all Steam achievements.
  • Added color options for the Mousse cosmetic for Marie Poppo.
  • You can now click on a player name in the lobby screen to open the player's Steam profile.
  • Adjusted the volume of Ellie's BGM.
  • Removed the "let's roll" voice lines playing when clearing a Norma.
  • Added co-op ratings for Ellie and Lulu.

Bounty Hunt:
  • Increased the cost of overheal items (by tier):
    I: 20->30
    II: 40->60
    III: 80->120
  • Increased the base price of permanent stat boost items from 100 to 150.

  • Fixed the co-op level 25 dice not unlocking as soon as you reach level 25.
  • Fixed the special accessory visibility for Ellie and Lulu.
  • Fixed so Bounty Hunt mercenaries cannot be affected by the Charity field event.
  • Fixed so Star Chasers mixer & Nice Jingle don't affect the star ability of Lulu's Lucky Egg.
  • Fixed the co-op tooltip not updating properly in the post-deck screen.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (1/5/2020)
  • Fixed wrong Norma clear condition being set for players whenever the game picks one automatically.
  • "Ellie's Miracle" effect no longer stacks when playing the card again before a past effect runs out.
  • Fixed Scarred Land being unlocked in multiplayer lobbies.
  • Added missing Homemark graphic.
  • Fixed an issue with poses not being selectable for pigformed chibis.
  • Fixed Ellie & Lulu default extra color being blocked when their special accessories aren't unlocked.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.9.2 now live (30/4/2020)
  • Ellie and Lulu are now playable for owners of the Wanderer Pack DLC.
  • 7 new achievements added.
  • Added new field, Scarred Land.
  • Added new emotes.
  • Sora and Sora (Military) hyper cards now have a special visual effect upon activation.
  • Sora (Military) now has extra poses with glowy eyes as an unlock.
  • Added a voice playing when successfully clearing, or missing to clear a Norma.
  • Kiriko can now benefit from "gain HP" effects.

Bounty Hunt:
  • Increased EXP, stars, item drops, oranges, and fame rewards by 50% for bounty hunt games.
  • Players now win 1 fame in Bounty Hunt mode by defeating a player in battle that has more fame than them.
  • Updated Bounty Hunt field event to guarantee at least 1 spawn of each type of monster hiding spots if possible.
  • Shop turn-in arrows are now drawn over player units in the Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Red & Blue Island overheal effect lowered from 4 to 3 in Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Mercenaries are now affected with the following cards: Dinner, Magical Massacre, Super All Out Mode, Sealed Guardian, Indiscriminate Fire Support, Blazing!, Magical Inferno, Big Bang Bell.

  • Fixed so players using Indiscriminate Fire Support correctly take damage if a missile land on them. (Ally mercenaries are excluded.)
  • Fixed voices in battles not playing if the user has "voice only my character" enabled.
  • Fixed Iru's battle start shot triggering Haunted Doll's unit effect.
  • Fixed so Amplify events won't override shop-purchased stat boosts.
  • Fixed Haunted Doll being able to use Ceoreparque's damage-on-evade effect when fighting Repa.
  • Fixed Mousse voice lines so the text bubbles are reflecting what they're supposed to be.
  • Improved card text quality.
  • Fixed co-op cards being included in Bounty Hunt weapon armories.
  • Fixed the lobby browser Chat button not working.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (19/4/2020)
  • Haunted Doll now has -1 ATK (down from 0).
  • Turnislime now has -1 DEF (up from -2).
  • Fixed event Fame being awarded from other game modes but Bounty Hunt.
  • (Really?) fixed ATK/DEF/EVD not being limited to +-9.
  • Fixed Mercenaries being too intoxicated to be affected by Self-Destruct.
  • It's no longer possible to stay at a Shop infinitely, no matter how good the selection.
  • The Mercenary cannot be targeted by cards like long distance shot anymore.
  • Mercenary units are now affected by Binding Chains and Delta Field.
  • Tweaked the panel preferences of the Mercenary.
  • Added a limit of stars (200) displaying when activating Another Ultimate Weapon.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.9.1 now live (19/4/2020)
  • Player now starts with 40 stars in Bounty Hunt Mode (adjusted by player stats similarly to Shop prices.)
  • Players can now move the camera while on the bounty select screen.
  • Fixed the Beginner Town map not being available in the field selection in-lobby.
  • Fixed 1 Mousse voice line.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3D background of Beginner Town was cut off at the screen edges in some resolutions.
  • Fixed a bug that was making Magical Inferno erroneously calculate how many stars to take from KO'd players.
  • Fixed Mercenaries sometimes getting stuck in warp panels after another Mercenary is defeated.
  • Fixed Poppo sometimes not winning Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Fixed Trollite being able to be so weak that it goes beyond the limits of -9 ATK, and Bunnizard being able to be so stronk that it goes beyond +9 ATK/DEF/EVD.

