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Rufus Blackwood  [developer] Oct 7, 2016 @ 2:58am
Hello everyone!

Firsty, I have to admit that we had a little bit of chaos here - many threads about bugs/crashes and how to report them. Because of that - it was hard for you to find a solution or report an issue - and diffucult for us to follow (or react to) everything.

That is no longer the case. Our QA Team prepared a list of verified solutions for both PC and for mobile. You already know some of these solutions - I am aware of that. But others are new and proved to be very helpful. We are going to keep every solution in one place and update the list if needed. I also know that you will not find solution to every problem here - some of them are quite isolated and hard to replicate.

I am also unpinning some older topics to make things less chaotic. Everything useful can be found right here, in this post. Without further ado, here is the full list of available solutions:

Solutions for the PC version.
  • reinstall the game
  • verify game's files via Steam (How? Just right click on This War of Mine -> Properties -> Local files -> click on Verify Integrity of Game Cashe...)
  • update your graphics card drivers
  • update your DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package
  • if you're forcing anti-aliasing from graphics card control panel - be sure to disable it
  • run the game in windowed mode
  • if you are using custom resolution and/or downsampling, disable it
  • exit the game and unplug the controller - then restart the game
  • disable Steam/Origin in-game overlay
  • be sure to launch the game as the administrator
  • turn off and delete any mods that you are or were using
  • try running the game in Windows 7 or 8 compatibility mode
  • if your save file is crashing - you can still perform some healing magic! Enter the save directory (look at the table below) - you will find two types of save files there: savedgames and savedgames.alt. Backup both files just in case - and delete the newest save. When you start the game - save file from previous day should kick in and the game should work just fine. If not, send us both save files.

Send us your logs, saves and DxDiags - it really helps!:
It would be also awesome if you could attach files to your message which should help us solve the issue faster. What do we need, exactly?
  • Console Output log - it is a magical log file that shows us where the problem occurs inside the game.
  • DxDiag file - this will help us connecting your issue with your specs.
  • Save game files - thanks to that we can quickly find your problem exactly where it happened.
You can find your save files in one of these categories:
  • Windows -> %APPDATA%\11bitstudios\This War Of Mine\
  • macOS (OS X) -> ~/Library/Application Support/This War of Mine/
  • Linux -> ~/.This War of Mine/
  • Steam -> <Steam-folder>/userdata/<user-id>/282070/remote/
How to create Console Output and DxDiag files?
Console Output:
1. Navigate to your Library
2. Right-click "This War of Mine" on the list
3. Select "Properties"
4. In the "General" tab click the "Set launch options" button
5. Enter following exact value (with the minus character!):


After performing these steps, each time you play TWoM, a log file will be generated. The file is named ConsoleOutput.htm, and resides in the directory in which the game is installed. To navigate to this directory, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your Library
2. Right-click "This War of Mine" on the list
3. Select "Properties"
4. In the "Local files" tab click the "Browse local files" button

After you perform the steps listed above, right-click on the "This War of" application and select "Show package contents". Then navigate to Contents/MacOS, and ConsoleOutput should be there.

How to export DxDiag file?
Windows 10:
1. Click on Start.
2. Type "DxDiag" and launch DxDiag.
3. Click on "Save all information".
4. Save "Dxdiag.txt" file.
5. Done!

Solutions for mobile devices.
If you have problems with your mobile version of the game, try these basic solutions:
  • check if your version of the game and Google Play app are fully updated
  • check if you do not experience any problems with your connection
  • reinstall the game
  • reinstall Google Play app
  • turn off any background apps and restart your device before launching the game
  • if possible - launch the game on a different device

Clearing cache and data on mobile:
If you have trouble with the game on mobile, please go to your App management (Settings --> Apps), find the game on the list and select “Storage”, then click “Clear cache” and “Clear data”. WARNING: Clearing data will erase your saves, so make sure that you have Google Play Games installed and that the cloud save is enabled - no one likes losing their progress.

Should that not help, please ensure that all the game files are in order by doing the following:
  • Uninstall the game;
  • Reboot your device;
  • Reinstall the game from Google Play Store;
  • Reboot your phone once more.

When conctacting us about technical issues:
  • let us know where exactly did you buy the game
  • what is your device (you can find the exact model number from the settings menu)
  • what OS are you using (which version of Android or iOS; example: Android 4.2.2 or 5.0 / iOS 9.3.5. etc.)

Looking for another solution? Contact us!
In general, we have confirmed that if you apply our solutions - it should fix your problem. But if you have already applied every solution and none of them has fixed the issue - be sure to send us the three files listed above (CO log, DxDiag and save) and a description of the bug/crash at: - our QA team will investigate and hopefully fix it in the next patch.

We also receive a lot of recurrent questions about the content. Here are some fast answers you may find useful:

1. What are the new features of The Little Ones DLC?
We have listed them right here, just check out our video:

2. Do you plan to make This War of Mine 2?
Right now we are focused on new projects like Frostpunk[] and we do not plan to make TWOM 2.

3. Could you please add multiplayer/coop to the game?
We do not plan to implement multiplayer/coop to TWOM. It was designed and balanced as a single player experience.

4. I like zombies. Can you add zombies to the game?
We believe that war provides enough horror for one game. Zombies will not invade Pogoren.

5. Do you have any plans for future content updates for the game?
As stated above - we are mainly focused on new projects. However, we feel very attached to TWOM, so there is a possibility that we will update it content-wise.


As I promised - I will update this post if needed. I am locking this thread to have it nice and clean - only for announcements etc. - if you need to communicate something important or discuss some ideas, use this thread:

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Rufus Blackwood  [developer] Nov 18, 2016 @ 3:44am 
Creating custom character - police officer bug.

We are aware that there is a bug when you're creating a new custom character. When you change the portrait or try to edit your character settings - police officer becomes a choosen class. We want to fix that in future patch but for now we have a temporary, manual solution for you. Just follow those three steps:

1. Remember to choose the portrait as the first thing. Don’t change it later.
2. Customize your character.
3. Accept your choice.

Now you can play with this custom character. Do not edit your character after creating it. If you try to ‘edit’ the character - police officer will appear as a chosen character - but if you go ‘back’ instead of accepting - you still have the same character you’ve created. Only confirming it will overwrite your previous settings. Just stick to these 3 steps that we’ve written you above and everything should work just fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Rufus Blackwood  [developer] Jan 4 @ 5:50am 
Father's Promise DLC Content "bleeding" issues

This one bug is still haunting us. We are trying to replicate it based on your feedback, using your save files etc. - but it is still occuring (rarely, but still) and we are still looking for a definite solution.

In the meantime, here's a solution provided by our wonderful community (thanks, Ryuu)! Hopefully it's a temporary fix and we'll finally get rid of this issue once and for all.

So here it is, a possible solution: please try disabling Father's Promise DLC in Properties, restart the game and don't enable the DLC until you play DLC story.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
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