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Game randomly freezing on loading screen
Does anyone gets this? I get random freezing on loading screens (You can notice this by the "CD" or the rotating thing on the bottom right part of the screen) i can't do anything when this happens, the only way to get out of these frozen screens is through Ctrl+Alt+Del, but i know this is not the best way to close an application.

It's becoming annoying since this game has a lot of loading and it freezes pretty often.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?

P.S.: My drivers are up to date and my computer setup is pretty good to have problems with this game, also i don't have FPS or performance problems other than this one.
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I have this same problem.
+1 - freezes during the nixxes ident sreen or at the main menu... haven't seen the actual game yet!
Hey you guys, I figured it out! I googled RAID Windows 7 and went to the official site, got the version for my PC, and have'nt found any problems now! Loads LIKA DREAM.
I've had exactly this problem as well, but I don't think that solution will work for me.

Sometimes (not all the time, but enough for it to be very frustrating) I load the game and it freezes during loading; I can tell this because the little loading animations, like the spinning 'CD' in the corner of the screen, freeze; then I have to ctrl+alt+del and end task. I've made it a long way through the game and tolerated it, but whenever I get to a boss fight and I have to make frequent loads it gets intolerable.

From what I've heard here, and on other forums (like here:, other people have solved this by updating their RAID drivers, or by moving all of the files onto one HD. And that's what Kenny White suggests above.

The problem is, I'm already using only one HD. I'm running the game on my laptop (it runs very smoothly on low settings), and I have only one hard drive. I'm not tech savvy and I've got no clue how RAID works, but it seems like this isn't going to solve the problem for me, since, I assume, I'm not using RAID.

So either I'm wrong and my laptop is using RAID unbeknownst to me (again, I'm not tech savvy so I wouldn't know). If that's the case I'd really appreciate help from someone who understands this technology, and can lead a donkey to water, so to speak.
The other possibility is that I'm right, and I genuinely need a different solution.

My laptop specs [tell me if you need more information]:

HP Pavilion DV6-6176sa Entertainment Laptop
CPU: Intel Core i3-2130M @ 2.10GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
GPU: Mobility Radeon HD 6490m

EDIT: I ought to mention that I've tried one of the solutions suggested on another thread already, which is meant to work around the RAID problem. This is to download SteamMover and use it to put the game files in a different location. I tried moving the game files for DXHR from their default location (C:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common) to a new location on my hard drive (C:\games) and run it from there. I still got the same freezing problem.
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I'm gonna bump this, since I have the same problem and very similar specs to buffalobill here (I have a HP-Dv6-6156ea) and I agree in that I don't think the RAID solution is applicable in our case, since the laptop only has one hard drive. But perhaps there is an underlying problem that the RAID fix addresses.
Bump. Have the same problem, and I don't know jack ♥♥♥♥ about all that RAID stuff...
Sorry for necroing this thread, but I still get this problem frequently. Would be very grateful if anyone could point to any solutions or developments on this problem. Thanks.
Potential Solution: run game on new user account
I've tried a new solution which was unsuccessful for me but might work for others. It is mentioned in a thread on crashes/freezes the DE:HR Eidos official forums
There are a bunch of solutions on there so check it out.

Like I said, this didn't work for me but may be worth a try for others: create a new user account and run the game from there. (Make sure you are only trying to run Steam on one user account by the way; close it in other accounts before trying to install or run in it your new one).

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