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Shield Master Jun 18, 2019 @ 12:01pm
The serious bug of the return to the main menu
Suddenly, the game has become unplayable because of this bug that is affecting many players.
Some have said that the fault must be a server problem, but I doubt it: if it were a server problem, then we would play temporarily offline, since NMS is playable even without a connection.
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Isme Jul 22, 2019 @ 6:49am 
I play without dropouts and with dropouts, no rhyme or reason. I'm living with it.

My current thinking about this game I love and the developer I love, is that it's a Hello Games issue. Here's my theory.

Assuming everyone, Steam, HG, us, agrees it must be fixed, with NMS (HG, Steam) going into what could be called a "New Product Launch" - Beyond.

Can you imagine if Beyond is released and it has random dropouts?

So, I think HG, not Steam is the one who have a hard deadline = Beyond release. That's why I think the problem is with HG. HG has the problem and they're going to fix it at the Beyond launch.
It must be fixed by Beyond and HG is the one, not Steam, that has that hard deadline.
If it was/is Steam, they could/can do it any time.

I have no doubt each, S and HG, know who has the problem and how it must be fixed. But Steam won't take the reputation hit, especially if it's not their problem, with a VR game on the line with millions of potential users lined up. Because it's not a Steam problem or they'd fix it so as not to drive away new users.

Therefore, since I judge it to be HG's problem, and they will be outed quite soon on that, they are waiting until the Beyond release to make this dropout go away. If you know HG like we who play this game 3 years know them, it's just like them to handle it this way.

Again, I am a long-time player and great lover of the game, this is not a dis at all.
DedZedNub Jul 22, 2019 @ 7:53am 
Well, since Beyond is supposed to have some multiplayer changes/upgrades, would that not suggest that Hello Games will have to change its servers' software, at the very least.

If so, then it is quite likely in the process of doing that, they have caused some glitches, so that when you talk to the servers, even perhaps just to get or store info for named things, or bases -- then there are some issues.

But sure, I would think that as we move towards Beyond, it is most likely on HG's end, or even if it is a matter of HG and Steam working together, changes in one will make the situation difficult for the other until they are on the same page.
Tolwyn Jul 22, 2019 @ 9:56am 
FWIW, PC Version.
I have about 75 rar'd back-up save games. I've had this happen a FEW times. Maybe one time every 3 hours of play.

A buddy of mine, whom I recommended this game to is having this problem CONSTANTLY and has a better PC/nvidia card than I do; then I had him join my "game" to check out my base and we goofed around for about 15 minutes, and nothing happened to him.

I do believe it's client related to your save game and not the game itself, obviously, just start a new game and see if it bounces back to the load screen.
Gatun Jul 22, 2019 @ 4:20pm 
It still looks like a packet loss issue either from your router or network adapter.
tkwoods Jul 22, 2019 @ 4:45pm 
I have not experienced it since the last Steam Update.
Frek Jul 22, 2019 @ 5:19pm 
Originally posted by Gatun:
It still looks like a packet loss issue either from your router or network adapter.

I would go with this as well. I only have this problem when I have connection issues. My connection drops out some times. If that is the case, I think HG needs to check and correct how they handle bad connections.
iamthejarha Jul 22, 2019 @ 8:54pm 
Originally posted by Tolwyn:
I do believe it's client related to your save game and not the game itself, obviously, just start a new game and see if it bounces back to the load screen.
Same thing happens with a new game; in fact, it happened before I even had a chance to save a new game for the first time, so the game itself was completely lost.

It also doesn't appear to be in any way related to my connection, which hasn't exhibited any issues with packet loss or network connectivity across multiple users and devices including my own.

Finally, it still happens with the latest Steam client, so that didn't fix it, either. A HG dev requested before that we not go into offline mode to play, but when the alternative is being hyper-vigilant with saves or risk losing who-knows-what when the connection decides to crap out, it's a hard sell.
Tatwi Jul 23, 2019 @ 4:18pm 

See, I'd like to play the Steam version of the game so I can bump into things other people have create (or even other people themselves), but it's not worth the time. Even saving as frequently as I can remember, I just lost ~40 minutes of my life to this bug, because I got literally nothing at all out of my time (I was driving around collecting storm crystals and lost ALL of what I collected).

