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How do you kill your bosses?
I use alot of mines
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Shotgun plus gas cylinders for first boss. Shotgun plus EMP grenades for second boss. Shotgun plus two frag mines for third boss. Shotgun for final boss (I use plasma rifle to kill the turrets).
Последний раз отредактировано Pharnham; 26 апр. 2014 в 8:31
Typhoon, mostly. Exceptions are only quasi-exceptions, in that they need to be set up for the Typhoon, rather than that I don't use the Typhoon. Federova, for example, is too fast to be reliabably Typhooned as-is, so I bait her into rushing me head-on, then zap her in the face with the PEPS when she does, which gives me an easy moment while she's staggered right in front of me to hit her with the Typhoon.

But then I'm one of those who doesn't really like the boss fights in DE:HR, so my objective is to shove them out of the way so I can get back to the game instead of treating them like part of the challenge.

They're actually the only thing I ever use the Typhoon for. Everywhere else it feels either too "God mode" or wasteful. With the exception of the bosses, I play pretty much the entire game with just the pistol, the stun-gun, and an EMP 'nade or two for the ocassional boxguard.
Последний раз отредактировано Pepe_DeJefe; 23 апр. 2014 в 0:00
Mostly Typhoon. But I don't usually get the Typhoon in time for Barrett, so I use a combination of frag grenades and sniper shots. For the final one, I zap with a laser rifle.
I only killed Barrett, but I kept throwing fire extinguishers and nades at him. Also shotgun + assault rifle. And 2 barrels.
6 frag mines all grouped together can kill ANYONE in this game instantly lol.
*** Total Spoiler ***

Assuming the vanilla game (I dislike Director's Cut and all the DLC), and Shotgun:

***Barret - Strong, slow, rotary cannon, throws three-grenade spread, must keep at a distance due to strong melee attack.

Augment required - Lung upgrade for gas immunity

Move to right immediately, putting pillar between yourself and him. Snag gas cylinder, when his cannon pauses for cooldown step out and toss cylinder into his face. Move in and shoot in face several times, sprint away towards explosive barrel in middle of area, evade grenade toss, toss barrel at his face. Shampoo, rinse, repeat until dead using the many available cylinders, barrels, and cover. I often, though not always, manage to drop Barret with the first gas cylinder.

***Federova - Fast, stealths, dual SMG, charges you before attacking

Augment required - Dermal upgrade for EMP immunity

The round arena is flooded with conductive water, and has four electrical generators evenly spaced around the room. You will use one or more of them as a weapon. When she charges you in the beginning, drop an EMP grenade at your feet to stun her. Shoot her in the face until she recovers and sprints away in stealth. Position yourself directly in front of one of the generators. When she regains energy, she will charge you again. Repeat the EMP trick, shoot her in the face, she will attack and explode the generator becoming stunned again, two or three more shots and she's dead. Should take about thirty seconds total.

***Namir - Fast, acrobatic, plasma rifle, grenades, need to keep him in place

Augment required - no specific augment required, you should be fully augmented by now.

Special note - do NOT upgrade your chip. You should have figured that out yourself.

As Namir stops yacking and toe-flips his plasma rifle up, toss a frag mine at him and move forward and left to take cover behind the bookcase end. Take some shots at him from cover as opportunity allows. He will vault over the bookcase to the left side, toss another frag mine to the right where he was before vaulting over. Take shots to the left as possible. He will vault back over the bookcase and onto your mine, shoot him up while staggered, he will die. Should take about ten seconds.

***Zhao - Protected by turrets, transparent force field, EMP discharge, robots, and squads of guards.

I have not refined this battle to the point I have anything to suggest. I take out the turrets with plasma rifle (it and sufficient ammo are available at the entrance), then enter the code to disable life support, then blow up bots and take out squads, then shoot Zhao in the face until she dies. I do not think this is the appropriate tactic. When I develop a better way, with more elegance, I will post it.

It's been a while since I've played, so I'll get cracking on that immediately.

Последний раз отредактировано Pharnham; 26 апр. 2014 в 10:00
Typhoon, I make it a priority to get before the Barret fight. I absolutley loathe the boss fights in
this game. Outside of boss fights I play a mix of stealth and combat and rarely use the Typhoon augment.
Tranquilize them all and throw them in the pool.
just kidding.
Namir - hauled turret and a laser ended him in less than 10s.
Zhao - Laser, plasma and EMP shielding.
every single boss fight i use a magnum with lazer sight, 100% maxed out damage with the no recoil augment
1-3 shots in the head for every boss they drop like flys
I was fortunate enough to get the Explosive Mission Pack when I first bought the game, so I had the Grenade Launcher from the get go. Or as I call it, the Boss Fight Easy Button. I made space in my inventory and carried it around exclusively for boss fights. The only other time I used it was to detonate a few explosives I didn't feel like disarming by hand.

It's pretty effective. A few grenades to the face and every boss drops in a surprisingly quick amount of time. The only one I had trouble with was Yelena Federova, what with her teleporting around and whatnot. Even then, it was under a minute for her to go down. Namir was like 5 seconds.
Just beat Barrett, much easier than expected. A few frag grenades and headshots with the Combat Rifle took him down in under 3 minutes.
explosive kill bosses everytime. Mine is the cheapest option, but others is as good.
Everything else is a chore, just use explosive
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