Dev note: We observed that Bounty Hunt games tend to run significantly longer than other modes, largely because it usually takes around 10 chapters before players can really afford any Shop items to get their game going. An easy way to make the games "shorter" would be to just lower Fame requirements, but this would favor "rush" characters over those with a strong end-game due to Shop discounts. We hope this initial star bonus will speed up the games somewhat while also balancing them slightly more in favor of low stat characters that rely on the Shop.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (18/4/2020)
  • Fixed midgame joins bugging if changing from one lobby to another in Bounty Hunt mode.
  • Fixed the CPU throwing a hissy-fit if not allowed to buy their favorite thing in the Shops in Bounty Hunt mode and refusing to leave it.
  • Fixed Discord rich presence for Bounty Hunt Mode.
  • Added missing credits to game launcher.
  • Fixed missing gallery BGM for wild units and Tomomo (Sweet Eater).

Bounty Hunters!
The first event of the 100% Orange Juice Season 2 storyline is now live in version 2.9 ~Lucky Charm~!

The "Bounty Hunters" event introduces a new pair of characters, Ellie and Lulu, who have to make ends meet by taking on the dangerous job of hunting monsters for cash!

The story for the event is written by Hono of Orange Juice, and the ending illustration is provided by Ogipote!

A new Bounty Hunt game mode is temporarily playable for the duration of the event, until May 17, 10 AM PST.

To complete the event, players must climb from rank E to rank B in their Guild.

In Bounty Hunt mode, players will increase their Guild rank by gathering Fame from completing various quests at the local Guild. These include hunting down dangerous new monsters, and performing odd jobs around town.

There are 6 new Wild Units and 1 new Boss unique to the mode.

In this event, several rules differ from the normal mode:
  • There is only 1 Norma type available: Fame. Fame is gained from defeating Bounties and completing Quests. Reach 20 Fame to win the game! (Note that norma selection restrictions of certain characters don't apply in this mode).
  • All units have a permanent +1 MOV, +1 hand size, and gain increased stars each chapter.
  • Different types of field locations appear on random panels, and are refreshed every 6 chapters. These include monster locations, and Shops.
  • Players can stop at all Homes, and every time you stop at a Home, you can choose 1 out of 4 available Bounty or Quest cards. These cards must be carried to complete missions.
  • Bounties are completed by carrying the corresponding Bounty card and defeating the monster in question. Each field location houses one of the 6 monster types, and once a player passes over it, the monster is revealed. If the player is carrying a Bounty card for that monster, they can challenge it to battle. Each player starts the game with one easy difficulty Bounty card.
  • Each Bounty battle lasts up to 10 rounds, and the monsters come in 3 different difficulties, giving 2,3 or 4 Fame.
  • Quests require to visit a field location of the indicated type to gather a quest item, and then returning it to the indicated Shop. They give 2 Fame for completing.
  • Different Shops carry various powerful items - cards, healing, temporary buffs and even permanent stat boosts!
  • Shop prices are affected by your character's stats: Based on the default stat spread of +0/+0/+0, 5 HP, characters will gain an adjustment to their Shop prices based on how positive or negative each of their stats is. (ATK gives a 25% modifier, while DEF, EVD and HP give 10%. Example: Marie Poppo gains a -25% discount based on -1 ATK, -1 DEF, -1 EVD and +2 HP, while Sherry gains a +45% price increase based on +1 ATK, DEF and EVD).
  • Defeating the field Boss will give 6 Fame to the one landing the killing blow.

