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SuperPower 2 Steam Edition

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Age of Discovery V1.3.1 OUT NOW!
Age of Discovery V1.2 - 2020 Population & Military Update

V.1.3.1. (13/12/2020)

- New EHE, set to read only.
- Lowered maximum birth rate to 0.025 (2.5%)
- Lowered the minimum birth rate to 0.015 (1.5%)
- Lowered the minimum death rate to 0.01 (1%) (see issue #1)
- Increased cost modifiers for units, for more realistic travel times

V.1.3 (11/12/2020)

- Major changes to structure of economy, now primarily focused on agricultural production.
- Increased HDI of the Americas, and adjusted poverty rates for every country.
- Birth rates and death rates modified.
- Custom SDK included, provided by @Gotaa , based on HDM V10.9.1 by @BlasterMillennia . These are included in the Age_of_Discovery folder and should be used with the mod to make it playable.
- Custom SDK allows for constant birth rates and structures resource demand based on its historical production.

V.1.2. (27/11/2020)

- Updated populations for several major countries.
- Resources in the Americas significantly increased, to make colonisation better.
- Militaries for France and Castile, many other countries also have improved armies particularly in Asia.
- Attempted to fix issue with population growth rate again.
- Japanese armies also added better.

V.1.1. (25/11/2020)

- Fixed EHE issues.
- Added 280 playable nations, now 474 in total!
- Tribes split into said new nations ^
- Revamped resources and world economy.
- Attempted to fix birth rate issues.
- Added political parties for most nations.
- Fixed anarchy issues buy buffing stability, taxation and approval rating for most nations.
- Also attempted to fix problems with state controlled resources in new nations.
- Attempted to fix militaries in Japan and other minor countries.

V1.0. (12/09/2018)

- Initial Release


Contact developers at Discord: PsychoticUnvanquished#4644 for future updates!
The original developer Aqua who I made this in collaboration is currently on break, so make sure to message me regarding mod updates!
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Montykot Nov 23, 2020 @ 2:57pm 
Funny :-)
Carmus Maximus Nov 25, 2020 @ 5:45am 
Interesting mod
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