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mihaig Oct 19, 2014 @ 11:06pm
Question about artilery
When you set up an artilery fire line there will be two numbers inside the two parallel lines. For example "1 : 15%" What do they mean? The manual is pretty confusing about this.
And also, what are the reasons why the artilery doesn't fire? I have a mortar team but they don't do anything after I set up the fire lines.
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FlashBurn Oct 19, 2014 @ 11:46pm 
THe percentage, well frankly never been quite sure what that means. I think its supression percentage of target area.

So with your ON screen artillery ( this being mortars, field guns, and anti tank guns that you actually see) you need to set up your fire mission with THEIR leadership section. Usuallly the commander of that unit but can also be an artillery spotter or battery commander of THAT unit. Now a general artillery spotter that says something like heavy mortars or zis-3 artillery spotters means OFF screen artillery. this is usually the big stuff that is way behind the lines. It will not have any effect on artillery that is on screen unless directly in that squad.

Now other reasons mortars will not fire... If its a really small one like the 50mm sorts the target could be out of range. Medium mortars this is like never an issue as their range is pretty long. The on screen asset might have no communication with its command element. So it might take quite awhile for it to get its fire mission. They are suppressed or heavily fatigued. Out of ammo of course will do that too.. =)

With on screen artillery its always best to keep the mortars close to their commanders. Not always that possible with infantry and any mortars attached of course. But mortars and field guns will fire on their own if they have direct line of sight of the target OR they get fire command from any commander on screen that has field telephone connect or maybe even radio connections to them. This happens automatic. But can be turned off by disabling ai control of the ai mortar or gun.

Hope that helps.

mihaig Oct 20, 2014 @ 12:03am 
Hmm, I think it was the range. It was a quick battle between two rifle companies. My company had a commander, 4 squads and a company mortar. I found somewhere on the web that the company mortar range is 500m. I'm not sure, but I think a big square on the minimap (while in realtime) is 1 Km.

Speaking of communication, how does this thing work? Do I have to do anything about it? Can I send the commander anywhere on the map and he will still be able to communicate?
rogersdane51 Oct 20, 2014 @ 12:12am 
"When you set up an artilery fire line there will be two numbers inside the two parallel lines. For example "1 : 15%" What do they mean?"

This is for how accurate the barrage will be. The better the LOS between spotter and target, the higher the percentage.
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mihaig Oct 20, 2014 @ 12:52am 
Damn, this is frustrating.

I started a new battle same as above (1 company against 1 company). I moved the commander and the mortar team very close to each other. I tried to make the mortar fire by instructing the commander to set fire lines. No luck and I have no idea why.

After some battles the Soviets retreated so I ended up capturing two points: on that was neutral initially and one that was the Soviet's. The fighting stopped so I tried to move my troops but for some reason they were refusing move orders. All of them and I couldn't see any reason at all. I understand that the AI will decide if an order is executed or not, but how can I see why that is?

I received a cease fire offer and I accepted it but even though I thought I captured some teritory it was a draw. I had 15 out of 57 cassualities, the Soviets had 26 out of 42. My territory after the battle was a 9, the Soviets was a 0. The score was 67 versus 63.

FlashBurn Oct 20, 2014 @ 1:07am 
Yes, like all military maps 1 square = 1km. So you get a max of 3km X 3km playable area.

Communication is all pretty much automatic. You have radio, field telephone, and yelling as your primary como types. The game models the hiearchy of a military unit. So squads get there marching orders from Platoon leaders. Platoon leaders get theres from Company commanders. Company commanders get theirs from Battalion commanders. Now we really pretty much care about platoon leaders getting orders to their squads. Which leads into that big fat blue command bar. But basically the farther away a squad is from their leadership, the longer the command takes and the more command bar it takes. Altough units with radio this is not much of an issue of course. The only 2 ways you control communication is how close you place your units from their commander and if you turn off/on ai control of telephone troops.

So yes, you can send your commanders anyware on map and some day their commands will get to their subordinates. But how long it takes and how much command bar it uses is the question.
FlashBurn Oct 20, 2014 @ 1:12am 
To get a platoon or higher commander to a mortar under his direct command to fire make sure its the circle with the cross icon. I think it sound like your using fire arcs. Which is makes it more likley the unit will engage with direct fire weapons in that area. A mortar is indirect and the game will do it based on line of sight of the mortar (direct fire), if it gets a fire order if wired up with telephone troops from any commander, OR you use that circle and cross icon and set up that way. Then they pretty much dump mortar bomb after mortar bomb in that area.