A funky new field, Beginner Town, is available to play during the event, and can be permanently unlocked as a reward.

Other version 2.9 ~Lucky Charm~ changes
  • AI got jealous of players and are now able to randomly have unit and hair colors, and wear glasses.
  • Co-op lobbies now have a tooltip on the player frame, showing their co-op levels.
  • Fixed a crash with how card effects gets removed on a player revive.


100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix now live (9/4/2020)
  • Fixed unit voices not loading if player doesn't own the DLC even if they're enabled by an event.
  • Mio can now be used during All Units Event
  • Co-op Boss units can no longer be used during All Units event.
  • Fixed a cosmetic check for Krila's 9th hair unlock not working as intended.
  • Fixed Co-op Robo Ball units not counting for Krila's 9th hair unlock.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.8.3 now live [real version] (1/4/2020)
  • Poppo has been revised. She can finally speak normally now.
  • Updated the Sound tab in the game's Configuration menu to have scrollbar support and rearranged some of its options.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.8.3 now live [APRIL FOOLS version] (1/4/2020)
  • New rhythm game "Idol's Journey" has been added. This replaces the normal versus mode.
  • Voices have finally been added for the bosses of the game, bringing voice to all units in 100% Orange Juice!
  • 90 new wild units have been added to the game, and you have to catch them all!
  • Added Hyper difficulty for single player missions. On Hyper difficulty, all opponents use double dice, in addition to the extreme difficulty adjustments. Clearing all missions on Hyper difficulty will unlock hats for your dice.
  • The Hearts system is now live! Now each character has five hearts that fill up as you use them, which will unlock their support dialogues as well as some other goodies! The stats of the character will also increase when the hearts are maxed out.
  • Character voices can now be played at will in-game for all players to hear for 50 Oranges apiece.
  • Added a new My Room feature - players can now upload a photo of their own room to a lobby for other players to mock.
  • Added beard color options for all characters.
  • Poppo has been revised. She can finally speak normally now.
  • The Cuties unit has split up citing creative differences.
  • Updated the Sound tab in the game's Configuration menu to have scrollbar support and rearranged some of its options.

  • Reaching lvl 50 in each of the co-op roles now unlocks one of the co-op bosses as playable units in normal mode.

  • Fixed a bug limiting the random interval character voices only happening at 8% of the intended frequency.

