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[Oms!]Divine* Aug 26, 2014 @ 10:24am
Fastest way to grind levels?
Even with xp mods on it feels like it takes forever to level up. What's the fastest win condition to go for? I've been going for military wins over and over, since it feels like Legend win is very random depending on which missions you get. Economy win takes waaay too long, same with diplomany IMHO. Fear might be an option?

Dunno tbh, just feel like each win takes me too long to get atm.
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Tuidjy Aug 27, 2014 @ 2:42pm 
I am not sure what the fastest way is, but if you have a really good ship, you can generate sectors that are significantly higher level than your ship, and then quests become really lucrative. Of course, you will be dying a lot if you do that and your ship can't take it.

I have not tried speed leveling for a while, because nowadays I mostly try to shape the sector/galaxy according to some preset goals (kill all biological life, make all standard races love each other, genocide everyone but the Overlords, etc...)

But when I used to speedlevel, this is what I did:

Create a tiny sector with very fast pace and six established races.
Quickly meet all the races, by flying around or trading contact information.
Rush and solve all seek and destroy quests for all races - super bosses, bosses, ancients, etc... Do not turn any of them in, as to not anger any races.
Try to squeeze delivery and collection quests in between the seek and destroy quests - i.e. do them if they happen to be in the system you're hunting.
When a race is about to be eliminated (down to one planet) turn in ALL the quests at once.
This will probably get you some kind a victory - economic or legend, in most cases.

Remember, if you have solved a quest, you can remove it from your current quest list and later turn it in from the race relation screen.
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[Oms!]Divine* Aug 27, 2014 @ 4:28pm 
Nice idea. Will definitely be trying that out next sector. Thanks for a great suggestion Tuidjy.
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