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hexateron  [developer] Jun 3, 2017 @ 8:05am
Having Controller Deadzone Issues?
Some people have issues with controllers behaving as if there is no deadzone. There is supposed to be one. I have never been able to reproduce the issue on the controllers I had access to: wired xbox 360 controller, dualshock4, xb1, steam controller.

It seems like most people with the issue had 360 controllers. My guess is that some 360 controllers have deadzones that are even larger (perhaps through wear and tear).

Useful infomation here would be what controller you are using.

From a previous thread:

There is a hidden way to adjust the deadzones. If you browse the game directory on Windows and Linux there should be a profile.json that gets generated once you start playing. You can add "leftStickDeadzone", "rightStickDeadzone", and "triggerActivation" with values from 0.0 to 1.0. Follow the format of the file and watch out for the commas. So you may end up with something like:

"sensitivityNear": 0.100000, "sensitivityFar": 0.250000, "sensitivityCoarse": 0.600000, "leftStickDeadzone" : 0.24, "rightStickDeadzone" : 0.27, "unlocks": ...

Those numbers should be what XInput recommends for the 360 controller (by default we used 0.25 for both). My experience with the 360 controller is that the deadzones are massive (over double that for PS4/XB1 controllers) and it doesn't like to recenter properly (and the dpad is a crime against nature). In Windows itself, there is a menu for Game Controller settings which visualizes the controller input as well as a calibratation tool that I've never used.

The profile.json file is cloud saved, so you may gets prompts about syncing it if you edit it while the game is not running. These setting are applied to any controller used.

On Mac, the file should be the Application Support instead of the install directory unless the app is sandbox (only the Apple App Store version should be sandboxed), in which case it will probably be somewhere in ~/Library/Containers/ (exactly where depends on who signed it and with what settings).


If this helps, let us know what values you are using so we can change the default values.
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Jaslow75 Jun 3, 2017 @ 12:40pm 
I used the values in your example and it seems to have worked fine (360 pad). As well as the mech moving itself the menu was also scrolling itself before this fix.
DaveKap Jun 3, 2017 @ 3:50pm 
Perfect! For the record, I'm using a DS4 with SCPToolKit which essentially makes it emulate a 360 controller. With some fidgeting of the stick, it very much seemed as though the game was outright ignoring the deadzone. That said, I changed the two deadzone numbers to .25 and it's working perfectly. I can tell exactly where the game begins to recognize movement and it's exactly where it should be!

Hopefully for the sake of folks who don't know to look for this sticky or search the forum, you add an option for this in-game. I'd hate for people to miss out on this title just because they couldn't get the deadzones working right. I almost did! =)
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Thanks for posting this. I had this issue with the menus being autoscrolled upwards with a 360 controller. According to Game Controller on Windows, looks like my left stick is ever so slightly loose from a normal resting position. Using the values you posted fixed the issue, though attempting slow movment from a stop felt slightly unresponsive. I adjusted the left stick deadzone to 0.20 and it feels great.
Awesome job with the controller support and configuration options in game! Add these settings to the menu when you can.
kiksu_ Jun 6, 2017 @ 11:52am 
Xbox One controller user here. I do have the Xbox 360 controller as well, but didn't use that as the first controller.

Now this is just a programmer guessing, as I don't know how the game sets the deadzones initially, but could the real issue here be that the deadzones are not set into the profile.json when it's created? So, there's no deadzones at all and instead they're at 0.0? I know the quote says that those values should be 0.25 by default, so could it be a bug?

I set both to 0.25 and everything is fine now. Like was mentioned here already, also the menu was scrolling like crazy without those values, so I did not even try playing. Luckily I had seen this discussion already so I knew what to do.
Thank you. Just bought the game and was having this problem with my wired 360 controller (off brand "afterglow").
Mertado Jun 8, 2017 @ 3:50pm 
Just an FYI, Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller driver does not have a dead zone option. Not sure why as all joysticks seem to develop problems as they age. Oh well.

A good alternative is third party software like Xpadder (which I use), JoyToKey, or Pinnacle Game Profiler. Google them for more info.

Or just modify the INI files like the Dev suggested ;^)
Kirona Jun 8, 2017 @ 11:34pm 
I was having this issue myself with an almost brand-new XBox 360 controller (off-brand, PowerA). I ran the Xbox 360 Accessories calibration tool though, and the problem went away. I'd never seen mention of the calibration before, so maybe a lot of players just don't know it's a thing?

Here's an article on how to get to the calibration tool:

When the tool says D-pad, you want to actually use the left thumbstick.

Things the article doesn't mention:
- the "Z Axis" test checks the L/R triggers
- X Rotation is the right thumbstick, but only left to right motion
- Y Rotation is the right thumbstick, up and down motion

As others have said, you can't actually set a deadzone via settings or the calibration, but based on the tests it runs during calibration, I think it TRIES to automatically generate a deadzone on its own.
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