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Kyper Mar 26, 2014 @ 8:06pm
Saving difficulty unlocks?
I cleared Normal difficulty and unlocked Hard in the start menu, but when I quit and restart the game, Hard mode disappeared. Although I guess the game is short enough to unlock it again, is this standard behaviour or is there a way to keep it unlocked by editing a file or something? I'd rather not have to play through the game twice just to play Insane difficulty if/when I get there.

Also, does the single high score save for anyone or is it just only for that session (wondering if the problem is related if there is one)?
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Kyper Mar 28, 2014 @ 6:48pm 
Hm, I think I figured it looks like I have to play Easy difficulty at least once and beat a level =/

I obtained a copy of the original game (yay 1-shotting laser weapon and radio chatter!) and played through Normal to unlock Hard mode to see if it saved after I quit and restarted the game. It looks like it did, along with my high score as well. After this, I started going through the files in the Option folder and saw that it had high score files and stage progress (how far you made it in that difficulty so you can select it in Practice mode) files for all the difficulties, including the Insane difficulty that I haven't unlocked yet.

I compared it to the Steam version, and it looked like Easy and Insane were missing (score_easy.dat/start0.dat and score_insane.dat/start3.dat). It looks like data was being saved for Normal and Hard mode, as I saw my high score in the score_normal.dat and score_hard.dat files.

From here, I decided to just play Easy difficulty to see if that would generate score_easy.dat and start0.dat. Sure enough, it did (had to play past level 1 though to generate start0.dat). I then quit and restarted, and there's Hard difficulty unlocked and my high scores being loaded, yay! I'm guessing that the game tries to load these files in order, and if it doesn't find one, it doesn't bother loading the rest...

So basically, you should just beat a level on Easy difficulty and then die so the high score and level progress files are generated (or just do a quick run-though on Easy...), then your difficulty unlocks will stick. Alternatively, you can just copy/create the files yourself. In the level progress file, a 7 will allow you to practice any stage and will trigger unlocking Hard/Insane if set in score1.dat/score2.dat.

tl;dr: play Easy, beat at least the first level, quit and check for start0.dat and score_easy.dat in Option folder

tl;dr2: in Option folder, create copies of start1.dat and score_normal.dat and rename them to start0.dat and score_easy.dat
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akj Apr 2, 2014 @ 5:29pm 
Hmm, that's pretty interesting behaviour. Thanks for the share!

*Edit: I wondered why there wasn't any radio chatter in this version, so I gave the original Japanese version trial version a run. Right off the bat, I could totally understand why they removed it; it's like generic police radio chatter, including reports of an armed hold-up, and the sightings of a Hispanic suspect in a white van. :V
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Magicant Jul 25, 2014 @ 11:03pm 
Just beat the game and was wondering about this, thanks a lot.
Netsa Aug 13, 2014 @ 6:34pm 
Thank you for finding the solution to this. This thread should be sticky'd.
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