  • Nanako now has 8 Bits (up from 7). Her visuals have been updated accordingly.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (25/3/2020)
  • Fixed issue where glasses and other transparent accessories would show the field background.
  • Fixed issue where emote window was active in deck screen and blocking cosmetic buttons.
  • Fixed issue with Tomomo's staff showing on top of RPG costume and glasses.
  • Fixed an issue where invalid cards in save data could cause the game to crash.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (17/3/2020)
  • The system voice should no longer spam "Connection Failed" when the player inputs a wrong password.
  • Fixed a bug where the bonus oranges from Mixers weren't given out in online games.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (13/3/2020)
  • Updated the graphic for the WIKI button on Main Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the pending invitation would show "Discord" after a lobby's information gets updated.
  • Fixed players being able to get random color unlocks on the game results screens for DLC units they don't own.
  • Fixed players in a co-op game not getting the same amount of oranges after finishing.
  • Improved the A.I. for Poppo Shooting minigame.
  • Fixed interlude cutscenes being unlocked for playback in Gallery even if the player hadn't seen them yet.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (8/3/2020)
  • Fixed layering issue with glasses and some of the accessories.
  • Fixed customization buttons being available for costumes that don't support it.
  • Fixed issue with customization windows going off screen.
  • Fixed random character option putting glasses in the old category.
  • Fixed a startup crash if the rich presence option was disabled.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (4/3/2020)
  • Fixed a lobby graphic issue / crash if full-color textures option was disabled.
  • Fixed M10 Robo: Attack/Defense/Evasion down effects lasting 3 chapters instead of 2 as indicated on the card.
  • Updated game info credits.
  • Fixed players being unable to use "Evil Mastermind" while carrying no trap cards and standing on a panel with a "Rbit Hobby Shop" trap set on it.
  • Fixed a bug that was making "Do Pirates Fly in the Sky?" and "Plushie Master" unable to replace any set "Rbit Hobby Shop" traps.
  • Fixed players under the effects of playground Joker still using up stars when playing Tactical Retreat and Another Ultimate Weapon.
  • Fixed Poppo Galaxy, Poppo Tax, Robo Tax and Poppo Universe highlighting extra field panels that were unaffected by the ability.
  • Fixed a disco effect that was made with old panel highlights that weren't reset properly.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (2/3/2020)
  • Suguri (46 Billion Years) no longer lends her awesome damage-doubling powers to other characters.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.8.2 live (1/3/2020)
  • Added support for game invites from Steam and Discord.
  • Added a Config option to disable Rich Presence.
  • The cosmetic screen text buttons have been updated with cute new icons.
  • Glasses are now separate cosmetic category, so you can equip glasses and other accessories together!
  • Game invites will be joined automatically from the menu screen.
  • A pending invite popup is shown in shop/user info screen, which can be cancelled at any time.
  • Players' Steam avatars are now shown on the lobby screen.
  • Updated the visuals on one of the new emotes.
  • Fixed the chat log being cleared after finishing a game.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (17/2/2020)
  • Fixed crashy-crashy.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.8.1 now live (17/2/2020)
  • Added school uniform costume for regular Aru. (Unlocks automatically on Main Menu if you have already cleared the event).
  • Updated Co-op Support role A.I. to revive teammates more often when passing next to them if players have more stars available.
  • Made minigame Joker's effect work the same as the Co-op mixer Joker's effect.
  • Added an orbiting icon for minigame Joker effect.
  • Made Track the Card guarantee at least one positive prize to spawn at the start of the minigame.
  • Made Poppo Reverse, Poppo Dice and Poppo Frostwalker show the correct effect duration in player info plates.
  • Changed the DAMAGE message to no longer cap the number at player HP. The damage dealt is still the same, but you'll be able to tell that Big Bang Bell really really hurt.
  • Added display of plus/minus damage to combat stat plate.
  • Made Protect's Shield effect appear in battle when the unit has a Protect effect active instead of a damage reduction effect.
  • Made Star Devourer's additional damage passive effect display on the combat stat plate.
  • Updated Co-op's Mixers timer format to match the existing Daily Challenges timer format.
  • Added chapter duration display for Mixers in effect to the in-game info plate.
  • Made minigames stop the public lobby idle timer.
  • Added built-in idle timers to Match 2 and Track the Card.
  • Made players get the NoName prize from Match 2 if they match the pair regardless of whether it was the last pair matched or not.

  • Fixed graphical issues with Alte's school uniform when using her Halloween 2016 tennis player accessory.
  • Fixed a 4-legged Marc.
  • Fixed black unit color unlock not showing up properly on Results screen.
  • Fixed issue with chat typing window staying open between lobby changes.
  • Fixed issue with shop exit button not being highlighted when hovered.
  • Fixed Bloodlust's damage being affected by some damage reduction effects.
  • Fixed Special Stage letting players still use cards in battle.
  • Fixed Poppo the Snatcher giving the player carrying the card more stars than the amount of stars the player affected by it lost.
  • Fixed Match 2 minigame only creating instances with 12 cards in it.
  • Fixed cards created with Reproduction of Records displaying the wrong base cost if there's other active effects that affect the reproduced card's usage cost.
  • Added missing Spanish translation for School Crashers story.

