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Rufus Blackwood  [developer] Nov 17, 2016 @ 2:20am
Updates 3.0.0 + 3.0.1 + 3.0.2 + Holidays Update 3.0.3!
Hello there!

I noticed that not all of you are reading the news/announcements section. That's totally cool - I am going to post patch notes in a separate thread on Steam Discussions from now on so you are all up to date!

Update 3.0.0 (11.11.2016)
A new patch is now live on Steam. It will be available for DRM-free copies of the game in the near future. Read below to learn more about the changes.

The Anniversary Edition adds new non-playable characters, new locations to explore, and most importantly, a whole new ending. This content is also available completely free to owners of the base game.

Watch the Anniversary Edition trailer:
New features:
  • 3 brand new locations
  • new civilians (NPCs)
  • a whole new ending scenario
  • a new achievement to get
Major fixes:
  • War Child DLC achievements Note: Helping children and Note: Street Art should work now
  • Day 42 was repeating in some playthroughs - this should no longer happen
Minor fixes:
  • fixed some minor font issues
  • fixed Polish font diacritical marks
  • few smaller graphical glitches - fixed!

Note: it's not a separate DLC - just a standard update for the original game. It should be downloaded automatically when you (re)log in to Steam. Current version of the game is visible in bottom left corner of the game's menu - you can check it at any time.

Update 3.0.1 (16.11.2016)
List of additional fixes:
  • locked scenarios - this was the biggest issue because many of you have lost progress in game; everything should be back to normal!
  • we fixed the mods functionality connected to text change
  • some minor fixes for English, Chinese and Korean languages

Update 3.0.2 (22.11.2016)
List of changes:
  • added Anniversary Mode checkbox which will make sure that your game will start with new Anniversary Edition content
List of fixes:
  • we've added some new texts for Chinese localization. And fixed some issues with it, too!
  • fixed some problems with other localizations as well
  • workbench didn't count some items properly in its UI - now it does!
  • added some stability fixes

Holidays Update 3.0.3 (23.12.2016)
List of basic fixes:
  • in-game and panel texts polished
  • gamepad controlling improved
  • profession doesn't reset anymore in the editor
  • stability improved!
Modding Tool & Workshop fixes:
  • you can add new recipes in mods now
  • added Delete button to remove chosen mod from the list (not from your drive!)
  • you can add crafting groups now
  • create new items that works like existing ones, i.e. new kind of crowbar
  • Modding Tool works faster now!
  • better stability of the Tool
  • you can edit or delete percentage of scavenged stuff on a location
  • uploading to Workshop works way better now

If any issues persist - please visit this thread. You can find many useful solutions there as well as a contact email to our support team.
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