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How far away should the Borg Queens ship be from a battle?
I only see in the races drop down screen that the Queens ship has influence, but how far ?
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1. Select the Queen.
2. On the lower right, above the "supply" status bar, is the icon for the Queen's ability "Order to Chaos".
3. Read the description (in particular, the last line) :)

Anyway, it works like any other "range" ability. As the description says, you can display all ranges, both weapon and ability, by holding <ALT> while the ship is selected, or holding <ALT> and hovering your cursor over a ship.

The description also says that the range is 500,000, which seems to be approx. the galaxy radius of a standard 60-star spiral galaxy in DOF. Note: radius, not diameter, so you can't cover an entire galaxy with a single, stationary Queen. You'd need 4 or so.

If you want to toggle range display so you don't need to hold <ALT> anymore, press <CTRL>-F. Press it again to turn off. If it doesn't work, check Options->Keybinds, Toggle Firing Arc Display.
Thanks piccolo255, i have loged in a few hour in this game when first came out of Blind Mine but neer played the Borg, even hosted a few games with MysticVoid7x9 an others.
I was supprised at how fast the Borg reshearchs the Teck ladder too Thanks.
For some reason that I no longer recall, the method for mainframes to display their radius didn't work for the queen. This was the easiest and most simple way to achieve the effect. It's pretty easy to just press ALT on the rare occasions you need to see it.

The Queen's buff is basically binary if I remember correctly. Meaning that it's either on or not. It shouldn't take a lot of planning to manage coverage with them. They aren't like Mainframes where the distance to the given ship is important.
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