  • NoName now gives wins and stars when he would be KO'd out of battle with effects that reward the user with such. New unit card description: "If KO'd, turn into NoName (Head) instead. Give no stars or Wins if KO'd in battle."

While a minor change, this affects some head to head match-ups significantly. Originally NoName was vulnerable to all such effects (x16 Big Rocket, Air Strike, etc), but in version 1.19 he was changed to turn into pot form instead of KO when KO'd out of combat also, in order to make him more possible to actually KO for real. This had the side effect of giving him unnecessary extra immunity to some card/unit effects, and we're now rectifying that.

100% Orange Juice - version 2.8 now live (10/2/2020)
School Crashers/Playground:
  • Added new minigame to Playground: Poppo Shooting, where the goal is to throw darts and break balloons with rewards inside. Match 3 rewards and it's yours - fail and you get punished!
  • Addded new minigame to Playground: Poppo March, in which a flood of Poppo march across your screen in various costumes. Identify the 3 correct Poppo and click on them before they run away!
  • Added 3 new rewards/penalties to the Playground minigames: Draw 2 (Draw 2 cards), Joker (Effect Duration: 1 Chapter - cards can be played as though they were Lvl 1 and had 0 base cost), Drop (Lose Lvl x 6 stars.)
  • Added new rewards to School Crashers.
  • Playground can now be fast forwarded in single player like the rest of the game.
  • Event progression for School Crashers has been made faster since the first time.

Chat update:
  • The Chat UI has been reworked with new size and opacity settings, as well as buttons for deleting all chat messages and to toggle chat fade.
  • Chat now supports emotes! Everyone has a basic emote set to start with.
  • A new Gachapon machine can be found in the Arcade: for 30 Oranges you will receive a random new emote (no duplicates)!
  • The emotes can also be unlocked individually from the Shop's new Emotes section for 45 ('generic emotes') or 75 Oranges (newly drawn emotes) each.
  • All chat members can now be muted and unmuted with a click (this setting is individual; only you don't hear that player).

Other changes:
  • Lobby name and password can now be changed from the lobby screen itself at will! Game Speed option is also saved if you change it on the lobby screen.
  • Added a lobby option for CPU units to skip minigames.
  • Your Game Speed option is now saved if you change it during a match.
  • Poppo stole the balloons.
  • Lowered the cost of Regular Crate (poses) from 40 to 30 Oranges, and Premium Crate (hairs) from 50 to 40 Oranges.

This is mainly a quality of life update with some features that we've already worked on for months between content updates. The chat update has been on our to-do list for a long time, and we've collected highly requested features for it. Hopefully it'll now offer much greater flexibility for the users' chat experience. The Gachapon machine in the Arcade is visually based on the actual gachapon machines commonly seen in Japanese arcades, and after quite some deliberation we ended up making the chat emoji non-tradable (despite Steam precedent) and unique with an Orange cost due to a few reasons: their volume, which might make trading them through Steam cumbersome, and because we wanted to give those players who already had everything more use out of their Oranges. Since the emotes aren't tradable and there's a lot of them, it could be frustrating if there's a specific one the player wanted, so we decided to also make them all purchasable separately in the Shop. At the same time, we significantly lowered the Orange cost for purchasing previous Orange crates to make it easier for new players to acquire all content.

