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Kurgan Jun 18 @ 12:01pm
The serious bug of the return to the main menu
Suddenly, the game has become unplayable because of this bug that is affecting many players.
Some have said that the fault must be a server problem, but I doubt it: if it were a server problem, then we would play temporarily offline, since NMS is playable even without a connection.
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flick Jun 26 @ 9:56am 
Steam API - v018
Package - 1560817063.
Main NMS version (latest non-experimental)

Been in multiplay, joined friend's game. After a little travelling we returned to their base and were just stood around. Suddenly find myself looking at the "choose a game" screen, the start solo or join a friend one. No message, no warning, no ctd, nothing.

It's a normal mode game, and my save is from NEXT.
No mods.

Thanks for all your hard work, HG!
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Steam API - v018
Package - 1560817063 (June 17 2019)
Main NMS version (latest non-experimental)

In my case, the game immediately went to the main menu while entering a planet's atmosphere. There were no messages or prompts. This occurred during solo-play, but I was connected to the online/discovery servers. Happened probably 10 or so game hours ago and hasn't happened since. This was on a completely fresh installation of the game (and recently created survival mode save) with a few added mods. I had also wiped my shardercache folder prior to the menu glitch.
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Merlin69 Jun 26 @ 10:15am 
This has been going on for about 10 days or so now, I 've complained about it b4 but it seems to me that it's a Steam issue as b4 this I had very few NMS problems. I've deleted the shader cache every time b4 I play and now play off line and the game doesn't crash to 'choose a game' screen. However the problem with offline is that the P log doesn't interact with what you're trying to do.
Merlin69 Jun 26 @ 10:16am 
I use normal with no mods.
Merlin69 Jun 26 @ 10:19am 
Also only on solo.
Steam-API: v018
Steam-Paket-Version: 1560817063

I installed the game 2 days ago, and created a new game on "normal" mode.
I've got this problem 3 times since.
The very first time was, after I tried to upload my new planets and monsters from journey.
The second and 3 time it happend when changing zones (planet to orbit), (orbit to planet).

It feels like a connection problem or something. The game never crashed, only send me back to the main menu without any warnings.

PS: can you add a game option to enable autosave every x minutes? Its hard to lose 1-3 hours gameplay everytime

PS: sadly I was so frustrated on last bug, I uninstalled NoManSky right away :(

Please find a solution for this problem, thanks
Merlin69 Jun 26 @ 11:02am 
My Steam version was updated 17 June this year, API :v018 Steam package versions 1560817063.
This has been happening to me for the last 10 days or so and I've been complaining about it in the discussions since then.
I believe that it is a Steam fault as when I play offline the game doesn't throw me back to the load/save screen or to the start screen as it has been doing when I'm online. 10 times it occurred in 10 minutes, one day last week!
I play solo, vanilla and on normal.
It just suddenly sends you back to the front end menu so that I've to reload the previous save which can be frustrating and make you redo what you did 30 minutes ago again!
There were no error messages and I'm not on experimental.
I've played for over 200 hours and this never happened until recently?
Gatun Jun 26 @ 12:44pm 
Steam API - v018
Package - 1560817063 (June 17 2019)
Main NMS version (latest non-experimental)
Win7 32gb HD7870
Steam Cloud sync on
Game install Not on boot drive

All kinds of Mods :)

Only had crash to main menu while I was using my phone hotspot for internet.
No issue since back on hardwired internet.

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Kurgan Jun 26 @ 12:58pm 
Originally posted by HG_WhiskeyJack:
Hello all,

Thanks for posting in this thread with info, I have a few questions and I would appreciate anyone who has experienced this problem to reply here with their findings :)

We are a little confused as we have not pushed out any updates and nothing has changed on our end to suddenly cause this issue (that I am aware of anyway).

- What version of Steam are you running?
Click Help > About in your steam client and all the info will be there.
(I know this is a crazy question but you would be surprised how often steam clients can be out of date)

- So what exactly is happening? Some people say "crashing out" etc, but a crash is a physical failure of the process that is NMS, a crash means the game will go unresponsive or close entirely.
Can people describe as best they can what happens? Does it just suddenly switch to the front end menu? (forcing you to reload your most recent save).
It may be that straihgt forward but please be as detailed as possible, are you always doing the same thing when this happens? Are you in a MP game? If so did you join someone else's game or did they joins yours?

- Do you see any error messages when this happens?

- Are you on the experimental build? (If your thoughts are 'I do not know what that is' the answer will be "no" :)

Many thanks in advance!

Good evening

So, the steam package version is this:

API v018
Steam package 1560817063

I don't play the experimental version. It must be said that by now it has been a while that the bug does not happen again, but what I read, some still happen.
The game does not crash, but suddenly returned to the main menu, forcing me to reload the most recent save. No error message.

Could it really have been the steam connection? If so, the game should just go offline, without closing. So I think it's a bug related to some connection loss from steam.
tkwoods Jun 26 @ 2:11pm 
I have had a drop to desktop occasionally for a long time. Like using Alt Tab... Just click back into the game and continue.

Never had much problem with crashes and only experienced this current exit to main menu twice. Just recently.

Again, clear shader cache and have not had the issue since. But it could be coincidence.
Tatwi Jun 26 @ 2:59pm 
This has been happening to me as well recently. The solutions appear to be:

1. Play the GOG version of the game, because it doesn't happen to it.

2. Start Steam in offline mode and play it that way.

I've been doing solution 1.
Psyclos Jun 26 @ 8:40pm 
Steam package as above, NMS up to date, Steam overlay on, cloud saves off.

Definite instance of issue when underwater on a newly visited planet (searching flora/fauna) abruptly dropped me to start menu, reloaded to last autosave. When scanning, I had my (reassigned) scan key depressed (fixed on scan).

Possible occurrences when I alt-tabbed out of game for >1hr (after saving) and returned - release alt-tab returned me to start menu as opposed to the "save screen" which should have been the case. Cleared shader-cache, no repeat of issue in several hours of play.

Vanilla NMS, no mods.
Floydman Jun 27 @ 7:05am 
Steam API: v018
Steam package versions: 1560817063

I am on Windows 10 with a RTX 2080 graphics card. No mods.

While playing the game, it will randomly and suddenly return to the main menu (where you choose singleplayer or multiplayer) without saving. Sometimes it happens less than a minute after starting a new game; sometimes it can take 30 minutes. It seems to have gone away now that I play in offline mode.
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I removed ALL Mods.
Cleaned out my ShaderCache
Set Nvidia to Max Performance
And restarted Steam.

The crashes went away.
I have a feeling it was the mods.
Happened to me with the Vulkan branch just yesterday. No mods. NV1060. Online, single player, survival.
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