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BabyCat  [developer] Oct 8, 2015 @ 4:30am
Old Bones Update
Patching Progress: Update is live, enjoy! (Last Updated: 8:17 AM PST)
Check out the update website:

Old Bones brings a brand new map to Blood & Gold - Temple, a new evolution for sharks, changes to diver health and treasure, a new consumable for divers, and more.

New Map: Temple

Built to worship the Aztec goddess of oceans, Chalchiuhtlicue, this now time-worn temple crumbled into the sea during the late-1800's. The temple hadn't been fully explored before it disappeared, with recent expeditions heading under to both preserve and excavate the site.

Serrated Teeth - Shred Puny Divers

Tearing flesh to shreds, this abso-bloody-lutely vicious evolution leaves bitten divers to slowly bleed until they reach a Medkit... or death.

StubbsCare - Free Medkits and Diver Health Bars

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is, while you were napping a bunch of other salvage groups have found out about our target locales. The good news is, so far their expeditions have failed, and they've even left a few extra supplies on the bottom of the sea. Stubbs says there's a good number of Medkits down there now, in between the corpses.

You've also been given an upgraded HUD for sensing when your vital signs drop - you'd best watch that closely it and make use of those Medkits when necessary!

The Supply Kit - The Whole Kit And Caboodle

Captain Stubbs has been losing a lot of good divers recently, not that he cares. But it's been cutting into the volumes of treasure he's been able to recover - and that does concern him. He's paid off a Russian mercenary to smuggle in a bunch of ex-military Supply Kits, and is making them available to you. For a fee of course, they weren't free...

Old Bones Hammerhead Skin

Despite the ravages of war on its ancient frame, this death defying beast has terrified locals into believing it was chosen by Aztec gods hundreds of years ago to protect the sea no matter the cost.

Fight With The Ferocity Of Tigermaul Weapon Skins

Dressed to the teeth and inspired by the fearsome Tiger Shark. The Tigermaul weapon skins feature a two-toned body topped with dark stripes and blood-red slashes.

New Randomized Treasure System

Do you know all the Depth maps like the back of your hand? Know exactly which pieces of treasure to swim to and in what order? The challenge has just been increased - with treasure now spawning randomly in maps. This makes the Sensor a particularly tempting option early-on for divers.

Expanded In-Game Shop For All Skins

Depth's in-game store has been expanded with a new area for browsing and managing diver skins and weapon skins, as well as shark skins. Preview and apply skins that you have access to, see how unlockable skins are gained, and purchase paid skins all from within the game.

All new and future skins will be available only through the in-game store, and all old skins are now available through the in-game store.

This includes the major changes since the last update (minor bugfixes and changes are not included)


  • Added Supply Kit consumable which allows divers to pick up more consumables during play.
  • Added 'Serrated Teeth' evolution which allows sharks to cause bleeding damage when grabbing divers. Divers affected by this evolution must use a medkit before they bleed out. Bleed damage is scaled based on the diver's health so that you bleed slower the closer you are to death.


  • Spear Gun, Spear Pistol and Harpoon no longer have a damage reduction when using the bleed or toxic modifier on the initial hit.
  • Increased Spear Gun damage to 170 from 150.
  • Medkits are now spawned together with ammo boxes that are found distributed within Blood & Gold maps.
  • Fixed bug where the threshers active evolution was causing odd behavior with the vitalized frenzy evolution.
  • Diver spawn protection is no longer lost when using defensive or detection gear.
  • Fixed bug where you could still throw flares and deploy shark shields when switching quickly to another weapon.
  • Volley Jet now fires 10 spears. Damage per spear has not been changed.


  • Added the Diver Store for managing diver skins and diver gear skins.
  • Added a health bar for the diver HUD. Health bar flashes and turns red when you're bleeding out.
  • Added gameplay hints which are displayed on the death cam UI.
  • Added hint arrows for the diver HUD which point to revealed or tagged sharks.
  • Added awards to Hide & Seek game mode.
  • All video settings now have additional text tooltips to improve usability.
  • Added silhouette quality as a video setting. Changing this setting can help improve frame rate and lower GPU memory usage.
  • Fixed bug in the Shark Species Selection UI not showing Steam Inventory skins.
  • Choosing 'Random' in the Shark Species Selection now shows a darkened shark.
  • Shark Evolution UI improved to be less cramped in 5:4 or 4:3 resolutions.
  • Fixed bug where multiple players on the winning team were getting the MVP award. MVP awards are only considered for players with more than 100 points.
  • Fixed Ammo spots not silhouetting for low ammo DPV.


  • Added new map 'Temple' for Blood & Gold.
  • Added randomized treasure spawning to all Blood & Gold maps.
  • Tweaked all ammo + medkit placements within Blood & Gold maps.
  • Fixed unreachable treasure found in all maps.
  • Re-added the soggy dosh to Blood & Gold maps.


  • Fixed bug where you were no longer able to choose teams when server maintenance was happening.


  • Added Tigermaul weapon skin pack.
  • Added Old Bones Hammerhead skin.
  • Added new bullet impact decals.
  • Improved the visual appearance of the tagged net projectile fired by the net gun.
  • Treasure or gold bags which land on breakables now fall if it breaks.
  • Added new diver medkit and supply kit animations.