  • Fixed game speed not updating properly when changing the setting in a lobby's waiting screen.
  • Fixed Normal mode Golden Egg's effect not activating immediately after activating the trap card if it was placed on top of a Bonus or Drop panel.
  • Fixed Shield Counter's damage being affected by Metallic Monocoque.
  • Fixed Invisible Bomb's damage being affected by Metallic Monocoque.
  • Fixed Star Breaker being able to clear Star normas and Sham & Sora (Cuties) being able to clear Win normas in Co-op.
  • Fixed Star Breaker not playing a voice when clearing a norma in Co-op.
  • Fixed Tomomo (Sweet Eater) not turning back to her original form after being KO'd while having Extend stocked, and being revived by another player.
  • Fixed Mix Phenomenon showing infinite duration instead of 3 chapters.
  • Fixed some character hairs showing up when using a Kigurumi accessory paired with a school uniform unit color

100% Orange Juice - version 2.7.3 now live (17/1/2020)
  • Minions of the Master and Master of the Minions event contents (cosmetics, story etc) can now be unlocked as part of the core game by taking certain co-op related steps.
  • Added the option to refresh completed challenges by paying 5000 stars.
  • Added a "Master Volume" slider in Sound tab of Config window. This affects the overall volume of the game.
  • Added an "All Voices" slider in Voices tab of Config window. This changes all voice volumes to match with what it's set to.
  • Added an alternate Sakura Miko-themed costume for owners of Kiriko.
  • Fixed Portable Pudding not setting HP to current max HP if the player has over max HP.
  • Added a new in-game shop tab for retired events: "Retired Events".
  • Fixed an error that wasn't letting the tutorial show up right for new save files right after returning to the main menu from a cutscene.
  • Made RPG costumes always show up on the accessory customization screen.
  • Voice actor names are now displayed on announcer select screen.
  • The duration of character speech bubbles is now more closely tied to their voice duration.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (6/1/2020)
  • Fixed Binding Smokescreen being applied to nearby teammates when a unit that isn't Mira uses Leap Through Space.
  • Fixed Binding Smokescreen not being applied to KO'd enemies when a player uses Leap Through Space.
  • Fixed the mixer "Flipped" incorrectly reversing unit stats after a battle card is played.
  • Added some missing texts in Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with Sumika's pink unit color.

100% Orange Juice - unversioned hotfix live (4/1/2020)
  • Added missing Kiriko voice lines in Portuguese.

100% Orange Juice - versioned hotfix live (1/1/2020)
  • Fixed reproduced variable cost cards displaying the wrong amount of gray stars.
  • Fixed reproduced variable cost cards still taking stars from players when used while the mixer "Joker" is active.
  • Character voices now play even if text files for them are missing.
  • Fixed players being unable to use x16 Big Rocket, Tactical Retreat and Subspace Tunnel if they weren't carrying enough stars even when the mixer "Joker" is active.
  • Fixed Game Progress in Player Info displaying an incorrect percentage for players who have beaten Mio's Dark Citadel.
  • Added playback for both Master of the Minions' interlude cutscenes to Gallery.
  • Ended New Year's fireworks.

Earlier update history
Due to the insane size of the update history, I'm starting a new thread to keep track of updates.
You can always visit the original Update History thread here for pre-2020 notes.
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PhleBuster  [developer] Jan 1, 2020 @ 3:23pm 
Earlier update history
Due to the insane size of the update history, I'm starting a new thread to keep track of updates.
You can always visit the original Update History thread here for pre-2020 notes.
Jonjon Jan 1, 2020 @ 3:35pm 
Daxy Jan 1, 2020 @ 3:46pm 
Originally posted by PhleBusterFruitbat Factory:
Earlier update history
Due to the insane size of the update history, I'm starting a new thread to keep track of updates.
You can always visit the original Update History thread here for pre-2020 notes.

Poppo stole the changelog!
i hope a new one is made in 2026
CarThief Jan 2, 2020 @ 1:01am 
Such optimism! As if we'll all live to see 2024 even... With a president like that! :P


Well, slightly more on-topic... I honestly don't see how these "mixers" will spice up co-op. We can't change them to suit our wants and needs (like self-imposed challanges, or to aid us in Hyper+ achievements), and they don't change the basic co-op grind- *ahem*... "gameplay loop".

