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Darth_Lopez Oct 30, 2012 @ 9:58pm
So What's this About?
I'm very curious and interested in this game here. I'm looking for somethign really to emulate the greatest space battles i've seen in Battlestar, Star Wars, Mass Effect, etc... The list really goes on. however i always got the impression you could only control one ship in this game and i was wondering how exactly does this play?

Can i build a fleet from humble origins a faction of my own in an unsure universe or is it entirely story driven leaving me in command of only one ship, something Nexus:The Jupiter Incident did far too often for my liking. Do i truly have customization over my ship, can it be customized down to Aestetic Design? Or is it simply just place weapon here and go.

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sWanker(Uvirith) Oct 30, 2012 @ 11:45pm 
The X series of games are all space simulators. You're one little man in a very very big universe. Fight and trade to make credits with which you can upgrade your trade and/or battle fleet. So yes, you begin from VERY humble origins and build up your own empire in a universe which runs to it's own agenda.

You personally fly in one ship, however through the AI you can command up to hundreds. You can interchage between whichever ship you're flying, be it a little fighter, a freighter or a M2 battlecruiser. So yes, you can have your enormous fleet warping in to a sector and disgorge several hundred fighters. However obtaining and outfitting that fleet could take several hundred hours of gameplay.

Ships can be upgraded, each ship type is capable of hosting a variety of weapons, shields, and special equipment (jumpdrives, docking computers, etc).

The game is completely open, you can do the story quests at your own leisure or not at all. That said, they do some pretty neat things to the universe which makes them worth the while.

Be advised that this game is very complex and has no tutorial, google and the x3 forums will be your best friend (especially when you get into mods). I'd wish you luck but patience and persistance are far more useful.
Darth_Lopez Oct 31, 2012 @ 10:52pm 
So can i Create my own Empire, in effect or actually, like control planets and what not? at least claiming them as territory and excersizing my will across them so that they follow a pattern i want them to while also protecting them from outside influence
sWanker(Uvirith) Nov 1, 2012 @ 7:50am 
The X3TC universe is a series of 200+ sandboxes sectors connected by jumpgates, see this universe map: http://eng.x3tc.ru/x3_tc_map/
You cannot "claim" any sector as your own. You're free to build stations in any sector you desire, provided the race that owns it doesn't hate you (else they'll come along and destroy you). Planets are simply scenic backgrounds, and have no role or mechanics in the game. There are no political mechanisms for you to "excert your will" through, so universe dominance is limited to a trade empire and military might. Furthermore there is no malign "outside influence" you need concern yourself with, except enemy raids.

Of course, the modding scene for this game is huge, and you can find mods to do pretty much anything in game. I know for a fact there are mods to allow you to claim sectors.
EoD Nov 1, 2012 @ 6:47pm 
You can claim a sector also in the vanilla version of the game. It's part of one of the main plots.
Dave Nov 2, 2012 @ 7:39pm 
"You can claim a sector also in the vanilla version of the game. It's part of one of the main plots." -EoD
Yeah, for the paltry sum of approx 400mil credits. Not to mention you have to do that asinine sudoku puzzle. I actually acquired that sector recently in my game. Can you say Player Headquarters Homesystem?

When pilots use "empire" to describe what you do in the X Universe, they aren't describing a player-controlled political body that oversees a population and directs their efforts (like in an RTS/simcity/civ-esque game). I think a better definition for what you, the pilot, does is run a company.

You start as a penniless pilot in a simple ship. As you play you amass personal wealth, resources, assets, ships, stations, reputation. All of these lead to one thing: power. As your personal assets increase, your power grows. You're no longer the single pilot flying a light fighter. You're sitting at the helm of a massive Carrier leading a fleet, launching dozens upon dozens of fighters towards the enemy, while halfway across the universe your massive complexes of linked stations churn out various wares and equipment to fund and equip your personal armada.

Aside from the sector that is "awarded" to the player at the conclusion of the New Home plot, you cannot gain control of any territory in the vanilla game. There are mods however that will let you, usually by wiping out all pre-existing stations and building your own. Note that this will anger the locals. Your reputation with the various races will determine whether they are hostile towards you and your property, whether you can dock at their stations, the quality of missions offered to you, and what ships/stations/wares you can purchase from stations in their territory. Reputation is gained by completeing missions, killing pirates/xenon/khaak or each race's rival race, and buying/selling wares to their stations.

