This War of Mine

This War of Mine

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Abyss Jan 2 @ 12:23pm
I can't heat up my house+ Stealing
idk why.
I used barricades to reinforce and it does not seem to help with heat, plus I get stealed each and every night even if someone is not sleeping to prevent this.. what the hell? I barricaded the whole house

Also I have a simple heater and even with 6 woods in it the heat is like at 0..
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Abyss Jan 2 @ 12:25pm 
Does it change something if I have 2 simple heater?
Menshai Jan 2 @ 2:35pm 
If you're into winter then yes, you want two heaters. Ideally upgrade them as well so that you don't burn through quite so much wood to keep them active
If you have temperature still set for Celcius, 0 degrees is actually 32 Farenheit. Which is about right (my house with 2 heaters, one of them on kept around 37 F).

You can change it in settings if F helps you understand how cold it is more. Farenheit has a broader range it seems, while Celcius is kind of compact.

0 Celcius is 32
3 Celcius is about 37
10 is 50
20 is 68 (where it's almost getting comfortable, which is around 71)
30 is 86.

Tip: If your CPU ever reaches 95 C, which is about 200 degrees F, it's going to malfunction or melt soon. Fix your cooling.
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