Pick an easy boss. Counter-pick boss with optimal characters. Make two of em attackers to grind it to dust easy-peasy. Other two players just kind of float around non-interactively, and mooch off of the attacker's hard work so they can get XP in other roles. Only thing that's varied is who does the work of grinding it to 0 HP next.
No challange (except on Hyper), no teamwork, no variation in co-op gameplay.

Well, atleast one can't go wrong with more patches and fixes.
SeekerofCuteness Jan 2, 2020 @ 5:40am 
Originally posted by CarThief:
Other two players just kind of float around non-interactively, and mooch off of the attacker's hard work so they can get XP in other roles. Only thing that's varied is who does the work of grinding it to 0 HP next.
No challange (except on Hyper), no teamwork, no variation in co-op gameplay.

Welcome to the world of support. Defender (which are tanks and attackers), healers and other roles(avenger and dealer) are meant to be played as supporting the attackers. It's not mooching lol
CarThief Jan 2, 2020 @ 8:01am 
The team is literally dependant on DPS, if it was 4 non-DPS roles, the boss would eat em up and spit em out like the garbage they are. I would say atleast guardian/dealer are mooching pretty damn hard off of the DPS... :P

Granted, atleast Supports are doing an useful thing by healing/reviving people at important moments. They go nicely hand-in-hand with attackers. Guardains just kinda sit there and do nothing though, and dealers do worse then nothing - they'll drain your bank account.

Ah well, maybe a good suggestion comes to mind. Was thinking maybe something that'd let support roles do damage or debuff the boss in some way... May as well post it in the usual topic if a good one comes to mind.
Last edited by CarThief; Jan 2, 2020 @ 8:02am
risbolla Jan 2, 2020 @ 8:06am 
frontsight is 2020
megametalgreymon Jan 2, 2020 @ 1:11pm 
Good to see a new update thread for 2020 onwards!
CarThief Jan 2, 2020 @ 1:41pm 
I kind of wonder what IS the topic of this post, anyway? For users, anyway. Devs post their changelogs, but us...?

Hm... I guess we talk about the changes? (If so, it wasn't that off-topic, i'd say... Ah well, suggestions have their own topic, so whatever.)
Kowii ★ Jan 2, 2020 @ 1:58pm 
You're allowed to talk about anything update-related in this thread or several suggestion you may have with any of the recent update(s)
Last edited by Kowii ★; Jan 2, 2020 @ 2:46pm
MarkVD100 Jan 2, 2020 @ 3:28pm 
How about selectable CPUs in Freeplay? As an option for the CPU category like Custom.
Last edited by MarkVD100; Jan 2, 2020 @ 3:28pm
mariosonicman1 Jan 2, 2020 @ 3:31pm 
if we do end up getting workshop support for this game, I hope one of the options is actually selecting CPUs in Co-op mode.
Matihood Jan 2, 2020 @ 4:18pm 
I just want Iru's theme properly extended. The original song is almost 4 minutes long and the in-game loop is only 1,5 minutes.
CarThief Jan 2, 2020 @ 4:42pm 
If we're gonna talk Iru's theme, can we please have softer volumes for some of these themes? Someone pointed out they're potentially glitched, playing way louder then they should, which aparrantly was easily demonstrated by clicking on your volume bar in-game in the settings, and simply "refreshing" it by clicking on the same square as you normally have it set on, without changing the volume.
(Or has it been fixed yet? Suguriv3 sounded pretty loud still, so i'm not sure.)

Iru's theme ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ deafens me. Same for Tsih, to some degree Suguriv3, and a handful of others.

Some non-DLC character themes could do with a volume increase, too. They're like a quiet whisper compared to most modern DLC character themes.
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