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Schanez Jun 20, 2019 @ 8:26am
Habitats in 2.3 builds discussion
Hey there.

I am sitting here bored a little and decided to dig into finer details of munchkining the Habitats for al lthey are worth. Since 2.3 rolled out, we received the wonderful addition of being able to build a Generator, Mining and Research districts on our lovely living tin cans. Not to mention being now able to fit Purification Hubs and Energy Nexuses as well. And I must say, I am tempted to math the hell out of it, but... I am encountering a little problem... You see... While I must admit, having 8 Astro-Mining Districts is very interesting, the fact we cannot build Housing buildings next to them is quite limiting. Hence I came here to juggle some ideas with all of you. Hopefully.

So here are a few facts I gathered so far:
- Habitat Central Control provides 5 Housing (6 with Domination traditions)
- Habitation District provides 8 Housing
- all other Districts provide 3 Housing
- Fortress provides 3 Housing

Now if we were to max out Housing, that would be 8 Habitation Districts for a total of 70 Housing. 64 from Districts and 6 from Capital building. Any Empire can easily get -20% Housing usage, which pushes the population limit on a Habitat to 87 with a bit spare space. That can easily support some 6 fully upgraded Alloy Foundries with spare workers to fill in required amenities demand. If we add a Fortress, amount of supported Foundries goes to 8.

But to look at the new Miner and Technician districts, we come to a bit of a boggle. Each provides 3 Housing and 3 Miner/Technician jobs. Which means with a mediocre -20% Housing usage, we are looking at some poor 37 workers only. 26 of those will have to work as Miners in the Districts as well as Purification Hub. 3 are working in the Capital building. Which leaves just 8 for the remaining 14 buildings. Now if we were to add... Say 8 Fortresses, we push the population limit to 67, but also add 24 Soldier jobs. Which leaves us with 14 free workers and only 6 building slots. Which we will need to use at least some of for a little bit of amenities.

Now a bit of the problem with Mining and Generator Habitats could be solved with Droids, who while in the Servitude AI use only 50% of Housing, which can be pushed to 60% with one of the robot traits. But then again, we would be left with lots of empty building slots and the need to do something with them.

What do you do with your Habitats, gals and guys? Any tested builds?
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-Lu- Jun 20, 2019 @ 8:29am 
Not as good as they used to be. But they are decent for what they are.
Threetails Jun 20, 2019 @ 8:46am 
I usually only build a 2-3, largely to extract minerals. I build 7 mining districts and 1 housing district and then spam like 10 or so fortresses to up my fleet cap. The rest of the stuff I put in there is situational, sometimes alloy foundries, sometimes rare resource converters, sometimes consumer goods, it depends. They provide the minerals I need to militarize and up my alloy output and also provide the fleet cap so I can get bigger fleets. Otherwise, I prefer Ecumenopolises and Ringworlds, which are honestly just way better in terms of providing jobs and housing.

Can't say though, I'm no pro, maybe habitats have some other use. I just haven't found them to be much use aside from doing what I mentioned above, Ecumenopolises and Ringworlds are just so much better.
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Schanez Jun 20, 2019 @ 8:57am 
Ecumenopolis and Ring World do not provide some easy 200-240 Minerals. While a focused Astro-Mining Habitat might. It is a very powerful substitute for a Matter Decompressor during the stage of the game, between Megastructures and when you settled into your territory.

26 Miner jobs give you easy 180 minerals per month without some serious minmaxing. Just Droids with Power Drills trait and the Mineral Purification Hubs. On top of that you can add the Tradition bonuses as well as the Mining World specialization.
Schanez Jun 21, 2019 @ 5:41am 
Does anyone know, if the +1 Housing for City Districts research applies to Habitation Districts? Game is quite strict in its naming methods, so I would assume it does not. But I cannot find confirmation anywhere.
HugsAndSnuggles Jun 21, 2019 @ 5:49am 
Did not, last I checked (in 2.2).
Schanez Jun 21, 2019 @ 6:03am 
Originally posted by HugsAndSnuggles:
Did not, last I checked (in 2.2).
Sir, this is the most epic forum nick I have ever seen.

I am quite sure the +1 to Capital Buildings from Traditions works with Habitat Center. Which means... You can have a full Habitation District Habitat with 8 Alloys/Consumer Goods/Research Labs.

Hmm... 8 Research Districts offer 24 Researcher jobs. That's 3 Research Labs... With 8 Habitation you cna fill in 8 such Labs and have a Research Institute. Wouldn't that be better? Like... Duh.

I seriously need to grab a save and just use console to check it all out.
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galadon3 Jun 21, 2019 @ 6:06am 
Trade, a dedicated trade-habitat can easily provide 300-400 trade-points, and you can put one on every otherwhise useless planet without a ressource-depot inside the 6 jumps-collection range of your capital without increasing the risk of piracy ONE BIT.
Schanez Jun 21, 2019 @ 6:10am 
They would be potent Alloy Foundries, if Ecumenopolii were not a thing.
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