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does playing on the mode with 0 monsters disable achievements?
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No, all achievements are story-related.

You'll get them anyway, doesn't matter what mode you're playing on.
Kamatsu May 24 @ 2:05am 
You mean the games 'safe' mode right?

It doesn't disable achievements. They are all story related as said, so you'll get them as you play through the game.

Do note - the games 'safe' mode does not actually remove the monsters, it just makes it so they can't kill you & they won't actively hunt you (with 3 exceptions).

So while you're playing the monsters will still show up where they would normally, they'll still effect your screen as they normally would, but apart from 3 specific monsters they will ignore that you exist.

The exceptions are found fairly late in the game, so I won't really spoil them, and they will hunt / follow you... but they can't actually kill or hurt you, so you can be free to ignore them.

Though I'd recommend dealing with 2 of them the way you would if they could kill you, makes their sections much easier... it'll be obvious when you get to them.
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