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Why do you like this game?
I found it grindy ( you grind for literrally everything ) and boring after 50 minutes.
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Tuidjy Aug 27, 2014 @ 4:53pm 
I have played this game for two years. During this time, I also went through Rome 2, Age of Wonders 3, the Blackwell Chronicles, Heroine's Quest, the new X-Com, Dishonored, etc... I also tried, but did not finish, the Banner Saga, Bioshock Whatever, Borderlands, the Broken Sword, etc...

And I still come back and play Drox. I have gotten about a dozen hardcore ships to level 100. So, it must appeal to me, somehow.

Let me try to list the reasons that come at me first:

1. This game has a ton of weapons and components, which come together in unexpected ways, and allow you to experiment with extremely different builds.
2. Played hardcore, and as an action game, it is a lot of fun, even for a few minutes at a time.
3. There are reasonably deep mechanics behind the relatively simple presentation, and you keep discovering new things.
4. The sector in which you are is full of races which act on their own motivations and interests, and it can be interesting to sit on the edge of systems and observe what is going on.
5. The game keeps track of a persistent galaxy, and allows you to shape it with your actions - you can pick favorites and improve their fortunes, you can genocide those you do not like, you can loose terrible races upon the galaxy, you can try to engineer a peaceful Utopia or a blood-crazed free for all. All this at a sector or galaxy level.
6. You can make up your own goals and stories.

As for it being a grind, I do not see it. Maybe once upon the time I did, but nowadays I actually linger in sectors and take it easy. But at least a few of my hardcore ships made it to level 100 in less than 15 hours of playing. My current level 63 ship has been through only 7 sectors, and it left one after only a few minutes (it was that or die)

In any case, I certainly do not feel that I am grinding, which for me means doing the same thing again and again, with no challenge or change.

I also managed to get my wife to play, and multiplayer is fun - working towards the same goals, sometimes together in the same area, or in different systems altogether - one of us protecting a race from attackers while the other one is away, gathering/fetching/hunting in order to solve that race's problems.

I have a feeling that somewhat adversarial multiplayer with home rules and self-imposed goals is also possible, but it's not my wife I'd try that with. ;-)
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