Now, if you want to look at things from a technical standpoint, you can "control" any sector you wish. The entire trade/build aspect of X revolves around the most basic of economic conepts: Supply & Demand. Let's say you have a sector that has a half dozen factories producing all kinds of wares. Among these factories is a silicon mine and a crystal fab. Now let's say that there isn't a solar power plant in that sector or any nearby sectors. This, my friend, is an opportunity to grow your personal power, and in essence, your control over the area. Observe:

Silicon mines produce silicon, which the crystal fabs use to produce crystals, which are used by the (non-existant) solar power plant to produce energy cells, which are used by ALL stations (including the mine and the crystal fab) to produce their respective wares. It's basic input/output. Now, if you were to build a solar power plant, stock it with enough crystals to get it producing, and assign several transports to auto-buy crystals at low prices and sell Ecells at high prices, you have just established a trade loop, and a profitable one at that. That SPP will generate more ecells then either the mine or the crystal fab can use, meaning that you are free to have them distributed to the other stations in the area, or use them for jumpdrives/other needs. Buy the input resources low, sell the output wares high. Boom, instant profit, AND you are now supplying the entire sector, essentially ensuring that all the stations remain well stocked. In essence, you are exerting your "control" over the area.

This concept can be taken a step further by actually purchasing and building the nessescary stations and linking them together to generate what is known as a self-sufficient complex. By linking the stations together, they share resources automatically, speeding up production times by eliminating the need for ships to ferry the goods between stations. It ALSO eliminates the need to spend money on buying resources, as the complex will generate it's own. over time, the complex will pay itself off (If you sell high) and start turning over pure, unfiltered profit. I personally have 3 complexes at the moment, a 28 station microchip complex, a 15-something Ecell complex, and what, when finished, will be an 87 station megaplex that will produce all kinds of crazy goods for use in trading/equipping my fleet. I've seen even larger complexes from other players, they can get pretty, uhh, complex.

As I said, it's less political empire, and more company management. You acquire wealth, ships, stations, reputation, combat/trade knowledge, and all of this ultimately leads to power. How you choose to wield that power is entirely up to you.

Perhaps you see yourself as the Defender of the Universe? Hunt pirates, Xenon, Khaak, and other enemies of the main races. Acquire money through bounties, convoy escorts, sector/station defense, and anti-smuggling policework. Build fleets that can patrol "hot" sectors for hostiles, monitor the universe for hostiles, and ensure that justice is swiftly dealt to the enemies of peace. As you gain reputation by serving the various races, you will gain more opportunities to take higher difficulty missions. And with the increased difficulty, comes increased rewards. Soon you'll find yourself making millions per mission, maybe even more if you're good enough. As a certain post-apocalyptic DJ would put it, "Keep fighting the good fight!"

Perhaps you see yourself as the Scourge of the Universe? You've decided you can't stand those other races any longer. Go wipe em out. Start small, picking off traders and patrols in border sectors. As your fight rank (Reputation is power) increases, sowill the likelyhood of your targets bailing out and leaving you a nice (if slightly scorched) ship to claim and add to your personal assets. (Or to sell.) Amass wealth and ships, and start hunting bigger targets. Destroy stations, wipe out large patrols, anihilate entire sectors. Scoop up the spoils, sell them or use them, it doesn't matter. You can't be stopped. You can only be slowed down. Eventually they'll repopulate over time but if you were strong enough to destroy an entire race, you can set up some multi-sector patrols to squash any attempts to rebuild.