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FlashBurn Oct 20, 2014 @ 1:16am 
Oh and the draw victory defeat thing is vary much based on number of troops involved. So if you massivly out number the enemy, but they kill alot of you, despite winning you can get that message saying its a defeat. Well actually you won but lost way more guys than them. Its wacky that. But sort of does make sence. So your draw was based probably on the fact that you may have way out numbered them. BTW you can get a total victory message by killing alot of an over whelming force while loosing every flag on the map too. =) Of COURSE you lost. But you produced enemy casualies in way disproportion to your force. This game really is about trying to preserve as much of your guys while killing way more than them. Which is not exactly an easy thing. Takes good tactics and use of the land form.

As to why your troops did not move. Many possible reasons. Exhausted when its cold, snowing, rainy is a usual suspect. They will move once they recover a bit. Communication dely time. If they are supressed or anything like that. Low moral sometimes. Got to take care of your boys and all that.
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mihaig Oct 20, 2014 @ 1:29am 
Thanks for the answers. I will try again tomorrow.
FlashBurn Oct 20, 2014 @ 1:30am 
Ya the learning process is a pain. Its worth it once you get the basics down. ;)
rogersdane51 Oct 20, 2014 @ 7:47am 
There could be a number of reasons why the mortar isn't firing.
Is the target within its maximum effective range?- 50mm mortars have range of about 520 meters and 81mm mortars are good up to about 2400 meters with an effective range of about 1500 meters.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the mortar to fire if it has to fire out of its covered arc or has to move to fire over an obstacle or if the mortar is under AI command it will only fire at direct targets it can see, in which case you will have to put it back under your command.
If the mortars are low on ammo they will also not fire as quickly because they will try and conserve ammo for shoots that have a more reliable chance of hitting its target.
Also if you have wiremen your mortars may be waiting for a link to be established before they are ready to fire.

Only the platoon commander can give orders to the weapons under its command for firing direct or indirectly, the company commander only has control of the weapons in his HQ platoon. Direct links though with the company HQ and platoon leaders will help direct the fire more accurately hence the % points.
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Retrofly Oct 20, 2014 @ 10:35pm 
I can't for the life of me get on map artillary to consistantly fire. Mortars and off map artillary seem to work, but the on map stuff baffles me. So I'll setup a fire target using the commander of the artillary squad (using the indirect fire icon). A yellow cirlle will appear, and even if its reading 100% I'll be lucky if 1 round will be fired. I check that the arty can fire, and comms is always good, but ill sit there just waitin and waiting and waiting and nothing, eventually 1 gun might fire once, but thats it. I'll go through the rest of the guns and they'll all be sat on 100% ammo. What am I doing wrong? :(
mihaig Oct 20, 2014 @ 11:26pm 
What I found so far about the mortar teams is that: They have to be in range of the target (500m), they have to have their communication link on (that small colored pixel on their icon should be black), they have to have their gun ready (check the first icon where you see their stats). I also found out that if you give them a move order (because usually the enemy starts inconveniently far away from them) the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s will start by droping 25% of their ammo and they will become exhausted in about 300 meters or less.
When they do have a good day and manage to get close to the enemy and start to actually fire they will just fire anywhere but where I want them to (probably in retaliation for my perceived wrongs to them).
FlashBurn Oct 21, 2014 @ 12:21am 
Yes when you move your heavy stuff away from their crates of ammo they only take about half the ammo. You can move back to their ammo crate and they can then fire that.

With heavy weapons I pretty much always keep their commander with in 200 meters of them. Doing so they work pretty much all the time when setting a target.

With guns if they are a anti tank gun, they can not lobe shells. They only can fire direct on targets. This is correct for these things. They have 1 purpose, to fire high velocity rounds at tanks. Oh course they also get an HE shell to deal with infantry that get to close. Field guns and howitzers can fire indirect. And are generally really good at it. The soviet 75 regimetal gun M1927 and the lief 18 are extremely lethal guns to deal with infantry.
Retrofly Oct 21, 2014 @ 4:23am 
Hmmm, maybe I was using direct fire guns, how can you tell? I was using the Light artillery 85mm guns and they did only seem to be fireing directtly, is there a minimum distance for indirect fire?
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