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Dark Strider Mar 11, 2013 @ 11:23pm
Is this just port royal in space or can I have fun?
I want a space sim, Like Darkstar but GOOD! I don't wanna just send attack fleets and ship cargo, I wanna do it myself! Let me play. Is this game the game I've been hunting for?
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security Mar 14, 2013 @ 4:21am 
You can definitely have fun with this. Lots of fun. Lots of time to spend. I haven't played Darkstar, so no real frame of comparison, but....

X3 has been described as "EVE Single Player". It is a fairly large universe (200+ systems) containing four *main* races, each with their own style of ships, stations and commodities. The economy is dynamic -- i.e. if a station has lots of its required resources, the price will drop. If it's starved, it will pay more.

Provided your race reputation is suitable, you can buy any ship from tiny (but very fast) scouts costing a few tens of thousands of credits, to destroyers and carriers costing millions (before you start stocking them up). There are also many kinds of trader ships you can buy and pilot. Trading can be fully hands-on (you fly the ship), remote hands-on (you tell each ship what to do), remote hands-off (you assign a trader to a station and tell it to buy or sell what the station needs) or fully automated (pretty intelligent universal traders that just go away and make money while you take care of the more important things).

There *is* a SP campaign which you can finish off pretty quickly, but TBH the *real* fun begins when the universe is yours to explore and set your own goals and go about achieving them.

It sounds like you're up for some hands-on trading... it's fun, I won't deny it -- and you will HAVE to trade to get your funds going, but for me the real fun is station building. Oh yeah, haven't mentioned that yet. You get to build your own station, correction, stationS. Many different kinds - solar power plants, extraction mines, specific weapons production plants, etc etc etc. Place one of those in the right system, allocate traders to it and let them do the rest while you build your next station. Better than that, design your own self sufficient complex, to produce shields, ammunition, things you can sell, whatever! Such fun. Each station has its specific reuired resources, so you can/must think your complex through.

I haven't yet mentioned fighting - very good. Not only do you get to blow stuff up, you get to capture stuff as well if you frighten your opponent enough for him to bail out, leaving their ship for you to claim. Unlike some games I can think of, you will NOT be able to get your fighter to take on a destroyer. You need to think your atttack - bite more than you can chew and you're dead. At the other end of the spectrum, your unprotected corvette will be shredded by fast moving fighters if you dont pay attention. Weapons are pretty balanced from what I've seen. Anti-capital ship cannons (slow but mighty) at one end, high accuracy & low power at the other. Many types of missile (another thing I need training on) bla bla bla.

This game is seriously thought through - it's called X3 because there was an X and an X2 before that, and the game just got richer and richer. There are two more expansions if you want more content.

There are more "the best thing about this game" than you can shake a stick at.

I have two regrets about buying this game
1. I didn't buy the bundle
2. I've spent over 100 hours on it and my empire is nowhere near finished

This is not a game, it's a lifestyle choice.

Build an empire manufacturing "space weed" and booze, which are both illegal in the game. Capture ships and sell them. Make friends with pirates.

Or manufacture shields, weapons, food, energy and raw materials and fill your sandbox with a plethora of cheap goods. Crush the pirates and hostile aliends and make a trader's paradise. Outfit a massive navy and become the defacto ruler of the game world.

Or do all of those and more at more or less the same time.
Leb Mar 18, 2013 @ 11:34am 
security should work in marketing aha..

follow up question to OP... I have X3 Reunion, Albion Prelude, and Terran Conflict..... where should I start?

I tried out Albion Prelude a while ago because I heard it had the most content. But being a later installment I found it did no hand holding and I had no direction on how to get anything done, and the textbook sized wikis for the game had me bouncing off of it in about 30 minutes.

Do any of the installments have some sort of tutorial type thing to get you going?
Trampyjoe Mar 25, 2013 @ 9:47am 
There is a good tute out there by a guy called 'apricot slice' (I think), it's what got me going ..
In fact here's the link ... http://apricotmappingservice.com/x3handbook.html
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