|Fighting is power.|

Perhaps you see yourself as a Master Merchant? Use your measly little pile of starting credits to buy a handful of cheap ecells (12 credits), and putter about until you find a station buying them high (19 credits). Congratulations, you've just turned your first profit. Now you can buy a slightly larger handful of ecells, and turn a slightly larger profit. Rinse and repeat. Eventually you may feel that ecells aren't cutting it. Time to move to bigger and better wares. As you start wheeling and dealing in higher value wares you may find that there are more trade opportunities then you can handle with a single ship. So buy a second. And a third. And a fourth. And a tenth. And a fiftieth. And a hundreth. But how will you keep track of them all, how will you see where the best deals are? As you remotely direct your massive fleet of transports (Just buy a Trade Extension, allows remote viewing of wares and remote trading, an ESSENTIAL item. It must be installed in whatever ship you're piloting.) explore the universe and drop a satellite in each new sector you visit, allowing you to view sector-wide information about each ship, station, and even quanities and prices from anywhere in the universe. Once you start to get more transports then you can handle, invest in equipping your ships with the nessescary software to turn them into sector/universal traders, fully automating the buy low/sell high process. Be warned STs and UTs aren't cheap, but you're a Mercantile Master, you know how to invest wisely and every smart purchase will pay itself off under your guidance.

|Trade is power.|

Perhaps you see yourself as the manager of a true company? Scour the universe, studying each sector, seeing what stations are where, keeping an eye out for trade opportunities. Notice an abundance of solar power plants in a sector with no crystal fabs nearby? You can build one. Notice that many of the Argon stations need Delexian Wheat and there're no nearby wheat farms? You can build one. Notice that many Paranid stations need Teladianium, but there aren't any Teladianium Foundries to be found ANYWHERE in Paranid space? (Which is true, btw.) Build a half dozen. (Seriously, about 6 or so teladianium foundries scattered throughout paranid space with transports buying ecells low and selling teladianium at about 180 will rake in freaking LOADS of MONEEEEY.) Just look at the local demand, spot the gaps in supply, and fill them with your own stations. You could have dozens upon dozens of stations scattered across the universe, with hundreds of transports buying low and selling high, all of it automated, and all of it raking in the credits that allow you to build even more stations.

|Building is power.|

Perhaps you have another goal? Perhaps you wish to be a lone pirate, stalking the border sectors, hunting down traders and dodging patrols. Perhaps you are a miner, scanning down asteroids with rich yields, breaking them into manageable pieces, collecting said pieces, and selling the ore and silicon where its needed most? Perhaps you are just here for the sights, exploring the unknown, taking in all of its beauty and splendor, finding all the hidden secrets of the X Universe. (And believe me, there are hidden secrets. Free ships, hidden wares, and maybe more...) Perhaps you are objective oriented, tracking down all the various plotlines, reaping their rewards and enjoying the story of the X Universe. Or perhaps you have something else in mind?

|Thinking is power.|

Build, Trade, Fight, Think. That has been the motto of the X-series for years. The universe is yours.
Dave Nov 4, 2012 @ 12:55pm 
Oh, and I forgot to mention:
"Planets are simply scenic backgrounds, and have no role or mechanics in the game." -sWanker

False: You can, infact, interact with planets. If you consider crashing into their atmosphere and burning up interaction. Try it out, hop in a fast M5 and SETA towards a planet. Eventually you'll get a notice saying "DANGER: Entering Atmosphere" and eventually you'll just blow up. The planet in Split Fire is insanely close to the N gate, everytim you enter the gate you'll actually recieve the warning.

But aside from that, no, you can't interact with them. They're just there to look pretty.
Darth_Lopez Nov 4, 2012 @ 4:10pm 
@Dave You are my hero you finally gave me the response i was looking for and this does sound like a complex game, that i certainly am interested in, i just want to set up a scenario of a wondering Empire of sorts (economic or otherwise).
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Peter Pan Nov 8, 2012 @ 6:19am 
I've tried the game, poured 50 hours into it and it seems nice, but I cannot get past the interface anymore.
2112 Nov 9, 2012 @ 2:45pm 
Been playing the series for years and I love it. I have always dreamed someday of a processor speed of 10 TB so that planets could be created and be played in the likeness of a Civilization game whereas you would be allowed to further trade refine build more factories a dual scenario game world that would be tits up!
Narwile Nov 11, 2012 @ 12:54pm 
I dont know guys this looks good game I saw a friend playing it but I dont like that complex games, I played freelancer game and I liked it very much
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