100% Orange Juice
Alte plushie when??
How many people would actually pay for that?? :thinking:
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I know I would.

Will it be explosive? Otherwise I don't want it.
there will only be poppo
Only if it's stuffed with gunpowder.
Sorry, a plane crashed into the factory making Alte plushies.
feels bad
I don't see why you would want self destructive plushies unless you are a terrorist.
Well, there's an obvious reason we'd want exploding dolls. Everyone should know how to disarm a bomb! Besides, if you screw it up, you only lose everything in a 5-mile radius. No biggie!
Alte's husband could had been a terrorist bomber that did not had his chance to "shine"... :sb: I would buy her plushie, she is one of my favorites, but it would be dangerous to have a kamikaze girl inside my room! :alte:
You guys are jerks.

I'll buy fifteen.
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