No mods, internet issues, etc. btw. It's 100% a Steam problem.
CptnSpandex Jul 23, 2019 @ 4:29pm 
Seems as though the more this happens the more it points to not a steam problem, this exact thing happens to me but it boots me out of the game entirely, that's never been addressed as far as i know, just looks as though the problems are getting overlooked. They have obviously tried to figure it out and steams tried to sort it with updates but nothing, still happening just as frequent, but since it's not a crash that has logs and stuff it would be a literal needle in a haystack situation, something within the game is causing it though.

All of this to me points towards the fact that on steam you can play with other people, the multiplayer at the moment reverts you to a previous save point quite often when playing with other people and you lose all of your progress there, similar problem, the game itself just seems to not like the fact of being online, when you play you have 2 choices, play online and people can join or join a friend so it's constantly in a state of ready for people to join, that's a strange one in itself, which has obviously created strange problems.
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Viper Jul 23, 2019 @ 4:39pm 
I am able to play my issue is this i joined another players game ( i completed the purge/path of atlas quest) so when i made my own game after helping this random person out a bit. I noticed that I was no longer in the new galaxy i created. I was stuck in the first one.

and when i jumped into another system a few hundred light years out. It counted towards the purge quest. I kept going till i hit 16 and guess what? it kicks me to the main menu and while i was jumping from system to system.. yep it seems that the quest glitched started all over on me cause having to dock in the amo sphere again and apparently i no longer had the star seed and all when i docked in it. So there are no atlas interfaces and there are no black holes to use as jump gates. So pretty much the game is only playable if i don't jump to another system towards the center...

What kind of none sense is this? plus other issues that have been around on and off in the game since it came out into public.

hopefully they'll fix this issue.. and i ended up having to dl the NMS editor to look into my rawr files and what do you know the quest have been reverted back to the start of the path of atlas and the purge but the atlas interfaces are not present and jumping into systems activates the purge quest so i am pretty much screwed here. hope no one else is going through this

or if someone has completed the game and reset the galaxy could maybe send me some of their game information to see if that'll fix it..
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CptnSpandex Jul 23, 2019 @ 4:46pm 
Just a stab in the dark but this problem can take minutes to present itself or many hours, could this problem indeed be caused by someone trying to enter a game which trips it out somehow ?, that would explain the random times on this event happening and the fact that when you are playing any randomer can just appear in your game at any given point.

If it was possible to make a test server of say 50% of people online trying to play as normal single player and then another 50% all of a sudden try to join their games 1 a piece surely that would trigger it and either rule it out or nail it as to say but that would be difficult to do i bet.
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jayburke Jul 23, 2019 @ 7:56pm 
Can't be that - I have my games set to not be joinable, and it still happens sometimes.
I recent play about 30 minutes... and that happen again.
With the steam overlay disabled and forced to shutdown.

A truly shame...

Hope Beyond comes with the fix.
DedZedNub Jul 24, 2019 @ 4:40am 
Well, the Steam Overlay being off, won't prevent it for me. I always have Invite Only and so it is just single-player, yet it still happened at least twice. (I'm on the Main Default Branch, not Vulkan Update)

The only thing time it has happened, though, both times I was in Steam Online mode. If I play in Steam Offline, it has never happened yet. However, I don't play as long in Steam Offline mode, normally, but still an hour or two at least per session. But often when Online I'll go 2-4 hours per session. I also don't consider 60 hours of total NMS gaming a large enough sample to be sure I haven't just been lucky.

I've started to reduce session length overall, though, for 2 reasons. I can make a back-up and store it in another folder, in case of corruption, which I now do everytime I log out of the game.

The other reason is, as you get older, you can really see that sitting for more than a couple hours straight, is really, REALLY bad for your health. Bad for your spine, bad for your lungs, bad for your eyes, and bad for your sense of perspective or attitude. You actually are better off in every category of life, if you just stop once an hour and take 5-20 minutes either mulling your plan over, or doing something else, or eating and moving around, whatever. Yes, the negatives get worse over a long term of years and decades, but trust me, it does work your body over long-term. I've been playing computer games for about 40 years now, and all I can say is, long sessions do take a toll on your body -- more as you get older.
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japp_02 Jul 24, 2019 @ 4:48am 
You must renounce to play MP, and start a offline session for the game (Steam overlay will ask you to restart the game offline). Also switch off online connectivity of your computer to be sure. And ohh...don't use old saves, sorry. This should work 100%.

Impatient and frustrated? Get the PC GoG game version...
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