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✪ BLISS ✪ Dec 31, 2017 @ 5:51am
Star Ruler 2 vs Polaris sector
Hi, can someone be so kind to describe in a few words the differences between these two titles. I'm looking for a 4x without a very deep empire management and more oriented in combat (real time). Just to understand I loved Sins which is not the standard 4x , i know , I'm searching something deeper but not THAT deeper . More titles are welcome thx
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IllyiaSvara Dec 31, 2017 @ 9:58am 
Can't speek for polaris but from the reviews it sounds like a lesser Stellaris for if you can't afford the full stellaris package.

Star Ruler 2 can on the surface look very simple in fact you can beat most AI once you've figured out how to properly play without needing to do anything advanced. However the depth does exist specifically in making your empire more efficent, getting tactical advatanages, and then proper use of your special resources and Imperial Buildings (player constructed buildings).

There is no best ship design option in this game there are good designs and key things you should do but no specifically best design choice only good choices in certain situations. The Rock paper scissor mechanic of weapons/defenses is only pseudo-present the key thing is designing around your enemies designs. Ship design is also a lot more open and free than any other space game I have ever found.

The diplomacy in this game is very very very non-standard and you'll either like it or hate it. It is also very powerful and with the expansion introduces a victory method through using it. Technically you can also win with it anyway but it can be a lot harder.

Combat victory is also possible but as with all 4x's it can take forever and a day to properly win.

Economic and technology victories don't exist although it would be possible to mod these conditions in if people really wanted to. Technology victory condition would actually be a pretty easy mod to make.

Star ruler 2 also has no limit as to where you can you move fleets so have fun. The AI doesn't make great use of this but players can :p There's even full 3d movements and locational/directional damage so in very very advanced PvP (which is very rare now) it can play a part.

Syzygy Jan 12 @ 9:53am 
Star Ruler, Polaris, and Sword of the Stars are all great games to check out, not to mention distant worlds.
Both Polaris Sector and Star Ruler 2 are good space 4X.

Star ruler is certainly the most innovative one, economy or diplomacy are completely different to other 4X. Polaris sector also has its own fun twist but it will be more like what you expect.

In combat I like more Polaris sector, the AI really surprised me in some battles, though in others it just happens to be limited.

In empire management I think I'll go for Polaris too but it's a close call. In Polaris you have to work around ressource limitations, be it through trading, advancing in technology or conquest. Star ruler 2, let's say it's about a sort of trade network you setup beetween your own planets to develop some more than others.

I don't like much research in Star ruler 2, it's not bad but the tree is pretty boring. Polaris sector does it better.

Distant worlds is certainly a good title too, used to be my favourite 4X.
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