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Puddle Bum Aug 12, 2017 @ 7:34am
X2-X3 conversion starting bases
Hey all,
I played a significant amount of x2. When I loaded x3 and saw the character was the same but all progress was lost, I was a bit frustrated. I loaded the X2-X3 converter, and all my stations came back, but they all have production locked at 0.

I tried the following scripts. they do nothing
$station->station trade and production work = true

and a sector wide script.

They do nothing, any advice on how to get the stations actually working?

BTW yes I know it's cheating, but this is a single player game, I want to get to the more fun parts. :)
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Hi, pal. I could explain you all. It looks like this:
1. Try converter from oficial site https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wO-3QrhTOc7pgV-HENxpkbd3Ia7rs2tt (I downloaded this on Google.drive).
2. View Read me.
3. Enjoy.

But 2 little additions there I want to open:
1. After you enter Script Editor choose second line Reinit Script Caches.
2. Then you'll find commands in menus Special (X2) and Piracy (X3).
In X3 you need accept text message and choose objects for starting: for example your ship (Buster) and Station in the sector (really doesn`t matter). Process could be long so be patient

And you`ll be surprised. Half of your bank`s account converter fed to it`s authors (looks like joke). And stations... they have been frozen. I really don`t know how resolve this. But money... you`ll save them. If need to know how it could be done, let me know. I`ll explain to you
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think, I need something like disassembler to unpack .sav files. The problem is what stations parameters are wrong. It all equals to zero including production cycle
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Dimushka May 2 @ 10:35pm 
Look, pal. I resolved this problem. Here is script https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lae_nZlwrY3pEDSa8DvRgAOd6ibNEYU-. And here is the result https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bqbz-Wc49PojUcXhk6ZWFdzCZOw1p0Tz. I will create L stations instead mine M because paid time for it. Good luck!
I got it to work, I wrote a script to re-init every base in every sector. thanks for the help!
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