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FREE LIVES GAMES  [开发者] 2014年11月13日上午10:58
To celebrate the release of the new Broforce Level Editor Guide: And to reward our awesome community, we will be running a series of Weekend Workshop Brodown competitions over the coming months. To participate, all you need to do is make your own freedom-filled level following the current week's theme, and share it on Steam Workshop. Vote for your favourite levels! We'll announce the winner the following week, and to sweeten the deal, we'll throw in any Devolver Digital published game Steam key of the winner's choice!

Step by Step:

1. Every week, submit your suggestions for level design themes below!

2. Every Second Friday, check this thread to see what theme we've chosen for the two weeks (e.g. WWB0 theme is "Michael Bayhem")

3. Go make a bicep-rippling level that reflects the theme! (e.g. Build a level so filled with helicopters and explosions that it'd make Michael Bay proud!)

4. Name your level starting with WWB and the week number - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! - and whatever you'd like to call your masterpiece (E.g. WWB0 BurnBabyBurn)

5. Share your level on Steam Workshop during the weekend and the following week. Entries close THE SECOND MONDAY AFTER THE NEW THEME ANNOUNCEMENT!

6. Vote for your favourite WWB entries!

7. We'll announce the winner for that WWB (e.g. WWB0) on the second Friday after the last announcement (What? Basically you have TEN DAYS to make a level. DO IT!).
When we announce the new theme, the winner's level will be shared on our social media platform's.

8. The winner chooses the game he/she wants a Steam key for (any game published by Devolver Digital) and we send him/her a free Steam key for that game!

Weekend Workshop Brodown Competition Rules:

1. To enter, create a level using the Broforce Level Editor. Name it beginning with WWB and the corresponding week number (e.g. WWB1 Michael Bayhem). Share it on Steam Workshop!
2. By entering the Competition, you are confirming that the level(s) are yours and by 'Murrican standards, "You have the Rights!" Don't copy your Bro's levels!
3. By entering WWB, entrants agree to be bound by the democratic voting system held within Broforce (“Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down”) and are bound to the below rules.
4. Free Lives will use the same voting system as a guide for picking winners.
5. If the entry was made by a team of bros, the bro who submits the game will be responsible for the prize and sharing it.
6. Free Lives does not guarantee to use any entry. So if yours doesn't get picked or gets removed for valid reasons, Man Up Bro.
7. Unlimited entries! But you can only enter each different level once.
8. Share the Freedom! All entries must be made public.
9. Updating your level after the closing time is considered cheating Freedom.
10. Winners will be announced every second Friday with highest honours!
11. (*Yawn) All entries must abide by the Steam Workshop Contribution Agreement.
12. One Steam key for any game published by Devolver Digital will be awarded to the winner each week.
13. Bromazing winners will be announced in this Steam discussion thread and Free Lives social media threads.
14. The Competition will run every second week, opening on a Friday and closing on the following Monday. The first Weekend Workshop Brodown is Friday the 14th of November 2014. So get to it! We close the first WWB on the 17th of November 2014.
15. Free Lives can basically do what they want with the Competitions or the Rules whenever they feel like it.
16. If anyone chooses to argue, slate or defile any of the above points, or anything about or within the Competition, Free Lives will come at you like a flag waving weaponised body builder. And we can disqualify you, but you guys are Bros so don't make us do that, okay?
17. The rules above apply to the Free Lives' Broforce Weekend Workshop Brodown 2014 Steam Workshop Competition.
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Colonel Mustache 2014年11月13日上午11:05 
Sounds awesome! Never spent much time in the level editor aside from testing for the Portbrolio, so I might just watch from the sidelines. Maybe a boost of inspiration will take hold of me and propel my ♥♥♥ to freedom.
Richard Cheese 2014年11月13日上午11:21 
Brotastic! im super excited!! :pleased:
Jonnze 2014年11月13日上午11:46 
Browesome! Might brotivate me to build some more levels.
BuilderBlip 2014年11月13日下午12:44 
Yeah, sounds brosane.
Something like Rambo or G.I. Jones for the first Brodown would be great (and easy enough). Can't wait to take part and build something unbroable.
So let's get broing!
Pusont 2014年11月14日上午11:26 
IT's Friday!! Have you guys posted the theme for our first week yet?? Can´t wait to start....
FREE LIVES GAMES  [开发者] 2014年11月14日下午6:38 
Sorry about making you wait!




Your task: Build a level so filled with America, helicopters and explosions that it'd be indistinguishable from a Michael Bay film.

I know this sounds like "Just make a normal Broforce level". But we're asking you to go the extra mile. If you're confused, think to your self: "What would Michael Bayhem do?" Then add some more explosions.

You bros have until Monday to make a custom level and upload it to Steam Workshop.

Prizes, rules etc are listed in the original post.

Remember to start the name of the level with "WWB0" for Weekend Workshop Brodown Week 0.
最后由 FREE LIVES GAMES 编辑于; 2014年11月14日下午6:50
Berk 2014年11月16日下午2:21 
Would love to get involved with this but there is still no Workshop for mac :(

Any word on when there will be?
Soup Calhoun 2014年11月17日下午8:09 
Did no one else submit to the Week 0 Brodown? Will the competition be extended due to technical issues and publish errors? If I win by default with a 2.5 rating map then that's kinda silly.
Shaz  [开发者] 2014年11月18日上午3:13 
We are experiencing some spectacular technical difficulties with people not being able to share their levels on Workshop since Friday. There was a Steam Workshop update on Friday, and while these problems may be attributed to regular jack off incompetence on our part, it may be related to the Steam update. We're working on the problem right now - and for this week (Brodown Weekend Zero) we'll extend entry posting until Thursday (unless we still haven't solved the problem).
最后由 Shaz 编辑于; 2014年11月18日上午3:14
raithza  [开发者] 2014年11月18日上午5:25 
Our technical difficulties have been resolved - there is an update out right now which should allow you to upload levels to the workshop again.
Just_Diman 2014年11月18日上午5:41 
I can't publish my map :C
最后由 Just_Diman 编辑于; 2014年11月18日上午5:42
raithza  [开发者] 2014年11月18日上午6:09 
Did you take the latest update? Can you send me a screenshot of the upload screen? or what is your problem?
最后由 raithza 编辑于; 2014年11月18日上午6:10
kysmonaut 2014年11月18日上午6:59 
Well, uploading a Level is merely improssible now. Each time I'm trying to do this, Broforce says that File Wasn't Found. You can check the Screenshot here:
最后由 kysmonaut 编辑于; 2014年11月18日上午7:00
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