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Star Ruler 2

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How much of this game is like an RTS
Thinking of getting it. I'm more of a RTS player.

I enjoyed sins and Homeworld.

I enjoy the battles more than the economy side of games.

Also which one is easier/ more streamlined between Star ruler and Star ruler 2.

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This is kinda grand space strategy. Ship designing/building has. A big role, but tactical battles are nowhere near Homeworld,

The game though is really good. Check gameplay videos
This is a good game without being tedious for management of economy. That said you do have to pay attention to planets getting them paired up so that they are not a drain on your cash, and you have to also pay attention to the diplomacy because they can serious screw up your economy with Annex planet or system etc. But as pointed out, watch some videos you might like it.
Indy11 Jan 3 @ 4:18am 
Thanks guys!!! I'll find a video
Indy11 Jan 3 @ 5:52am 
Is SR 2 easier than SR1? Easier as in less complicated to understand mechanics?
SR2's mechanics are different. Both compared to other X4/RTS games, and compared to SR1.

Ship-design should be easier to do in SR1, but it has little to do with SR2's ship-design (so you can't practise for SR2). And has less depth (doesn't matter where you place stuff, only that you do).
The other game mechanics are mostly about grasping the basic concepts in SR2. Some people find it very difficult to get into, due to being so different compared to other games - for others it's very easy to do.
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