  • Added proper sound mixing for 5.1 and 7.1 speaker set ups.
  • Reconstructed ambient sound for all Blood & Gold maps so that they sound better.
  • Added new diver and shark death sounds.
  • Added sounds when divers use aim down sights.
  • Rewrote the UI sound system so that the UI sounds are consistent throughout the entire UI.
  • Speaker configuration drop down now only appears in the main sub panel within the Audio Settings panel.
  • Fixed bug where the toxic sound effect was heard when playing as a diver in single player.


  • Steam Inventory support for most diver weapon skins added.
  • When Steam Overlay is opened, Depth no longer pauses.


  • Added post process optimizations to improve the average performance for both diver and sharks.


  • Added Kismet nodes which allow you to set a player's cash and evolution points.
  • Added Kismet node which allows you to check a players type (team, AI/human, Steve, etc).
  • Added Kismet nodes which allow to modify lots of variables for S.T.E.V.E.
  • Added Kismet events which trigger when S.T.E.V.E is destroyed, disabled or being repaired.
  • Added Kismet nodes which allows you to spawn, remove and set the difficulty of A.I players.
  • Added Kismet event which triggers when a safe is opened.
  • Added Kismet node which allows you to send a message to the UI.


  • Depth now checks to see if you have a potentially usable gamepad plugged in and whether you would like to configure it or not.
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Kosher Pork Oct 8, 2015 @ 4:40am 
Awesome looking update! That is one swanky new skin.

Dissapointed we don't have a new mediumweight shark(Preferrably bull) to compliment the lonely tiger. Ah well, maybe next time!
Last edited by Kosher Pork; Oct 8, 2015 @ 4:43am
NilValue Oct 8, 2015 @ 4:41am 
awesome, i am so excited to check this one out
This looks amazing and is so good to read! Keep up the good work!
10/10 appreciate ^-^
Mucker Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:05am 
So excited for this! Look forward to seeing medkits being more essential during matches and the inclusion of supply kits will really encourage new players to get familiar with consumables, a lot of improvements to refresh diver gameplay and these skins give us a great way of thanking you all for your work :) Thanks for the effort you guys put in :thumb:
Unlawful Waffle Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:17am 
This is a very nice sounding update. I'm sure the ~60 players still playing will enjoy it.
Ray G. Quit Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:19am 
This pleases me. Kind of.

It clearly miss ragequit issue solution and ADS bleed nerf. But I take what they give.

I like the spear gun buff, arrows for divers when shark is tagged/revealed, all the kits sound good same as randomized treasure. And great fix for random shark. From now on that will be my top choice. I hope that the new evo will be one of the 10 point worth evo. Otherwise I'm not taking it into consideration.

And bullshark :(

EDIT: Bull shark.
Last edited by Ray G. Quit; Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:47am
Gameo Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:38am 
Heh.. still no change to the bleed mechanic, I see.
Still broken, probably will be forever.
A bunch of more hand holding added, though.

Don't think I have much hope for this game anymore.

It's cool you finally listened about the randomized gold locations I've been on about for forever, though.... I guess. Love how my map update was never pushed out, either. Even though I gave that update to you guys months ago.. not that it matters, obviously :thumb:
Snake  [developer] Oct 8, 2015 @ 5:42am 
We updated Quarry back in July so it would have been released in a patch after that. Has there been another update since then?
7 Oct 8, 2015 @ 6:13am 
Omg why do you release update today when Beta from Battlefront starts? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
7 Oct 8, 2015 @ 6:13am 
But still ♥♥♥♥ing awesome
AlGor Oct 8, 2015 @ 6:22am 
but we need a NEW shark !!!!!11!!!111!!!1111111 :Pain:
Gameo Oct 8, 2015 @ 6:31am 
Uhh.. if it was updated in July then it may have been updated, I never actually looked.
Guess it really has been a while since I've played, but I've never seen any note of it and someone(s) told me it was never updated.
What I get for ♥♥♥♥♥ing and not going look for myself.

Most of the update looks good, and I'd kind of like to create more maps but I just can't push myself to do it right now.
Things like the overly-excessive and clearly broken bleed that's gone unchanged in months, the now unnecessary 'hint' arrows, unneeded nerfs to the game, etc really bring the fun value down.
I mean, hint arrows? You already tag the shark with a bullet just as fast and just as powerful as a non-tagging shot, and you feel the need to give people hint arrows on top of it? These are the kinds of things I will never understand, why people nurture that kind of stuff.
Instead of having people raise their skill over time, you instead bring the ceiling down to accommodate them so it's easier.

These kinds things would be all well and good if they didn't affect the gameplay, and only helped them and only them, but it does affect the gameplay...

I guess I'm just kind of venting because I do miss playing the game, but I do not like much of direction it's taken as those kinds of 'features' that I cannot toggle off only frustrate me.
7 Oct 8, 2015 @ 6:31am 
Quarry sucks anyway, just delete it.

Edit: If you are going to create more maps like Quarry - please stop mapping then. Thanks.
Last edited by 7; Oct 8, 2015 @ 6:32am
NilValue Oct 8, 2015 @ 7:07am 
Hmmm when will the client update be available? I'd love to do some bot matches^^
Unlawful Waffle Oct 8, 2015 @ 7:59am 
What "hint arrows", did I miss something in the notes?
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