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Game slows down after 45-60 minutes
At first I thought this might be related to some kind of memory leak but the way the game performs compared to a traditional leak makes me no longer so sure.

Basically, for the first hour or so of any play session I'm fine. The game is running reasonably well given my PC specs and the settings I have it on. However, at some point approaching an hour of continual play the game slows down.

This isn't a case of my FPS getting worse or anything, rather it SEEMS like it's the game's speed itself. I can look around fine, even spin in circles if I want, without a hitch. However, as soon as I start to move in game it's as if the game is running at less than 100%. Menus come up really slow, my character slows down. The best way I can explain it is using emulation as an example. Imagine you were running an old game in Dosbox at 100% speed. Now, imagine turning down the speed to roughly 40-50% and notice how it plays. It's just... slow.

I've noticed that it tends to happen when I get in or out of my ship during a session approaching an hour long.

I've tried the experimental branch and it didn't fix this and I'm completely out of ideas.
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ZirconX 18 aug., 2016 @ 17:00 
No. Oh no. I would qualify this as a critical pronlem. When you have a game in which all the processes are lenghty ones, from ressource gathering for a new piece of tech to actual exploration you cannot have your game give up after a small amount of time and such bugs are indeed considered very high priority in any good QA phase.

And see when you force pc gamers to "lower their settings" while they have 3 times your recommended specs it is not OK in any respect. Someone who meets the recommended should be able to play flawlessly at 60 fps with all options maxed out, this is why we buy 2000-3000$ rigs, to enjoy better quality and performance than on 400$ consoles. What's the point of PC gaming if we are forced to play with the same quality and fps than those consoles?

See PC gamers that get such powerful rigs such as mine we do it for one reason, we want to play the games with everything maxed at 120+ fps this is why we triple the recommended specs or recent games so we can enjoy this 120hz monitor and get 120+ fps with everything on ultra. We don't spend this money for nothing, we do it to be able to get a better experience.

So I will continue pushing this point and complaining to Hello Games about it because right now we, the PC community, are being dragged in the dirt with a full priced game that hasn't been tested at all apparently for our platform and is so un-optimized that the most powerful rigs can't run it for more than half an hour at max graphics. I can understand bugs not caught at launch, but such a huge issue would have been found if any QA sessions of more than an hour were made.

In this current state, the game is not worth it's price at all. I would not pay over 15$ for this knowing the issues I have to face let alone a full 60 USD. I do hope the devs feel the weight of this all at this moment, they need to realise how badly they ♥♥♥♥ed up and treated the PC platform and come up with an optimisation ASAP.
Hakgova 18 aug., 2016 @ 17:16 
Same "slow down" for me but at about 90 minutes. Running a GTX 680 Nvidia graphics card, Windows 10 Pro. Runs just fine until I hit 90 minutes, then only a restart corrects the issue. Really think this is a GPU memory leak.
Runak 18 aug., 2016 @ 17:19 
@Gruug, I have the same card and it's about 90 minutes before slowdown. Performance is the same before and after the patch.
Darlas 18 aug., 2016 @ 22:59 
Okay the game slowed down again, seems like it only happens when i'm entering the ship and visiting multiple locations and star systems before doing that. But it happend around 60 minutes, so theres that.
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same. patch made no difference except i lag less during playtimes now.
every 1-2 hours have to restart.
Drawhyn 18 aug., 2016 @ 23:18 
Same here ^^
I get used to restart my game myself before it goes down every hour because when that hapens I'm always far away from a save point and coming back to it is very hard in those conditions >_<
Like in the other thread. I have the same problem, with my Phenom II X6 1090T BE and 24 GB RAM and a GeForce Ti 660 GTX. Actually with Update 4 from a few days ago, i did not have such problems and were able to play this game for a couple of hours without a problem finally.

If this happens on a planet, even the menus has slowdowns, last time this happens to me, i was on a starbase and i had a good performance until i see to the other ships. Very strange. Maybe indeed a graphics memory leak. I had this on the first versions of the game also (with sde sse4 emu), but Update 4 fixed this. Unintentionally it seems that they reintroduced this error.
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RahFael 19 aug., 2016 @ 8:25 
Same issue here. i5 4440 / GTX 950 2GB / 12GB DDR3. The game was installed on a SSD.
Grombur 19 aug., 2016 @ 9:00 
Right now i am trying to play NMS without Steam overlay active. So far it worked well but i haven't had the time to play for hours. But if you like, you may try it out?
ZirconX 19 aug., 2016 @ 11:04 
It is so terrible here that it has changed the way I play the game. I never go further than my scan pulse range away from my ship. I just do not walk further because I know this will happen before I can do anything significant. So I get out of myy ship near a ? on the map, get whats there and nearby ressources or word stones and back in the ship and bye bye. I look for ressorces with low fly bys instead of walking and try to guess where I'll find stuff. This has killed the walk and cave exploring aspect of this or digging for caves. Kinda atrocious that it killed a big part of the game just like that,

And yeah looking at the sky stops it so best guess is the game dosn't flush the rendered data from your memory or gpu's memory so then you hit your card's limit and it can't keep up anymore. That,s my guess at least.

And Grombur I have tried deactivating the overlay but with a setup like mine it seldom makesa difference. I might get a minute of play more but at this point I'd rather have my overlay up.
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niripas 19 aug., 2016 @ 11:09 
have you guys tried to move cache folders to ramdisk? I left the game running for 6 hours today and didn't notice the slowdown afterwards.
Kahvi 19 aug., 2016 @ 11:12 
Having the same issue here. The game runs absolutely golden for an unspecified time ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and then suddenly hitches and universally, mercilessly goes below 10 frames. Nine times out of ten it's triggered by entering the ship.

Updating my nVidia drivers (the update specifically mentioning optimization for the game) and disabling Steam in-game noticeably increased the time I get to play without the game choking up, bumping it to that, say, 1.5 hour marker, but it still happens.

Hope it gets fixed soon, other than that I'm having no issues whatsoever. Too bad it's a major nuisance to be required to restart the game periodically, kinda wrecks the immersion.
Same, it's the most annoying issue I'm having, otherwise it would run fine. But knowing that you have to restart every hour or so is a pain.
Cerebus 19 aug., 2016 @ 11:24 
Im in the same boat. I got 25 to 30 min, and then the FPS drops to nothing. Always have to save, exit then reload.
Vivas 19 aug., 2016 @ 11:27 
Same here
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