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Boss complaint.
I'm at the first boss... and I think it is really unfair because it's almost as if the game expected you to go with the augment upgrades that makes you stronger. I went with all stealth augment upgrades, and also I don't have amazing weapons, because if you are going stealth you don't need good weapons. Now I am finding it impossible to beat this boss. It's literally as if you don't get all the better guns, and upgrade your health or whatever, that this boss is literally unbeatable... It's bothering me and I really just want to get past this boss because apart from this I have no complaints towards the game...
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this is a very common complaint. I bearly scraped throgh because I went with the Mario type stats. I can only reccomend dropping the difficulty for the bosses, starting over and try to shoot for well balanced or wait for the directors cut which promisies fixed bosses.
The upcoming Director's Cut version is said to contain "improved boss battles". I'm hoping that it would mean non-lethal/alternative ways to defeat the bosses. Hopefully that version will be a free update for PC players...
Would have to agree.. Stuck here aswell.. And my guns suck.. And my grandes Aren't that good aswell.When I played this on the xbox.. I do remember having a tough time, aswell..
at least i am not alone... i went the carry-all hacker route while stealthing and bennet is kicking my ♥♥♥ as well... do tranq-darts work on him?
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at least i am not alone... i went the carry-all hacker route while stealthing and bennet is kicking my ♥♥♥ as well... do tranq-darts work on him?
no, tranq darts dont work on him.
im farther on in the game and i went all stealth too.
i had a hard time but when you get apast it, stock up on weps you would use if you get caught
oh and btw dont use the peps gun. just stock up on stuff like revolvers or sub machine guns
im pretty sure that there are 2 more boss fights. another in the middle? i guess?
and one at the end. thats just my guess though
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You don't need any fancy weapon to do bosses. In fact all you need are... explosives. Frag grenades or C4. Hide behind a cover and spam them. That is how I've done Barrett in 30 secs with full stealth/hacker augmentation :). As far as I remember you might also take an advantage of explosive barrels out there.
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To me, this is the hardest boss !!

On first play-through I was just in so much of a defensive mode against him (even though I was playing lethal style !) that I never discovered that there are actually two rooms, on opposite corners, that contain a few weapons... Plus Barrett won't actually enter either room - but he will chuck in frags if you spend too long in them.

I think I remmeber that you can just spam him to death with the stun-gun.

Also, in the corridor leading up to the boss is a room full of heavy machine gun. So pick that up and I think once the fight is over you are able to go back to the room to pick up any stuff you may have dropped in the first place to allow room for the big gun.
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Indeed! He's a hard one till my friend told me the best way to beat him

How to:
Beat him using stungun+ tossing ALL the things at him. My 10mm I had picked up to sell later was enough. Just toss (pick up with e and then left click to throw) gas canisters, the fire extinguishers, and the explosive barrels on him and then finish him with a gun that isn't tranq rifle. :D:
Just throw the green and yellow canisters at him. Green then Yellow. 3 times on the hardest difficulty and then he's dead.
My preferred way of beating him is immediately heading left to the supply room, jumping on to the crates on the right as you walk through the opening, and hiding in the corner next to the doorway. You can peak out ever so slightly as he walks by, and then shoot him with your preferred weapon. Headshots are best. You should avoid most if not all of his grenades. The only trick is, don't press yourself against the wall in the corner. He can kind of glitch and grab on to you as he's walking up to the doorway.
I had to lower my difficulty, I just didn't have the stuff I needed :/
to kill him just use grenades and phaser (don't sure if the name is correct, I play other language version). throw all grenades, use phaser and all mag from pistol or machine gun. Do it as many times as you need to kill boss :) Sorry for my english
I had the same problem but if you get all DLC or the Typhoon Missile lancher you can kill all the bosses with one shot if you have ammo.
This boss is super easy even with no combat mods. I beat him full hacker mods. In one of the rooms is an EMP gernade + mine template. Theres also 4 shotguns and a ton of ammo in a safe in the same room (no hacking needed.) Once you emp him he is at 50% movespeed and fire rate. Use sprint go to between piller because once he is in the emp lockdown mode the throws gernades. I also used the stun gun to his face and it did the same thing.
Just use the explosive barrels
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